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- 34% BlueDriver Pro OBD2 Bluetooth Car Diagnostic Scan Tool and Code Reader for iPhone and Android

BlueDriver Pro OBD2 Bluetooth Car Diagnostic Scan Tool and Code Reader for iPhone and Android


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  • MORE CODES: To understand the problem with your vehicle you need the complete picture. With an up-to-date modern scan tool, you scan deeper to read, understand, and clear more codes. Access information normally only available to professional mechanics on their most expensive scan tools.
  • REAL FIXES: Get unlimited vehicle specific Repair Reports, generated from our database of millions of fixes verified by Professional Automotive Technicians. Save time and money.
  • NO CORDS: All the capabilities of an expensive scan tool (extended vehicle coverage, live data, etc.) combined with the power and convenience of your smartphone or tablet. No cords, no subscriptions, and regular free updates.
  • LIVE DATA: View live data and monitor your vehicle’s health in real time. Configure the data sources, customize your view with various displays and colours, and log and export live data as a file.
  • BlueDriver is proudly American owned and is the OBD2 Diagnostic Scan Tool trusted by professional mechanics and developed and supported by Professional Engineers.

Specification: BlueDriver Pro OBD2 Bluetooth Car Diagnostic Scan Tool and Code Reader for iPhone and Android


‎Lemur Vehicle Monitors





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‎2.08 ounces

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‎2.2 x 1.9 x 1 inches

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Special Features

‎Read and Clear Enhanced Codes: e.g. ABS, Airbag, Transmission, etc for GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, 2005+ Mercedes, 2008+ Mitsubishi, and 2011+ Hyundai (available worldwide), as well as VW (available in North America), 2003+ Honda (available in North America), and 2005+ BMW (available in North America) and Subaru (available in the U.S.)

Photos: BlueDriver Pro OBD2 Bluetooth Car Diagnostic Scan Tool and Code Reader for iPhone and Android

7 reviews for BlueDriver Pro OBD2 Bluetooth Car Diagnostic Scan Tool and Code Reader for iPhone and Android

2.7 out of 5
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  1. Brian DIm

    Its a good product but it didnt work for the reason i brought it for which was to find a airbag code on a audi a5.i live in england and have found out that the advanced features like airbag,srs and abs only work on north american cars. I hope that there will be some updates for bmw, audi and other uk cars as i am a training mechanic and i need a reliable obd scanner

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  2. Ramandeep Malhi

    Well, I bought the Bluedriver in anticipation of a used car purchase once moved to Portugal – I freely admit I know nothing about cars mechanically – so purchased for reassurance, as here cars are so expensive, it was going to have to be used.
    We decided on an immaculate ML270 of 2004 vintage.
    The car was (is) immaculate for its age, nice dealer and drove well – the BlueDriver confirmed our hopes as no fault codes or any issues found.
    Within a week of ownership, the vehicle lost power, Bluedriver once more installed, no fault codes ? took it to the local Mercedes dealer and their code machine lit up like a Christmas tree !

    So, emailed the company to see if I was doing something wrong or needed to load something I missed (and make the point that the product has cost me dearly !!) – a pointless reply as follows — “Any vehicle sold in Europe from 2001+ (petrol) and 2004+ (diesel) will provide engine and emissions diagnostics (anything that turns on the check engine light). We also support enhanced diagnostics (ABS, SRS, etc) for most compatible vehicles from Ford, GM, Chrysler, Nissan, and Toyota. Unfortunately repair reports are not currently available for vehicles with non-North American VINs.

    If you have any other questions please contact us any time!”

    Yep – that tells me nothing …. thanks, just now having to repair a car £££

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  3. Salty Doug Simms

    I don’t typically write reviews (this is my first ever) however I wanted to for this device as I think it would be helpful for both users and for the developers.

    First off, this device combines a lot of nice tech into a small and cheap package. The code reading depth of Bluedriver and live data monitoring really can’t be matched at this price point. Sadly, none of these features really worked right and I think the developers have bitten off more than they can chew.

    I used this device with an iPhone X on iOS 12.1 to diagnose a 2004 Chrysler Concorde and a 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan. Installing the app was easy, however I had frequent issues with Bluetooth loosing connection. I could always resolve this by unplugging Bluedriver, restarting the app or a combination of both. I updated Bluedriver to the latest firmware (2.44 at the time) and I didn’t see an improvement.

    The loss of connectivity usually occurred when my phone screen turned off. Many times Bluedriver would only be able to read OBDII data and not advanced data until I restarted the app. This can be a real issue for smog test readiness indicators, misleading the less advanced users of this product. Bluedriver indicated that my vehicle would pass when it clearly would have failed. When Bluedriver ends up in this state, many readiness indicators will become unavailable to Bluedriver such as the evap and catalyst systems. Since Bluedriver, can’t see them and all the ones it sees are marked as ready, Bluedriver calls this a pass.

    I used Bluedriver to diagnose an oxygen sensor and an ABS wheel sensor. Bluedriver did produce the right codes for both of these conditions however on many instances Bluedriver also produces 10 or 20 additional fault codes that simply didn’t exist. On my first scan, Bluedriver gave me the correct codes however it also indicated that my ABS and BCM computers had internal faults followed by other codes that really made no sense. Based on the codes, I was concerned that I would need to replace these modules and began researching these faults. However, later on when I read codes again, I got far fewer codes; codes that I was confident actually existed. This is when I learned that Bluedriver often reports garbage data. In general, the top error codes are correct and then the trailing ones are garbage. I learned to identify the garbage ones by simply scanning again and seeing which ones persisted.

    I attempted to diagnose an oxygen sensor with live data. Oxygen sensors switch about every 100 ms on a good sensor. Sadly, Bluedriver would only update about once a second, even with displaying just a single sensor. This doesn’t make diagnosing an oxygen sensor impossible, it just means that the data that you are seeing is only a rough approximation of what is actually happening.

    This problem actually is insignificant in comparison to what I later discovered. Bluedriver was actually injecting garbage data into the stream. The PCM in the vehicle was throwing P0138, indicating that an oxygen sensor was stuck high. When viewing the data stream, the stream would show a switching quality on all 4 oxygen sensors, indicating that all sensors were working correctly. None of the data was duplicated either, meaning the PCM wasn’t simply supplementing the oxygen sensor data with good data from another sensor. I was really really confused by this for a couple days. At some point I tried to live view the vehicle speed sensor, only to find that while driving the vehicle, Bluedriver would frequently show the vehicle speed as 0 while the vehicle was in motion on the highway. The speedometer in the vehicle never dropped out. I realized that the switching quality I was seeing was not from the oxygen sensor but from garbage data. At this point, I changed the oxygen sensor and the code went away. The graph looked the same before and after changing the sensor. Essentially, this makes diagnosing many sensors and their connections impossible with Bluedriver. Sensors often intermittently fail and this tool will actually make it more challenging to find the issue.

    I’m returning Bluedriver. I really wanted to keep it. I like to fix my own stuff and the live data and the in depth code scanning really made sense to me at this price point. The reality is, this device is a diagnostics tool and it made diagnosing my problems much more difficult than just a regular code scanner without live data would have. I can deal with bugs in apps, bad UI and things that crash over and over again however I can’t deal with bad data. It really soured the whole thing for me.

    I respect the vision of this company. This product has the ability to take on other big names like Snap-On, however, I recommend that users stay away from this product until these issues are fixed. I also recommend to the developers to really focus on data integrity over anything else. This is a tool and people need to trust their tools.

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  4. Matt

    The scanner itself worked well on both a VAG Skoda and Hyundai, however it seems disingenuous to sell this device at the full price in Europe when the advanced features don’t actually work on European model cars. As it stands, ti only shows OBD codes that you then have to look up manually: one might as well have a cheap hand held.

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  5. JM

    Please don’t make the mistake of buying this rubbish sensor. Absolutely useless.
    Bought it for my 2007 535d (EU). Device is not compatible, unable to read any codes and reads only the basic live data. Says it’s compatible with EU cars after 2004. Clearly it’s not.
    Tried to update it now, after a year of sitting in my drawer. Nope, didn’t think so! Unable to update it either.
    I was never so upset with a purchase. £100 down the drain. There are far, far better apps and sensors for that price and they will do some coding too.
    So if you own a BMW, don’t even think about buying this crap! Bluedriver just looks nice, but in reality does nothing else than that. wish I could give it 0 starts rating.

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  6. Salty Doug Simms

    I downloaded the App from the iTunes Store (FREE) and installed it on my iPhone SE. The download and install went perfectly. The first test was on a 2013 Chevy Silverado pickup that had the Check Engine light on. I scanned the codes and the error was in the “Vapor Recovery System”. I was already familiar with this error but the trouble-shooting guide recommended checking the gas cap. We tightened the cap, reset the code and the Check Engine light was gone and has not returned for one month.
    I leave the module plugged into the OBD2 port on my 2011 Mercedes GL350 (Diesel) constantly since I purchased the BlueDriver in June, 2017. I tow a trailer with the SUV so it lets me monitor the engine as we travel. I am a Mechanical Engineer that studied Automotive Engineering at Oregon State U. (1972) (Beavers) so I was not intimidated by the 70+ parameters that were supported in the logging mode.
    I love the real-time logging feature so I can monitor Engine Oil Temp, Boost Pressure (absolute), Fuel Useage(GPH), Boost Air Temperature, and Atmospheric Pressure.
    I am towing the trailer again this week with the real-time logging running, when yesterday, on hwy 93 in Idaho, the middle of nowhere, the engine dies! We miraculously find a place to safely pull off the 2-lane (no shoulder) highway and my wife starts calling our subscription towing service, I look at the BlueDriver app now that we are stopped, and I can now see a warning that the fuel pressure is low. I can smell diesel also so I know there is a leak. I open the hood, remove the pretty cover (so I can see what’s going on), and I have my wife start the engine. I can see fuel gushing out, I yell STOP!! Thank goodness it’s diesel as it is hot today. I get an update from the towing company and they will be there in 10 hours. I start looking for a broken fuel hose/connector. I find that the connector is good but the wire clip has come off the female side. I look around the engine compartment and I locate it, I retrieve it, re-install it, and put the connector back together. My wife re-starts the car, no leak, so we put on the pretty cover, cleaned up with simple green and a paper towel, and head down the road. All thanks to the BlueDriver that was plugged in, logging, and told me where to look!

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  7. Richard

    First of all, I am not a BlueDriver employee; I am a user … and I hate inaccurate reviews.
    I read a review where someone was upset that Bluedriver did not detect a failing battery.
    OBDII scanners are not used to detect batteries that are failing!!
    OBDII scanners are an interface to the computers (yes, most vehicles have more than one) which in turn interface to many sensors throughout your vehicle. An OBDII scanner can report battery voltage, but not condition! A low rating because a product doesn’t do something it was never designed to do is dumb!

    On the other side of the spectrum, there are reviews that compare this to a professional garage scanner … Bluedriver is not that either. For example, I had an issue with my 2007 Yukon air bag sensor that it could not read and had to go to a garage to get it scanned. But in all fairness, Bluedriver is a fraction of the price.
    I have used cheap retail scanners and ELM327 based scanners; at about $100 for hardware and software, Bluedriver is in a sweet spot for the home mechanic in terms of cost versus what it provides. You can easily recoup the cost with a single repair. The software is easy to navigate and use. It also provides diagnostic help when you get an Engine code and will typically identify the sensor that you likely need to replace.
    Generally speaking, I find Bluedriver a very good value.

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    BlueDriver Pro OBD2 Bluetooth Car Diagnostic Scan Tool and Code Reader for iPhone and Android
    BlueDriver Pro OBD2 Bluetooth Car Diagnostic Scan Tool and Code Reader for iPhone and Android

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