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- 15% Beetles Poly Nail Extension Gel Kit Clear White Pink 1OZ PolyNail Colors for Builder Gel Nail Art Kit with Poly Brush Nail Forms Dual Forms Tyro…

Beetles Poly Nail Extension Gel Kit Clear White Pink 1OZ PolyNail Colors for Builder Gel Nail Art Kit with Poly Brush Nail Forms Dual Forms Tyro…


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  • Beetles Poly Nail Extension Gel Kit for Nails: If you extend your nails at a nail salon each time, you would need to spend roughly 2 hours and $50-$100! Our extension gel kit, which includes everything you need to achieve gorgeous nails at home, will cheaper than others and you’ll spend half the amount of time doing them! Plus, you don’t need to go to the nail salon every time you’d like to change them and you can enjoy the fun of DIY at home!
  • Quick Building and Long Lasting: Poly Extension nail gel is an amazing formula and is much stronger than builder gel. Lasts up to one month when following our instructions step by step and applied appropriately. The extension gel can Build Beautiful Nail Extensions in 3 minutes, even for a beginner! Takes some practice, but once you get the hang of it they come out looking like they were professionally done!
  • Good Gift for Nail Beginner: good product for low price, and a great gift for a beginner who likes DIY nails.
  • Full Size Package: 4*30g Gel Builder in 4 different colors, 48pcs nail molds in 12 sizes, 1*extension gel dual forms pen, 2pcs*15ml gel base and top coat and 1 File.
  • WARNING: May produce an allergic reaction by skin contact. Read directions for use carefully. For professional use only. Only used for nails. Avoid contact with eyes, mouth, and skin. Rinse them immediately should the product comes into contact with them. If there is any incident, contact the doctor immediately. Stop using the product if redness and itching develop. If the symptom persists, consult a doctor. Keep out of the reach of children.

Specification: Beetles Poly Nail Extension Gel Kit Clear White Pink 1OZ PolyNail Colors for Builder Gel Nail Art Kit with Poly Brush Nail Forms Dual Forms Tyro…

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Product Dimensions

10 x 5 x 3 inches, 1 Pounds


beetles Gel Polish

Photos: Beetles Poly Nail Extension Gel Kit Clear White Pink 1OZ PolyNail Colors for Builder Gel Nail Art Kit with Poly Brush Nail Forms Dual Forms Tyro…

7 reviews for Beetles Poly Nail Extension Gel Kit Clear White Pink 1OZ PolyNail Colors for Builder Gel Nail Art Kit with Poly Brush Nail Forms Dual Forms Tyro…

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  1. Lena Giguere

    I was very skeptical when ordering this, but with my burning hatred for going to nail salons growing and my want for acrylics also growing, I figured I would give this a try. I’m so surprised it worked! Why haven’t I heard of this before?? It’s definitely something you’ll get better at with time, but this was my first ever try and I think they turned out pretty well. Make sure to get a UV light with a high voltage or else you’ll be waiting for them to cure forever. I love how the kit came with just about everything other then slip solution and the light, still a good price for what you get! I’m very impressed and would recommend to anyone who has patience and a little creative side.

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  2. Taylor Kelly

    It takes a couple of nails to get the hang of it. Super easy application, only downside is some of the dual forms were broken at the top. Super sticky, make sure you have 70% isopropanol alcohol to use as your slip solution as they do not include any. It takes 90 seconds to cure top side and roughly 70 for underside otherwise any less and they remain sticky. Overall very happy with the product it will take a few more applications till it’s mastered! 😉 definitely worth the $

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  3. Lena Giguere

    The worst formula of polygel I have ever used. I am a seasoned nail technician, have used all types of nail extension mediums, including polygel. This polygel formula is utter crap. It’s gritty and sandy, not smooth, and not easy to work with. You get what you pay for. The dual forms are actual claws that doesn’t fit a variety of nail shapes, only extremely c curved nails. Needless to say, it has been returned and I will never use anything from Beetles again.

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  4. Mary Martinez

    Like other reviewers, the first few attempts at using this polygel were total fails. They nails fell off within the first day or two.

    After some practice though, they stay on a week or more. I’m pretty sure I’ll continue to get better with more practice. Some key things to remember:

    First, make sure you remove ALL dead skin from the nail. Push the cuticle completely off the nail. If you’re not experienced with this, look up some tutorials and then spend a lot of time on nail prep.

    After getting rid of excess skin, be sure to wash and dry your hands to get rid of dust, dirt, etc.

    Then dehydrate them with rubbing alcohol using the polygel brush. Really push alcohol into the cuticle area, too.

    Apply a very thin coat of the base coat.

    Finally, make sure that you keep polygel away from cuticles or skin on the nails’ sidewalls. Again, even the tiniest contact with skin will cause lifting.

    Also–I do not use the dual forms. I have had more success sculpting them with the sticker forms that go underneath the nail edge.

    I would definitely recommend this, but with the caveat that it takes practice to master!

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  5. Taylor Kelly

    I found out about poly gel nails from TikTok videos. For months, I thought about trying it out. Since I was stuck in quarantine I decided to look the product up in more depth. I reviewed a plethora of different brands (went down so many rabbit holes, sheesh) and watched a few tutorial videos. I decided it was best to go with this one for a few reasons.

    Here are 10 NEED TO KNOW TIPS:
    1. Almost ALL products are gonna have at least one bad review (probs more if it has more reviews). This one was the best one to me and I’m glad I picked it.
    2. If you aren’t a professional then it’s gonna take PRACTICE. Don’t think you can just become a doctor by watching Grey’s Anatomy… c’mon now.
    3. It was easy to use compared to actual acrylic and not sticky if you use the correct solution.
    4. I bought my own UV/LED nail light on amazon for like $19.
    5. I also bought my own primer (ITS NEEDED) & I used a 70% Alcohol solution to help shape/mold the gel.
    6. Start off with shorter nails FIRST. Don’t get cocky your first time and try to do some long stiletto nails when you haven’t even figured out everything.
    7. Prep your nails before anything. Prep. Prep. Prep. That means, wash ya nasty hands, dry off, file/shape/trim, push back or trim cuticles, file your whole nail gently (the whole nail people), buff a little, and add your primer or dehydrator. DO IT. IT MAKES THEM LAST LONGER. Help get your moneys worth.
    8. Speaking of lasting longer… Don’t glob a lot of gel on at first! You should start off small and add more if needed- don’t be wasteful.
    9. Also, make sure to not press too hard on the nail forms to decrease any spillage or bubbles (clean around the cuticle area with alcohol dampened brush to remove excess).
    9. Follow the instructions Aka: apply base coat, cure under lamp 30-60 sec, apply poly gel with brush that is slightly dampened with alcohol solution, shape gel, cure for 90-130 sec (better safe than sorry, so cure them long), then WIPE OFF with a cotton ball that has rubbing alcohol on it to get rid of the stickiness, shape/file the whole nail even if the shininess is tempting to keep (this is important), apply top coat evenly, cure again for a long time, wipe off again with alcohol, apply cuticle oil, and boom you’re done.

    I hope this can at least help one person. I love it and everything came perfectly packaged. The colors are great, file works wonderfully, brush/applicator is nice quality, nail forms fit my nails, and came with a lot of them. The tubes are “small” to some people, but if you use my tips on not being wasteful and how to make them last long then you’ll be fine. Goodluck!!

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  6. Mary Martinez

    The media could not be loaded.

     Update: 2 weeks later!
    The third pic is of my thumb – 2 weeks later. I did do some filing to maintain but over all really great still! Obviously needs to be refilled/redone due to growing out. But still stuck on sturdy rather clean. There is slight lifting but w practice I’ll use less slip solution which will help. It doesn’t feel like it’s lifting but the cuticle looks like air is getting under it! But still very good!

    This was my first time using poly gel. I’d been obsessing for weeks but didn’t want to pay. I found this and it was a great deal! I did want a ton of videos previously so maybe that’s why it was easier but I found this very easy to use. The dual forms worked perfectly. You do need your own “slip solution” but rubbing alcohol is fine. You do need a uv/ led light which I had which worked great. I used the dark pink and I love it. I’ll update to note durability (pictures are from day 1). I will say the base and top coat are thick so try to get as much off the brush as possible you don’t need much!

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  7. LDF

    Really pleased with this product. This product is so easy to work with. My first time trying this product and first time trying ombré and I’m sure with a little practice, it will turn out much better. I tried my thumbnail first, which do not look much like ombré but I got better as I went. Lol. Love how you can have tips with this product. Very pleased. I can’t wait for my nails to grow out so I can play around with it again and perfect this product. Highly recommend. It is important to note that I am not a nail esthetician, I just enjoy doing my own nails. It’s also very convenient. I watched a YouTube video as well on the Beetles product on how to do Ombré.

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    Beetles Poly Nail Extension Gel Kit Clear White Pink 1OZ PolyNail Colors for Builder Gel Nail Art Kit with Poly Brush Nail Forms Dual Forms Tyro…
    Beetles Poly Nail Extension Gel Kit Clear White Pink 1OZ PolyNail Colors for Builder Gel Nail Art Kit with Poly Brush Nail Forms Dual Forms Tyro…

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