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Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner, Automatic Pool Robot Vacuum with 60-90 Mins Working Time, Rechargeable Battery, IPX8 Waterproof for Above/In-Ground…

Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner, Automatic Pool Robot Vacuum with 60-90 Mins Working Time, Rechargeable Battery, IPX8 Waterproof for Above/In-Ground…


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  • 【Convenient Robotic Pool Cleaner】Cordless automatic pool cleaner is the most innovative pool robot cleaner for Max.100㎡ inground pools/above ground pools. Put aside the restraint of the power cord, our cordless pool cleaner robot is equipped with 5000mah lithium-ion battery, which can achieve up to 60-90 minutes of work, it can operate without a cable attached to an electrical outlet, allowing greater mobility. IPX8 waterproof design for battery, please be assured to use it.
  • 【Super Cleaning Performance】With deflector and powerful motor, this automatic pool cleaner with a fast-moving speed(appr.16m/min) and powerful cleaning ability, high frequency, fast speed, deep cleaning, saving time and effort. With two large suction doors, one bottom brush and superior filter, robotic pool cleaner can trap and lock in leaves, dirt, and sand, leaving your pool water sparkling clean. Our pool robot cleaner takes over your pool cleaning duties for good.
  • 【How to let pool cleaner go ashore?】With advanced battery detection technology, Cordless automatic pool cleaner will stop alongside the swimming pool shore when the battery drained out or completing the working cycle by itself. And you just need to pull up the floating handle to let the pool cleaners go ashore. Simply plug the robot pool cleaner into any 110v outlet to recharge for the next cleaning. Need about 4-6 hours for full charging.
  • 【LIGHTWEIGHT&EASY TO CLEAN】 It’s equipped with a floating handle that can follow the movement of the robotic pool cleaner. Only 12.1lb, so it is very convenient for elders or women to take the pool cleaner out of the pool. The cordless pool cleaner can climb on max.15° pool slope. The robotic pool cleaner are safe for all pool types , such as concrete , fiberglass and vinyl liner pools.
  • 【Energy-Saving Pool Cleaner.】: No Installation&Hoses, No Booster Pump&Suction Lines,robotic pool cleaner requires minimal maintenance, do not rely on any additional equipment to get the job done.There are 2 wide suction doors, water flows out through the open nozzle to thrust the pool cleaner to move forward, you can adjust the nozzle by turning it to control the moving route to efficiently clean pool’s floor. We provide 24-month warranty, pls contact us if you have any problems.

Specification: Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner, Automatic Pool Robot Vacuum with 60-90 Mins Working Time, Rechargeable Battery, IPX8 Waterproof for Above/In-Ground…

Product Dimensions

17.5 x 15.4 x 12 inches

Item Weight

12.1 pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number



6 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

Photos: Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner, Automatic Pool Robot Vacuum with 60-90 Mins Working Time, Rechargeable Battery, IPX8 Waterproof for Above/In-Ground…

12 reviews for Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner, Automatic Pool Robot Vacuum with 60-90 Mins Working Time, Rechargeable Battery, IPX8 Waterproof for Above/In-Ground…

3.8 out of 5
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  1. Sandra

    Took too long to clean the pool had to charge and re-charging takes 6 hours! Also this unit did not clean the whole pool as promised, even after adjusting the settings many different ways; the cover for the charging prongs is not tight enough therefore it corroded and now is rendered unusable and one of the prongs even fell off! Poor design and poor service (non-existent) will never purchase an expensive item again from Amazon.

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  2. Lucie Healy aka Loving Nails Nail Art

    I purchased this to replace a corded pool robot that died after 7 years of use. Instead of cloth bags this robot uses a tray with a screen for capturing the leaves. The tray is easier to clean than the bags of the old one…but you have to be careful in taking the new robot out of the pool to avoid the leaves and fine particles from running back into the pool. Lift it straight out not at an angle. It’s nice not having to deal with a power cord and transformer. Just drop this little robot into the pool and let it go. So far it’s doing a fine job in my 10,000 in ground kidney shaped pool.

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  3. Ronnie

    Quería una aspiradora automática para mi pequeña alberca y había visto unas buenas opiniones sobre este modelo, Oh gran error. En primer lugar, sólo funciona para partículas grandes, eso lo aspira bien, pero si quieres aspirar ese polvo fino que se asienta después de echar el clarificador o algicida al agua, olvídate de esta aspiradora, ya que lo único que hará será aspirarlo para volverlo aventar, quedando toda el agua turbia de nuevo hasta q el polvo se vuelve a asentar. Además, si el agua donde vives tiene muchos minerales o es “dura”, olvídate también, esta aspiradora tiene unos conectores metálicos que es donde embona la punta del cargador para recargarla, y con los minerales en el agua se le hacen verdes y se llenan de sedimentos minerales (esto sólo después de un sólo uso), y como pueden ver en la imagen, en el cuarto uso, uno de esos conectores simplemente se cayó, ni siquiera supe cómo xq así la saqué de la alberca. He escrito a la garantía (xq la ventana de devolución ya había cerrado) y no he obtenido ninguna respuesta después de exponer mi problema. Así que háganse un favor, ahórrense problemas y dinero y no compren esto.

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  4. A

    Works well for our average size fiberglass bean shaped inground pool. Thought it was going to flip over on the slopped walls, but have run it several times and never does flip.

    It came with two fins. One blue and one clear. The instructions aren’t clear, but I believe one of them is just an extra.

    It is propelled by a jet in the front and one in the back. I changed one of the jets to 90 degrees so it would make more turns. Changing the jet angle is easy. Just have to turn/twist it. This causes it to make more turns. With our odd shaped pool, that seemed to improve the coverage. In any case, it cleans the entire pool with no issue in one go (about an hour to hour and half run time).

    Very simple to use. Like this much better than our previous vacs that had hoses. This doesn’t get tangled. Debris doesn’t go into the pool pump and filter.

    It does not do walls, but this isn’t an issue for us. The walls tend to stay clean.

    Worked great for about six months, but then started to have problems picking up dirt. I contacted customer support and they sent me a new one. I think the issue might be the brush on the bottom bent up from sitting on a flat surface for months. The new one sits on blocks.

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  5. Lucie Healy aka Loving Nails Nail Art

    After using this unit for almost two months now, I would recommend it.
    Positives: cleans my 15 x 30 pool nicely, easy to clean the collection compartment (unclip top and remove screen to wash it out), I get 90 minutes or more of cleaning after each full charge, No cords to get tangled, easy to adjust turning degree on either or both ends of jets.
    Negatives: The off and on knob is hard to turn on, it easily turns off. It gets stuck under the pool stairs, rope for float broke in a week.
    I would have given 5 stars, I deducted one star for the knob. The knob easily turns the machine off but to turn it on takes some force. I have tried pushing down or pulling up while turning to no avail.

    After closing my pool for the season, I found my filter had two screws come undone. It was pumping DE filter powder into the pool. This unit easily picked up the powder.

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  6. Carlos Lopez

    The media could not be loaded.

     *UPDATE and if you to the nozzle to 20* it goes around in circles which is great for round above ground pools and if you just have a square pool keep it on 0* still loving this vacuum so much our pool is so clean always

    We bought it for our above ground pool it’s amazing and super fast they are great for In ground pools as well and made for those but work awesome in above Ground pools 🙂 can only recommend it strongly we tried suction vacuum as well and it didn’t work nearly as good as this one

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  7. Oscar

    I’ve owned the cleaner for about 2 weeks. So far, I love it. The deepest part of my pool is 8ft; the Paxcess does a good job of climbing out of the deep and back up to the 3ft area to continue sucking up debris. It runs for a good hour or so, and charge time is around 4 hours. The filter tray has a screen that is able to trap fine particles so you’re able to dispose of them in your trash or down the drain. It’s very easy to clean in your sink or under a hose.

    My only concern (not complaint) is that the attachable brush is a bit thin. It was able to clean up some light green algae spots I purposely let build up, but I feel a thicker brush could prevent pool owners from manually brushing a few extra times a month. Overall, it was money well spent.

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  8. A

    I didn’t really know what to expect, because at this price point it seemed far too good to be true, but this little sucker, well it sucks, but in a good way! I have not cleaned our 9,000 gallon inground plaster pool since September, it is now Feb, we have always had a problem with the roof shingle sand running off into the pool when it rains, and with the kids dragging in finer sand as they run between the pool and the yard. Even with our normal pool vac I have never been able to get it completely clean. This little guy easily sucked up 5 pounds of sand off the bottom. I wish I would have taken before and after pics, but I was really embarrassed by the state of our pool, but it did a phenomenal job.
    It was easy enough to get out of the pool. I just pulled the cord so it rolled to the edge of the pool and then pulled it straight up until I could grab the handle. I didn’t have the problems others have had with the contents leaking out. The instructions do say to install the brush on the bottom to keep it from leaking as well.
    In order to clean it you have to take the whole top off by unclipping the sides, I was able to do this fairly easy without destroying my nails.
    My only complaints are that the wheels are hollow so when you go to dump the contents they spill out into the inside of the wheels and it makes cleaning up take a little longer. Lastly the charging cable doesn’t fit in an exterior outlet nor is it weatherproof so I have to drag a wet vacuum into my house to charge it, but these are pretty mild all things considered.
    Fingers crossed it lasts awhile, I’ll update if it stops working, but I am very pleasantly surprised by this vacuum.

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  9. Michelle Hughes

    We did everything wrong – we charged it in the ON position and we turned it ON – BECORE we put it in the water – the 2 things you ate Not Supposed to do- it still worked to our relief we did not ruin it
    It takes about 4-5 hrs to charge and runs happily for 2-3 hrs in the pool. By turning each of the dials on the ends you can vary the back up turn circle of the robot and we generally get a pretty good clean radius of the pool in 2 cleaning cycles. We don’t have many trees but we had a deck built so the pool got dirty. This is a reliable little robot and worth the $.
    It’s good for picking up sticks, bugs and rocks and harder type debris. We lasted for months just using the robot waiting for our filtering system to be installed without too much distress until the last hot week of the summer.
    I would buy it again for sure.

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  10. Laura M

    Es lo mejor cosa que compre para limpiar mi alberca.Es increible como es facil y rapido a limpiar. No necesito los mangueras y todo para limpiar, ahorita solamente le dejo en mi alberca y 1 hora y media esta lista. Tiene que cargar por casi 5 horas cada vez y dura 1 hora y media por limpiar pero esta una cosa excelente para mi alberca!!

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  11. Brian J

    AWESOME!! This is the best purchase yet! Cleans my 18′ by 48′ pool super clean! I just charge it for 4 to 5 hours and its ready to go! Then it goes in pool and runs all over bottom for 60 to 90 min. After that the bottom of pool is spotless! The clean machine is also Very Easy to clean! I recommend highly to anyone with a pool. Great price too!

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  12. Laura M

    El PAXCESS no es muy robusto y la garantía es muy basica:
    el PAXCESS limpiador no funcionó despues de 2 meses. Y sigue no funcionando
    La garantia es basica:
    1. hicieron auto evaluación por email y photo del problema :
    2. me mandaron una pieza que instalamos.
    3. Pero el limpiador sigue no funcionando porque están por mandar un cargador que nunca llego.
    Entonces cuidado con este producto que es muy caro pero no muy robusto con una garantia parcial y muy básica

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    Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner, Automatic Pool Robot Vacuum with 60-90 Mins Working Time, Rechargeable Battery, IPX8 Waterproof for Above/In-Ground…
    Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner, Automatic Pool Robot Vacuum with 60-90 Mins Working Time, Rechargeable Battery, IPX8 Waterproof for Above/In-Ground…
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