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Misto Oil Sprayer, Set of Two, Silver


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  • MISTO is a reusable oil spray and mister bottle that gives you the convenience and health benefits of typical aerosol sprayers but in a more healthy, economical and environmental way
  • Fill MISTO with your favorite oils, vinegars, lemon and lime juice, sherry, or marsala wine. Great for dressing salads, breads, or cooking
  • Easy-to-use pump style cap features a 2-step operation: simply pump the container, then and press the valve on the pressurized sprayer for an even mist
  • Environmentally friendly, the non-aerosol sprayer doesn’t use chemical propellants, and it’s refillable, so no more throwing cans away to end up in landfills
  • MISTO is BPA-free – threading the cap on incorrectly allows air to escape and in turn does not allow the bottle to build up pressure to spray

Specification: Misto Oil Sprayer, Set of Two, Silver

Product Dimensions

8 x 8 x 4 inches

Item Weight

6.4 ounces



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Date First Available

June 22, 2012

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11 reviews for Misto Oil Sprayer, Set of Two, Silver

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  1. R Strafford

    Works perfectly. Little tip is keep them upright when spraying other wise if you have them tilted on there side when spraying you just empty pressure, then it comes out just as a stream.

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  2. Pamela Cameron

    Really nice pump action sprayer. It honestly is amazing at how well this sprays like it should be an aerosol but without any of the harmful gasses. This will be a vital tool in any Air Fryer arsenal. Just pump to pressurise and away you go.

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  3. Hans

    I cannot say enough about how much I love these pump-spray bottles. I’m not a schill, and I don’t give many 5-stars – but when I find a product I love I totally go for it and tell everyone I know about how awesome it is.

    I do not recommend this product for *any* type of spirit, acid, or extraction. The rubber (and the pump itself) will not hold up well to vinegar or any kind of alcohol. Sure you can put it in there, but know that once you do the life of the product will shorten significantly.

    Do not fill the bottle more than half way. Do not fill it to the top, and do not fill it to the top of the plastic insert that goes inside. Trust a Chemical engineer – you need air space to be able to hold pressure. Liquids are pretty much incompressible, thus no air = no pressure.

    I bought my first one at the local store. After 5+ years the pump part broke so I bought these off Amazon and gave one away as a present.

    They are aluminum so if that bothers you get the stainless steel version. It’s a bit more pricey but if you’re concerned about aluminum then get that one instead.

    I use these for EV olive oil. When I make a grilled cheese I don’t bother with butter I just spray a little olive oil on it. This means I am not only choosing an oil/fat with a better HDL/LDL ratio but that I also use *less* oil/fat to get the same results. Also works well for panini/Foreman-style counter grills. Sunny-side up eggs have never flipped so easily, flash-fried zuch & squash medallions without the heavy coating of fat! Yeah I know it’s not butter and doesn’t have that butter flavor but I’m not going to turn into a vegan and I’m not going to give up some of my favorite comfort foods. Using this enables me to make a really *naughty* dish a tiny bit more healthy.

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  4. Serious Shopper

    I had an old Misto sprayer which was great! So I was happy to find these 2-packs at an affordable price. Unfortunately, I bought two sets of these (total of 4 Misto bottles), and all four were defective, and used! Upon opening the bottles to fill them, the tips that sit in the oil were discolored, which means they were previously used. This isn’t the first time I’ve been sent used goods from Amazon. Also, ALL bottles were greasy inside…another clue that these are used. Being the patient person I am, I proceeded to clean all the bottles with soap and warm water. Satisfied that they were now clean, I filled one with vinegar. I sprayed, a few seconds, and had to pump it again. I pumped, sprayed, and had to pump again. The pressure didn’t hold for very long. This went on for about 5 times on the first bottle, which I finally gave up on. Then the same thing happened on the 2nd bottle, then the 3rd, AND the fourth. The pressure just won’t hold. These bottles do not mist…they spray rather large droplets, and my old Misto wasn’t like this. The last set of bottles both sprayed two “jets” left and right. The last two bottles were worst than the first set… something must have gone wrong with manufacturing, that’s my guess anyway. I spent a good half hour cleaning, pumping, and spraying, and got nothing but disappointment. My patience finally ran out. All of these are being returned to Amazon. How can we spend to bring our economy back with products like this on the market? The only plus with this particular product is the asthetics…they are nice looking aluminum bottles.

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  5. FCSAZ

    So I was suspicious of this oil sprayer actually spraying a “mist” as advertised. Every other oil sprayer I’ve tried (and I’ve tried quite a few) never seemed to work the way they were supposed to. Instead of a mist I’d get a drizzle or a soaking stream. Some didn’t produce anything at all. Since I prepare a lot of air fried foods, I really needed a good oil sprayer. Much to my surprise, this mister bottle has worked really well so far. I made sure to only fill it half way as instructed, and pumped the lid until good resistance was felt. Then I pressed the button and magically got a fine mist spray! So far I’ve only used grape seed oil, which is a very light oil. I haven’t tried using olive or avocado oil yet and they may make a difference. If they do, I’ll update this review. For now though, I couldn’t be more pleased with this Misto oil sprayer. Just make sure you don’t fill the bottle more than halfway full. It needs room to build up the air pressure.

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  6. An_Amazon_Customer

    These misters are worthless. After 1 year of messing around with 2 of them trying to get them to work; they are going in the trash. I mistrust Amazon’s reviews more and more; after looking closer at the reviews, how can a product get “4.5 stars” when 30% of the people rate it 3 or below; over 11% say it is 1 star; including me. These do NOT mist the oil; any type of oil I purchased from high grade olive oil to Crisco. You either get a stream of oil or just air and no oil. Fiddled endlessly with how much air was in the canister; reread the directions, etc to no avail. They didn’t work out of the box; so it isn’t like they got dirty and then didn’t work. And forget about cleaning them also; near impossible. Seriously

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  7. FLmiami

    I purchased my first (stainless steel) MISTO dispenser years ago, and I loved it. However, I damaged it some months ago in April 2019 and ordered this set, to have Olive oil in one and Avocado oil in the other. I don’t know what has changed with the pump or nozzle (if anything) but I have not found the right way to pump this so that it consistently produces a controllable oil stream instead of “oil vapor” which floats in the air and goes anywhere in my kitchen. I also don’t like the aluminum finish compared to the stainless steel So, I got enough of this set and replaced it by a traditional oil dispenser yesterday (Oct 9, 2019). No more “oil spray vapor” floating around.

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  8. FrannyAz

    Sprays in a straight stream. Messy. Easier to buy Pam. Waste of money

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  9. jasonz1

    Like I said, these do mist oils well. (FYI, buy from America and get two for the price of one rather than from a UK seller, delivered within one week at Christmas, no less).

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  10. Ian Greely

    Worked fine with water. Generated a perfect mist.
    Tried it with Olive oil and got a squirt. Like from a water pistol
    Tried it with Sunflower oil, also got a squirt.

    This was intended to help with cooking using an air fryer. Learn from my lesson.
    Move along now. Nothing to see here.


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  11. Cara S.

    Excellent product! Good quality item, sent quickly and well packaged. When you follow the instructions properly (and realise that you need to pump it up well beyond the initial point of resistance) it works brilliantly!

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    Misto Oil Sprayer, Set of Two, Silver
    Misto Oil Sprayer, Set of Two, Silver
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