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Kamenstein 4 Piece Set, Natural Acacia Wood and Cork Stackable Coasters, Set of 4


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  • PROTECT SURFACES: this set of 4 coasters will protect surfaces from both heat and moisture and can be used in multiple rooms of your home or office
  • NON-SLIP DESIGN: the outer portion is crafted from beautiful acacia wood and features a small lip to keep your drink secure; Each coaster has felt feet to protect surfaces and to prevent sliding
  • ABSORBS MOISTURE: Kamenstein coasters are designed with a cork insert to help absorb moisture and will protect against marks and rings on your coffee table, end table and dining room table
  • LARGE SIZE: each coaster measures about 4 inch diameter with a 3 inch diameter cork insert
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: these coasters are reusable unlike paper or cardboard coasters; clean as needed with a damp cloth and towel dry for best results

Specification: Kamenstein 4 Piece Set, Natural Acacia Wood and Cork Stackable Coasters, Set of 4

Product Dimensions

3.9 x 3.9 x 0.7 inches

Item Weight

5.6 ounces


Lifetime Brands Inc.

Country of Origin


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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

July 16, 2016

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13 reviews for Kamenstein 4 Piece Set, Natural Acacia Wood and Cork Stackable Coasters, Set of 4

2.6 out of 5
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  1. Stacie Martz

    Very sorry that I purchased these. Although they are very attractive and the raised lip keeps condensation from cold drinks from sliding off the sides of the coaster, they are not worth the price I paid. The coasters often stick to the bottom of our drink glasses and then drop off (normal) and then they shatter (not normal). The first one broke after only one month and a second one just broke for the same reason. Only have 2 left. Going to find another coaster that is more durable.

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  2. Amazon Customer

    Overall, and given the price, nice coasters. The “cork” bottom is not absorbent, meaning you quickly get large pools of condensed liquid and still keep dripping all over yourself.

    While adding felt/rubber feet on the bottoms of these is a considerate idea, it makes the coasters unbalanced and unstable as there are only three feet. (Tall glasses or wine stemware could easily tip over given the movement of the coasters.)

    P.S.: coasters will stick to glasses because of pooling condensation. When one just dropped (from less than two feet height, off a couch-side coffee-table, it chipped a large chunk of wood out of the rim…

    P.P.S.: owned for one month, used for ~2 hours each day. Cork bottoms are now molding…

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  3. Amazon Customer

    The media could not be loaded.

     I bought this set of 4 coasters to protect my hard surfaces. I am very satisfied with my purchase for the following reasons:

    – the cork in the center of each coaster absorbs moisture wonderfully and keeps your mug/glass in place;
    – the 3 felt pads underneath protect the surfaces from heat and prevent the coaster from slipping;
    – they help prevent swelling on wooden surfaces caused by fine water droplets (moisture);
    – they prevent shadow circles on wood and glass surfaces;
    – they are strong, aesthetically attractive and reusable, unlike cardboard or paper coasters.

    —————– Français —————–

    Je me suis procurer cet ensemble de 4 sous-verres afin de protéger mes surfaces dures. Je suis très satisfaite de mon achat pour les raisons suivantes:

    – le liège au centre de chaque sous-verre absorbe l’humidité merveilleusement bien et garde votre tasse/verre en place;
    – les 3 feutres en dessous protègent les surfaces de la chaleur et empêchent le sous-verre de glisser;
    – ils permettent d’éviter les boursouflements sur les surfaces en bois causé par les fines gouttelettes d’eau (humidité);
    – ils permettent d’éviter les cernes sur les surfaces en bois et en verre;
    – ils sont solides, esthétiquement jolis et réutilisables contrairement aux sous-verres en carton ou en papier.

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  4. D-M-R

    ** Updated my review because I was overruled (lol!) by my family so we decided to keep these coasters. 2 stars because they look nice and we’re keeping them.

    I wanted to like these coasters, and they do look nice on my REAL acacia wood table, but here’s the thing: I’m not certain these are real wood! Maybe, but they feel too light weight! Super light weight! All four coasters weigh less than ONE of my 30-year-old real wood coasters (pictured below THIS smaller coaster) And since they are quite likely plastic, (other reviews have stated as much) there is no way that 4 little coasters should cost 14.99!! That is basically $3.75 per coaster! Granted, I want to protect my gorgeous table, but I also protect my bank balance 😉 and I just don’t see the value in these coasters!


    *Nice match to my REAL acacia wood table!


    *I’m not convinced that these super light weight coasters are real acacia wood as advertised!

    *Smaller than advertised! Notice my picture of the box below. These are not 4.5 inches wide! They aren’t even quite 4 inches wide! The cork area is about 3.25 inches.

    *Only 3 little feet on the bottom! These coasters rock on the 3 little rubber feet! Mug pictured below is 3.5-inch diameter. It barely fits in/on the coaster, and the coaster wobbles!

    *Pricey! $3.75 per coaster (I wouldn’t mind if they were real wood!)

    *Flimsy plastic box, which arrived opened on both boxes received!

    See pictures below which show various measurements.

    Although I am reluctantly keeping these (I was overuled! Lol! Everyone else in my household likes them) I cannot recommend these coasters! Maybe if they were cheaper…

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  5. Kindle Customerccccccc

    We have suffered for years with broken cork coasters because I could not find sufficient ones to replace them until now. These absorb the moisture from our glasses without leaving a mark on the furniture. I love the little feet on the bottom, which keep the wood from sitting directly on the furniture. Highly recommended. And the price is right, too.

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  6. Melanie

    DO NOT BUY! When it costs over $20 for four coasters, you would expect top quality for it, but instead you get an item that has the base peeling off and forming bubbles already. See picture attached, what you are seeing in the picture is after me pressing the base so it would stick to the wood. It was in a worse condition when I opened the box. The coaster itself is very light weight, but I was hoping for solid heavy wood. I would return it, but I decided to just throw them in the basement rooms where not many people will see it or use often.

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  7. D-M-R

    Do not buy these, they are really poor quality and ultimately a waste of money. When they arrived, 1 of the 4 was broken, but I decided to keep the other 3 because it was too much of a hassle to return. This was just 3-4 days ago, and another has broken since. Wish I didn’t waste my money on this. I’m really bummed because the style is great, but it’s just not worth it.

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  8. atlas

    Devolví los portavasos porque no cumplian con la función. El diseño es muy bonito, sin embargo a la hora de poner un vaso o una botella no son estables/ no tienen buen equilibrio por lo que se mueven con facilidad, lo que los vuelve nada utiles para el proposito. Le recomendaría al proveedor que pusieran más estable la base con un material antiderrapante y que cubriera toda la circunferencia para evitar que se caigan los vasos/botellas y con eso sería otra historia. Sin ese cambio definitivamente no lo recomiendo.

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  9. Ale D

    Son muy estéticos, bastante prácticos…Lo que no me gusta de las bebidas frías es, que dejen un gran charco, por la trasudación..pero para esto son estos accesorios.. Aunque me gustaría que a aprte del corcho tuvieran algo de material absrobente o secane! 😀 pido mucho, pero, no, no así están bien! 😀

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  10. Melanie

    These look incredible, I received mine with no damage at all and with a great variety of randomized wood.

    I removed the provided felt feet and put my own rubber anti-slip ones on for piece of mind and these things are rock solid now. I try not to put anything TOO wet on these, as I don’t want to ruin them prematurely – but the cork portion does soak up condensation/occasional drips with ease.

    So far so good, but I worry that they won’t be easy to clean when the time comes.

    These are also super cute under small plant/succulent pots.

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  11. Helen Musgrove

    I wanted wood coasters, this say they are. They are not wood at all but plastic painted to look like wood. I picked up my husbands tea glass and it stuck, the coaster fell on the floor and the coaster broke revealing it to be plastic . I wanted wood so this didn’t happen.

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  12. Amazon Customer

    I purchased these coasters on either a lightning deal or a promotion – so I paid about $10 for them. I went to look them up as a friend had asked about them. I was shocked to see the price of $47 for these coasters. They are absolutely not worth that. They are very light and do not appear to be actual wood. The diameter of the coaster is quite small as well – a pint glass or narrow highball glass will fit, but anything wider at the base of the glass will not. These are not something I’d paid any more than $10 for; these are not at all suitable as a gift (the packaging is not nice at all); and these are not durable (or even made of wood as advertised.) Look for another product.

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  13. Fauntleroy

    These have 3 glued-on bits on the bottom to prevent scuffing but the result is that they are prone to tipping over three different ways. Four bits would be way more stable… except they aren’t glued on evenly – I had to throw one of them out because they were so off that it couldn’t hold a cup without tipping over. These coasters probably have no quality control at all.

    The cork in the middle is coming off of one. They feel cheap. They do look nice though, if you don’t intend to actually use them.

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    Kamenstein 4 Piece Set, Natural Acacia Wood and Cork Stackable Coasters, Set of 4
    Kamenstein 4 Piece Set, Natural Acacia Wood and Cork Stackable Coasters, Set of 4
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