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Sony WI-C310 Wireless in-Ear Headset/Headphones with Mic for Phone Call, Blue, Model Number: WI-C310/L


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  • Wireless Audio with Bluetooth technology
  • Up to 15 hours of battery life
  • 9mm driver units for crisp, clear sound
  • Flexible and lightweight cables
  • Hands-free calling and voice assistant compatible
  • In The Box USB Type-C Cable (USB-A to USB-C) (approx 20 cm)

Specification: Sony WI-C310 Wireless in-Ear Headset/Headphones with Mic for Phone Call, Blue, Model Number: WI-C310/L

Product Dimensions

3.94 x 0.79 x 7.29 inches

Item Weight

0.68 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

June 2, 2019



Country of Origin


Photos: Sony WI-C310 Wireless in-Ear Headset/Headphones with Mic for Phone Call, Blue, Model Number: WI-C310/L

9 reviews for Sony WI-C310 Wireless in-Ear Headset/Headphones with Mic for Phone Call, Blue, Model Number: WI-C310/L

4.6 out of 5
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  1. Braden Barrentine

    I don’t get the negative reviews???

    I’m not an audiophile by any means, but these certainly have pretty decent sound quality for the price. They could definitely use a little more bass presence, but they are $28 bluetooth earbuds. Also battery life is good! I tested the phone call quality and it’s not as bad as some reviewers suggest (granted the most popular negative review for this product couldn’t figure out how to wear it… lol). It gives you a live feed of your own voice so you can hear yourself speak, as opposed to the muffled effect of the ear “vacuum” these types of headphones create.

    Conclusion: The negative reviews for these headphones are coming from people who can’t even put them on properly, so take it with a grain of salt. They’re pretty good!

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  2. EB

    I tried one set of expensive Bluetooth headphones before and was really unimpressed. The weight wasn’t symmetrical so it kept getting pulled and shifted and the earbuds fell out of my ears. I had plug-in headphones I really liked so I didn’t feel like wasting money experimenting.
    I accidentally came across these on Amazon, and since I have my eye on a phone that doesn’t have a headphone jack, I decided to try these headphones with my current phone to see if I can live without a headphone jack.
    And wow! These are fantastic. 😀 When I wear them behind my neck, the two attachments rest on either side of my neck, and it stays in place because of the equally distributed weight. When I put the earbuds in my ears, the attachments stay resting on the front of my shoulders (collarbone area) so that they don’t pull down on the earbuds. Wonderful! I can even wear just one earbud (I prefer doing that when outside so I can be aware of my surroundings) and it won’t get pulled or misplaced.
    A couple of small cons – since the attachment with the mic is resting on my shoulder/collarbone, it can be muffled during a phone call. I just hold it up a little while I talk. Small price to pay for equilibrium and comfort at all other times.
    And there is a bit of an echo when you talk into the mic like other reviews say, but it doesn’t bother me. You hear your own voice at the same time as you are talking, not a second or so after, so it’s not bad at all. Others might find it annoying but I don’t.
    Oh, and battery life is amazing! I have it for 3 days now and didn’t have to charge. Says “fully charged” when I turn it on. I didn’t use it heavily (a few phone calls, some mobile games, audio books) but still, I’m surprised the battery is at 100% still. It can easily last through the day with heavy use.

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  3. Donato

    These earphones were better than I expected. I only use them inside the home and they last at least a week before I think about charging them and the nice thing is that the earphones when you turn them on and they pair with whatever device you are using they tell you the percentage of the battery life so you know how much time you really have I have not let it go past 40% before charging them again.
    No fast charging but I just charge them during the day and by the time night time hits and I use them before I go to sleep I have fully charged earphones.

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  4. Donato

    La caja llego un poco sucia, y lo que no me gusto es que muy seguido el audio se desfasa, ocurre lo mismo con los videos..

    La calidad del sonido no es la que esperaba
    No los volvería a comprar.

    Mucha interferencia, al escuchar música o ver videos

    En llamadas la otra persona no le escuchara bien.

    Si pueden busquen otras opciones.

    Usado en un Huawei P30 y Laptop Asus Vivobook y el mismo problema

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  5. Real Name

    I wanted to get some new bluetooth headphones, but didn’t want to spend a fortune, so based on the reviews I gave these a try. I snagged them when they went on sale (as they routinely do) for under 20 bucks and what a deal it turned out to be.

    The battery life, as most the other reviewers have said, is excellent. The sound is very good for this price point, with crisp highs, well defined mids, and good lows. Some reviews complain about lack of bass. Honestly I think they are wearing the headphones wrong. These certainly aren’t “mega bass” models but at the same time the bass is fairly pronounced, as long as you have the ear bud in your ear all the way. If you wear it loosely then the bass will be greatly diminished, as with all headphones. The buds come with three sizes of gel covers so you can choose the one that fits your ear perfectly. I ended up using the medium size to get a good seal on my ear and I think the bass level, for my taste at least, is just about perfect.

    My only minor complaint is that the headphones did not come with some type of clip to keep them positioned on your collar without sliding around. I see a third party here sells headphone clips for a few bucks so I may give those a try. Would have been nice if Sony included it though. Some of their older models used to.

    That aside, these headphone’s sound and battery life at this relatively low price point makes them quite a deal in my book.

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  6. Borhan Khademi

    Funcionales,sonido decente. El único detalle mejorable es que del primer par de gomitas se me salía muy fácil una, pero trae suficientes repuestos.

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  7. Lorena

    Me gustaron mucho, los compre en oferta a menos de 700, creo que por ese precio estan muy bien. Pero algo más elevado, no tendria una buena relación calidad – precio.

    El sonido es bueno, nada especial pero se defienden muy bien.
    En cuanto a la bateria creo que sí dura, solamente le tome el tiempo la primera vez y me duraron más de 15hrs
    Lo malo es que se resbalan, corras o te quedes quieto.

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  8. Kathleen Gormanshaw

    I love the little magnets that join the two ear pieces together when I’m not wearing them, so it’s pretty stable when worn as a necklace. Great battery life, and quick to re-charge. Sits nicely on the shoulders and keeps the microphone in a good place. Bounces a little much when running, so not a great solution for vigorous exercise, but they don’t fall out and get lost either. I’ve tucked the microphone and battery sections under my shirt collar to keep it more stable. Sound quality is quite reasonable, but there’s more background hissing noise than I’d like to have, not bad enough to replace though. I only wish I’d purchased a pair that allowed pairing to multiple devices, sometimes I have to search out the previous device and turn off Bluetooth in order to connect to the device I want at the moment.

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  9. Mike

    These are fantastic headphones for the price (just under forty bucks for me), especially if you like the form factor and want USB-C charging. I’ll start with what I didn’t see yet confirmed in other reviews, these work on all USB-C chargers that I’ve tested them on so far. This includes several different Power Delievery (USB-C PD) chargers, laptop chargers, Nintendo Switch charger, and USB-A to C chargers. I’m sure there’s some funky charger somewhere out there that won’t charge this, but they seem to be pretty broadly compatible.
    I like the neckband style headphones for work, I can pop them in and out quickly and just let them dangle around my neck when not in use, don’t need to hunt for their case like true wireless buds or risk losing them. These sit well around the neck , the cord length is pretty ideal not too long, not too short, and the battery life is fantastic, I can get multiple days of here and there use out of a single charge.
    The sound quality is average. I think it’s good for the price point, but doesn’t compete with most headphones in the $100+ category. For the price, my music sounds good, highs, mids, and lows are all reasonably balanced. There’s some white noise when audio isn’t playing, there’s a tiny bit even when audio is playing. If most headphones sound fine to you and you’re not someone who already has multiple pairs of over $100 headphones, these are going to sound great. I have too many headphones including several premium pairs of over ear cans, true-wireless, etc. and these are still my new daily drivers for a while.
    Eartips are comfortable, noise isolation is on par with any in-ear headphones with a decent seal. No active noise cancelling, and no smart features like pausing your muslc when you take out a headphone or resuming when you put them back in. Microphone works well, used them on some conference calls and video chats with no complaints. Pairs with two devices but not simultaneous. Can’t play audio from two sources at the same time or be actively connected to two sources, but remembers two devices and swapping between them is easy. Overall highly recommended for the price.
    *Update* They accidentally went through the washer/dryer in my pocket, work just like normal after. Still loving these.

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    Sony WI-C310 Wireless in-Ear Headset/Headphones with Mic for Phone Call, Blue, Model Number: WI-C310/L
    Sony WI-C310 Wireless in-Ear Headset/Headphones with Mic for Phone Call, Blue, Model Number: WI-C310/L
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