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Crescent 170 Piece General Purpose Tool Set – Closed Case – CTK170CMP2

Crescent 170 Piece General Purpose Tool Set – Closed Case – CTK170CMP2


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Last updated on November 8, 2022 1:30 am Details
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  • Updated version of the best selling CTK170CMP, this new set has a new & sturdier blow mold case as well as new & improved Crescent screwdrivers
  • Contains a carefully selected assortment of hand tools needed for most industrial, mechanical, and consumer applications
  • Set includes 1/4 inches, 3/8 inches & 1/2 inches drive tools (SAE & Metric). Drive Type 6 and 12 Point. Drive Tang Size 1/4 inches, 3/8 inches, 1/2 inches
  • Tools meet stringent new ANSI and ASME specifications and come with a full satisfaction guarantee
  • All tools contained in a sturdy, folding plastic case for easy storage and transport. Durable

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12 reviews for Crescent 170 Piece General Purpose Tool Set – Closed Case – CTK170CMP2

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  1. David E. Sabol

    So far this has become my goto tool kit even though I purchased it specifically for my travel trailer. It has almost everything that I need which is a plus and the quality is solid – I’ve used it pretty hard so far – but the rust resistance is a problem. I keep the toolset in a friendly environment and rarely get them wet, even so my channel locks and needlenose are showing serious oxidation. I wasn’t expecting a bulletproof toolset at the price I paid, but I had hoped to keep it around for more than a few years. That’s uncertain at this point.

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  2. C. Yang

    At its sale price, this Crescent tool kit is a very good value. However, because the price point is so low, there are some portions of the kit that are clearly better than others.

    -The case. I know a lot of people complain about these plastic cases (mostly because they would open it only for a million sockets to fall out of place), but this particular case is actually one of the better ones I’ve seen where the tools are retained quite well. In fact, I would almost say too well, because the first few times I tried to pull various tools out, I had to jam my fingers down and forcefully lift the tool up. The case also comes with a foam insert- most people treat this like packing material but I would highly recommend keeping it (or replacing with a similar tool shelf liner) because it acts as a secondary barrier to keeping tools from jostling out of place. Plastic cases are also notorious for variable performance depending on humidity and temperature, and it’s early days yet, so I will update if the case decides to fail on me, but so far I’m actually quite impressed. The hinges are ‘real’ and not living hinges, so it’s less probably that you will break up the toolbox accidentally.

    -Combo wrenches are of really nice quality. Slender bodied but also able to tolerate at least moderate amounts of torque. Repeated drops and being covered in hydraulic oil doesn’t actually appear to affect the finish all that much.

    -Sockets. There’s actually not much to say about them except that they are well finished. I have yet to have one break on me but I haven’t exactly gone 500 lb. gorilla on a tiny 1/4″ socket yet.

    -Ratchets. Smooth detents and nice pear shaped head. They are not quite as compact or long reaching heads as the top brands, but they feel sturdy and up for years of use.

    -Screwdrivers. This one is a bit surprising but I do like how well finished the screwdrivers are. I can’t completely say I’m a fan of the grips because they do get slippery in oil (due to being almost completely round), but with clean hands they are a real treat to use.

    -The bits are bits. They aren’t exceptional and are of the kind you find in most toolkits to fill out the parts count in advertisements. They hold up well enough under moderate torque but they aren’t exactly jewel like in finishing.
    -Hex keys. Similar to the bits, they are just there and they work.
    -Adjustable wrench. This is similar in quality to Pittsburgh stuff. Useable, not entirely pretty.

    -Needle nose pliers. They are kind of garbage. They look OK from a distance, with textured handles and a retention spring, but the reality is that using them sucks. The spring makes itself known as a crunchy grindy feel every time you close the pliers. But the worst part is that I still significant amounts of space between the jaws when I close them all the way. Almost kind of embarassing that Crescent actually emblazons their name on the tool.
    -Tongue and Groove Pliers. The tongue and groove “action” feels extremely chintzy, and the tool loses position very easily if you need to open the jaws wider than a minimal amount.

    Overall, I really like the set, but I find it interesting that the two pieces I would most often associate with Crescent Tools (the pliers) actually turned out rather poor, and the adjustable wrench is just kind of generic. I cannot fault this toolkit from a useability standpoint however, because it has a good mix of tools and many of the other components are of actually pretty high quality. That it comes in a compact box that actually works is an exceptional bonus, so I can easily recommend this if you’re looking for an all-in-one mechanics toolset.

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  3. Josh P

    I was pretty satisfied when I first got this set last week. It is a good selection of

    tools for small jobs and I like the way the case is organized . But after a few jobs I used the 8mm 3/8 socket and found it was paper thin with holes in the side. Other cons are that the case is pretty stiff getting sockets in and out and one won’t go in at all. Also, the socket drivers have a hole where the switch is that will probably get filled with dirt and grime over time. Returning it soon, not sure if I will buy again

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  4. Alain Cruz

    El producto llegó a los dos días después de haber hecho el pedido, llegó en perfectas condiciones, con todos los accesorios y herramientas tal y como se anuncia. La caja abre con facilidad y cierra perfectamente, en el interior las piezas embonan a presión y no se salen de su lugar. Quedo muy satisfecho con esta compra y recomiendo %100 este kit de herramientas, ideales para diversas aplicaciones. Esperé varios meses hasta que salió una buena promoción en el precio de este producto, lo cual se convierte en un excelente valor por el dinero invertido.

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  5. Mark Witwicki

    I bought one of these sets a decade ago, some have been lost or broken over that time, lots of use. Handy to have in the car, no rattling tools. Finally bought another set

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  6. MAK

    Great multi-tool set, has most of what you would need for carrying out a variety of tasks. This is my second crescent tool set, first which I purchased years ago. I would say the items look to be of decent quality. Overall the tool selection is an improvement over the prior tool set I own. Only slight complained is that certain items you can’t remove easily with your fingers, instead have to use another tool to pry them out. Not necessarily a bad thing as this means items will snap and stay in place longer over the lifetime of the product.

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  8. Curtis Harty

    Edit: don’t buy this if the price is 98$. They jacked the price up for Christmas. When I purchased it, it was only 78$. I was going to get another one for myself but not now. End edit. I bought this as a gift for my stepson who has never had a tool set so that we could work on his car together. This is a good first tool set. Has most of the necessaries. And the ratchets have really tight recovery so you can work bolts out even with limited space.

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  9. Christina Rapacz

    I purchased this as a gift and he loved it! He’s constantly receiving compliments on his set from friends and a few have asked where to purchase it. It’s durable and has enough options that he’s never left missing a part!

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  10. B. Funk

    Really handy too have in the back of my pick-up…has gotten me out of a couple of tight spots.
    The key is this, yes there are better tools but not much and it does not have everything but probably 99% of what you will really want it for and it is priced right.
    The fact that it is so organized and in a “TOUGH” easy to use case is why you need this, it kicks around the back of my truck and sometimes gets loose but never open and never lets loose of any tools…

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  11. Phil

    I got this for my son-in-law as a starter set. The quality is on par with most other import tools from Sears, Lowe’s and the Home Depot. The case is sturdy but it doesn’t hold all the sockets in place.

    Crescent. The developers of the “Crescent” wrench. Every tool in this kit is marked with the Crescent name with the exception of the adjustable (Crescent) wrench. You would figure that the developers of this wrench would take the time to actually put a Crescent wrench in the kit. But no. The adjustable wrench was just some no name tool. The included adjustable wrench is the lowest quality tool in the kit.

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  12. Je suis P

    Estuve buscando un buen set de herramientas y me topé con este. Llego 5 días antes de lo previsto en muy buenas condiciones.
    Pros: Herramienta de muy buena calidad (Crescent y Craftsman son prácticamente lo mismo ya que ambos pertenecen a Apex Group Tools) excelente acabado y muy bien detallado. El material viene cromado para su fácil limpieza. Súper resistente.
    Cons: Ninguna

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    Crescent 170 Piece General Purpose Tool Set – Closed Case – CTK170CMP2
    Crescent 170 Piece General Purpose Tool Set – Closed Case – CTK170CMP2
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