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Ninja AF150AMZ Air Fryer XL, 5.5 Qt. Capacity that can Air Fry, Air Roast, Bake, Reheat & Dehydrate, with Dishwasher Safe, Nonstick Basket &…

Ninja AF150AMZ Air Fryer XL, 5.5 Qt. Capacity that can Air Fry, Air Roast, Bake, Reheat & Dehydrate, with Dishwasher Safe, Nonstick Basket &…


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  • XL CAPACITY: With the 5.5 qt. nonstick basket and crisper plate, you can save time by cooking up to 3 lbs. of French fries or wings with ease.
  • 5-IN-1 VERSATILE FUNCTIONALITY: Includes 5 versatile cooking programs: Air Fry, Air Roast, Bake, Reheat, and Dehydrate.
  • LESS FAT: Up to 75% less fat than traditional air frying methods*. *Tested against hand-cut, deep-fried French fries.
  • EASY CLEANING: Both the basket and crisper plate are nonstick, easy-to-clean and dishwasher safe.
  • WIDE TEMPERATURE RANGE: 105°F to 400°F allows you to gently remove moisture from foods or quickly cook and crisp foods with convection heat.
  • DEHYDRATE: Create flat, chip like dehydrated foods for fun, homemade snacks pounds; The combination of low fan speed and low temperature enables thorough dehydration.
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: 1750-Watt air fryer, 5.5 qt. nonstick basket, nonstick crisper plate and chef-inspired 20 recipe cookbook.

Specification: Ninja AF150AMZ Air Fryer XL, 5.5 Qt. Capacity that can Air Fry, Air Roast, Bake, Reheat & Dehydrate, with Dishwasher Safe, Nonstick Basket &…

Product Dimensions

14 x 11 x 14.75 inches

Item Weight

11.7 pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number



1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

March 24, 2021

Photos: Ninja AF150AMZ Air Fryer XL, 5.5 Qt. Capacity that can Air Fry, Air Roast, Bake, Reheat & Dehydrate, with Dishwasher Safe, Nonstick Basket &…

13 reviews for Ninja AF150AMZ Air Fryer XL, 5.5 Qt. Capacity that can Air Fry, Air Roast, Bake, Reheat & Dehydrate, with Dishwasher Safe, Nonstick Basket &…

4.2 out of 5
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  1. Beth A

    This is a very good air fryer. It’s definitely better built than most, works well, cleans up easily, and the Ninja brand certainly has a lot of respect, and for those reasons I believe it deserves more than three stars. I find, however, that I have been spoiled, and there are several things on which I downgraded it slightly. It has to be preheated, which the Philips does not. Food has to be turned or shaken (which it does not need to be in the Philips), but there’s no alert when it’s time to do that (unlike the Instant Vortex). Food doesn’t cook quite as evenly as in the others mentioned, which may, at least in part, be related. I found that Ninja’s suggested cooking temperatures and times are a bit off, and that it was better to use the usual rule of thumb to use a temperature 25ºF lower than recommended on food packaging, and 80% of the recommended time. It has close temperature gradations, which is a plus, but the range of temperatures is quite small. This is also quite tall, which could be an issue for people who don’t have much counter space which isn’t overhung by cabinets. For those reasons, I would give it three and a half stars, if I could, but I still think it deserves more than three stars, so four it is.

    Thank you for reading my review. I hope you found it helpful.

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  2. Mar

    I bought this item because i loved the one i already had. This was not the quality of my original. It was also missing the basket. I returned it. I found the same item for $70 less and it was of the same quality as my original

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  3. Adish

    very large deep frying tray! cooks super fast!! product came pretty fast!!!

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  4. psychobabble

    I returned airfryer because it was too small for cooking things I wanted. It looks great, great quality in the way it is put together. But instructions and ease of product was not clear in many ways. It seemed fries were the only and must important meal. I cooked bacon I had to cut I two. I over cooked most of it because online and booklet I didn’t have clear instructions, the round divider called crisper is not easy to pull out or in so when hot this is a problem. Someone else might be able to understand. But I ordered Corsori and right away it’s larger, square, instructions easy and alot if recipes, and a fold out of each meat or veggie settings.

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  5. Sally Dodge

    It really crisps up things we want to re-heat and fry. It makes croutons from bread in minutes. Potatoes come out awesome. Fish too. Saves so much time and mess for fried things like onions, etc.

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  6. Adish

    The media could not be loaded.

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  7. Hickumup

    Esta súper fácil de usar, y de lavar! Lo único qué hay que tener en cuenta son las porciones que metas de comida! Ya que los tiempos que te indican en lo recomendado puede ser algo alto y puede quemar tu producto!

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  8. Isaac Herrera

    This thing is amazing. Arrived quickly and put it right to use. Heats up fast. Would recommend

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  9. Savanna Mozley

    Good results using all functions, and a real time saver in the kitchen. Dehydrator did a superb job with tomato’s, and apple/peach/plantain slices. Takes a bit of tweaking to get the cooking temperatures, and timing right using online recipes. I suspect that is because everyone is using different brands of air fryers. I even had an incident where I set the cooking time to high and filled the kitchen with smoke. I was surprised at the amount a tablespoon of oil produces, but the fries weren’t burnt at all, still crisp, and a bit dryer than normal. I have recommended the brand to other family members.

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  10. Kitkat

    I had really high hopes and was super excited about this air fryer. If you don’t have an oven, this could be ok as a substitute but otherwise, it suffers from many flaws. I gave it 2 stars because technically, it does cook food.

    1 – it doesn’t stir the food around so you have to manually stir it multiple times during operation.
    2 – the timer doesn’t remember your last setting, which is super annoying because for my trials I didn’t need 20 mins (the default), I needed like 5. The booklet it comes with is misleading on the times. It burns food if you use the prescribed times.
    3 – it doesn’t cook evenly. The food in the middle doesn’t get cooked at all and the stuff on the sides comes out burnt if you leave it in for the prescribed time. Also, I tried making fries (from scratch) and it takes just as much oil as it would in the oven, but they don’t come out crispy like they do in the oven. Some were cooked but soft and others were just burnt cause they were closer to the edges.

    Overall, very unimpressed for all the hype it’s gotten. Will be returning.

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  11. Jeff

    So, air fryers are basically small convection ovens. There’s a basket to put the food in, there’s a heating coil above it, and a fan to blow the hot air around. If the oven (whether it be a toaster oven or an actual full-sized oven) in your house has a fan in it, you already have an “air fryer”. The rest is just marketing hype.

    Maybe you don’t have a convection oven already. Or maybe you just have SO MUCH extra space in your kitchen that you need more appliances to fill it out. If it’s the latter, I envy you. For everyone else, I’d recommend making sure you’re not purchasing a redundant appliance for no reason.

    So does it work? Sure, I suppose it does. I’ve tried a few different things like chicken wings, chicken breasts, tater tots, french fries, breaded okra, and I’ve even toasted a couple of sandwiches with it. From a cooking perspective, the unit is woefully uneven. It cooks very quickly around the outside, but the center lags behind a lot. To counter this, the manual suggests moving things around in the bin every couple of minutes, and/or adding oil to the food to help it cook more quickly. Moving the food around every couple of minutes gets tedious, but it might work for certain larger items. I still can’t get an even cook on french fries though. The first time, I sliced up a few potatoes, sprinkled some salt, and made sure to mix them around every couple of minutes. But they were still uneven because naturally with a bunch of little potato sticks in there, some in the middle will stay in the middle, and some on the outside will stay on the outside. So after 20 minutes you end up with some charred fries, some nicely cooked fries, and some that still bite like raw potato. The second time, I lightly coated the potato sticks with oil, but I ended up with the same issue, so that was no help.

    The tots and the wings came out just as good as they would have in the oven because they were pre-cooked. The okra was supposed to be deep fried, I just wanted to try it in the air fryer to see how it compared. Lightly tossed in a little avocado oil before cooking, they came out pretty nice (though still uneven like the fries). Maybe not as good as deep frying, but certainly edible and worth doing again. The chicken breasts just dried out too much because they were skinless, so that was no good. Overall I’d say that while the air fryer does what it’s supposed to do, as a whole they’re not exactly the magic device that everyone seems to want them to be. And it’s only “healthier” in the rare circumstance where you’re replacing a deep fry. Those tater tots are no healthier in the air fryer than they would have been in the oven (which is what the bag’s instructions recommended). The same goes with french fries — are you cutting the potatoes yourself? Then sure, using the air fryer is healthier than deep frying them in a vat of oil. Did you buy a bag of frozen french fries? Well, those were already fried before they were frozen. So there’s zero health benefits to an air fryer over cooking them in an oven.

    There are a few things missing from this air fryer that I wish were present:
    — A better display. The existing one is awful. It shows you the time remaining and that’s it. If you change temperatures, it briefly shows you what temperature you are setting it to, and then goes back to time remaining. I want a display that shows more, and I want to see all of it simultaneously. I want to see time remaining. Elapsed time would also be nice, because if you add more time part way through the cook, you might lose track of how long it’s been running. The target temperature should always be there, as well as the current temperature. Some of the recipes (even those included in the box) say “preheat to 375F”. Well without a temperature display, how do you know when it’s at the right temperature?
    — A better control pad. I can’t stand these cheap buttons behind the thin plastic film. You KNOW that after enough presses the film is going to crack. They always do; one look at the buttons with the cracked/missing film on my pressure cooker, and I know what this thing is going to look like in a few months. Why?! Just give me real buttons!
    — The bin. It’s nice enough, but the entire bottom half of the air fryer comes out, with the plastic and the handle all permanently attached. It’s huge, and it’s a pain to deal with. Why couldn’t there just be a liner inside that slides out for cleaning?

    Now, if this were one of the cheaper air fryers out there, I could probably excuse its cheap button panel, lack of features, and effectively worthless LCD display, and even the uneven cooking. But it’s not. The market is flooded with air fryers, and this one costs at least $50 more than many others on the market, including ones that have even more features like wattage control, delay and preheat options, etc.

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  12. CC

    Tried it out today, did some tater tots, frozen. I followed the guide it came with, however I’d say scale it back by at least 5 minutes, doing the preferred 20 minutes made them extra extra crispy which isn’t too bad but for people who have sensitive teeth may not work out so well for them. Oh and when in use, it’s loud, like if you were standing next to it trying to have a convo you’d have to shout. It’s that loud.

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  13. Michael Bell

    My wife wanted it, so she got it.

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    Ninja AF150AMZ Air Fryer XL, 5.5 Qt. Capacity that can Air Fry, Air Roast, Bake, Reheat & Dehydrate, with Dishwasher Safe, Nonstick Basket &…
    Ninja AF150AMZ Air Fryer XL, 5.5 Qt. Capacity that can Air Fry, Air Roast, Bake, Reheat & Dehydrate, with Dishwasher Safe, Nonstick Basket &…
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