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Hamilton Beach TrueAir Air Purifier with Permanent HEPA Filter for Home or Office and Pets, Whisper Quiet, 160 sq ft, Black


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  • High Performance Hepa Grade Filter: Captures 99% of pet dander, , pollen, and as small as 3 microns from the air.
  • Easy to clean: air purifier has a permanent Hepa-grade filter that easily vacuums clean.
  • Compact, stylish design: Allergen reducing air purifier is perfect in the office or in rooms up to 160 square feet
  • Versatile air care that fits anywhere: Position the unit vertically or horizontally to best fit in your bedroom, den, nursery, hallway or living room at home or at the office.
  • Quiet and powerful: Use whisper clean for extra quiet operation at night, the medium setting or the quick clean setting for more powerful air cleaning.
  • 3 versatile speed settings: Air purifier has three versatile speed settings that give you ultimate control. Use quiet setting at night or quick setting for powerful air cleaning.
  • Use how you want, where you want: this air cleaner works standing up or on its side.

Specification: Hamilton Beach TrueAir Air Purifier with Permanent HEPA Filter for Home or Office and Pets, Whisper Quiet, 160 sq ft, Black

Control Method


Filter Type


Floor Area

160 Square Feet

Specification Met

Certified frustration-free

Noise Level

158932 dB

Particle Retention Size

3 Micron

Controller Type

Amazon Alexa

Product Dimensions

6 x 8.5 x 13.54 inches

Item Weight

5.74 pounds


Hamilton Beach

Domestic Shipping

Item can be shipped within U.S.

International Shipping

This item can be shipped to select countries outside of the U.S. Learn More

Country of Origin


Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Manufacturers Suggested Maximum Weight

6.3 Pounds

Finish Types


Material Care Instructions

Brush off filter when dirty

Assembly Required


Number of Pieces


Warranty Description

One(1) Year Warranty

Batteries Required


Included Components

Hamilton Beach Trueair Compact Air Purifier, Owner's Manual Manual Given In Detail Page

Photos: Hamilton Beach TrueAir Air Purifier with Permanent HEPA Filter for Home or Office and Pets, Whisper Quiet, 160 sq ft, Black

9 reviews for Hamilton Beach TrueAir Air Purifier with Permanent HEPA Filter for Home or Office and Pets, Whisper Quiet, 160 sq ft, Black

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  1. dpast

    Mi habitación es un espacio pequeño sin ventilación por lo que guarda mucho polvo y humedad, este aparato mueve el aire y lo filtra de tal manera que ha eliminado la humedad inclusive y el olor a polvo, realmente lo recomiendo mucho. No gasta tanta energía y su limpieza es muy sencilla.

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  2. East Bound Traveler

    Really helps by the cats litter box. I have a pair of Maine Coons, and they do tend to have strong litter box odors. (They weigh just over 50# for the pair, big boys to say the least!)

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  3. Ricardo Gómez

    El filtro tiene 3 velocidades: silencioso, medio y alto. La alta si es ruidosa en realidad y en las instrucciones dice que no se debe dejar tanto tiempo funcionando en alta. La perilla para controlarlas es manual. No se puede programar nada automático. No tiene sensor de índice de ppm como otros. Se puede usar vertical u horizontal. Para usarlo vertical hay que ensamblar una base adicional. Es muy ligero. La calidad de materiales es media – baja. El marco del filtro es de papel cartulina. Si filtra polvo pero no filtra partículas más pequeñas ni sirve para eliminar olores. A dos meses de funcionamiento en velocidad media, el aparato sigue trabajando bien. Lo tengo encendido 24/7. Noto que se ha formado una capa gruesa de polvo encima del aparato y el filtro originalmente blanco ya es café. Sé que los filtros de aire han subido mucho de precio pero creo que lo que recibes es menos de lo que pagas por este.

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  4. ALE

    5 stars all around: I had so much fur from my husky pup floating in the air and making me sick.(Not to play the blame game as i am allerguc to high quantities of dust as well). As soon as i turned this on i could see it drawing fur into its opening. This made me know it was working. I turned it on wisper quiet and i thought i had it turned off (that’s how silent it was!). On the medium setting it is still more quiet than a ceiling fan and a stand up fan. I’m curious to see how much this will catch in a day. Already my room isnt as stuffy.

    So after less than 5 hours i opened it up outta curiosity and there was a ton more fur than i thought there’d be. Kinda ughhh to know thats what I’ve been breathing. This was very easy to vacuum with my crevice attachment (Eureka blaze vacuum). Love how amazon offers extra warranty on this as I’d definitely want this to last a long time. Lastly this thing also doubles as a fan (on the highest setting) lol. It lets out a nice and cool, consistent stream of clean air from the vents on each side.

    I will updste my review if need be and for a long experience opinion. Please note i also use a humidifier as well to put some moisture back into my dry stuffy and now hot (summer) air. Bery happy with my purchase and no comomaints: fast shipping, well packaged, great instructions.

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  5. Beto Garza

    I bought this because I have a dust allergy. I put it in my bedroom to see if it would help me breath better at night. I’ve noticed no difference after using it for a year. I dust regularly and have not noticed any reduction since I turned on this thing. Not saying it doesn’t clean the air, maybe it does but not good enough. Its pretty noisy to sleep with as well, even on the quiet setting.

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  6. dpast

    Es un buen purificador. No hace mucho ruido. Lo puedes usar para dormir en la modalidad más silenciosa y no te molestará. Por otro lado, las otras dos funciones (media y alta) sí hacen algo de ruido. Es muy práctico ya que no requiere configuración. Se instala en un par de minutos sin problema. Se siente el aire más puro. Tengo medidores de CO2 y de Componentes Volátiles Orgánicos (VOC) y sí he medido la diferencia en la calidad del aire al usarlo. Sobre todo cuando limpio o cocino que se generan olores o vapores, los filtra muy eficientemente.

    Lo recomiendo por su costo y calidad.

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  7. East Bound Traveler

    This product seems to be working well. There is a visible difference in the level dust in the air in the room. This is a recent purchase so time will tell on the workmanship. However, what I wanted to address from the comments I have seen (about the 3 micron versus .3 micron filter), is that you need to decide your reasoning for buying the device. I do not have a medical need for the device. However I do have allergies that irritate my sinuses and cause infections from time to time. I bought this to reduce the dust level and assist with keeping my room clean. If that is your purpose this should do well. To put things in perspective, I found this explanation of microns on the web. It should help in your decision making.

    For people having problems with the relativity of the measurement, this should help.
    To put in perspective, the average human hair is 150 microns in diameter while dust is typically 5 to 10 microns in size.
    25 microns – Particles visible to the naked eye
    10 microns – Heavy dust, lint pollen
    5-10 microns – Average dust, plant spores, mold
    1-5 microns – Bacteria, light dust, pet dander
    0.3-0.1 microns – Bacteria, tobacco smoke, metallic fumes
    0.001-0.01 microns – viruses
    Particle Size of a Micron

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  8. NOtracking#=1starRATING

    I purchased 2 of these for rooms with birds in them SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE IT SAID PERMANENT, (to me that implies WASHABLE) FILTER.

    I finally got the old filter machines out of the rooms and put these in, so I opened them 4-6wks after receiving, and guess what?!
    The filters are CARDBOARD. For those that might not think this is a big deal, it is when you purchased them with plans to WASH THE FILTER WEEKLY. There isn’t even a part number to order replacement filters… I HOPE(?) vacuuming them weekly will work, I guess, but I fully regret not opening these the day they arrived so that I could have returned them immediately and found a product with a washable, permanent filter.

    I am totally pissed off at the misleading advertising of a permanent filter, my birds would easily have these clogged in 2 weeks with just their dander, and even I am more pissed at myself for not returning these the moment they arrived.

    I figure other customers would appreciate knowing the truth about the “permanent” filters.

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  9. SJDecker

    Just over a year ago we bought our first home. A charming little home that was built in 1910.
    When we toured the home it was vacant, had been for a little while, and had MAJOR old house smell going on.
    We knew that was something that you had to be okay with if you were going to live in an old house. It would, SUPRISE, smell old. We moved in, aired things out, and the old smell faded to what a normal old house smells like.
    But the fading of that smell unmasked something so hideous, I question to this day how we missed it.
    Cat pee. CAT PEE. The most acrid, disgusting cat pee smell you can imagine.
    We tried everything to get rid of the smell from one corner of our living room. Chemicals (such as nature’s miracle and the like) on the hardwoods to remove the smell, ripping out baseboards that seemed like they might be the offender, and A LIST of various products.
    Bad air sponge? FAIL
    Charcoal Deoderizers SWING AND A BIG MISS
    Odor foggers? Yielded the best results of everything we tried… But it didn’t get rid of the smell.

    Finally I accepted defeat. I kept the wax warmer on any time I was in the room, lit incense, and tried not to breath through my nose when I sat on the floor for any reason.

    There’s a happy ending to this story one year later. I bought this BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL air filter… with the caarbon inserts. One hour of running in tandem with my existing air filter (
    And the smell that had haunted my dreams FOR A YEAR was finally gone.
    I’ve never loved any electronic more than I love this one. Worth. Every. Single. Penny.

    A little about this air filter, it’s not as small or as quiet as the one I linked. I really like the carbon filters in this one (I’m sure it’s what finally, fully eliminated the cat pee smell). This one can sit on its side, which is WONDERFUL. It’s under my couch right now. Out of sight, which is nice because it’s not super nice looking.

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    Hamilton Beach TrueAir Air Purifier with Permanent HEPA Filter for Home or Office and Pets, Whisper Quiet, 160 sq ft, Black
    Hamilton Beach TrueAir Air Purifier with Permanent HEPA Filter for Home or Office and Pets, Whisper Quiet, 160 sq ft, Black
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