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- 27% SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2 True Wireless Earbuds Noise Cancelling Ambient Sound Bluetooth Lightweight Comfort Fit Touch Control US Version, Olive Green

SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2 True Wireless Earbuds Noise Cancelling Ambient Sound Bluetooth Lightweight Comfort Fit Touch Control US Version, Olive Green


(12 customer reviews)
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  • Your Ears Never Had It So Good: Galaxy Buds2 ear buds take your passion for music to new heights with booming sound that makes you feel like you’re on stage with your favorite band
  • Tune Out Noises, Tune In Voices: Active Noise Cancellation blocks out unwanted sounds, helping you keep your focus wherever you are; Low latency Ambient Sound mode picks up the sounds you want to hear, so you always have the perfect audio level for every moment
  • Feels Good While Looking Good: Galaxy Buds2 have a comfortable, low profile design that’s 10% smaller and lighter than Galaxy Buds Plus; You may get to the end of your playlist before you remember you’re wearing them at all
  • Hear Clearly, Speak Confidently: The earbuds’ 3 microphones and noise reduction technology ensures voices are transmitted crisply and clearly, whether you’re chatting with a friend or leading a high stakes conference call
  • Power Worthy of Your Longest Playlist: Indulge your love of music with a long-lasting battery that’s up to the job — so your music doesn’t stop until you do
  • Tap for Total Control: Control your playlist or answer calls with the tap of a finger with touch control — no more fumbling for your phone to change a song
  • Switch It Up: With Auto Switch, the earphones detect what connection you need and instantly shifts audio to that Galaxy device; Shift effortlessly between your Galaxy phone, tablet, watch, or PC

Specification: SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2 True Wireless Earbuds Noise Cancelling Ambient Sound Bluetooth Lightweight Comfort Fit Touch Control US Version, Olive Green

Product Dimensions

1.97 x 1.98 x 1.09 inches

Item Weight

1.82 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

Wireless communication technologies


Connectivity technologies


Special Features

Wireless, Noise Cancellation, Touch Controls, Ambient Sound

Other display features


Form Factor

Wearable Accessory



Included Components

USB-C Cable, Charging Case, Right Earbud, Left Earbud, Replacement Eartip/Eargel


Unisex Adult



Country of Origin


Date First Available

August 11, 2021

Photos: SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2 True Wireless Earbuds Noise Cancelling Ambient Sound Bluetooth Lightweight Comfort Fit Touch Control US Version, Olive Green

12 reviews for SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2 True Wireless Earbuds Noise Cancelling Ambient Sound Bluetooth Lightweight Comfort Fit Touch Control US Version, Olive Green

3.1 out of 5
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  1. Juan Guerrero

    Simplemente son los mejores galaxy buds relación calidad precio.
    La cancelación de ruido es muy buena con sonidos bajos, ya sea que vayas en camión o uses el metro o metrobus no escucharas nada de ruidos, con las voces y platicas de la gente no lo logra bien, aunque si las disminuye notablemente. El sonido ambiente es muy bueno.
    Para las llamadas es excelente, te escuchas sin problemas.
    En general cumplen muy bien en todos los aspectos, rutina diaria, llamadas y hacer ejercicio (no se caen)
    Quiza lo único “malo” es que a veces es difícil atinarle a la zona para que baje o suba el volumen.

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  2. Rachel L. Lyons

    Super excited to finally have a small bud with Active Noise Cancelation (ANC) but there was ZERO difference with while doing yard work-mowing lawn, edger, weed whacker. I updated software, full charge, switched from ANC to off, no difference. The Ambient noise works very well. Everything else seems great about these but returning since I need a good ANC.

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  3. Josh Houlding

    Galaxy Buds 2
    I’ve been a big fan of the OG Galaxy Buds for the past two years I’ve owned them, so naturally I was interested in these new ones. However, not only could I not get them to fit snugly in my ears, I also encountered a plethora of small irritations that bothered me to the point of giving up on them. Here are some thoughts:

    The audio quality is far superior to the original Galaxy Buds. There is a lot more bass and the audio has more depth to it for sure. I’m not an audiophile, so I can’t exactly describe the way these sound in proper terminology too well, but they sound awesome to me.

    Ambient sound mode is far and away better than the original Buds had. It is far easier to hear what is going on around you, and there are several levels of ambient sound so you can get exactly the amount of outside sound you need for your particular situation. It also doesn’t have that faint hiss that the ambient sound mode on the original Galaxy Buds.

    -Let’s start off with one of the major selling points of these earbuds. Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) is marketed as quieting your environment so you can hear whatever you’re listening to more clearly without having to turn the volume all the way up. However, I found that the ANC on these earbuds doesn’t actually do much. It didn’t filter out voices, music, papers rustling, or most other common noises very effectively, and even the constant hum of an air purifier in my room nearby wasn’t cut down by that much. Considering the 33% hit to battery life you’re taking by using the ANC, I would expect it to work well, and it definitely doesn’t. In fact, the original Galaxy Buds have better noise cancellation, simply because they fit in my ears better and thus provide a better seal for noise isolation.

    -They would not fit in my ears properly, no matter which eartip sizes I tried. This is the most fundamental aspect of a pair of earbuds for obvious reasons; it doesn’t matter how many incredible features they have if they don’t fit correctly. Keep in mind that these do not have any wingtips like the original Galaxy Buds to keep them secure in your ears, so they have a much greater chance of falling out and getting lost. Every time I yawned, ate, or did any other kind of jaw movement, they would come loose in my ears, and I would have to grab the buds and push/twist them back into place. This introduced even more problems, as I will discuss in the next few points. It’s also worth mentioning that the ANC is worthless when the earbuds are loose, as there is no seal, defeating one of the main reasons to buy these over the original Buds or the Buds+.

    -I’m not a big fan of the design of the Buds 2. They are very small, round and glossy, which means they are extremely difficult to grip compared to the original Galaxy Buds. The lack of wingtips makes this even worse, as I find myself gripping the wingtips when I’m putting in my Galaxy Buds or taking them out, and that feature is gone. Every major YouTuber seem to be fawning over the fact that these buds are smaller and lighter than previous iterations, but I don’t see any meaningful increase in comfort from this design, and trying to grip these tiny things is incredibly frustrating. I was always worried I would drop them when trying to take them out of the case and put them in my ears. With the original Galaxy Buds, you had the wingtips, the touchpads on the ends, and matte-feeling plastic surfaces in the middle, so they were easy to grip when you wanted to put them in or remove them. The larger size didn’t hurt, either. On the other hand though, these new Buds are a more unibody-like design, so it’s not clear where the bud surface ends and the touchpad begins.

    -The touch areas are poorly defined. It seems like every time I actually want to use them, I can’t get them to activate, and when I just want to adjust the buds in my ears, they trigger, pausing or skipping whatever I’m listening to or watching. It’s not clear where the actual touch surface is, so accidental presses are constant, and since they didn’t fit me well, I was constantly having to touch the earbuds to adjust them, meaning plenty of accidental touches were had. The original Galaxy Buds didn’t have this problem at all, as the triangular touchpads were clearly defined and easy to feel out due to their smoother texture compared to the rest of the buds. It may just be me, but I even felt like the original touchpads were far more responsive to my touches compared to the ones on these. The frustration I experienced with these touchpads really made me realize how much I use the touchpads on my original Galaxy Buds, and how functional they were in comparison to these.

    -The case isn’t as good as the original. They decided to have the cases for all colors be white, with the color of the specific buds in the middle. Why? Why do I have to have a white case? This may seem petty, but I would prefer a black case, or at least a darker color, and I don’t get that option unless I shell out $20 more for a quality external protective case, which also adds bulk.
    -Something I did with the original Buds case was utilize it as a phone stand. Because of its wide pill shape, it is surprisingly well-suited to this purpose. However, it is impossible to use the Buds 2 case for this purpose for several reasons. First, the more square shape means that when the phone is in landscape mode, pressing the sides of the phone screen will make the whole thing collapse, which is annoying as ****. Secondly, the glossy finish makes it too slippery to be used for this purpose anyway.
    -Instead of going with a sleek matte finish like on the original case, Samsung decided to follow Apple and use a glossy finish on this new case, and I find it to be inferior for several reasons. One, fingerprint magnet. Two, it makes the case so slippery to hold that I’m afraid I’ll drop the damn thing and lose my $150 earbuds when I’m out and about and trying to get them out. The matte finish on the original case didn’t have either of these problems, it was grippable enough and didn’t collect finger oil like a smartphone screen.
    -The square shape of this case means that charging it on a wireless charging stand is impossible. With the original, the pill shape meant it could be stood up on its short end and the Qi wireless charging coils would meet up, meaning it could be charged on wireless charging stands in addition to flat pads. This extra level of flexibility was awesome, and I used it to great effect many times. Not an option with this new case.
    -Petty complaint, but the snap when you close this new case is far inferior to that of the original case. Closing your earbud case with a satisfying snap after you’re done using them is great, and it’s not as much so here.

    -Eartips aren’t that great. Not only did I have problems with the fit, but when I took the earbuds out of my ears, the tips would turn inside out half the time, which would require correction. I don’t know if they’re using inferior materials or what, but regardless, another minor annoyance I have to deal with a significant portion of the time when I want to stop using them.

    -No popup when opening the case and auto-pairing the buds. The Galaxy Buds and Buds+ show a card at the bottom of the phone screen displaying either the battery content of the buds (original buds) or the battery content of the buds and the case (buds+). For some reason, I never got a popup like this when I opened the case of the Buds 2. Why? It was nice to be able to see battery percentage upon opening the case without having to go into the app or create a dedicated widget on the home screen to monitor it. The Buds+ also have a nice animation of the buds flying out of the case and to their respective positions on the popup, a nice visual touch borrowed from Apple. It’s possible that this needs to be enabled in the app somewhere, but I never had to do that with the original Galaxy Buds 2 I have, and I can’t imagine Samsung would make the UX mistake of requiring a dig through the Wearable app to enable such a simple feature.

    I’m terribly sorry if this review is overly long and nitpicky. I’m just interested in presenting every thought I had throughout the course of trying to like these earbuds in order to give you a more complete picture of what you might be able to expect if you buy these. They aren’t bad by any means, but when you get annoyed a bit by this minor problem and a bit by that minor problem and so on, the nitpicks add up to significant frustration, and that made me quit even trying, sell these to my brother for $140, and go back to my original Galaxy Buds, which are tried and true. I am considering buying the Buds+ for my return to college instead, as they combine the tried-and-true design of the original Galaxy Buds with the best features of these new Buds 2, notably better audio quality and ambient sound mode. They also hold 11 hours of playback time in the buds alone, vs. 7.5 hours for the Buds 2 with ANC off, and 5 with it on. The case is also much better than the case for these new ones, and they are $50 cheaper to boot.

    Hopefully some of this helped you come to a decision, and I hope you have a nice day.
    -Josh H.

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  4. RAdams

    A lot of early reviews describe the ANC (Automatic Noise Canceling) for the Buds 2 as “meh.” Fair enough, this is my first experience with that technology so I don’t have any other frame of reference so bear that in mind. I’m confident that over the ear headphones most likely the best. But these are buds – how much can they do? Do you really want to wear heavy headphones as you mow the yard?

    Here are my observations comparing Galaxy Buds 2 to my old $20 wired cheapies.

    1) I ran a noisy, everyday box fan and turned on ANC. It easily halved the volume from that. It almost seemed like I’d remotely turned off the fan.

    2) I started and ran the lawn mower and then turned on ANC. It easily halved the volume. I still heard it, but it was much quieter.

    3) A couple times cars drove down the street in front of my house while the mower was off. I didn’t hear them at all.

    4) If I put my head in front of the fan I could hear a windy/buffeting sound just like any other buds. Just like when my lazy coworkers call me from the golf course and assign my extra duties. You know what I’m talking about.

    Yes, I could still hear the fan and the mower, but I was able to turn down the volume of my podcast quite a bit to hear clearly. I’m really attracted to the idea of listening at a lower volume to protect my hearing.

    I’m sure it’s too late for anybody to read this review amongst the thousands already written, but I’ll update it tomorrow after I run my line trimmer, edger & leaf blower while taking care of yardwork for any of you weirdos who have an interest in that.

    TLDR: No, it’s not the “cone of silence” from Get Smart but it’s worthwhile.

    — Just a regular guy – not a cynical perfection-seeking professional reviewer comparing it to tech 4x as expensive.

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  5. Carter

    Estos Galaxy buds 2 son justo lo que se ocupa en unos audífonos true wireless con cancelación de ruido en 2021.

    Su precio está bastante razonable con lo que todo lo que ofrece el producto en general. Muchos podrán decir que hay mejores audífonos con cancelación de ruido, pero obvio el costo de estos es mucho mayor.

    Este producto se Samsung es recomendable en especial si no habías renovado a partir de los primeros Galaxy buds, los buds + o los buds live.

    Mi recomendación es que si ocupas renovar tus audífonos, quizás valga la pena considerar esperar a que estos bajen de precio en unos 6+ meses o comprarlos ahora por los 3,000 pesos. Pero si valen la inversión como los audífonos que traes en la oficina, en el Gym, en el carro, para cualquier actividad.

    Como nota adicional, recuerden que la cancelación de ruido se nota más cuando el ruido del exterior es constante, como en el metro, en una plaza con gente o caminando por la calle con los coches pasando cerca.

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  6. María Teresa Velazquez González

    Pueden pasar muchas horas con los audifonos puestos y llega un momento en que no los notas, son bastante comodos, un punto malo es que en algunas situaciones de mucho movimiento pueden llegar a salirse un poco de los oidos. Y uno de sus mayores fuertes considero que es la conectividad con el watch4 y otros dispositivos Samsung que permiten una integración completa. Los recomiendo totalmente en general pero principalmente si tienes otro dispositivo Samsung será una experiencia aún mejor.

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  7. Sylvia Paola Mendoza

    I would recommend not buying these earphones since they only have three sizes for your ears and if none of them fit, they will fall off constantly. Bad purchase and I regret buying. Don’t buy.

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  8. Gerardo Flores

    Gracias a amazon siempre me llegan mis pedidos en buen estado y a tiempo 🙂
    Son los mejores galaxy buds los ocupo en mi samsung s10 plus aparte de que me llegaron antes de la fecha llegaron super bien y sellados
    La cancelación de ruido es muy buena con sonidos bajos, ya sea que vayas en camión o uses el metro o metrobus no escucharas nada de ruidos, con las voces y platicas de la gente no lo logra bien, aunque si las disminuye notablemente. El sonido ambiente son exelentes

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  9. María Teresa Velazquez González

    Al principio que compre los audifonos estaban bien y no tenían detalles pero a medida que pasaron los días el audífono izquierdo empezó a sonar tronado o escuchar como un zumbido y eso no me parece justo por el precio que pague

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  10. Ed Viesturs

    So, I have had so many pairs of the Galaxy Buds. I own the original galaxy buds, the Galaxy Buds2, and 2 pairs of Galaxy Buds Pros. Solely because the white galaxy buds pros were the ones I wanted to get when the Galaxy Buds Pro came out, but they did not have them available. Regardless, the sound quality is as good as a pair of $20 headphones. They have a cool “Find my Bud” feature if you misplace them as well as they are unique in design, but they do not fit my ears and they fall out more than any of the galaxy buds I have owned. I wish I could sell them but I literally do not know anyone who would buy them. I then got a refund. Amazon has saved my life with this because they were able to refund me for the headphones and I used that $164 to partially pay for the Galaxy Buds Pro in white.

    If you want good headphones, get the Galaxy Buds Pro.

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  11. Amazon Customer

    Good sound but they kept falling out of my ears. Tried all tips and couldn’t get them to stay in for a 30 minute call.

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  12. Rachel L. Lyons

    Okay since I just got these I can write a honest review. I love them so far. They fit nicely in my ear and I love how I can’t hear my daughter lol kidding and have some me time. The app did ask for some information but it’s not that big of a deal I didn’t let the buds have access to everything and it is doing just fine love love love them. So glad I bought them.

    Edit: I wish the right side would stay in my ear. It falls out way to often and they didn’t send me the ear bud replacement sizes

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    SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2 True Wireless Earbuds Noise Cancelling Ambient Sound Bluetooth Lightweight Comfort Fit Touch Control US Version, Olive Green
    SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2 True Wireless Earbuds Noise Cancelling Ambient Sound Bluetooth Lightweight Comfort Fit Touch Control US Version, Olive Green

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