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Phone Tripod, UBeesize 12 Inch Flexible Cell Phone Tripod Stand Holder with Wireless Remote Shutter & Universal Phone Mount, Compatible with…

Phone Tripod, UBeesize 12 Inch Flexible Cell Phone Tripod Stand Holder with Wireless Remote Shutter & Universal Phone Mount, Compatible with…


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  • 【Enhanced Durability with 3 Year Warranty】- The tripod is upgraded with a high-quality metal ball joint and high-density rubber-coated robust legs for peerless durability. UBeesize Tripod E is made to last, that is why UBeesize offers 3-Year replacement warranty for any quality-related issue on this tripod.
  • 【Metal Tripod Head with Built-in Bubble Level】- The 360° rotating ball-head with U-Shaped Groove allows you to place your cellphone at any position (portrait, landscape, and face downwards) you want. The ball-head also has one built-in level which allows you to get the straightest shot possible.
  • 【Snaps Photos from Up to 30ft Away】- A wireless remote allows you take hands-free shots from a distance of up to 30 feet, Perfect for taking selfies, group photos, filming, steady tripod shots.
  • 【Get The Perfect Angle Formerly Impossible】- 360° ball joint allows adjustment for multi-angle shots, and flexible octopus style legs can get a level shot on an uneven surface, or wrap it on a pole, tree etc. to capture awesome shots from formerly impossible angles!
  • 【Universal Compatibility】- Works for smartphones up to 3.9″ wide. By a standard ¼ inch adaptor screw thread, it is compatible with digital cameras like Nikon/Canon, DSLR, GoPro (GoPro adapters Included).

Specification: Phone Tripod, UBeesize 12 Inch Flexible Cell Phone Tripod Stand Holder with Wireless Remote Shutter & Universal Phone Mount, Compatible with…

Package Dimensions

12.32 x 3.54 x 2.13 inches

Item Weight

12.7 ounces

Item model number

Tripod E USA 002


1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Other display features




Included Components

Tripod, Phone Holder, Bluetooth Remote



Country of Origin


Date First Available

October 10, 2018

Photos: Phone Tripod, UBeesize 12 Inch Flexible Cell Phone Tripod Stand Holder with Wireless Remote Shutter & Universal Phone Mount, Compatible with…

11 reviews for Phone Tripod, UBeesize 12 Inch Flexible Cell Phone Tripod Stand Holder with Wireless Remote Shutter & Universal Phone Mount, Compatible with…

3.7 out of 5
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    The media could not be loaded.

     Tripod is all I ever wanted & needed to capture every moment in private life & business! I was skeptical when purchasing but greatly satisfied! As you can see from the video, it was pretty Breezy but the legs of tripod hold phone securely. I own a samsung 8 & fit great with room for a larger phone like a S8 plus. It appears that the quality is good & made to last. Legs long enough that you can secure in place at almost every surface! I’m not so content about the remote though 😕… I was successful about connecting Bluetooth and initially I tested it out & worked but about 15 min later when I actually wanted to use it, it didn’t work. Tried turning off & back on but when trying to sync to Bluetooth again, it didnt connect. Tried unpairing & then pair again to my phone but it didn’t pair again. I got tired of trying & decided to just click video myself on phone. However, I can see this being a problem if it’s attached somewhere high & you want to take a pic. I’m not sureif remote is defective or need to search up troubleshooting. Will update on remote later!

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  2. David Lopez

    The media could not be loaded.

     This tripod is very very nice. Very grippie rubberized legs and very firm to mount almost anywhere you can think of. The joint or pivot point is very strong and holds nice and tight in any angle you place it in and tighten. The level bubble is super nice and helps with making sure your camera is level to take fantastic photos. All in all I am very impressed with this tripod and was so pleased I wanted to do a video review about it. P.S. I almost never post any reviews…

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  3. Robel Tebedge

    Mixed feelings on this tripod. I used it only with an iPhone X. The spring mechanism to hold the phone in place works but can be awkward to use because it aligns with the side buttons on the phone…so sometimes it would turn off soon as I put the phone in the tripod, and was a pain to take it out to reopen using Face ID or passcode.

    The legs on this are sturdy but not as flexible as I thought and it can be awkward to position them in a way that is stable on a non-level surface…and I short it took a lot more time to adjust than other tripods I have used.

    The remote control is also inconsistent…there were several times that it did not click the video function on in the phone.

    All this said…reasonable for the price; not great.

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  4. Zed

    Used it for filming a project. It was wrapped around a step ladder most of the time. It broke after 4 months of use. The one leg broke when I was unwrapping the legs from the step ladder’s handle. Then I tried fiddling with it to try and pop it back into it’s “socket”. decided to cut it open and it turns out there is no socket and it’s not fixable. I started fiddling with the other 2 legs and surprisingly they broke as well.

    If this is the quality of the average tripod..I’m not impressed. Giving it 3 stars because it got most of the job done.

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  5. Stephen

    There was a manufacturing defect (hence the 4 stars on sturdiness) but the seller sent a new one out to me right away without any hassle.

    The new one is working well and there’s no defect.
    We use this to record our USAR dog training on rubble piles where there are lots of odd shaped concrete slabs, poles, rebar, metal objects, pallets, etc that we can attach the tripod too. It holds my relatively heavy iPhone 7S with heavy duty otterbox case without sagging etc. Thus far I’m happy with item and I would recommend this item to my colleagues and friends and I would purchase this it again. I have another well known brand and this unit is better. If my opinion changes I will update my review.

    Holds well to objects in the environment and the grip material on the legs is quite nice.
    Doesn’t ‘sag’ with the weight of iPhone 7S and heavy otterbox.
    The legs are longer than some of the others on the market making it easier to secure to poles with larger circumferences.
    The legs are all one unit (i.e. not little ‘pod’ units that clip together and can pop off in some situations).
    The phone holder is secured via a screw bed like many tripods and thus you can add different phone holder mechanisms if you want (I did this and it worked great).
    Seller was VERY responsive to the manufacturing defect and the new unit sent out was perfect with no discernible defect.

    If you have a larger iPhone with an otterbox type case the holder may not extend far enough to hold the phone securely. However, as there is a screw bed attachment you can easily swap it out for a larger holder mechanism.

    No other cons that I have found; other than the defect in the first unit (the replacement unit had no defect).

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  6. Lucretia Harris

    At the head of the unit is a slight screw that becomes very loose constantly, trying to glue it in place only allows the glue to slip through into the adjustment ball, locking it into place, and unable to adjust now. Very great designed legs, extremely poor design for the base of the unit holding the camera.

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  7. DBH 01240

    The media could not be loaded.

     I don’t know if it was just mine, but it is not very strong. The phone holder part is constantly falling off. The tips that hold it in place are too small, and it just falls off. If you very carefully put your phone in place and do not touch it gafterwards or use it anywhere with a breeze, I guess it’ll hold, but not worth it for an insecure hold. Great concept, poor execution.

    their suggested fix is to charge me more for a part that isn’t the issue. Do not buy from this company as they will tell you one thing, and then try to change the deal.

    **UPDATE 2**

    They finally decided to send a replacement and a large phone mount. The thing is advertised as being able ro handle a note sized phone, but don’t trust it. Get it with the large phone holder

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  8. Stephen

    Today, many families are doing FaceTime, Zoom, or some other platform to communicate while the COVID-19 crisis is going on. I find this stand to be an excellent control for holding and positioning the Camera exactly where I want. It also provides a very steady base leaving my hands free. I do not use the remote because I have an Apple Watch, which is the reason for the rating. This device is very well-made and able to accommodate an iPhone 11 Pro with no problem. Also, even my non-technical wife can set it up without any difficulties. The legs are bendable, they have big slip-resistant cushions on the bottom, and there are numerous locking positions so that you could get the angle that you’re looking for with your phone. It is small and portable living in my briefcase every day, so it is ready at any time. I do also use it for my photography, which has been an immense help both indoors and out. Finally, the tripod is a sturdy accessory that I trust my iPhone on, which was ESSENTIAL in the decision making of this purchase. I highly recommend this device for anyone who requires a reliable tripod to handle your phone.

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  9. Robel Tebedge

    What a pleasant surprise to receive this Ubeesize tripod. I do not know where to begin – so many features that are CLEARLY superior to the better-known “Jxxx” brand!!

    I ordered a Joby – direct from them – and it was junk compared to this item.
    When dealing with that other outfit – I ended up dealing with FIVE different companies – to return it – marketing, product support, fulfilment, warranty, return – ALL different companies!! (Still waiting for my credit for the one I tried – and returned.)

    I should have known – when I saw the weight – of the competitive model… I find this Ubeesize to be the right weight – for ME. It is almost double what a similar sized name-brand model weighs – but THIS ONE IS ROBUST!! If featherweight is your main goal – this may not be for you. But if you want something that looks like it will last years in everyday abuse – – this might be for you.

    I ordered this quickly – did not read the features properly – thought it might be foolish – since I was so unhappy with a known-competitors similar costing MUCH MORE! I was pleasantly surprised to see that this, is the way I want to go!

    – The legs are firmly attached to the mounting point – not feeling like they are about to fall off! (COMMON on most competitors)
    – The mounting assembly – which holds my phone – while in it’s case – AND is also suitable for 1/4” mount cameras – is simply ingenious – VERY clever. (I initially thought I had ordered the wrong SKU – – seeing the 1/4” mount only. Men don’t read instructions so I fiddled with it and it flipped open to reveal a robust and SMART design that allows it to be used for all sorts of devices.)
    – the optional mounting accessories are handy – for use with GoPro and such. Neat!
    – 3 year warranty?? – – BONUS!

    My ONLY gripe – is the Bluetooth remote… I love it but it won’t work.
    That too – is vastly superior to the one that came with the Joby model. Again – this one is robust and I would put it on my keychain, (competitors has a piece of thread to attach to your key ring…)
    It does indicate that the remote may NOT work with some models of phones… I have a Pixel P3 and the remote will connect to the camera – but activates the ZOOM feature instead of activating the shutter. Close – but no cigar. (And I did also try the recommended app – with the same result).
    Does anyone have a fix for that? I would really like to be able to control my P3 when mounted on this fine tripod remotely.
    But I am STILL giving this device a 5 star rating.

    SO VASTLY SUPERIOR TO THE NAME-BRAND, in every way – in My Opinion.
    Oh yeah – – and at just more than HALF THE PRICE OF THE NAME-BRAND… Sort of a no-brainer!

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  10. J. Brown

    Missing part of the item

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    I ordered 3 different flex tripods after my most recent one broke. This one was at a mid range price point and was a pretty good bang for the buck Phone Tripod. It felt sturdier/more reliable than the Flexible Tripod, 12 Inch Phone Tripod with Wireless Remote Shutter sold by TOBRBE (18$) but no competition to the Xenvo SquidGrip Flexible Cell Phone Tripod (29$).

    My advice is to spend an extra 10$ to get the Xenvo, as the quality difference, and range of motion is a huge upgrade. I am keeping this as a backup.

    The length of the legs are about 9.5in which provides more functionality than a lot of the other 5-6in copies.

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    Phone Tripod, UBeesize 12 Inch Flexible Cell Phone Tripod Stand Holder with Wireless Remote Shutter & Universal Phone Mount, Compatible with…
    Phone Tripod, UBeesize 12 Inch Flexible Cell Phone Tripod Stand Holder with Wireless Remote Shutter & Universal Phone Mount, Compatible with…
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