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SAMSUNG 30”- 100” The Freestyle FHD HDR Smart Portable Projector for Indoor and Outdoor Home Theater Big Screen Experience with Premium 360 Sound…


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Last updated on January 1, 2023 12:51 am Details
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  • POINT and PLAY: Place it, tilt it and watch it wherever—this versatile smart theater-to-go makes it simple; With a cradle stand that rotates almost 180 degrees, position your image where you want from floor to ceiling; The Freestyle gives you the flexibility to watch your way
  • EASY SET UP: Sit back and let The Freestyle manage the setup; Once you find your angle, this portable smart project automatically adjusts the image for your perfect picture; Auto Leveling, Auto Focus and Auto Keystone technology do the work in seconds
  • SMART ENTERTAINMENT: Stream your favorite shows, play games, workout with a trainer; Do all you enjoy with The Freestyle and discover your must-have apps and streaming services, all just a few clicks away
  • PREMIUM 360 SOUND: Hear the 360-degree audio that fills the room from this small but mighty smart theater; You’ll find yourself carried away by the high quality sound that resonates from the speaker and bass enhancers
  • EXTERNAL BATTERY COMPATIBLE: Now the big screen experience is as mobile as you are; Just grab The Freestyle with an external battery pack and go; With no outlet needed, you’re free to watch your favorite shows, play games or whatever you want, anywhere you want—indoors or outdoors
  • SCALE and MOVE SCREEN: Need to move your image? There’s no need to move The Freestyle’ When the wall or your surface isn’t quite right, this smart theater-to-go makes it easy to shrink down the image, move it around and project from 100 to 30 inches
  • MULTI VOICE ASSISTANT: Say hello to your favorite Voice Assistant; Bixby, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are built into The Freestyle; Simply use your voice to find the content you love, turn up the volume, control your connected home and more
  • MULTIPLE VOICE ASSISTANTS: This comes with your favorite voice assistants built-in and ready to help. Choose from Bixby, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant

Specification: SAMSUNG 30”- 100” The Freestyle FHD HDR Smart Portable Projector for Indoor and Outdoor Home Theater Big Screen Experience with Premium 360 Sound…

Product Dimensions

3.7 x 4 x 6.7 inches

Item Weight

1.8 pounds

Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

January 5, 2022



Country of Origin


Photos: SAMSUNG 30”- 100” The Freestyle FHD HDR Smart Portable Projector for Indoor and Outdoor Home Theater Big Screen Experience with Premium 360 Sound…

12 reviews for SAMSUNG 30”- 100” The Freestyle FHD HDR Smart Portable Projector for Indoor and Outdoor Home Theater Big Screen Experience with Premium 360 Sound…

2.3 out of 5
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  1. sixgap

    I was a theatre manager 25 years ago. Bought this for retirement hoping to transform TV room into screening room. As we sink lower on the sofa, the picture can inch up the wall ending up on the ceiling with the right DIY add on. It will give me some tinkering satisfaction but am overall disappointed with the simple things described before me.

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  2. Amazon Customer

    Mejores productos por el precio

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  3. Eduardo Durán

    Proyector muy versátil pero se baja solito, es decir no puede mantener su posición por si solo 🙁

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  4. Ryan

    slick and cool, but not enough substance to be usable. the whole idea of direct connection and battery power made me want a camping/outdoor movie function. but without wifi it is DOA. you can connect audio directly, but terrible instructions and just not good enough. remote connected when it felt like it. returned unit, just too much money for something that barely worked. at home under perfect wifi, it was still not bright enough to be usable. the auto correct/keystone/focus was super cool, but just didn’t make it. direct wifi function (you can do ad hoc but no screen share). if you could connect directly, and be 2-3x brighter it would be a contender. great idea, just didn’t pencil out.

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  5. Roberto Fuentes

    El producto en al recibirlo.
    De entrada la caja venía abierta, como si lo hubieran revisado, no tenía nada de protección en el embalaje, únicamente venía en una bolsa semi abierta.

    La resolución.
    Me parece buena pero sin duda es necesario tener un espacio muy obscuro para que valga la pena, también es necesario una pantalla, persiana o pared con poca iluminación.

    Lo malo.
    El producto constantemente se reiniciaba al grado de ser incómodo, estás viendo una película y más de dos veces se reiniciaba cada hora.

    Siento que en general no es malo pero muy probablemente recibí un artículo ya dañado o golpeado en el envío.

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  6. Corey Ward

    It doesn’t work with the SmartThings app, as Samsung support will confirm. It isn’t very bright (hard to see in a dark room on a bright white wall at 80” wide) and can’t hold an angle, as many other reviews here confirm. The ambiance modes are banal (literally the words “happy birthday” in a faux neon script completely static), the frosted attachment for their modes doesn’t fit on the projector very well, and the speed of the unit is so bad it likely wouldn’t be useful anyways. You can’t opt out of tracking because the page hasn’t been built yet. Automatic Keystone correction is only decent, and that’s when it works, which is maybe 70% of the time. There’s no way to kick it to try again. Focus is off by a fair bit most times requiring adjustment manually, which is a chore since it’s not available in a quick menu. I was disappointed to see they didn’t include a way to mount this to a stand with a ¼-20 nut or similar. Doesn’t appear to be able to use Airplay speakers to play audio. Never did figure out how to make it do the magic seeming color correction the video shows off repeatedly. All in all it’s a disappointing product with an impressive marketing video.

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  7. S

    Not bright at all. Has to be in dim light or picture is Poor. Controls are finicky.Had it a week and the auto focus doesn’t work any ore. Very poor product.

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  8. Scottleew

    When this launched I bought and returned 3 different ones, Samsung had so many bugs that the keystone was weird and digitally realigned itself, Samsung has released 3 updates one just last week 7/10/22, so this thing works as it’s intended, works brilliantly in pristine HD excellence. Dim lighting is required as with most projectors, and getting is used like new is a bargain. The audio is even comparable to a regular tv. If you enjoy the minimalist portability and design there is nothing like it today. I put 2 screw holes on the bottom of the stand removing the projector for install and have it mounted on a wall, it does work best at its 100 inch screen having it directly forward viewing so the perimeter projection doesn’t show up as much. One can reduce the screen from 50 inches to a whopping 100 inches. It is the best of all projectors. Under $1,000 and it’s size.

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  9. Raul

    I really wanted to like the Freestyle. I pre-ordered it the moment I came across it and to put it in simple terms without exaggeration, it’s just way too expensive for what it is.

    The biggest issues it has is that it’s nowhere near bright enough to be used as advertised (I later learned they are misleading customers and the brightness is not spec’d at industry standard, so it’s nowhere near 500 ANSI lumens) and that it’s user interface is so slow that it becomes unusable at times. That alone made this an instant return for me.

    Aside from that, some issues I would have been willing to overlook at a lower price tag include a buggy auto-keystone feature that only works 30% of the time, a finicky swivel that wouldn’t hold angles other than 90 deg horizontal or vertical very well and a fault USB-C power cable (I thought the projector was dead on arrival until I switched the cable out for another one I had).

    Now, for the good. The image quality was great when in a completely dark room and the sound is pretty good for coming out of such a small speaker. It’s fairly quiet. The auto-focus works well. The actual projector looks to be built well and feels pretty sturdy.

    If this projector was $400-500, it would be a killer product that would fly off the shelves. I fear at its current price point, it’s a huge dud once the reviews start pouring in. You just can’t justify it for the price when there are portable projectors at half the price that are as good or better

    Samsung, I’ll buy this thing once you:
    – Put a better, fast processor in this thing
    – Accurately advertise the correct lumen specs
    – Cut the price closer to half

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  10. José Sosa

    Consideró que el producto es realmente bueno, con un costo algo elevado, varias personas comentan qué hay varios equipos de la mitad de precio o menos pero con las mismas características, buscando reviews no eh encontrado una comparativa directa sobre esos equipos, yo encontré equipos similares pero de menores características, si bien eran portables, con diseños un tanto diferentes, su resolución y lumenes eran menores, equipos con características realmente iguales o superiores de menor precio son proyectores convencionales en cuanto a tamaño y que no soportan la integración de aplicaciones.

    El proyector prácticamente tiene el sistema operativo de una pantalla Samsung, considero que algunos de los detalles que hacen un poco tediosa la experiencia de uso, como el enfoque automático, la vinculación con SmartThings entre otros, que en si no me fallo pero si se batalle un poco, se resolverán con actualizaciones de software.

    Otras solamente se podrán resolver con una segunda versión mejorando el hardware en si, mejorar el procesador para una respuesta más rápida al cambiar de aplicaciones y al entrar a las configuraciones.

    De los videos que llegue a ver de YouTubers y Tiktokers fue sobre productos muestra, no sobre el producto ya lanzado, en resumen considero que es un excelente proyector pero a un costo algo elevado.

    No creo que de momento exista un producto en el mercado con el que realmente se pueda comparar, pero viendo el precio y características de proyectores convencionales, Samsung tiene que mejorar mucho para satisfacer mejor al usuario que lo compre por el costo del mismo.

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  11. Jennifer Han

    We Preordered the Projector and was super excited to have this arrive.

    This project feels very much like a test project / pre-production and not a finished product.

    – Wonderful Size & Great Concept.
    – The Application is integrated well into youtube, netflix, plex, and others. No problems setting up.
    – Image & Sound Quality is not too bad given the size and the form factor.

    – The UX is extremely slow.
    – The Autofocus is not great. I often have to go into settings to manually focus it.
    – Not too bright.
    – The Samsung App doesn’t pair well with it.

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  12. Dlucke

    This projector is not worth the shipping cost. Ordered, arrived set up and would not project in the darkest room at midnight. Please avoid and save ourself the hassle.

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    SAMSUNG 30”- 100” The Freestyle FHD HDR Smart Portable Projector for Indoor and Outdoor Home Theater Big Screen Experience with Premium 360 Sound…
    SAMSUNG 30”- 100” The Freestyle FHD HDR Smart Portable Projector for Indoor and Outdoor Home Theater Big Screen Experience with Premium 360 Sound…
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