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Kamenstein Heritage 16-Jar Revolving Countertop Spice Rack Organizer with Free Spice Refills for 5 Years

Original price was: $39.99.Current price is: $35.46.

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  • COMPACT DESIGN: stainless steel revolving design with a narrow profile, perfectly proportioned to fit into narrow spaces
  • PRE-FILLED SPICE JARS: comes with pre-filled glass spice jars; spice assortment may vary but can include basil, thyme, parsley, marjoram, garlic salt, coriander, rosemary, oregano, and more
  • FREE SPICE REFILLS FOR 5 YEARS: eligible for 5 Years of Free Spice Refills of your choice; see packaging for more details
  • SEALED FOR FRESHNESS IN THE USA: all spices and spice jars are filled and sealed for freshness in Kamenstein’ s own facility in Winchendon, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
  • QUICKLY FIND SPICES: for quick and easy identification of contents inside; spice jars feature sifter tops for light seasoning that can also be removed if measuring is needed

Specification: Kamenstein Heritage 16-Jar Revolving Countertop Spice Rack Organizer with Free Spice Refills for 5 Years

Product Dimensions

7.19 x 7.19 x 10.81 inches

Item Weight

6.03 pounds


Lifetime Brands Inc

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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

September 15, 2012

Photos: Kamenstein Heritage 16-Jar Revolving Countertop Spice Rack Organizer with Free Spice Refills for 5 Years

11 reviews for Kamenstein Heritage 16-Jar Revolving Countertop Spice Rack Organizer with Free Spice Refills for 5 Years

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  1. 🙃

    Bought this rack almost two years ago. For the price, it’s hard to find better value.

    The spices included are fine – in line with supermarket quality products.

    The glass jars are quite fragile – I toppled the rack over by accident one night and one jar fell over a foot and shattered. Glass went EVERYWHERE in the kitchen!

    The free spices is a waste of time. It’s a total hassle to register in the first place. After adding some “free” spices to the cart, I proceed to checkout only to find the shipping cost is a whopping $72. Yeah, right, that’s easily 5 times what it’d cost to buy it at a market.

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  2. Cyndi & Andrew Bell

    There were about 8 versions of italian seasoning in the box but none of the basics like onion, garlic, pepper, ginger, paprika

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  3. Amazon Customer

    First of all, it doesn’t spin and feels like it’ll only scratch my countertop. This is a really cheap version of what I thought I was buying. My friend has one of these and the quality is way better. The caps in the picture have the flower in the background, but what I received is only the word, which made me realize it isn’t even the same product. I don’t feel like going through the hassle of returning it, so reluctantly decided to keep it, but the only thing good about this is the actual spices.

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  4. Amazon Customer

    Happy with the spices…but very disappointed to see it marketed on the .ca site saying free spices for 5 years and that’s ONLY FOR USA.

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  5. Justyna Kijek

    There was no Registration Code in the box, which is required to be eligible for lifetime spice refills. I contacted Kamenstein several times to be completely ignored; no response whatsoever. This is the worst customer service ever.

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  6. Kristal

    Unless you’re cooking Italian food every day, most of the 16 spices are unnecessary and repetitive… especially “herbes de provence”, “italian seasoning” and “pizza seasoning”…which are basically identical, esp. when it comes with the same spices that make them (rosemary, basil, etc.) It has 3 types of salt (sea, season, and celery) but no peppers at all, not even black pepper. I will throw some of the spices away and refill with my own.

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  7. Alexandra Bates

    The stand is perfect. Rotate in ita own but stand still by it self when you dont touch it. I simply removed the herbs that i didnt use and replace them myself. Free refill is only on the US.

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  8. Steve Young

    Arrived fast, packaged well. Spices were fresh and tasty. I’m interested to see how easy the replacement spice order will be but that won’t be for a bit. I love the look of the rack as well.
    EDITED 6-21-19: It has been a year since I ordered this and now I need refills on the spices. They have made it virtually impossible to complete the online registration. I emailed them per their website about not having the paperwork any longer and provided proof of my Amazon purchase. No problem there. They sent me a new registration code. IT DID NOT WORK. I emailed them again. They apologized and sent a NEW code.
    IT DID NOT WORK! I am about to give up. At this point I’m too frustrated to keep trying and they do not have a phone number. I am very disappointed as the spices were a good quality and I only bought this because of the free refills.

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  9. Benny Tan

    Can’t be beat for the price, even though you can’t get the free refills in Canada. The spices themselves would cost way more than this set if you bought them at the grocery store. I found the carousel works fine. Overall, this is a great deal.

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  10. Steve Young

    We ordered the 16-Jar Short tower to try our chalkboard labels on. Knowing that it would not come with the right spices or labels since we are big Indian and Mexican food fans, it would have made more sense to buy empty jars and fill with our own spices. But the compact tower caught our eye.

    We were correct in that several of the spices we would not use, but the price, and especially the value even if we discarded all the spices, was worth more than what we paid for it.

    I did find it odd that the Bay Leaves came all broken up in the jar. Who would do, or want that? When you use a bay leaf it is added to the sauce or gravy then fished out at the end. At least in all the cooking we do that is our method. But enough about the spices.

    Here are some technical details of the display and containers. I could not find all these answers on the catalog page or in the questions so I thought others may appreciate the information:

    Stainless steel rack is 5 inches square and 11 inches tall. It rotates about the center on a plastic piece with ball bearings. It spins easy and is strong enough to handle the spices you put in it. The unit will take up a space on your counter 8 1/2 inches in diameter because the jars stick out a bit, just know that if your counter or cabinet area is tight.

    The jars are 3 1/2 inches tall and 1 3/4 inches in diameter. They have plastic tops and plastic shaker inserts that you can remove if needed. The black plastic tops are a softer plastic and are not brittle like the lids of some spice jars. The reason this is important is because you can take out the plastic shaker insert and tighten it down the jar. I twisted it on as tight as I could (with big hands) and could not get the threads to strip or the top to crack. This is not the norm in this size and price range for spice jars.

    Whoever put the labels on, never put them in the same place, and they are not centered. Since the label is gloss black, and so is the top, unless it is way off (many are) you do not notice it from a few feet away.

    Our use involved the Ziggyboard Brand labels and waterproof marker, so the labels on the jars were not important to us. We tried to remove them but they started to split in half with adhesive and paper on the top and the black label part we discarded. At that point we thought about soaking the tops in water overnight and cleaning them off completely. We did not, we just put on the Ziggyboard labels over the existing stickers.

    Ziggyboard Chalkboard Spice Jar Labels Fit kamenstein, CS Household Glass Jars, and Other Style or Brand Jars and Include 18 Round Labels, 18 Rounded Rectangle Labels and Extra Fine White Chalk Marker

    Since we were going to use some of the spices, we made labels with the waterproof marker that comes in the Ziggyboard kit. It has both the top round label and a label for the side of the jar. Especially helpful when you open two containers at the same time. Our kit was the Professional version, the 1/2 mm Chalk marker. It also comes in a 1mm version and would have worked fine with the size of the jar and label. I added a picture so you can see how they look in the rack. We lettered the stickers while they were on the sheet they come on. While you can do it after you put them on the jar or the cap, we find this easier.

    The jars have a date code printed on the side. We covered that up with the side chalkboard labels in the Ziggyboard kit. Using table salt to measure we were able to put in 20 level teaspoons into each jar. We also put water in and found they hold 3.6 liquid ounces or 105ml of water. With tight tops, we submerged them, as shown in the photo, both with and without the plastic shaker top in water for 5 minutes. We did not have any leaks, showing that these jars are airtight.

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  11. Thoracias

    The product received was as described. We don’t use a lot of the spices that we received, however we will just switch them out and replace the label on the jar. The only downfall to this product was the free spice registration process. The code provided on the inside top flap of the box did not work. Before I purchased this product, I saw that others had this issue, so I was prepared. I called the company and the employee provided me with a new code via email, which did not work. At first, he wanted to send me the code via email and hang up the call, which I would not allow. I was going to be on the call until we were able to successfully register the product. He then sent me another code, which did not work. He tried to register me himself, which did not work. He stated that the codes provided in the boxes do not work and that he would need to research the issue and email me back. I told him that I will return the product and he asked if I would stay on hold, which I did. When he returned to the call, he was able to register me by using a different email address (that he created, however we were lucky that is was another active email that I have) and he provided me the login information. While on the phone with him, I was able to successfully log in and add products to my shopping cart. I did not purchase the products, so I’ll leave an updated review once I go through that process at a later time. Hope this review helps others!

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    Kamenstein Heritage 16-Jar Revolving Countertop Spice Rack Organizer with Free Spice Refills for 5 Years
    Kamenstein Heritage 16-Jar Revolving Countertop Spice Rack Organizer with Free Spice Refills for 5 Years

    Original price was: $39.99.Current price is: $35.46.
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