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Childrens Countertop Water Flosser (Pink)


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  • WATER FLOSSER- This dental tool uses water to thoroughly clean your mouth of plaque and improve gum health. As water can reach even the most remote corners of your mouth, this water flosser provides complete cleaning and can be used with braces, implants, or other dental accessories.
  • AVAILABLE IN 3 COLORS- This water flosser for kids comes in 3 attractive colors- blue, green, and pink. Allow your child to express their preference with their favorite color. They can also further design it by attaching stickers to it!
  • 600ML WATER CAPACITY- The water tank with this kids water flosser has a massive capacity of 600ml. This way your child can fill up the tank and not worry about it for days! This is a very environmentally-friendly way of saving water reducing water wastage.
  • ADJUSTABLE WATER PRESSURE- This oral irrigator water flosser comes with adjustable water pressure from 10-80 PSI. This is especially helpful for your kids sensitive mouths or for when you’ve just had a visit to the dentist!
  • TRAVEL-FRIENDLY- This electric water flosser is portable and very travel-friendly. The device and the tips included can easily be folded and stored into the unit itself. No more excuses for not flossing every day!

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8 reviews for Childrens Countertop Water Flosser (Pink)

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  1. K.McConnell

    My 7 year old daughter LOVES this. Even insisted we bring it on vacation with us. She recently got a “turtle” aka a spacer put into the upper part of her mouth to Increase her upper jaw spacing. The orthodontist recommended a water pick to help clean that area and the teeth that are connected to it since she couldn’t floss those. It has been beyond helpful. She loved decorating it with the enclosed stickers and looks forward to using it. I’d give it 10 stars if I could!

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  2. Sarah

    I ordered this for my daughter who currently has a spacer in her mouth. (She’s six.)

    She loved the pretty, bright pink color of the tank. And she LOVED all the stickers included. She immediately made it her own, and, even better, was excited about water flossing her teeth!

    It comes with two floss heads: one orthodontic (for braces) and one soft tipped. The top of the tank has a nice little storage area for the tips.

    The device has a timer and stops automatically after two minutes. It seems to use about half of the tank if you use the whole five minutes. It seems to work well and the pressure can be adjusted. It seems to “pulse”- by which I mean you get a spurt of water, and then another spurt, and then another, it’s not a continuous stream. I liked that but I’m not sure if that’s similar to how other water flossers work.

    My only two criticisms (and why I withheld the fifth star) is that the cord connecting the pick to the tank is rather short, and the lid of the tank doesn’t seem to sit securely on the tank. So while I was trying to swap out the floss tips, I ended up pushing the tank lid down into the tank.

    Otherwise I think this is a great little water flosser for kids and especially for those with braces.

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  3. Parigon

    My daughter likes it,
    I had to add better foot pads as it was sliding off the counter when turned on!
    The rubber tip broke off the irrigator after about 4 uses.
    They are sending me a new one under warranty!

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  4. TR1010

    I got this for my daughter since she got an expander. It has been working great at getting the little pieces of food out of her expander when she is done eating. My daughter loves all the stickers it came with to decorate it!

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  5. Yang m.

    easy to use

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  6. charlene koposko

    My 9year old daughter uses this and loves it , we tried other ones and they were too powerful for small mouths.. Totally recommend!!

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  7. JJL

    I actually got this for myself because it’s pretty and my current flosser is on its last legs. It seems to do a good job and while it doesn’t have the range of water pressures than an adult machine has, it’s fine. I use a middle setting anyway that’s pretty forceful and often wonder who the heck uses the higher settings.

    This would be good for a child who’s older and can control their movements. It’s very easy to spray water all over the place if you’re not careful. The stickers are an added bonus.

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  8. Victoria Moore

    I got this for my 13-year-old niece who had noticed mine awhile ago and had been asking me about it. She loves it! It is something that is designated just for her, which makes her want to use it more. It has a large tank so she doesn’t have to constantly fill it, and has a place to store tips up top. It has very good pressure and a nice array of pressure levels for those whatever needs arise. It’s a bit pricey but all of them on the market are so it’s comparably priced. Overall, a solid product for any the most finicky kids, and a great tool to help them learn to take care of their teeth!

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    Childrens Countertop Water Flosser (Pink)
    Childrens Countertop Water Flosser (Pink)
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