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Moen 169031 Optional AC Adapter Service Kit for Moen Kitchen Faucets with MotionSense


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Last updated on January 2, 2023 12:42 am Details
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  • KIT INCLUDES: AC Adapter and Power Splitter
  • GENUINE MOEN REPLACEMENT: Authentic Moen AC adapter replaces the battery pack included with U by Moen and MotionSense faucets. The Power Splitter allows both the AC adapter and battery pack to connect to your faucet.
  • PEACE-OF-MIND: Designed for hassle-free installation

Specification: Moen 169031 Optional AC Adapter Service Kit for Moen Kitchen Faucets with MotionSense


‎Moen Incorporated

Part Number


Item Weight

‎7.4 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎2.2 x 3.8 x 4.5 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer



‎1 Kit


‎N/A or Unfinished


‎Replacement Part



Item Package Quantity


Included Components

‎Replacement Parts or Service Kit

Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Warranty Description

‎1 Year Limited

Photos: Moen 169031 Optional AC Adapter Service Kit for Moen Kitchen Faucets with MotionSense

11 reviews for Moen 169031 Optional AC Adapter Service Kit for Moen Kitchen Faucets with MotionSense

3.5 out of 5
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  1. docaaron

    Water turns on randomly now. I called Moen and they said disconnect the wires and plug the faucet wire in first then plug in the power wire. I did that. Two random starts since then and who knows how many when not at home.

    Update: My sister was over for dinner and we showed her our Moen touchfree faucet. She would have bought the Moen faucet for her kitchen update until it randomly turned on . Moen you just lost a faucet sale due to this random problem. You might want to fix this.

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  2. Barry C.

    Frequent activation without wave input.

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  3. Bob Whittall

    Works fine.
    But ridiculous price for a little box that probably has a $2 circuit board in it.

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    I had to hook up a duplex receptacle under the sink , that added to my overall time to install.

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  5. M.C

    After installation, the red light was on steady. I thought the uni was defective. Called Moen and the company sent me a new unit 2 weeks later. But the same problem exists with the new unit.

    Took me awhile to retry. Replaced the battery from lithium to alkaline types and the whole unit suddenly works wonderfully. In the process, I also figured out the right way to configure the detection distance to activate the water flow.

    1. Remove all power connection, then plug the power back in to the power splitter unit.
    2. Notice the front sensor will flash twice in total.
    3. The 2nd flash is to set the detection distance. Before it flashes, put your hand in front of the sensor with desired distance. After the flashing finishes, it’s done.
    4. That was it! I did not bother to find out what the 1st flashing was for. You may need to rehears a few times. But no worries. it’s really straight forward.

    Kudos to Moen’s customer service also. I use mainly Moen’s kitchen and bathroom products because of its quality and non-hassle warranties.

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  6. Kindle Customer

    This kit is perfect to convert the battery operated faucet into AC powered, yet keeping battery as the back up. Because if there is no AC power the faucet will not work and hence you also have NO WATER! Its expenseive but it does the job.

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  7. Dennis M

    If you have a Moen faucet, controlled with a touch or by waving your hand over a sensor, you need this adapter.

    The problem with these electronic faucets is if your lose power, your sensor no longer functions. This adapter hold 4 AA batteries so if you lose power, the batteries kick in to control the faucet. It has a green LED indicating that your system has power and the batteries are good.

    What puzzles me is why Moen doesn’t include this with the purchase of a rather expensive faucet? Okay, so some people may
    Not need a battery backup, but isn’t it a good idea for anyone who purchases an electronic faucet? Thus far seems to work well.

    Only problem I had, or should I say my contractor had was hooking it up to my faucet, due to positioning by my sink. My faucet is all the way on the left corner of my sink and getting to all the wiring was difficult attempting to work under a tight kitchen cabinet beneath the sink. It is always awkward trying to work under a sink due to the cramped space, but my contractor, (after much moaning and groaning) got it installed and now it works as it’s supposed to,

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  8. D&C

    We have been through two faucets and two of the AC adapter kits, and each time the MotionSense faucet started randomly turning on after the AC adapter was installed. In both cases the MotionSense faucets worked perfectly when running solely off the batter pack included with the faucet delivery. The first faucet was on battery power for two months without a problem. Then I installed the AC adapter and a day later the faucet would sporadically turn on without any motion input. We returned the faucet thinking the problem was with that device. With the second faucet we used only the battery pack for 3 months without a single problem. Then we bought a 2nd AC adapter and once again within a day the faucet started to sporadically turn on. I uninstalled the AC adapter and the faucet appears to be working fine again. It’s a simple DC power supply, but something with the power is a problem for the MotionSense faucet (the very faucet it was designed to operate).

    In essence, buying this product is throwing $80 down the toilet and also ruining your $400 faucet.

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  9. CJD

    Great product. Works, but overpriced. For the price of the garburator it should be included.

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  10. Bryan

    This should come STANDARD with the faucets. Especially since power is REQUIRED to use them. So you end up replacing batteries monthly or buying this.
    Functionally it works but just know the MFG is robbing you on price and needing it.

    This for what it is should retail for about 1/3 the price. We already paying a premium if we have a faucet that needs this so why be punished again? Even at 1/3 they still make a good profit. At current price they make about 1000% mark up.

    You can buy a regular adapter only and it will work but if power goes out no water. So you need this other module BUT it’s really simple/basic relay inside that is not worth the price sadly.

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  11. D. Kodgis

    Update: it has been five months since we purchased this. So far, so good. It works perfectly and the batteries are still in place and not changed. It is nice to have this ac adapter. Dec 2020) Now here is the original review: It works well; it was super easy to install. It is nicely labeled so anyone could make the connections/plug in the cords. Without it, our batteries lasted 5 weeks of frequent use by two adults and two teens. After changing the batteries twice, we got this setup. I am sure everyone thinks Moen should have included this setup into any of their wifi faucet boxes. Also, I am sure everyone says “ouch” at the price of this power supply and tiny control box so you can see the lights to determine if AC current is in use, or if batteries are, or if batteries need replacing. I read reviews that say yes, the faucet works in a power outage or if batteries are dead-just use the faucet-and that is just not so. No power, no water period. If the batteries go down to 20% and you do not have this power supply, your faucet temporarily disconnects from your wifi and no, you have no water. So you absolutely 100% want this power supply so you are not using batteries 24/7 and only just when the power is out (think windstorm has knocked out the power lines). With this power supply, your batteries are a backup; they should last a long time. So this is a great product, it works, and I can recommend it. You simply have to have it or you will be swapping out your D cell batteries every month. I think the faucet battery pack is supposed to use “regular batteries” and not lithium batteries. The point is if you bite the bullet and buy this, it is easy to install and it works; you are off battery-changing protocol.

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    Moen 169031 Optional AC Adapter Service Kit for Moen Kitchen Faucets with MotionSense
    Moen 169031 Optional AC Adapter Service Kit for Moen Kitchen Faucets with MotionSense
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