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CHEFMAN – Chefman Toast-Air® Dual Function Air Fryer + Oven, 9 Cooking Presets, Toast Shade Selector, Stainless Steel, 20L – Stainless Steel


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Say goodbye to clutter and hello to this multi-functional toaster oven! Enjoy a variety of delicious dishes with ease and convenience using the Chefman Toast-Air® Air Fryer + Oven. No more heating up your kitchen with a full-size oven – get the same results as a traditional convection oven with the convenience of countertop cooking for faster and more evenly cooked food.

Specification: CHEFMAN – Chefman Toast-Air® Dual Function Air Fryer + Oven, 9 Cooking Presets, Toast Shade Selector, Stainless Steel, 20L – Stainless Steel

Convection Cooking


Maximum Temperature

450 degrees fahrenheit

Interior Light(s)


Indicator Light(s)


Removable Drip Tray


Rotisserie Included


Adjustable Racks


Number Of Rack Slots


Minimum Temperature

200 degrees fahrenheit

Safety Features

Auto shut-off, Cool-touch exterior, Heat-resistant handle(s), Power light

On/Off Power Switch



120 volts


1800 watts

UL Listed


Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts

1-year assurance provided by Chefman, so you can purchase worry-free!

Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor

1-year assurance provided by Chefman, so you can purchase worry-free!

See-Through Design





Air fry, Toast, Broil, Bake, Bagel, Dehydrate, Keep Warm, Slow cook

Model Number


Non-Stick Interior


Display Type


Integrated Timer


Product Name

Chefman Toast-Air® Dual Function Air Fryer + Oven, 9 Cooking Presets, Toast Shade Selector, Stainless Steel, 20L



Additional Accessories Included

Broil pan, flat wire rack, air fry basket, bake pan, and removable crumb tray


Stainless Steel

Control Type

Digital, Electronic, Touchpad

Color Category




Dishwasher-Safe Parts

Select parts

Product Width

16.6 inches

Product Weight

6.5 pounds

Product Length

15.8 inches

Product Height

14.1 inches



Photos: CHEFMAN – Chefman Toast-Air® Dual Function Air Fryer + Oven, 9 Cooking Presets, Toast Shade Selector, Stainless Steel, 20L – Stainless Steel

8 reviews for CHEFMAN – Chefman Toast-Air® Dual Function Air Fryer + Oven, 9 Cooking Presets, Toast Shade Selector, Stainless Steel, 20L – Stainless Steel

4.4 out of 5
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  1. AZEqualizer

    This is not just a toaster oven it is truly a multi-function oven. It does a lot of things and does them well. Bake, Convection Bake, Broil, Air Fry, Slow Cook, Warm, Dehydrate, and of course, Toast with a separate Bagel setting. Plus, it can Dual Cook where you start it cooking one way for x amount of minutes and then cook another way or go to a warm cycle for x amount of minutes. Usually, appliances are a jack of all trades and a master of none. But in this case, this 20-Liter multi oven does everything it is set up to do and does them well. The only thing I found that you have to do while getting used to how to use it is that it has a tendency to cook things faster than most recipes recommend for cook time.
    Dehydrating fruit: did a great job with two dehydration racks – suggested time was 5hrs – got it done in 4 hours.
    I air-fried a bunch of wings and they turned out yummy and crispy, Plus they were moist inside.
    Slow-cooked a pot-roast, convection baked some pizza rolls, bake some rolls, broiled a steak, took a pizza and convection backed it then had it finish it off by broiling the top for a little extra crispy toppings. It toasts perfect and does those bagels just right.

    Full digital cooking panel that turns itself off. Has a user-controlled light, When you open the door, it stops what it is doing and resumes when you shut it. Amazingly it does a lot of different things and does them well.
    I used this for a week now, and I am still finding stuff to cook in it in a creative, convenient, yummy way. And it has easy clean up when you are done.

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  2. NAMO

    Ability to Dual Bake Items
    Easily Accessible Crumb Tray
    Large Internal Cooking Area for Taller Items
    Capacitive Touchscreen User Interface
    I’ll admit that I was late to the Air Fryer bandwagon. Having seen these do-it-all machines on infomercials, I dismissed them as sales gimmicks. I had the opportunity to obtain Chefman’s martial arts-based competitor’s product some time ago. I honestly don’t know why I didn’t buy one sooner. The air fryer has become my go-to device and has replaced many devices in my house. The air fryer’s unique versatility has earned it a top spot as one of the most used devices in my kitchen. Honestly, the only thing that limits its use, is the lack of vertical space for cooking. After seeing Chefman’s unique take on an Air Fryer, I had to try it. Chefman solved my issue of the space requirement, expanding the ability to cook taller items by almost 2 times its competitor. With the increased interior volume, I find that the Chefman requires approximately 10 – 20% longer cook times, but that is a fair trade off, if nothing else, just for the increased potential the Chefman offers.
    The capacitive touchscreen is sleek and functional and gives the Chefman Air Fryer a premium look and feel that its competitor can not match. The buttons and programming are responsive and without lag. The slick white lettering turns a royal shade of blue to indicate the cooking mode. It is an extremely attractive addition to the traditional air fryer and in my opinion, exudes a premium look and feel.
    Chefman’s engineers appear to have really done their homework with this unit. This model includes several thoughtful design and engineering ideas sorely missed in its competitor’s model. One of the simplest ideas is the easily accessible crumb tray. One of my biggest gripes with Chefman’s competitor is the hassle to access the most often needed maintenance item: the crumb tray. Chefman wisely made the crumb tray accessible from the front of the unit with needing to open the cooking door or tipping the unit on its back. Awesome!
    As equally as impressive, is that Chefman included the ability to the unit to be able to cook two items at the same time. A simple setting on the touchscreen enables the dual cooking mode. This is where the Chefman reigns over its competitor’s product. That huge increase in vertical volume pays dividends in the amount and type of foods that can be prepared. It’s a great design element and Chefman wisely includes multiple cooking grates and baskets with the unit.
    I have tried many different items in the machine prior to writing this review and I have not been disappointed in any of the results. The machine does a great job of evenly distributing the heat in the cooking area, ensuring items are cooked consistently regardless of their position on the cooking baskets or grates. Of the many items I’ve prepared, the two items that I test regardless of what else I prepare are: toast and take-home French fries. If an air fryer can’t do the basics, what’s the point of having it? I am happy to report, my first two test items didn’t leave me disappointed. Toast came out uniformly brown on the top and bottom. Take home French fries (often a sad outcome of the pandemic) turned out just as good. My French fry loving kid no longer complains about eating soggy take home fries. A quick heat up on the air fry option and the fries are as good as when they came out of the restaurant. Excellent!
    As much as I like this unit, there are a few negatives that leave me scratching my head.
    The first is the overall design of the exhaust. This unit draws air in and exhausts out the top rear of the unit. While I think this top, rear airflow is a superior design compared to others, it makes me uncomfortable in how I place my air fryer. To maximum counter space, I like to keep my air fryer as far back on the counter as possible. This unit exhausts some very hot air out the back. So hot, that I keep it out much farther on the counter than I would have to with its competitor. Yes, I can move it back when its not in use and pull it out some when I go to use it, but I don’t like having to do that. Call it lazy, or whatever you would like, it is frustrating.
    The second and biggest negative for the entire user experience is the lack of a physical knob or way of modifying your cooking. The problem is once you start the cooking process, whether it’s baking, air frying, toasting, etc. you are committed. With the Chefman’s competitor, if I need to change something quickly, I can just rotate a knob to add time or temp. Say, my toast isn’t brown enough, no biggie, twist the knob clockwise one detent and it adds 15 seconds to my cook time. French fries need a little more heat on air fry to get crispy? No problem. Give that same knob a twist to crank up the heat a few more degrees. There is no option for this on the Chefman. For example, if I select my toast doneness on 3 of 5 and decide with 10 seconds left, it needs a little more time, to get it just right, there is no way that I’ve seen to do it without starting all over and reprogramming another cooking / toasting cycle. It is the same with baking, frying, etc. That to me, is a glaring oversight.
    It’s clear that Chefman has put in a lot of thought and effort into making a great air fryer. They have several unique and innovative features that make their product better than its competitors. The capacitive touch screen is sleek and elegant and automatically powers down the machine after a few minutes of non-use. It makes the whole product feel upscale. The easily accessible crumb tray is an outstanding design idea. As simple as a crumb tray is, the Chefman implementation is outstanding.
    This is a good product. There are many great ideas here. But like I stated in my review, it is the simple things that are important to me. There are two deal breakers here for me. One is the way the unit exhausts all the hot air directly out of the back. Feeling like I can’t safely place the unit toward the back of my countertop and use it, is a hassle. The second, is the lack of ability to make simple adjustments to the cooking time and temperature without having to start over from scratch. That is a glaring oversight and one I can’t believe made it through the design stage.
    In the end, I would I recommend this product? Yes, I would. While it has its own unique set of quirks, it does its job well and has some unique elements missing from its competitors’ models.
    But, would I buy this for myself or my family? No, I would not. That complete lack of being able to make simple changes is a deal breaker.

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    I truly love it!! Being single, It’s my go-to appliance for everyday cooking. I no longer use my big oven for anything!!

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  4. SunnyD

    This has turned out to be very useful. We use it mostly for reheating leftovers and it does a great job. You can also cook a small pizza and the come out great. It’s easy to clean and so are the pans that come with it. We haven’t tried French fries yet but I’ll write another review after we thing that could be better is food is able to get under the edge of the glass in the door as you can see in picture 2. It fits easily on the counter under the cabinets.

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    This Chefman Dual Cook is great, I have an air fryer currently but was eyeing one of these larger counter top appliances for when I got to make my boys a snack, typically one would want corn dogs, while the other wants pizza bites or fries. The size of this appliance is large enough to heat up multiple items all at once, instead of having to heat up one thing at a time in my previous air fryer since the basket wasn’t as large.
    This appliance is called dual cook, but I feel the name should be slightly different. This appliance can Bake, Conv. Bake, Broil, Air Fry, Slow Cook, Warm, Toast, Bagel and Dehydrate.
    At this point I have used Bake, Air Fry and Bagel, which all have been great, I like the assortment of baskets and trays that come packaged in the box, there is also a crumb tray that you can remove at the bottom for easy cleaning.
    The Touch screen is pretty awesome, when you select an option you can either switch between time and temp, or select the toasted level you like for things such as bagel or toast. I really need to try out the dehydrate option soon, curious how well this will work to make jerky!
    Overall I am very happy with this appliance, almost wish I would have committed to a larger device such as this before, but the main option before were dials, I really like the touch screen as it gives a modern feel. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to buy an air fryer alone just because of the options this offers!

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  6. Calderon

    excellent product! Ive used all of its features and they all work amazing. MUST BUY

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  7. Ange

    I was excited to have a air fryer & convection oven combined, pre-set functions are great, has a light to take a peak while cooking, I like how the panel lights up, What I don’t like; it has a silicone strip on inside bottom of door whch has split, still waiting for response to my email on how they’re going to handle this, I don’t like there’s no pre-heat temperature alarm, so i have no idea when temperature needed is reached, no pause button, which is very important to me, so now I must leave oven door open when flipping food or stop & reset it, we have frozen pizza about once weekly, a pre-set pizza button woulda been nice, we’re still trying to figure how to have perfect crispy thin crust pizza without burning the cheese or having a soft crust

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  8. GagetGuy

    This review is for the Chefman Dual Function Air Fryer + Oven Model RJ50-SS-T.
    This is a large 20 liter counter top device that will hold a 10 inch pizza or 4 slices of bread. While its capacity is large, the overall footprint on your counter is not bad. It can conceivably replace your toaster, your toaster oven, and your air fryer. That’s a plus.
    First out of the box you are greeted with multiple racks and baskets for various cooking options. There are also 2 peel off stickers. One on the door with the corner labeled to “peel here” is self explanatory. However there is a black label over the control panel that looks to be the control panel itself. It can be confusing to some as it only shows a limited number of controls. Only after being brave to get a fingernail under an edge and peel it off , are you greeted with the real control panel showing no less than 15 touch panel selections and a digital display! (see my pictures) This could be a deal breaker in a store with this oven on display as it doesn’t begin to demonstrate the possibilities. It can also be frustrating to someone who doesn’t figure out that the label comes off!
    The digital touch controls are great! Easy to touch, easy to pick your intended function, and easy to set the temperature and the cooking time. You can also set a cooking function, temperature and time for the first stage of cooking, then set a following function like broiling to run for an additional time. This adds a real versatility if you would like to bake and then brown the top for a couple of minutes.
    PROS: Good selection of 2 racks for dehydrating foods, a wire rack for baking, a wire basket for air frying, a broil / bake pan, and a pull out crumb tray. The unit’s fan is quiet as an air fryer and as a convection oven. The oven light is bright and is controlled by a touch button on the top panel. The door has a glass panel to view what’s cooking. The door is solid and has a nice cool to the touch handle. When the door is opened, the oven pauses its function until the door is closed. The crumb tray pulls out at the bottom for easy cleaning. The cabinet gets warm after use and will get very warm after prolonged use. Hot air is pushed out the back of the unit towards the wall. The stainless steel front and sides look great.
    COOKING: As an oven and air fryer it works very well. I have used smaller countertop air fryers and they work very well, but are limited to how much food you can put in them. This unit’s capacity is impressive and it seems to air fry almost as good as the smaller models. As an oven, it bakes well and there are two positions for the wire shelf. I have not had the opportunity to use the dehydrate or slow cooker function. This model has a powerful 1800 watt heater to power that additional space.
    CONS: Instruction book is basic. It talks about the various functions, but no recipes or examples for various foods. The Broil / Bake pan and the Crumb Tray need a better non stick coating. After 5 uses, I already have stains on both that will not come off with hot water and soap as recommended in the instructions. This is disappointing. (see picture) They should be porcelain or Teflon coated for easier clean up.

    I would recommend this oven. Features and controls are wonderful. Size is good. However I am deducting a star for the mediocre drip and crumb trays that could be much better.

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    CHEFMAN – Chefman Toast-Air® Dual Function Air Fryer + Oven, 9 Cooking Presets, Toast Shade Selector, Stainless Steel, 20L – Stainless Steel
    CHEFMAN – Chefman Toast-Air® Dual Function Air Fryer + Oven, 9 Cooking Presets, Toast Shade Selector, Stainless Steel, 20L – Stainless Steel

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