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- 12% Ring Video Doorbell – Venetian Bronze with Ring Chime (2020 release)

Ring Video Doorbell – Venetian Bronze with Ring Chime (2020 release)


(11 customer reviews)
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  • This bundle contains Ring Video Doorbell (2020 release) and Ring Chime (2020 release).
  • 1080p HD video doorbell with enhanced features that let you see, hear, and speak to anyone from your phone, tablet, or PC.
  • An update from the original Ring Video Doorbell, enjoy improved motion detection, privacy zones and audio privacy, and crisper night vision.
  • Receive mobile notifications when anyone presses your doorbell or triggers your built-in motion sensors.
  • Powered by the built-in rechargeable battery or connects to existing doorbell wires for constant power.
  • Easily setup by connecting your Ring Video Doorbell to wifi through the Ring app and mounting with the included tools.
  • With a Ring Protect Plan (subscription sold separately), record all your videos, review what you missed for up to 60 days, and share videos and photos.
  • Pair with select Alexa-enabled devices to enable announcements and two-way talk for convenient in-home monitoring.

Photos: Ring Video Doorbell – Venetian Bronze with Ring Chime (2020 release)

11 reviews for Ring Video Doorbell – Venetian Bronze with Ring Chime (2020 release)

3.1 out of 5
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  1. Kathleen E.

    The media could not be loaded.

     I asked for this as a Christmas gift. My husband said, we live in the country, nobody bothers us, yeah right.
    I was able to file a police report and send them this video. The clarity is spot on for me. I received notification that a person was detected, logged on to the device at work, shared the video with 5 minutes.
    Well worth the money I think, the battery life is good as well.

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  2. JDN

    I had the original Ring Doorbell for about a year and really enjoyed it. It was cheap but lower quality video resolution. It was fine for the time I had it. When the same thing with improved video was being released, I jumped on it. I received it today and got it installed. The video quality is night and day as shown in the photos and much better than the 1st generation. Good work ring. Unfortunately, the installation and mounting sucks compared to the 1st generation. Why they did this, I have no clue but here are the issues.

    1. The mounting plate on the first generation has connections for the wiring. This made it very easy to remove the device and charge, especially in the winter months where we live and the batteries lose charge. 2nd generation has a mounting plate and the wiring on the back of the unit, which was a pain especially when the existing wire is not very long. This will be a nightmare having to remove this and recharge compared to the 1st generation. I had no issues with the 1st generation. This is a failure for Ring in my opinion. I am debating about keeping my 1st generation instead of this now.

    2. The mounting of the device to the frame also sucks. The 1st literally had no gaps and was secure in my opinion. It had guides that made the doorbell align to the mount. The 2nd generation does not and there are gaps all the way around and loose. I mounted it no differently than before, in fact the holes for 1st and 2nd generation are identical which is a plus, but again I see this mounting as a failure for Ring.

    I literally just installed this, and outside of the perfect video, I can’t attest to motion and nightvision yet. I am disappointed in the execution of mounting the device. I have no idea why this changed this from the 1st generation but this was a bad move in my opinion. I still have no idea why these require a battery they never stay charged when connected to wiring, but I assume this unit will have the same issue for me as well come winter. They really need to rethink the whole battery idea and have a hardwired version and battery version or fix the way these thing function when power is applied. At this point I may deal with it and hope Ring fixes these mounting and wiring flaws. If this mounted the same way as the 1st generation, I would not be writing a review because I had no issues with the device other than the battery and that wasn’t enough for me to write a review. Excellent otherwise but seriously why did you change the way these mount?

    ***Update 6/6/2020***

    So I decided to keep it primarily because I had already offered to sell my 1st generation to a neighbor, but I did end up having to make some changes. Ultimately I bought some spade terminals and soldered them to my doorbell wire with heat shrink tubing (Ring provided in older versions, but not this one for some reason). While it was easy for me, it won’t be for others. Overall I am still upset over this mounting as it is extremely poor execution when the previous version was perfect. I guess this is Rings way to get the price down to $99 by cutting corners. The doorbell it self seems quality but mounting just plain sucks. I have no other words for it. You can see my updated photos of what I did. There are two photos that show the camera quality difference. The low quality image is from a generation 1 ring and the better quality HD is from the generation 2 ring. Night vision appears to be decent and motion the jury is still out because of the People only filter. I am still trying to tweak it. I am still leaving only 3 stars because of the mounting issues and there is still a gap between the mounting plate and the doorbell. Maybe Ring will fix and send everyone a new mount, but that is wishful thinking.

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  3. Ross King

    I’ve been using the ring doorbell for about 6 weeks now. Overall, the performance is very poor compared to other ring devices.
    I use the ring security system and monitoring inside of my home, and figured adding the doorbell would be a good addition based on my success with their other products. However, the doorbell all around is ineffective and an embarrassment to the company.
    Installing and setting up with the instructions is pretty straight forward. It took three separate attempts to connect to my phone and app before it finally did though.
    The picture quality is good for both day and night.
    The doorbell DOES NOT pick up on most motion though. It DOES NOT even pick up my mail carrier putting mail into my mailbox, which is directly next to the doorbell on my porch. Not only does it not register motion, but it sends NO notifications to my phone. I’ve tried reconnecting the doorbell to my app and wifi, tried downloading the ring app again, changed settings in my phone, done everything I can think of but still cant get it to work.
    Overall – the doorbell doesnt register motion, doesn’t record motion, and doesnt give notifications.

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  4. A. Featherstone

    This Doorbell Camera is Fantastic! I have had it set up and Working for over a Month and my battery has only used 25%, So the Battery life is Amazing! My Wifi is ok where I live but the camera hasn’t faulted once! The features are Amazing! The picture quality is perfect! Like a 4K HD Camera! The things you can do in the app or on made me subscribe. It lets you control the camera to what setting suits your House. The motion sensor is very fast, within 2 seconds I am notified if someone has triggered the Motion Sensor and it hasn’t missed one person. And being able to check the camera Live anytime is an excellent feature. I don’t have street lights where I live and the Camera on Night mode picks up everything clear as day! The 2 way Microphone is great and I have it set on 2 phones and it lets another person talk through it on my side of the Camera to the person outside with no complications, So 3 of us talk through it together perfectly! It even lets you turn the camera left and right and zoom in also. I recommend this Camera to anyone who is after a cheap way to keep an eye on your house anywhere you are and knowing the battery has the potential to last months, I rate it 10/10 even with having to pay a subscription which I’m Happy to Do after trying all the features in the trial period you get with subscribing at the start and honestly it’s not bad at $40 a Year or $4 a Month. One of the Best things I own!

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  5. Land of Oz

    Lesson – always read the reviews before purchase.

    Firstly, the set up procedure is one of the most complicated things i have been through – and I am a web developer who deals with complicated technical issues all day, yet this totally flawed me.

    Even once set up, simple things like making the video appear on your phone didnt work.

    I purchased the extra “chime” box – this also didnt work.

    Hard to believe a doorbell could be harder to set up than a $5000 Macbook Pro but trust me it is – by far.

    Thank god for Amazon’s return policy as this is going straight back!

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  6. Bowser

    The bell and video is OK and easy to physically install and connect to RING app. However though the echo dots announce when someone rings the bell (no need for indoor chime), no matter what I try, I can’t talk through the Alexa echo dot to the person at the door. We have to fire up the phone to talk through the RING app. Very frustrating. RING customer service admitted they didin’t know much about Alexa after I spent 40 minutes on the phone to them (yet they are all owned by Amazon!!)
    I can live without being able to talk through Alexa but wasted spent hours fruitlessly trying to set it up something that is supposed to work easily.

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  7. Dajaab

    I don’t understand why so much bad reviews ?
    I received this cam today, already installed at my front door, connected with Ring app… It was so easy !
    Picture is clear, 1080HD, wired with my previous bell switch, no worries about the battery…
    Set up with Ring app takes 10 seconds, same for Alexa, same with my Fridge Samsung Family hub… again, so easy
    Only one thing matters, a good WiFi. It’s the key ! I use 3 Eero pro so I have a strong Wifi everywhere inside and outside of my home but you can also use the Ring Chime pro, less expensive then Eero. It works well, I confirm and I was not paid for this review.

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  8. Mr Richie

    I’m a mature female and this was easy to install and easy to download the app to my phone. Very simple to use the app that allows me to see my home/yard from anywhere and answer the door bell from anywhere as well. Clear pictures and video with a wide viewing range. Night photo and video are high quality as well. I liked it so much I bought two more units. Several of my coworkers liked it so much that they plan to order one for themselves.

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  9. Amazon Customer

    I bought this along with an Echo Show as my new door bell. – I don’t have a massive house, but the internet modem is up the other end of the house from the door bell. I’m assuming this is the issue as the Ring door bell looses connection regularly to the point that it is totally unreliable. By time I bough the Ring, the Echo, a drill to install it in my brick front area it was a $500 mistake. Bottom line, unless your door bell is close to your modem, you may have problems.

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  10. JDN

    Buyer beware! There is a subscription fee this device. And it is tiered based on the number of devices you have. I bought our first one without seeing the subscription fee. Bought the second one seeing that there is a subscription fee but thought the original subscription would cover the second door bell. IT DOES NOT. I pay 36 dollars a year for the first device and now will need to pay 100 dollars a year for two. We are going to sell these off and go with Nest or another door bell. Motion detector doesn’t work well and the night vision is not great. I do not recommend this door bell or service.

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  11. Ashley

    Well where do i begin? I thought i was ordering the one with the removable battery but it was this one instead. I guess i’ll hard wire it so i don’t have to babysit my doorbell battery wise. Good 1080p Hd Video. good sound that comes put of the door bell (your voice). I also ordered the “All new ring chime pro” Only because it doubles as a door bell & a router extender. Have fun with it & stay safe.

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    Ring Video Doorbell – Venetian Bronze with Ring Chime (2020 release)
    Ring Video Doorbell – Venetian Bronze with Ring Chime (2020 release)

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