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OBSBOT Tiny PTZ 4K Webcam, AI Powered Framing & Autofocus, 4K Webcam with Dual Omni-Directional Microphones, Auto Tracking with 2 axis…

OBSBOT Tiny PTZ 4K Webcam, AI Powered Framing & Autofocus, 4K Webcam with Dual Omni-Directional Microphones, Auto Tracking with 2 axis…


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  • 4K Resolution,Better Details: With the same tiny size as OBSBOT Tiny, we integrated the best in class Sony 1/2.8” sensor into the OBSBOT Tiny 4k, now has more pixels than ever, present crystal-clear video even when zoomed-in.
  • AI-Trackig With Auto-Framing: OBSBOT Tiny 4K comes with our Next-Gen enhanced artificial intelligence trackig algorithm enabling it to lock on a person, no matter where you go, OBSBOT Tiny 4K will always follow you smoothly and precisely.
  • Magical Gesture Control: Control OBSBOT Tiny 4K with just two simple gestures. Right hand or left hand, always work all day long.
  • Look Great in Any Lights: Not just 4K Ultra HD, with the HDR and AI auto exposure, OBSBOT Tiny 4K provides a professional look in any bad lightings. No more wasting time in setting lights.
  • Sounds Like A Pro: The dual omnidirectional microphone system with noise-reduction picks up your voice clearly in the range of 3 meters, making communication easy and natural for you.

Specification: OBSBOT Tiny PTZ 4K Webcam, AI Powered Framing & Autofocus, 4K Webcam with Dual Omni-Directional Microphones, Auto Tracking with 2 axis…

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‎5.1 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎3.52 x 2.28 x 2.28 inches

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Special Features

‎Auto tracking with 2 axis gimbal, Autofocus

Photos: OBSBOT Tiny PTZ 4K Webcam, AI Powered Framing & Autofocus, 4K Webcam with Dual Omni-Directional Microphones, Auto Tracking with 2 axis…

8 reviews for OBSBOT Tiny PTZ 4K Webcam, AI Powered Framing & Autofocus, 4K Webcam with Dual Omni-Directional Microphones, Auto Tracking with 2 axis…

4.3 out of 5
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  1. Jerry de Winter

    Great camera. The PTZ functions work great. It is an easy setup. The software isn’t needed but makes things a lot easier. Works for all sorts of speakers. The auto tracking is a fun and nice feature. The AI is fun to play with. The only thing that can get tiresome is if you lock the camera, and if you get a handsy speaker, they can unlock the camera and turn on the auto tracking.
    Overall this is a phenomenal value for what you get.

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  2. LJ

    Best “Webcam” Hands down IF You Need “Webcam” Tracking But Minor Caveats.

    To the point – Excellent quality video for a 4K 30fps webcam. Both resolution, exposure and colour representation are excellent right out of the box for a webcamera. It’s also better than my other web cameras, which also include my logitech streamcam, C920Pro, and Brio (whole family is working/schooling remotely).
    Very impressed by the quality in comparison to my others cameras. No overblown or overexposed areas which is often a common problem with webcams including my c920Pro and Brio (not so much the steamcam).

    The auto tracking also works surprisingly well and is smooth. It had no issues tracking me as I moved around my desk, and was even able to hold the tracking even if something passed in front of me. In testing there were some times where I could lose it if I moved quickly, but it would recover when I moved back in frame. In other instances where I intentionally slipped out frame quickly it would then start tracking whoever else was still in the frame, but would then recenter back on me when I returned to the frame. Pretty impressive.

    You can turn the auto tracking off by raising your hand and making the stop gesture. You can also signal it to zoom 2x by making a “L” with your thumb and index finger. This again worked better than expected, and allowed me to step back from my desk by about 12 feet, and was able to get it to zoom in on me, and track me as I moved around the room. Takes a bit of practice and you have to watch the LED on the camera, which will change when it receives a command. If you don’t pay attention and keep your hand up, it will start cycling – e.g. continuing to make the zoom signal will have it zoom in, then out, then in, etc.

    Impressed all the way around. Would like to see 4K or 2K 60fps, but [email protected] or 1080P at 60 are still impressive specs for a web camera. As for image quality, it’s very good for a web canberra, in part due to it’s relatively large sony 1/2.8 sensor. This is much larger than a typical web camera, but still smaller than a gopro 10 which uses a 1/2.3. (p.s. the gopro can also be used as a webcam at 720P or 1080p with the media mod hdmi out ASIN B08FRSB1CM on Amazon). As for image quality, it’s impressive for a webcamera, but clearly not comparable to a DSLR or professional setup, but it’s not a fair comparison given they cost considerable more new.

    Packaging and presentation is very good. It comes with a nice case and magnetic stand/clip that can be used on a monitor, or you can use the standard ¼ tripod screw. It also comes with a USB-C to USB-C cord, USB-A to USB-C adapter, and a USB-A to barrel connector. You only need a USB 3.0 port (A or C) to power the camera with the included USB C cord. If you only have USB 2, then you’ll need to use both the cords to power the unit, due to the limited power USB 2 provides.

    When you’re done using it, you can turn it off by tilting the camera down which puts it into privacy mode.

    As for criticism, I’d say that the mic is on par with my other high end webcams, but isn’t as good as it could be. It’s loud and clear, but like other webcams, sounds hollow. It sounds good for a webcam, but it clearly still sounds like a webcam. Fine for meetings, but I’d recommend pairing it with a quality microphone if you do a lot of meetings or presentations, to make yourself sound fuller – makes a big difference. Think this is an area that should be improved upon given the price point.

    Final Thought: Excellent Quality and performance. The auto tracking works impressively well. Image, auto exposure, etc are also all excellent for a web camera. That said, it’s still a web camera. It is not capable of 4K 60fps, the microphone could be better, and the image quality isn’t comparable to a DSLR setup. Well worth considering if you need a webcam that has auto tracking and can follow you, but if you don’t, then it’s arguably not worth the price of admission. That said, it has excellent image quality for a webcam, and paired with a good microphone, makes it a persuasive package for those looking for more freedom of movement while on camera. Solid 4.5/5 (-0.5 due to microphone)

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  3. Ben

    The media could not be loaded.

     I wanted a better camera for presenting trough Microsoft teams. My lighting is not great (pot light right above me) AND I cannot install anything on my work laptop.

    This camera worked great for this purpose. it keeps me centered. I can move back and use the teams powerpoint presentation mode where i’m overlaid on top of the slides and that works well. I tested the microphone and it also is very good but because background noise, I will be sticking with a headset microphone.

    You can get a little app to tweak the settings but you can also use this cam right out of the box without any tweaks (I did have to go into the windows sound setting and boost the microphone volume). It also comes with a nice padded carrying case so you can bring it with your laptop without damaging the camera.

    the sleep mode is also nice, you just gently point the camera down and the light turns off and it shuts down. You just gently tilt it up to turn it back on.

    The ai tracking works well almost all the time, you only have 2 commands to remember, hold your hand up, palm extended to toggle the face tracking and hold your hand up with your index finger up and thumb out to zoom in or out (the zoom is a bit tricky)

    the auto focus is a bit slow and the resolution is 4k but the actual quality is still pretty “webcam-ey” so for the price point I can’t give it 5 stars but it’s definitely still very good.

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  4. Phillip K Bagga

    I needed a camera that could have low latency “far” control and very good picture. Small is defiantly a bonus. This fit the bill nicely.
    I have 2 complaints gesture control does not like me.
    and the mic is very directional and too noise cancelling. When I had multiple people in room anybody not in the camera frame was hard to hear, I end up using a different mic. This might be software correctable but I have not found a way yet.

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  5. S. Lewis

    I’ve been doing Zoom physical therapy and personal training sessions since the beginning of the pandemic, and got tired of constantly repositioning my laptop with its built-in camera so the therapist & trainer could see me as I moved through the exercises. I knew PTZ cameras existed, but they were prohibitively expensive. When I saw the 1080p version of this camera, I figured I might as well try it—but didn’t expect much, because it was a fraction the price of other PTZ cameras. Turns out it works shockingly well. Setup was pretty much plug-and-go. I did download the app so I could choose the settings that worked best for my use case, but I think even that is optional. The video quality, according to the therapist and trainer, is very good, and the built-in audio is good enough (I think it works with external mics too, but haven’t needed to try one). Its optical zoom range is not quite as long as some of the more expensive PTZ cams, but it’s enough for my purposes. It does a great job of tracking me as I move around: the only times it has stopped tracking are when I’ve been flailing around with my hands during the exercises, probably unintentionally making the hand motion that instructs the camera to stop following. All in, the earlier version of this camera has been one of my best tech accessory purchases. So much so that when I needed to set up another location with a camera, I bought this new 4K version. Works exactly like the 1080p version, but with even better video quality. Even my husband—who is very much NOT a gadget freak—liked this camera so much he now uses it for his work Zoom meetings.

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  6. TedBarton

    Everything we wanted in a Robo cam.

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  7. LJ

    For video calls and conferencing, I’ve been (mostly) using DroidCamX Pro with a smartphones over USB, plus a desktop microphone. With that setup, the image quality is a notch or two above most web cams (even expensive ones)or , and the few bucks that you pay for the DroidCam application is well worth it.

    While Droidcam is less fiddly than using a full sized camera and a capture card, it is still way more inconvenient than using a traditional USB connected webcam. Since I use my smartphone’s rear camera (image quality is always better than front camera), I have to set everything up on the touchscreen before setting up the mount, which is a pain. It’s also easy to accidentally hit a button on the phone that will dismiss the DroidCamX application, forcing me to turn the phone around and fiddle with the screen again. I usually need to prepare a few minutes before a video call to ensure the setup is working right.

    I had thought about using a setup with a camera and capture card, but none of my cameras output the clean HDMI signal required by a capture card, plus that type of setup requires a LOT of space and time fiddling to get perfect.

    The OBSBOT is an interesting product. I had never even heard of the brand until I saw a Linus Tech Tips video of the 1080p model on YouTube. At $340 (at the time of review), it’s pricey for a webcam, but it’s still also a lot cheaper than a mirrorless/DSLR + capture card setup. The image quality is roughly on par with what I’m getting with Droidcam (under the same lighting conditions), but without any of the fuss. From what I can tell, the video quality is noticeably better than the 1080p model shown in the LTT video I saw.

    The OBSBOT also provides AI face tracking, so it will pan and tilt with your face. There’s also gesture recognition to change the target and zoom. There’s a fraction of a second of delay using the AI features, but it does a pretty good job at it. I don’t think many desk workers will use it, but educators/trainers/lecturers may find it very useful.

    The 4K sensor on the OBSBOT produces a very nice image, but where its true value comes in is in the digital zoom. In most real world use, your conferencing software is reducing the resolution anyways, so you’re not getting the full benefit of the 4K. Because the base resolution is so high, you don’t lose nearly as much detail with downscaling. Also, digital zoom retains most of the sharpness and details when compared to zooming on a lower resolution camera.

    The main “gotcha” I experienced with the camera is that it needs more power than most webcams. It can run off one cable if your USB port provides it, but if you’re using an underpowered port (e.g., a USB 2.0 port), you will need to use a secondary cable (included) to provide power to the camera, otherwise it may reset and blackout occasionally. The extra power consumption may be an issue for laptop users running on battery.

    Overall, the OBSBOT’s image quality, digital zoom and microphone are very good. I haven’t had the opportunity to use any other webcams in this price category, but I can definitely say it’s easily the best dedicated webcam that I have personally ever used.

    The Good Parts

    – Image quality is very good for a webcam. To me, it is comparable to using DroidCam with the rear camera of a smartphone, while being much less inconvenient to use. When on a video conference, you’ll definitely look a lot clearer/sharper than people using cheap or built-in webcams, which, in my experience, is the majority of people you’re conferencing with.
    – Pan / Tilt / Zoom capability (manually controlled by an application, or using AI tracking + gesture recognition)
    – A very visible LED status indicator on the front of the unit.
    – The color rendering is pretty good, but it obviously depends on your lighting situation.
    – The motion tracking works fairly well in situations where you need tracking (e.g., a classroom lecture). It can also be disabled if you don’t need it.
    – Digital zoom allows you to control the field of view.
    – 4K resolution means that the digital zoom looks great.
    – Recognized by Windows right away. I don’t have a Mac, but I would expect a similar experience.
    – When used with a communications app like Skype, which has automatic gain, the microphone is surprisingly good for voice reproduction. The audio did not sound “hollow” like most microphones built into laptops or webcams. When using it with audio recording software such as Window’s built-in Voice Recorder, however, you will need to add a LOT of gain in post. The sound quality is obviously not comparable to a high end USB microphone, but it’s pretty darned good.
    – Standard tripod mount on the bottom of the base.
    – There is a privacy mode. To enable it, manually tilt the camera down to the base and the green status light will go out. You can wake it using the OBSBOT application, or tilt it up manually. I actually found this to be pretty cool compared to using a flip cap or sliding lens cover.
    – Includes a custom hard case, magnetic mount (for monitors/laptops), USB-C to USB-C cable, USB-A to AC power, and USB-C to USB-A adapter.
    – The OBSBOT Tinycam software lets you control a lot of settings as it relates to the camera. The software also appears to allow you to connect up to 4 OBSBOTs to the same computer, but I didn’t have multiple cameras to test it.

    Hit or Miss

    – If your USB port does not supply enough power the camera may intermittently reset and black out. In that case, you will need to use the included secondary power cable to ensure stable operation of the camera. This is also a potential issue for laptop users running on battery.
    – When using the software to sleep the camera for privacy, it does not tilt all the way down to the bottom. While it’s probably not a big deal, I think having it point down to the bottom does provide a little extra piece of mind that nothing can be captured (the status LED being off is an indicator too). I would think this can be addressed in a future firmware or software update.
    – Software available for Mac and Windows only. No version available for Linux at the time for review.
    – While the hand gestures are neat, I personally don’t find them useful in day to day use, but I only use it for conferencing. A lecturer/teacher, for example, would get a lot more benefit from the AI tracking and gesture recognition.
    – The base gets warm (but not hot) after being in use after a period of time.
    – While you can set the default gimbal position on startup, the zoom resets every time you switch camera applications. Fortunately, the presets option (you can have up to 3) can address this.
    – Depending on your setup ,if you walk out of the camera’s view in the AI tracking mode, it could end up panning around room while hunting for your face, with potentially embarrassing results when using it at home.
    – You can’t edit a preset after creating one, you have to delete it, change your settings and then create a new one. Hopefully this is addressed in a future software release. If you’re a streamer, you might find the 3 preset restriction limiting.
    – If the OBSBOT app is running, and you disconnect and reconnect the camera, you need to restart the app, otherwise the configuration may not be editable. Given how this camera is a new release (at the time of review), I expect this to be resolved in a future software update.

    The Not So Good Parts

    – Expensive in terms of webcams, so it’s obviously not for everyone. If you care about image quality and/or the AI tracking, though, I think it’s worth the premium.

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  8. AJay

    So,… I have the HD version (centered), love the device. Figured I would add this 4K version to my rig to replace an older cam (on my right side). Plug and played… It worked out the box… BUT — in OBS I started seeing flickering with my HD cam which never did that before? So beanie “on” and starting checking things out. Having the cam app already installed, I had already upgraded the 4K cam to the latest firmware (software version

    Naturally, did some power off/on moves. Nope…things got worse… “unknown USB device Descriptor Request Failed” message in Device Manager — as the 4K cam was now basically gone? Did not expect that. Try some standard moves… no luck. The OSBOT could not see the 4K cam either.

    Figured I would go straight into “unacceptable” maneuvers to quickly confirm where the issue lay. Powered PC and both CAMs off. More quick combo’s of trail and errors (limited) — basically I deduced I had to get lucky … connect the HD and 4K cameras initiated in some right combination for them to both be recognized per my set up. (HD Cam on USB 3.x; 4K Cam on USB-C/USB-C). As a note, this 4K Cam comes with a USB C to C connector; so that should work w/o me ever using a USB 3.x/2x connector that is not provided. There is also a UBS “power” connector — but I am not using that.

    In my testing, my issues seems related to which USB intra-Mother board connector I used… If I connect using the pre-existing HD cam’s cable (USB 3.x)… the 4K seems to plug-and-play properly (so far). However, If I use a USB-C to USB-C connecter — the 4K cam seems to be recognized once at most — and maybe at that — but once is fails, it will not come back UNLESS, I move it to the 3.x connector (and it seems to also need to cool down –limited testing of that).

    This remains true when having only the 4K cam connected,… once it fails and reports as an unknown device, the only recovery seems to be to move it to a standard USB 3.x connection (which is not a provided for option). Not even a PC reboot fixed that which I really found curious and disturbing.

    Thus — it could be a firmware issue (maybe based on my Asus 570-E MB, no 3rd party USB hubs are involved). Maybe I have a dud Cam? Maybe there is an inherent design issue in how the 4K camera device registers with the USB-C-C controllers based on some variable like power. I am hoping it’s firmware… or at worst a dud — as I am already an advocate of the device’s functional quality and use-cases when it is working correct. Either FW or dude can be readily remediated… b/c the device is fairly awesome otherwise.

    I generally would not comment so deeply after one day of use, but the PC screen clip/mount looked/felted a but worn to me. I am very sensitive/keen to such matters — and yes– before NewEgg made recent headlines too. Maybe nothing, but figured I’d post my experience to-date as I am “bit” annoyed to have to go through these lengths BUT that “bit” is on the edge of “exponentially” annoyed if this was a returned device shipped as new… a few days ago, there was no Amazon inventory…and I was fine waiting… then it shows up as available… so I ordered one… I have founded concerns.

    I will update this review as things unfold. I am not inclined to doing product engineering and regression testing so tinker and observe before making another move — just too long in the tooth (beanie off)… I do not find elongated testing fun any more. I just want a working device, plug-and-play, 100% of the specs targets.

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    OBSBOT Tiny PTZ 4K Webcam, AI Powered Framing & Autofocus, 4K Webcam with Dual Omni-Directional Microphones, Auto Tracking with 2 axis…
    OBSBOT Tiny PTZ 4K Webcam, AI Powered Framing & Autofocus, 4K Webcam with Dual Omni-Directional Microphones, Auto Tracking with 2 axis…
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