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Pair of Thieves Super Fit Men’s Long Boxer Briefs, 3 Pack Underwear, AMZ Exclusive


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  • Hand Wash Only
  • AMZ EXCLUSIVE: Upgrade your underwear drawer with a touch of exclusivity! Available only on AMZ, this premium line of smile-sparking, junk-pampering boxer brief underwear for men sports our latest and greatest designs you won’t find anywhere else.
  • NEXT-LEVEL COMFORT: Seize the day with cotton boxer briefs you won’t want to take off (but please do). Our long boxer briefs for men keep you dry, comfy, and confident all day long. All thanks to performance cooling fabric that is moisture-wicking, breathable, and quick-drying.
  • STAY COOL ALL DAY: Whether you’re busy at work or hard at play, these boxer briefs men will love keep you cool and dry all day. The secret behind it all? Supremely breathable and moisture-wicking fabric that complements your active lifestyle.
  • WON’T RIDE UP: No more wedgies! All thanks to the 4-way stretch fabric of the men underwear boxer brief that moves with you. You’ll also love the snug fit, tag-free waistband, and the flatlock no-chafe seams that make for incredible comfort.
  • INVEST IN QUALITY: Make the move on these stylish long sport boxer briefs (only found on AMZ) and get exclusive underwear that washes well, retains its shape and color, and makes you a swoon magnet. Looking for the best gifts for men? Consider your quest a success!

Specification: Pair of Thieves Super Fit Men’s Long Boxer Briefs, 3 Pack Underwear, AMZ Exclusive

Package Dimensions

7.68 x 5.47 x 1.65 inches, 10.23 Ounces



Date First Available

January 15, 2021

Photos: Pair of Thieves Super Fit Men’s Long Boxer Briefs, 3 Pack Underwear, AMZ Exclusive

9 reviews for Pair of Thieves Super Fit Men’s Long Boxer Briefs, 3 Pack Underwear, AMZ Exclusive

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  1. randy schives

    They make me sweat and hold in smell lol … terrible everyday underwear

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  2. Ian Blackwell

    These underwear are amazing. I’ve been wearing them for over 2 years now and they are the only brand I will let caress my package. It’s like silk from the gods holding them in place with the softest touch.

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  3. G. Vincent

    OK>>>This review is REAL..It may sound comical, but it’s real, and I am quite serious. I have similar looking and even feeling underwear made by a famous company…I swear it’s the same material, but it can’t be, because when I wear them, they make my Boys sweat..Yes, YUK! But The “:Pair of Thieves” brand does not!! Even though they aren’t cotton, they keep me cool, and dry, even in summer…..Furthermore, I have very large B#lls. Both figuratively, and literally. They offer my abnormally large test#s unbelievable support…I put them on, do a junk adjustment lift, and there my package stays ALL DAY!! Jeans slip on easy, My Junk is cool as the other side of the pillow, and it offers all day support!!! Unbelievable! My only “Complaint”, sort of is that it seems there are patterns for certain sizes. So, “Large”, has patterns A,B,C,D,E, available, but size XL would have patterns F,G,H,I,J….etc. I would like some of the patterns not available in my size. Not enough to ding the product, maybe enough to lose 1 star in the review, but they are so comfortable, and my girlfriend likes the way they feel soooo much, I have to give it 5 stars……..I have been wearing these exclusively for a year, and they are holding up great. Please thieves, don’t change a stitch on these underwear…

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  4. Eric Harris

    I bought a 3-pack of these boxer-briefs before a recent trip to Europe. I washed them, packed them and then put them on to walk around the streets of Paris. Then, when I undressed that night, I noticed that both thighs had significant fabric pilling. I wasn’t happy, but I decided to give the next pair a try. Same outcome…I walked around all day, and by the time I undressed in the evening, both thighs had a lot of fabric pills. Criteria number 1 when it comes to boxers…they have to be able to rub against other fabrics without falling apart. At the rate these things are pilling, I bet I wear them 10 times before the thighs disintegrate.

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  5. Sean Dulaney

    I’ve searched for a long time for good athletic boxers and these definitely fit the bill! I would highly recommend these boxers to people who tend to sweat a lot in nether regions and/or enjoy working out!

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  6. MarkO in da Burgh

    This are among the most comfortable underwear I’ve ever worn. It’s like a second skin; you forget you have something on. They’re very soft and they don’t bunch up. I highly recommend them.

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  7. Leo S.

    These undies are the coolest looking and breathable your going to find. Fit is snug but true to fit and just great looking. The various patterns are kind of genius because once you try a pair you are going to want a bunch and when you have a bunch, what better way to enjoy them then for them all to haver different patterns. I also wear them under my shorts where they show a bit depending on how/where I am sitting and they for sure look cool. I waited a month of wearing them before posting but they are still comfy and I plan to replace all ma draws with these draws. The only downside would be the price but I think the quality does warrant the additional cost. I think Ill order another half dozens as a hedge against inflation and the inevitable wear that comes from wearing an washing.

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  8. Christy

    My son told me that he guesses he’s an adult when he asks for underwear and socks for Christmas. He bought one of these on sale, and now that’s all he’ll wear. I asked him what’s so special about them, and he said they’re so comfortable it’s like he doesn’t know he’s wearing them. TMI?? I bought some for my husband to try, and he won’t wear others if these are in the drawer. A little more expensive than I’m used to spending, but all they guys in my family are sold on them. Both trunks and boxer briefs are great, none has chosen the long boxer brief style.

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  9. Cory

    I’ve been wearing the same brand of Hanes or fruit of the loom boxer breifs basically my entire life. I came across these at target and felt them and was immediately interested. Iv always been a briefs guy I like it to where, how should I say it, nothing gets in the way. I’m a mechanic so I’m constantly moving around and I also workout immediately after work. These are perfect because they are absolutely comfortable throughout the day and are perfect to just slip on some gym shorts and go. These are longer than regular briefs which is super nice if your thighs chafe. I run alot so these help with that tremendously. Another thing that is really nice is they do not ride down while moving. I’m constantly crouching or bending over and there is no plumbers Crack, they stay on my waist. Beware though. If you wear these to bed you might sweat down there faster than if you wore regular cotton underwear. I can’t wear these while sleeping for some reason I just sweat so much.

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    Pair of Thieves Super Fit Men’s Long Boxer Briefs, 3 Pack Underwear, AMZ Exclusive
    Pair of Thieves Super Fit Men’s Long Boxer Briefs, 3 Pack Underwear, AMZ Exclusive
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