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Miroir M600 Full HD Pro 1080p Projector – Black


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8 reviews for Miroir M600 Full HD Pro 1080p Projector – Black

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  1. hotice

    The Miroir M600 is the best truly mobile projector that I’ve seen! It’s basic, with no smart features or extra settings but it gets the job done with good 1080p image quality and is simple to use.
    The M600 is a very portable projector. I wouldn’t exactly call it a pocket projector but it does mostly fit in the pocket of my cargo shorts. You can see a picture I uploaded of that. It has a USB port to power other devices or charge your phone. There is an HDMI port and a USB-C port for video input. There is also a 1/8″ stereo output jack. There are three capacitive touch buttons on top: volume down, an “M” button, and volume up. If the projector is not plugged in you can touch any of the buttons to see the battery level. There are four dots on the back-right of the projector that indicate the power level. There is no height adjustment underneath but there is a camera/tripod mount. I usually use it on a tripod. Keystone is automatic and works well. If you move it and want it to re-auto-keystone it may do so on its own or you may need to turn it off and then back on to do that. It’s not a big deal though. The focus is manual with a dial on the left side near the front. To turn it on you open the lens cover and turn it off by closing the lens cover – waiting a few seconds after each. The projector is very quite too. I did test the USB port and HDMI port with a MirrorCast adapter that’s powered by USB. So the projector was running off battery and powered the adapter which was then connected to the HDMI port on the projector. It flashed on and off for a few minutes after it started but then stabilized and worked fine. I didn’t use it long, and this would drain the battery fast, but I probably used it for 15-30 minutes completely of battery, trying different content on it. There are four rubber feet on the bottom of the projector that come off pretty easily. They’re easy to stick back on and could probably use a little more/stronger glue.
    The M600 is brighter than I expected for a 600 lumen projector. I think the brightness is great for a small projector. With corner table lights on in the bedroom we can see the picture very well when projected on the wall.
    Image Quality
    This little DLP projector does native 1920×1080 resolution – 1080p! It accepts 4K input as well and down-scales it to 4K. I used it with video, movies, and still images and the quality is very good. I think the colors look a little washed out but you don’t think about that when you’re using it. You can see all the colors well and the quality is really very good! They say it will do up to 120″ diagonal and I was able to do that at 135″ away from the screen. Not only does the picture look great at that size but that didn’t seem to be any kind of focus limit or anything. I was able to go back farther and get a larger image that still looked great. There is no adjustment for making the image larger or smaller. You need to change the projector’s distance to the screen/wall. I was not able to get the focus perfect for small text projected from a computer on the top and the bottom of the screen at the same time. When one was in focus the other was slightly off. It’s still very good and you would never notice it for most things like normal video or photo viewing or any normal text people would display on a projector for any size group.
    It claims to have up to 2 hour battery life. In my use so far I may have gotten 2 hours of use once or twice but it seems to be less than that a lot of the time. I wouldn’t count on more than an hour or so. It’s probably better when using a bluetooth speaker instead of the built-in speaker. I didn’t get enough clear data to know how much of a difference that makes.
    I tried it with the built-in speaker, a bluetooth speaker, and a wired external speaker connected to the 1/8″ stereo out jack. All methods worked without a problem. The internal speaker is nothing special but does work fine letting you hear voices clearly and you can hear the music and other sounds playing. I’m pretty sure there is only one speaker. I played some stereo test videos on youtube. The left channel didn’t play through the internal speaker, only the right channel. The same test videos played both channels through a speaker connected to the 1/8″ stereo out. Using the internal speaker to watch movies, listing to music, and playing youtube videos I never noticed a time where I was missing voice, music, or any other audio except for the actual stereo tests.
    Ease of Use
    This is very easy to use, but there are not a lot of settings to change. Again, the keystone control is automatic, and works well. The focus is controlled by a dial on the left side. Then there is the volume up and volume down on top. To turn it on or off you just open or close the lens cover. Because it’s not a smart projector you will probably never even need to install an update on the thing.

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  2. Harrkev

    If you need a portable projector that is bright and VERY portable, this might very well be your best choice.
    This unit is quite bright for its size. In a dark room, a 10 foot image will be bright and vivid. Of course, as with all projectors, the perceived brightness falls off quickly as the room gets brighter. If you are giving a presentation in a typical office environment, an image of five feet should be very visible if you have a white wall to project on. To actually get the claimed 10’, you will need to close all of the doors and windows. This unit features full 1920×1080 resolution, and it looks sharp. It will focus as close as 4″, which gives an image size of under 6″, if you need that. The best thing is that it is only 9″ x 5″ x 1-1/4″. The included speaker seems like it would be loud enough for a typical office or a smaller conference room. If you need to fill a larger room, you will need to hook up external speakers via the 3.5mm audio jack.
    It has a battery that offers a claimed 2 hours of life, and has a USB-A port for powering other devices. I had it in “ECO” mode, and powering an older Roku Express and the battery lasted for 93 minutes. The only problem is that the USB power output is always active. If you do have a Roku attached, it will still drain the battery even if the projector is off. So be sure to unplug everything from the USB-A port or the battery will be dead when you go to use it. To power the unit projector on, you open the lens cover, and it comes on. This is a nice touch, as there is no separate cover to lose. The focus knob is on the side by the lens.
    The included power adapter is the usual laptop-style 19V 65W. The prongs fold out for the US, so that is a big improvement over similar power supplies. If you travel internationally, the included adapters (UK and two-prong Europe style) actually attach to the supply while the prongs are closed. But if you want to travel light, the unit can also be powered from USB-C. Given the power requirements, you will need a true laptop-style adapter that can drive 19V. A phone charger will probably not be enough. If your laptop supports driving a video signal over USB-C, then you can drive and charge the projector from just the one cable. There is also a full-sized HDMI input if you need that.
    While there is a standard 1/4″ tripod mount, it seems to be inadequate. The mount extends beyond the surface of the unit’s base, so any mounting on a standard tripod would likely be wobbly (see the picture). They should have either recessed the socket, or extended the plastic around it. Some shims could be made from cardboard if necessary.
    There is automatic keystone correction built-in. The projector assumes that you are projecting on a vertical surface, and detects the angle that it is resting at to automatically set the keystone. This works great as long as your projection surface really is vertical. But to use this feature, you need to tilt the projector. There is no provision included for tilting it, so if you don’t have a tripod, you will be propping a book under the front feet. There is no way that I could find to turn off the auto keystone feature.
    The projector’s top is a shiny “piano black” but I prefer to think of it as “fingerprint black.” A matte finish would be more practical. While a quick-start guide is supplied, there is only a URL provided for the full manual. At the time of this writing (late July, 2021) that URL does not work, and I could not find a manual. The only controls appear to be the volume “+” and “-” buttons, and an “M” button which seems to show the battery strength via the four white lights on the back. Holding down the “M” button for a few seconds will apparently shift the projector into “ECO” mode that will extend the life of the lamp and the battery life.
    The only downside to showing video on this projector is that the blacks lack contrast. I watched “Breach” starring Bruce Willis (a mistake I don’t recommend you repeat),which is a dark “space zombie” movie that has a lot of shadows. The dark grays and the blacks just kind of blended together. It was usable, but not an optimal experience. Still, I doubt that you can do better for something so small. So horror fans might be disappointed, but for brighter movies and PowerPoint presentations, this will be ideal.

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  3. SlowMN

    The Miroir M600 Full HD Pro 1080P Projector is a great entry level projector. I was specifically looking for a small portable projector that I could use to give lectures to the medical residents at my hospital.
    * Small form factor: It measures approximately 9″ x 5″ and weighs 1.8 lbs. It fits in my backpack alongside my laptop for easy transport.
    * Built in battery: I really like the option to be able to use it without a power source. The battery is rated for around 2 hours of continuous use and has an easy to read battery LED status light on the back.
    * Large screen size: The Miroir is capable of displaying up to 120″ screen; however, keep in mind as the screen gets larger the image gets darker and the resolution is not as sharp/crisp. I found for what I use this for (mostly PowerPoint and short video clips) the image resolution is more than adequate for the screen size.
    * LED lamp: The LED lamp is rated for 20,000+ hours of use. By the time I need to replace the bulb I will be ready to upgrade to a newer unit.
    * Number of ports: It has a 3.5mm audio jack, USB-A, USB-C, and HDMI. If there was going to by any other ports added in future iterations, I would like to see display port.
    * 5-watt speaker: It is nice a speaker is included but if you plan on using this for any sort of gathering I would recommend using an external speaker. It has a 3.5mm audio jack on the back of the unit.
    * Low LED lumens: This projector only produces 600 lumens which is pretty poor, especially if you are going to use it with any background ambient light. Ideally, it would be nice to see 1500+ lumens in a portable projector even if it came at an increased price.
    * Gloss finish: I wish the finish was a matte color as the gloss finish shows every smudge and fingerprint.
    * No auto focus: The focus wheel on the side of the device is somewhat clumsy feeling. Other competitors have auto focusing technology and it would be nice to see this implemented in future Miroir projectors.
    Overall, the Miroir M600 Full HD Pro fit most of what I was looking for in a portable projector at an affordable price point. With a few tweaks/changes it could be even better.

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  4. clow18

    This device is very straightforward. I was able to hookup my Macmini via HDMI and immediately start watching YouTube videos. The kicker in this device is the portability. It’s lightweight, slim, and extremely easy to carry around. It will easily fit in a suitcase or even backpack. It does h e built in speakers so there is no need to lug around audio equipment. I would have like to have seen better instructions so we know what the buttons do, but that is a small issue. Overall, this is a well made device that has endless uses due to its portability.

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  5. Farns

    As a home theatre enthusiast I was very excited to try the Miroir M600 out in my home theater setup. I am currently using a more traditional home theater projector on my 120” screen and while I’ve been happy with it, I was intrigued by the idea of something smaller, portable when if I needed it, and quieter.
    Well. This is not quite what I had in mind. More on that in a sec.
    Miroir definitely has the most impressive packaging that I’ve seen from a projector. Even more known brand names with costlier models have had questionable packaging. Miroir definitely gives a premium unboxing experience with completely sealed box and nesting box pieces – not unlike opening a popular cell phone brand.
    -The HDMI cord is small and appears to be of decent quality.
    – The power brick is quite large in my opinion – about the same size that you would get with a newer chrome book. This is missed opportunity #1. If you’re making it portable, and if it can be charged by USB-C then why include a huge traditional pin-style charger.
    – Missed opportunity #2 no remote! I immediately started to question things when I noticed there was no remote to control the power. There is a lens cover that triggers power and the projector connects automatically to whatever source you plug into USB-C or HDMI, but by not having an on/off function it pretty much eliminates the ability for me to mount this on my ceiling for semi-permanent use.
    – Missed opportunity #3. No manual. There is a quick start quite with a website you can visit to download the manual, but it doesn’t work. I was able to discern from their website that any Miroir model without a remote won’t have the ability to invert images for mounting on the ceiling. Makes sense right? No remote = no way to control a menu = no menu = can’t flip the image.
    Set-Up: After unboxing I grabbed a tripod because it was clear that I wasn’t going to mount on my ceiling. The single mounting screw was easy enough to mount. The throw distance onto a 120” screen was considerably closer than my existing projector. I was able to approximate the size quickly enough, and the auto keystone worked as expected. It’s one of those features that I would appreciate if I was setting up an outdoor movie or a quick presentation, but for serious use I would want the ability to adjust more precisely.
    The manual focus wheel was the stiffest I think I’ve ever used on any product. Trying to adjust the focus was a clumsy experience. A focus wheel should move like butter. This wheel felt like I was riding a bike with square wheels.
    Focusing aside – the picture was bright and decently clear for such a small device. I have pictures showing the same scene from both my traditional projector and the Miroir. Considering there was no way to adjust the image I would say it was pretty good. A decent remote with some preset image scenes would have gone a long way.
    If the review seems a little negative so far, I apologize – it’s just a little shocking that a projector in this price range and size lacks some basic projector features. If you are in the market for a portable projector but it doesn’t have to be SO portable that it fits in your pocket then this Miroir would be a good choice. The image quality is good, the image is bright – even in a semi lighted room, and the set-up is quick and easy.
    If you’re looking for something to use in your home as a dedicated home theater projector I might look for different options. It’s just curious to me that Miroir didn’t consider that adding a few simple features would have made what was already a versatile projector even more appealing to the masses.

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  6. BADog

    Miroir has created a new product, the M600 Full HD (1080p) Pro Projector, which is portable and easy to use. It won’t fit in your pants pocket but possibly a large jacket pocket. The unit measures approximately 9x5x1 inches. The package contains the M600 projector, paperwork, 2 international plug adapters, HDMI cable, power block/cable (proprietary). Miroir offers a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on parts and labor.
    Disclaimer: I tested this projector with a Samsung Fold 3 phone, a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra phone, a Samsung TAB S7 Tablet, and a Microsoft laptop. This is also the first projector of any kind that I have owned, so this review comes from a newbie’s eyes and is pretty thorough!
    NORMAL Brightness mode: 50 minutes until the unit shuts off
    ECO Brightness mode: 1 hour 52 minutes until the unit shuts off
    Time for battery to charge from completely dead to 100%: 2 hours
    Miroir claims 20,000 hours bulb life in NORMAL mode and 30,000 hours bulb life in ECO mode.
    To give you an idea of how long that is, if you watched TV with this projector for 8 hours/day EVERY SINGLE DAY:
    NORMAL MODE would give you 6.8 years of bulb life
    ECO MODE would give you 10.3 years of bulb life
    So if you watch 4 hours EVERY SINGLE DAY, double the results above. This projector should last you for many years if taken care of.
    * Automatic keystone feature levels your picture until you angle the projector past ~45-degrees. If you angle the projector past ~45-degrees+, the screen will start to look like a trapezoid on the surface you are displaying on.
    * ON/OFF is easy – simply open/close the lens cover from the bottom of the unit. Another good point – it has a lens cover.
    * Rubber feet on the bottom are solid and keep the unit still if it sits on a platform.
    * It has a tripod mount which is great, but… (see CONS)
    * Touch-sensitive volume controls and mode button. Easy to use. Volume can be turned all the way down on the unit if using BT audio between the connected device and a BT speaker. Audio level is shown on the screen in the upper-left corner. 0 to 100 in increments of 10.
    * The unit is pretty quiet during use.
    * I had no issues connecting HDMI from a PC to the HDMI input and getting sound/picture just fine.
    * If you use an Amazon stick (or device that uses USB power), you can plug the stick into the HDMI port while using the USB-A port on the back to power up the stick.
    * Battery indicator lights are on the back of the unit. But as long as you know the times I have provided, you’ll have a better idea of when your projector will auto-shutdown if starting from 100%. Over time, those times will obviously shorten due to battery degradation.
    * At this price point, the most disappointing feature is that it is missing a piece of hardware – a video-capable USBC-to-USBC cable of decent length and/or an adapter for iPhones/Android-to-HDMI. I am using a flagship Samsung S21 Ultra to connect via USB-C cable, and it did not work until I used a thicker and more capable USB-C cable which is apparently used for higher throughput and video. At least a 3-ft cable of this quality could have been provided. Since it wasn’t provided, it made the unit completely useless if you had only planned to connect via smart phone. There were no adapters included (except for power). This is a huge miss at $500 retail. The instructions clearly state “Some Android devices require a USB-C to HDMI adapter cable (sold separately)”. That’s fine; however, all USB-C cables clearly do not work, and that’s the cable that should have been provided.
    * 600 lumens is acceptable by a portable unit like this, but the darker the room, the better the picture will be. It is absolutely nothing like watching an LED TV for sure. On ECO mode, the picture is even dimmer (to save battery). If you have a real projector screen or reflective paint, that may likely help with brightness.
    * There is no way to resize the display output other than moving the projector forwards/backwards.
    * Focus is done manually with a rotating wheel on the side (there is no auto-focus).
    * There are no detachable or adjustable legs on the front-bottom of the unit. If you want to tilt the unit, you will need to provide an angled piece of “something” under it if you don’t want it sliding off a book or squared-off object.
    * There are NO wireless connections of any kind (no bluetooth/wifi). Everything is wired.
    * If you do not like fingerprints on glossy black, you better bring a microfiber cloth. It shows fingerprints on the top quite well. Perhaps a matte finish would have been better.
    * The tripod mount is great, but because it has a lip around the bolt hole, it does not lay flush against the tripod base – it wobbles. If you tighten that tripod bolt too tight, there’s a chance the projector could be damaged. An EASY fix for this was to simply put a water hose rubber gasket around the bolt hole before attaching to the tripod. This allows for some “give”, since it is taller than the hole, it will generally stay secure regardless of the attachment you use. I have posted in the pictures this concept – my hose gasket is red. This again was a huge miss my Miroir. The mounting area should be flat/flush.
    * There were no paper instructions other than a quick start guide that offered limited information. That same quick start guide could have been replaced by a complete User Guide (found online) and still fit on the same paper. Those instructions were also very basic but provided more than the useless quick start guide.
    * I texted their toll free text phone number, and after over a week, still no response from them.
    * On the power block, the plug folds into itself which is great, but unfolding the prongs out of the unit can be difficult since the prongs don’t extend past the edge of the block.
    * The projector cannot be mounted upside-down (like traditional home projectors) or the picture will also be upside down.
    * I am only able to recharge using the proprietary brick/cable provided. Would be nice if there was another USB-C port for charging while the other USB-C is being used for video input.
    * 5 Watts of power is all this unit offers for the built-in speakers. On the plus side, more power would cause the battery to die quicker if using battery-only power.
    * For the best sound setup, connect the projector to your device, then bluetooth the sound from that device (phone/tablet/PC) to a nice bluetooth speaker, and that will be one less wire you have to connect to the back of the projector. If you must use the 3.5mm audio-out port, that will still work.
    * I did not test the USB-A port on this unit as I didn’t connect an App stick of any kind.
    * The instructions state to hold down the +/- VOL buttons to change between NORMAL and ECO mode, but that did not work. If I long-press the M button, that caused power modes to change. If I plugged anything into the USB-C or HDMI, the picture would simply come up on its own. I did not try using both HDMI and USB-C at the same time since you can’t use both.
    There were quite a number of items that Miroir missed in my opinion. The protruding tripod mount, and the lack of providing the proper cable to connect Android devices (USBC-to-USBC) caused many problems on my initial setup. I didn’t figure out the cable issue until I got a higher quality (speed) USB-C cable and tested. I ended up using a 9″ cable from another product in order to get it to work. The unit is built to be completely wired; however, at the price point of this product being released ($500), one would hope for more features, even the simplest feature of adding legs (in some form) to the front would help. Using a tripod shouldn’t be the only way to use this unit if angled. Convenience for users is what the company should focus on – make it user friendly – like with the auto-keystone feature.
    Finally, this projector is likely only going to be used as a travel buddy or office presentation device. This would likely not be the best option for a home theater picture. It might suffice for a small room with the lights off or dimmed greatly or at a campout if you bring a portable screen. I posted one picture with the display swallowing up my 85″ Samsung TV and another using a giant wall in our den (about 150′ diag), then one more small area above a picture in our basement. You can literally watch it anywhere where there is low light. Given some much-needed components (worthy cables) and minor improvements (legs), this projector has potential. But the lack of the basics are holding it back especially given the price tag.

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  7. explore42

    This HD projector provides a good balance between image quality and portability . It is not feature rich because it lacks wireless and Bluetooth support; does not include a media player and does not have a remote. It is however very portable and is good for office presentations and an occasional movie in a relatively dark room.
    Image Quality: At 600 lumens this projector is not the brightest and it loses image quality quickly if the room is not dark. The brightness level is also affected by the distance between the projector and the screen. If you plan on using the maximum 120 inch projection screen you will need a dark room to get acceptable image quality. I found that with the blinds closed during the day we could get acceptable images of about 90 to 100 inches. The projector has a native resolution of 1080p providing Full HD images. Once manually focused the projector provides a sharp image with accurate colors. Due to the low brightness the contrast level can be lacking on some image content. The blacks and greys start to blend together as the ambient lighting is increased. This can be easily overcome when creating presentations by using vivid colors with higher contrast.
    Operation: The projector has an HDMI port, a type-C and a type-A USB port and an audio port. There is a manual focus wheel on the side and volume up and down on the top. There is also a Mode button on the top that allows you to put the projector into ECO mode which lowers the brightness level to conserve power. The buttons are touch buttons that are flush with the top and they light up when touched so you can find them in the dark. There is no built- in wireless support however you can overcome this by attaching a Roku or Chrome Cast to the HDMI port and then use screen mirroring on your device. If you are going to use an HDMI cable I recommend purchasing a long cable especially if the presenter is not very close to the projector. The included HDMI cable is very short. The single speaker provides 5 watts of audio which is good enough for most small to mid-sized rooms. The USB-A port is strictly used to power external USB devices such as the Roku or Chromecast mentioned above. The projector does not include a media player so you cannot plug in a USB drive in either USB port to provide media content. The projector comes with a standard tripod screw mount and I have found that attaching the projector to a small tripod lets me more easily align the projector to the screen. This is very important because the projector has auto Keystone correction but for it to work correctly the projector needs to be level and not tilted in any manner. There is an issue with the tripod mounting hole on the projector because it does not sit flush with the base. To compensate for this, I added a small square piece of foam to the top of my tripod that helps stabilize the projector once its screwed onto the tripod.
    Portability: The projector is very portable due to its size and shape. Its roughly 9”x5”x1.5” and although it doesn’t come with any type of travel protection I have found that it slips nicely into a small spare laptop sleeve. Adding the projector, power supply, HDMI cable and small tripod in my backpack was not a major weight or space issue. The projector does have a built-in battery that is supposed to last 2 hours but I prefer to use the included power supply. It is nice to know the battery is there in case I can’t get the projector near an outlet.

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  8. Quincy0980

    I was excited to receive my new Miroir M600 projector. It’s compact size and versatility made it very attractive. The first thing you notice when you open the box is the lack of instructions. There is a basic set up sheet that has a diagram with lots of arrows showing pictures of source types and inputs, but no instructions on how to turn the unit on and so on.
    So, the first thing I did was mount the Miroir M600 to a tripod using the handy threaded mount on the bottom of the unit. Next, I hooked up my Blu Ray player to the HDMI input and tried to figure out how to turn the unit on. I turns out the Miroir M600 turns on by sliding the lens cover open. I never would have guessed that. There are very few controls for the projector. you have a +/- for the volume and a dial on the side for manual focus. That’s it! In the quick start guild, you are asked to log into to download the manual for more directions. Unfortunately, that is a dead link.
    Now how does the M600 perform? Actually, quite good. The light output isn’t the best in a partially lit room, but in a dark room the picture is very good for this type of projector. It has a built in 5 watts speaker for use on the fly and a mini plug output to send sound to a larger sound system. This by no means is a home theater projector, but for parties, backyard, and office presentations, it works well. The color is a bit muted, and blacks are more gray than black, but again this isn’t a home theater quality unit.
    My only issues lie in the lack of control and not having any instructions at all. With those two thing corrected I would have no problem giving it five stars.

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    Miroir M600 Full HD Pro 1080p Projector – Black
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