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Amazfit GTR Smartwatch, Classic Design, 24/7 Heart Rate Monitor, Music Control, GPS, 10-Day Battery Life, 12-Sport Modes, Water Resistant, Cherry…

Amazfit GTR Smartwatch, Classic Design, 24/7 Heart Rate Monitor, Music Control, GPS, 10-Day Battery Life, 12-Sport Modes, Water Resistant, Cherry…


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  • Amazfit GTR comes in a classic design with a touch of modern features. It has a brilliant 1.2” AMOLED display, and a gallery of watch faces to choose from to fit any style.
  • Smart sports tracking includes smart sports tracking technology that allows you to record 12 different sports and fitness activities including running, cycling, swimming, mountaineering, etc.
  • Keep an eye on your health and fitness with the Amazfit GTR that comes with an innovative BioTracker PPG Bio-Tracking Optical Sensor to accurately monitor your heart rate 24/7.
  • Stay informed all day long with smart notifications and custom vibrations for your favorite apps like email, text, Facebook, etc.
  • Use the Amazfit GTR for 10 days on a single charge.

Specification: Amazfit GTR Smartwatch, Classic Design, 24/7 Heart Rate Monitor, Music Control, GPS, 10-Day Battery Life, 12-Sport Modes, Water Resistant, Cherry…

Package Dimensions

4.73 x 4.69 x 2.32 inches

Special Features


Item model number



1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)


Amazfit OS

Wireless communication technologies


Connectivity technologies

Bluetooth, GPS



Item Weight

8.9 ounces

Other display features


Display technology


Device interface - primary


Form Factor



Cherry Blossom Pink

Included Components

User Manual, Charging Pods, Smartwatch



Country of Origin


Date First Available

July 23, 2019

Photos: Amazfit GTR Smartwatch, Classic Design, 24/7 Heart Rate Monitor, Music Control, GPS, 10-Day Battery Life, 12-Sport Modes, Water Resistant, Cherry…

12 reviews for Amazfit GTR Smartwatch, Classic Design, 24/7 Heart Rate Monitor, Music Control, GPS, 10-Day Battery Life, 12-Sport Modes, Water Resistant, Cherry…

3.3 out of 5
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  1. Melvin Feliu

    I have this watch almost tree month and I like it.
    – battery life is great, without the notifications – 24 days, with all notifications on – 18 days
    – good screen, I’m not using an automatic brightens
    – good verity of screen skins
    – not bad GPS, although sometimes it taking up to couple of min to get the signal
    – after GYM exercise when the you setting the Freestyle mode and you forgot to stop it, the watch continue to count the calories, even you are driving;
    – was trying to use the watch twice to truck my performance/mileage for Cross Country skying – it is not working at all. I was using the Skiing mode(Maybe this is the problem)

    Otherwise I’m satisfied with this purchase.

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  2. Steven

    Ok, this watch ticks the right boxes

    12 day battery… 3 days with everything on…
    +Gorgeous display… That can be always on… Kills battery though
    +Decent HR and GPS tracking… GPS was a hot or miss prior to the firmware update… But works fine after.
    +Water proof and let’s you swim… 5ATM…
    +Great strap and looks good on you…
    +Ok sleep tracking…
    +Multiple activity tracking including swimming

    The minuses
    Having this watch is like playing a treasure hunt in Google…

    For eg.. the recent firmware update killed the screen… Everything in this watch works except the screen… A quick search on Google reveals a video on YouTube… The remedy…. Press both the watch buttons for 30 secs and the screen comes back to life…
    I was this close to returning this product…

    So overall a nice little package that you need to access with a lot of patience and googling…

    Amazfit if you are reading this… Kindly be more proactive… Update your product FAQ so that ppl don’t have to do a wild Google chase to sort things out…

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  3. Steven

    I like the look of this watch! It looks classy and build quality is great, definitely an upgrade from previous model.
    The big round screen makes the watch face a joy to look at. compare to my Apple Watch 3 the watch face is almost twice as large. I also noticed the improved resolution, now the text looks crisp like those retina display smartphones.
    Featurewise, I like the added GPS feature, so it can record my outdoor running more accurately, I also like the new always-on display feature, so i don’t have to raise my waist to see the time. I do miss the alexa support a little bit, hopefully they can add this back in the future firmware upgrade.
    The most impressive improvement is battery life, I have the watch for 10 days, I charged on day 1 and still got about 50% left today. For someone used to charge the Apple Watch daily, it feels great to not having to worry about charging your smart watch. Nice!

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  4. Victor De la Rosa Jimenez

    Très bien pour le prix! Possédant un téléphone Xiaomi j’ai opté pour cette montre sans craintes. La luminosité est suffisant et en activant la capteur cardiaque, les notifications de plusieurs applications, les appels entrants, SMS etc la batterie consomme 10% par jour, c’est très bien. Seule une option est manquante, j’aurais aimé pouvoir laisser le cadran toujours allumé, mais je n’ai pas trouvé comment. Aussi, j’ai ajouté une protection caoutchouc sur l’écran pour la protéger le plus longtemps possible.

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  5. Siyang Qi

    So far it’s a great purchase. When I first got it 4 days ago I charged to 75% and it’s still at 40% so I should have another 4 days left. I don’t have the screen always on and I have the heartrate set to every 1 min. I haven’t used gps yet but I only run every few weeks. Im guessing I get around 150 notifications daily, so as far as battery goes this thing is amazing. You can program the bottom button to open any of the screens which is handy as I only care to see notifications whole I’m at work and keep my phone in my pocket. I could care less about putting apps on my watch or talking to people in it, that’s just dumb and lazy unless you have a good reason. Get this watch! it looks good, it’s very light weight, rarely needs a charge, and it even tells time!

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  6. Gil

    Llevo un poco más de un mes usándolo. Para empezar, no es un smartwatch, es más bien una fitband en el cuerpo de un smartwatch. De hecho, mi esposa tiene una fitband de huawei y el funcionamiento es similar. La aplicación que se descarga se llama Zepp y funciona bien para medir pasos, calorías, los diferentes modos de ejercicio con GPS, pero para las notificaciones (email, whatsapp, etc) es un desastre. Buscando es foros, se recomienda bajar la aplicación Notify for Amazfit, y comprar la versión completa que cuesta $69 MXN. La aplicación es complicada pero maneja mejor las notificaciones, no obstante no lo hace tan bien tampoco. El reloj puede controlar la música que se está reproduciendo en el teléfono pero no lo detecta automáticamente, hay que deslizarse en el menú y buscar la pestaña de música. Para el cronómetro, y temporizador, hay que entrar a la pestaña de “mas” y luego deslizarse a cronómetro, creo que al ser un reloj, el cronómetro debería estar en acceso fácil. El reloj es cómodo, no pesa y lo mejor de todo es la batería, con uso normal la batería me dura aproximadamente 2 o 3 semanas dependiendo si se usan los modos de ejercicio y GPS. A pesar de las cosas que no me gustan, me parece buen reloj y estoy contento con el. Solo hay que tener en cuenta que no es un smartwatch.

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  7. Joeyoung25

    Let me just say I like it, first and foremost. Most smartwatches these days seem to come in a minimum 42mm size, it’s nice this comes in 38mm (the manufacturer doesn’t make the new models in 38mm anymore).

    Battery life is pretty good, with tilt to see time display and GPS off, heart rate every 20 mins and sleep tracking, I get about 4-5 days worth. The display is bright enough to see the face in direct sunlight, the construction is very good it feels solid like your average analog watch, buttons are nice and responsive.

    All in all, cosmetically this is one smart watch that 100% could pass for an analog.

    However, I find myself not wearing it anymore for these reasons:

    GPS drains battery fast (though it is fairly accurate with the new patch)
    App is clunky
    Sleep tracking seems problematic, this seems to be an issue for most smart watches though
    NO APPS! No spotify, Maps,
    No calling from the phone, the push notifications seem to not work all the time, the watch just displays the notifications on your screen you can’t interact with them at all


    Looks great, size (38mm) is nice. High quality materials and construction, light but solid, buttons and everything else feel great. Good fitness tracker and decent sleep/heartrate tracker.

    BUT this is basic. Great for people looking for something looks like a normal watch, has good battery life, and is very basic. It doesn’t support voice calling, Google assistant/Alexa, 3rd party apps at all, notifications kind of work.

    Looks good, but really really basic, not really a smart watch at all, more of a bare bones average fitness tracker. Best thing about it the appearance.

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  8. David BenJoseph

    the watch worked beautifully for about 6 months, battery life is sensational – app doesn’t do much but tracks sleep and gives some notifications.

    then it got stuck on the update screen – no help from Amazfit nothing works to get it off the screen – now it seems bricked

    really disappointed – save your money get an Apple or a samsung

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  9. Telodoc

    I purchased this smart watch in October 2019 and after 3 weeks of normal use it died. Just did not turned on again. Amazfit agreed to send me a new one, and I received it December.
    To my surprise, the second Amazfit GTR was dead out of the box. Yes, the brand new watch came already defective, it would not turn on at all.
    I’ll return it and get my money back.
    It was really disappointing to have 2 brand new products defective in a row.
    The watch looks nice, it’s interesting, but just does not work.

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  10. Joeyoung25

    I was in the market for a fitness smartwatch. More for fitness than an actual watch. But still wanted it too look more like an actual watch. And didn’t want to spend more than $100. I’ve looked at a few that met my needs at that price point. I narrowed it down to the Amazfit Bit Pro and the Fullmosa Smart Watch. But after reading a number of reviews, I came to the realization that I would need to spend a little more to get something I was satisfied with. Without spending as much for an Apple Watch. Which lead to choosing the Amazfit GTR or the Amazfit GTS. I chose the GTR because it looked more like a watch.

    The good: Works well enough for me. The steps are pretty accurate, not perfect, but is within a few steps. I’m good with that. Even more accurate that the Health App on the iPhone. I counted my steps. The GTR was much closer than the Health App. The Zepp app that you download to sync the watch with your phone, as well as change the settings is pretty easy to use. Setting up the watch and the app on my iPhone was painless. Syncing with the Health App was surprisingly pretty good. As well as other apps I use for health needs. One of my favourite features, is the Idle notification. If you are sitting for an hour straight, it reminds you to get your arse up and move around. Lol. The GPS works well for me. Many complain that it’s not accurate, and yes, it isn’t. But, it’s still pretty close. Close enough for me to be totally ok with it. It still got my distance, path, speed, cadence, and altitude pretty well. Comparing it to my other GPS apps on my phone, it was pretty good. But if you’re a real stickler for precision on GPS like it has to be almost exact (as in following the same path over laps the lines), this might not be the watch for you. When I follow the same path, the lines don’t overlap, but they are beside each other. About a few feet apart. I like that you can change the watch face. Allowing for something sporty, or dressy. The heart rate monitor is pretty accurate as well. I match it with my stand alone heart rate monitor. And was within a couple of beats. Works for me. And the gunmetal look of the aluminum alloy is attractive. And battery life is pretty good so far. I’ve been using it for 6 days straight, with GPS for my activities. With no care for battery throughout the day. And I’m at 47% left on the battery. I figure at this pace, with GPS use, I can get another 2 days before I need to charge it. Without GPS use, another 4 days. For the price point, it had everything I needed. And then some. I’ve come to the conclusion that spending the extra $70, was worth it.

    The bad: As happy as I am with the Amazfit GTR, there were some issues that made me raise an eyebrow. After looking at other Amazfit fitness smartwatches, I mistook that the GTR also had the SPO2 monitor. Sadly it doesn’t. Though not a requirement for me, I thought that it would’ve been a nice add. Until I realized it didn’t have it. Notifications was also a selling point for me. Specifically for text messages. I had all the settings turned on, but for some reason I wasn’t getting notifications when I got a text message. I got notifications from all my other apps on my iPhone, including phone calls. But not Messages. I contacted support, and they sent me instructions. As the instructions that came with the watch were not very clear and not indepth. Turns out you have to have Preview Always On turned on in the Messages settings on the iPhone. I’ve always had that turned off for a reason. But now I have to keep it on. I guess I can live with it. At least I get text on my watch. And the whole message, not just partial. Although the GPS works, it’s not seamless. The first time I tried to use it, it wouldn’t connect. But the next few times, it did. Though it takes a couple of minutes to. You need to be in a clearing. But once it’s connected, it was pretty stable. It does disconnect every so often, depending on if your are indoors, or a covered area like a lot of trees. But reconnects within a few seconds. The instructions on the screen is also misleading. When trying to pause the GPS (when going inside a store or stopping my activity), it says on the screen “Tap and Hold To Pause”. So I’m tapping and holding the screen, and nothing. Turns out you have to Press and Hold the top button of the watch. I figured that out by accident, because I was trying to restart the watch. Because I couldn’t pause the GPS, and couldn’t get the regular watchface to come back up. Also, loading new watchfaces takes anywhere from 2 -3 min. That’s long. Wish it was shorter. Also hoping more watch faces come out. There are quite a bit, but most doesn’t suit my needs. I do have 2 that I’m happy with that I swap out. Sporty and dressy.

    Overall, I’m satisfied with this watch. I can overlook it’s flaws. Hoping with future firmware updates, and updates to the Zepp app, it will make things even better. If you don’t want to spend Apple Watch prices, and can forego an SPO2 monitor, I would recommmend this watch.

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  11. Siyang Qi

    This heartrate sensor did not work. The heartrate seems to be simulated. Even with the watch resting on the table it continued to display a changing heart rate.

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  12. David BenJoseph


    Here is the full story:

    I read the reviews in the press and YouTube. I was passionate to get this watch. The first purchase was lost. I tried again.
    The first day I thought that was the best watch I had. It is elegant. I used the GPS three times without issues.

    From the second day on the GPS did not connect anymore.

    I contacted customer service three or four times. I got only one reply about the GPS and it was to unpair and pair again the watch. When it did not help the explanation was that trees and buildings could prohibit the use of the GPS.
    I have never got replies to my other complaints.

    The way they are calculating calories does not make sense. You can have 1500 – 2000 calories in your exercise and meanwhile having 600 calories on the main page. That makes no sense.
    Otherwise, the app is pretty basic. It does not present the data in a good graphic and comparable way.
    Recently I started receiving completely nonsense reports like on the second picture: 14.18 miles in 123 steps!!! THESE ARE BIG STEPS!!!
    Also, the walked distance is inconsistent. When the walk is registered by the GPS on the phone, it does not add the calculated distance to the distance walked before. Finally, it is quite possible on the main page to have a walked distance for the day that is less than the distance registered by the app during the walk.

    Without using GPS and Always-on-Display I survived 17 days with one charge. The Always-on-Display makes battery life significantly shorter. I have no idea how it can last the advertized 24 days without sacrificing functionality.

    Using the watch for 30 days made me feel I can live with it. Then came the biggest disappointment.

    After the last firmware update the first night there was no sleep record.
    Then I saw that there are gaps in the heart rate graphs as seen on the third figure. If I had to believe in the Amazfit app, I survived long hours of death. Also, daily statistics were inconsistent. At the time of the gap, I had 12+ miles walk with the dog with average pace of 16 minutes per mile.
    Finally, today after the walk I was surprised that there is not only a gap in the graph but for a long time, the watch was not measuring the heart rate (as seen in the first picture).
    It is believed that any fitness tracker measures the number of steps inaccurately, also the distances and so on, but the only thing that they measure correctly is the heart rate. Well, that is not the case with Amazfit GTR.

    Last week an option to contact customer support appeared in Amazon. They offered to connect me with technical services. Well, I lost completely my trust in Amazfit so am returning the product.

    Maybe in five years, Amazfit will be competent to create a meaningful product.

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    Amazfit GTR Smartwatch, Classic Design, 24/7 Heart Rate Monitor, Music Control, GPS, 10-Day Battery Life, 12-Sport Modes, Water Resistant, Cherry…
    Amazfit GTR Smartwatch, Classic Design, 24/7 Heart Rate Monitor, Music Control, GPS, 10-Day Battery Life, 12-Sport Modes, Water Resistant, Cherry…
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