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Shargeek Portable Charger, Storm 2 100W 25600mAh Laptop Power Bank, World’s First See Through Battery Pack with IPS Screen, DC & 2 USB C & USB…


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  • 25600mAh Large Capacity: With a massive 25600mAh capacity, the Shargeek storm 2 power bank can provide iPhone(18W) up to 7 charges, MacBook(45W) up to 1.2 charges, iPad(30W) up to 2.5 charges, Go Pro/DSLR up to 15 charges, powering for days, but it only needs 90 minutes to be fully recharged.
  • Intelligence IPS Screen: The portable phone charger’s on-display power management system visualizes the battery life, output distribution, running temp, and DC voltage adjustment in a clear, concise, and intuitive way, showing you the whole process of charging.
  • World’s First See-Through Power Bank: The see-through and transparent design reveals STORM 2 portable battery’s sophisticated internal structure including equipped battery, circuit layout, displaying itself from the inside-out.
  • 100W PD Fast Charging:The portable laptop charger is featured with a PD 100W USB C port, which enables it fast charges MacBook Pro 16″ from 0% to 50% in 41 minutes with a 100W USB C cable(included) and charger, 2X faster than the original charger, saving more time for you.
  • Universal Compatibility: Equipped with 2*USB C port,1*USB port, and 1* adjustable DC port, the Shargeek laptop power bank is compatible with laptops, phones, switch, drones, cameras, and more devices with a DC port, meeting all your charging needs.

Specification: Shargeek Portable Charger, Storm 2 100W 25600mAh Laptop Power Bank, World’s First See Through Battery Pack with IPS Screen, DC & 2 USB C & USB…

Product Dimensions

5.94 x 2.32 x 1.81 inches

Item Weight

1.25 pounds

Item model number



8 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Other display features





Sharge Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Date First Available

December 21, 2021

Photos: Shargeek Portable Charger, Storm 2 100W 25600mAh Laptop Power Bank, World’s First See Through Battery Pack with IPS Screen, DC & 2 USB C & USB…

3 reviews for Shargeek Portable Charger, Storm 2 100W 25600mAh Laptop Power Bank, World’s First See Through Battery Pack with IPS Screen, DC & 2 USB C & USB…

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  1. Travis Keller

    I bought my first storm 2 charger through the crowd funding campaign and have thoroughly tested its features such as the DC voltage output witch is adjustable through over 25 volts through its 5.5mm dc barrel jack port. It is a solid unit in the hand and dissipates heat nicely. I was most happy though with the solid connection of the usb c ports in the charger because they seem to Break when using a wide range of cables and just lifeuse degradation in general with other brands and not this Storm 2. The interface is neat and easy to navigate and its standby cuts off its use after a period of time to almost
    stop ghost draining when not in use. A nice bonus in the box are bright yellow usbc to usbc power delivery cable that is capable of supplying my laptop with a full 5 amps at 20v from my charger brick of the specified output.

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  2. J. Carter

    The media could not be loaded.

     See the video for the Storm2 in use. Following is a transcript:

    Here’s a review of the Shargeek Storm 2 power bank. I picked this up because I wanted a power bank with USB type C and raw DC power output. I’ve been really happy with it. You can see it has a clear polycarbonate case that looks great. The circuit board is nicely done, they’ve got this gray and yellow theme which comes together nicely.

    Ports on the side are DC in or out, a USB type C that can be used for charging or output, and USB type A and C that are output only. They’re marked but the labels are pretty small.

    Of course the main thing you notice is the OLED display. It’s small but packs in a lot of information. If you have sharp eyes you’ll love this display. If you don’t—like me—you’ll need your glasses. It’s small. You’ll see icons across the top when you plug in devices. The bottom left shows input power and output power in watts. It also shows voltage and current but I challenge anybody to read those numbers without a magnifying glass.

    On the right side the display shows battery charge remaining at the top, which is totally unreadable but the color will change when it gets low. Then you have total cell voltage, cell current, and two temperatures which I believe are the circuit board and cell temps, and finally a timer showing how long power has been drawn from the batteries.

    I’ll walk you through the menus. Long press to get into the menu, short press to move between items. First is the DC power output—I’ll come back to that. Next is the cell voltages and cycle count. Next you can change the temperature display. You can reset the timer on the main display. More display settings. You can force it to power off here. Or exit the menu.

    I skipped past the DC output which goes to the barrel jack. Let’s look at that now. You need to turn on the DC output in the menu. When I do that it brings up a warning which says to not try charging from the DC jack when the output is on. Long press to continue.

    The first two menu items increase and decrease in whole volts. The two below increase and decrease in tenths of a volt.

    It’s hard to see from the tiny display, but the DC output makes this power bank really useful for powering electronics projects. That’s part of why I selected this one. If you don’t need the DC output, you might want to look at their smaller model which just has USB output.

    I’ll show you here the Storm 2 powering a Pinecil soldering iron using the USB type C output. The iron has no problem drawing the current it needs from the power bank. This has proved wonderfully useful for my various projects.

    Finally, here’s a DC load on the barrel jack. I have the voltage set to 20 volts out, and my little load box here will draw 1.5 amps, or 30 watts total. The power bank does that no problem. One thing I discovered, however, is that the barrel jack is 5.5 by 2.5 millimeters and most of my barrel plugs are for a 2.1 millimeter center pin, not 2.5. This is pretty annoying. For this test I have a 2.5 to 2.1 adapter on the power bank.

    Overall I’m really happy with the Storm 2. It’s wonderful for the kind of projects I have around the house, and it lets me work wherever I want without having to find an electrical outlet. Please don’t tell my wife I’m soldering at the kitchen table again.

    Downsides are it’s a little big and heavy for travel. I might pick up their smaller model for that. And I do wish the display was a little bigger, as it can be hard to read. Still, five stars, I’m glad I bought this.

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  3. Amazon Customer

    This power bank is so jam-packed with features and capabilities, but by far my favorite feature of this power bank is that with the appropriate charger, it can recharge itself at 100W. What other power bank can do that?

    Most of the power banks you can buy with similar capacity make you plug it into some weak micro USB phone charger and wait 20+ hours to go from empty to full.

    Not this one! Just a few minutes spent at a public outlet and I’ve already grabbed enough power to Fast Charge my phone. And if I have the mere hour and a half it takes to fully recharge it, I can walk away with a massive amount of spare power for my portable devices.

    And then add to that all of the different outputs, including a wide voltage DC output to charge literally anything I might want to carry with me, provided I made an adapter for it in advance.

    And then the built-in power meter so I can stop carrying a separate one.

    And it charges my laptop. Truly an all-in-one solution.

    I would be more than satisfied with its technical capabilities, but… that industrial design… it’s like a cherry on top.

    In short, SHARGEEK has done an excellent job making an attractive power bank that makes no compromises on functionality for its form. It has plenty of capacity, charges anything I need to charge, and recharges itself quickly to take advantage of any charging opportunity I may need to use.

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    Shargeek Portable Charger, Storm 2 100W 25600mAh Laptop Power Bank, World’s First See Through Battery Pack with IPS Screen, DC & 2 USB C & USB…
    Shargeek Portable Charger, Storm 2 100W 25600mAh Laptop Power Bank, World’s First See Through Battery Pack with IPS Screen, DC & 2 USB C & USB…
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