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Modelones Poly Extension Gel Nail Kit – 6 Colors with 48W Nail Light Nail Lamp Slip Solution Rhinestones Glitter All In One Kit for Nail Manicure…


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  • ❤ All IN ONE KIT: 6 Colors Poly Nail Gel(Pure White, Soft Pink, Light Pink, Light Apricot Nude, Deep Nude, Clear), 48W Nail Lamp, 10ml Base Top Coat Set, Brush and Spatula, 24PCS Curved Dual Forms(12 Sizes*2PCS each), 24PCS Straight Dual Forms(12 Sizes*2PCS each), Nail File, Nail Buffer, Nail Cutter, Nail Tweezer, Cuticle Fork, Nail Dust Brush Pen, Cuticle Oil, Nail Glitter, Gems.
  • ❤ EASY TO USE: You won’t struggle to try to use our poly nail gel kit. The instructions for using the extension gel are detailed and yet simple to understand. No need to worry about messiness either, as our extension poly nail gel is easy to apply.
  • ❤ LONG-LASTING EFFECT TIPS: MODELONES poly nail gel will last up to 2 weeks or longer with proper nail prep (filing, buffering, and cleaning). For better adhesion, you can also apply nail dehydrator and primer which can make the nail last much longer. What’s more, you can refill your nails about every two weeks when the renew cuticle area grows.
  • ❤ REMOVE TIPS: If you want to change the nail art style and remove the nail extension gel, you can file the nail extension gel down and then buffer it. A nail drill machine will save you time and help to remove the nail in a faster and cleaner manner.
  • ❤ CUSTOMER SERVICE: Any problem, contact the seller directly, we offer to replace or refund service. PLEASE NOTE, our product is brand new and sealed well. If the item you get is not new or damaged, defective or missing items, please feel free to turn to us for help~

Photos: Modelones Poly Extension Gel Nail Kit – 6 Colors with 48W Nail Light Nail Lamp Slip Solution Rhinestones Glitter All In One Kit for Nail Manicure…

6 reviews for Modelones Poly Extension Gel Nail Kit – 6 Colors with 48W Nail Light Nail Lamp Slip Solution Rhinestones Glitter All In One Kit for Nail Manicure…

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  1. Branda

    Not gonna lie, it took me a long time to do my sisters nails. The results were good on the first try. I mainly had more problems with the shaping of the nails, but that will get better the more I use the kit.

    Overall, I would say I had an easier time with the kit because I bought extra items after reading other reviews. I bought an electric nail filer which saves A LOT of time. I also bought these clear nail clips for poly gel because sometimes the molds don’t stay flat closer to the cuticle area. If they aren’t flat when you cure them, they end up with air bubbles.

    I was missing and would recommend buying a nail clipper for acrylic nails to help shorten the nails to desired length faster. I would also recommend buying a metal cuticle pusher and cuticle trimmer that looks like scissors because the ones that’s provided sucks, especially if you aren’t planning on soaking your hands prior to help soften the cuticles.

    Some heads up? Buy the electric nail filer, nail clips for poly gel, metal cuticle pusher and cuticle trimmer. Also, watch a video or two on this kit on YouTube before you try it. I’m impatient so I watched two YouTube videos on 2x speed.

    In the instructions, they tell you to prep your nail by pushing down and trimming your cuticles. They also tell you to sand your nail a bit (which I did with the electric file and sanding thing provided) and wipe with alcohol before you apply the base coat. These are essential steps I feel like people who complain about the nails not lasting long enough or them popping off miss. The nail prep helps the poly gel to stay on longer!

    Other than that, the slip solution is really easy to work with. Don’t put too much and don’t put too little. When you squeeze the poly gel out of the tube, just be careful when applying it on the nail mold and you should be fine. I’ve also seen people apply the poly gel straight to their nails, put the mold on top and then smooth it out after with the slip solution.

    If you’re doing your own nails, I suggest even adding the poly gel to all the correct sizes you’re going to use for your nails beforehand so you just have to worry about the placement and touch ups on the sides after. Another tip? Make sure you cure the nails for long enough! I would go double the time the set recommends. Lastly, the nail molds are a bit pliable so don’t worry about bending a little to get them off after you cure a nail.

    If you go long with the nail length, I would say each poly gel tube provided gives you like 2 full manicures. I ended up shaving off a lo with the nail filer because I put too much poly gel.

    Sorry for the long review, just wanted to be helpful so others won’t have the same issues I did. Good luck with the kit 🙂 definitely happy with my purchase and will be buying more poly gel in the future!

    Update: Second picture is my second attempt with the kit doing my own nails. Even harder than doing someone else’s nails in my opinion, but practice makes perfect so don’t give up! Definitely will be worth it when you become faster and think about how much you would be spending at the nail salon.

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  2. Sagavaz

    Everything that is on the picture came in a cute square box. Well packaged. Polygel kit colors are similar, not pigmented (you can see you own nail). I use the color Nude, is the darkest but doesn’t look like the seller pics that looks like brown. But I love it anyways. The lamp is very good, weird with the times, I press 60s but never turns off. When doing nails clean the backwards of the nail, make sure watch for bubbles that slip solution can make and use a bigger that smaller dual forms (you will need space for the gel and cover your nail sides). Also they are easy to shape and the 180 file is amazing. Rhinestones beautiful too. Overall this is a great starter kit and for the price even better. Im so glad that I bough it.

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  3. JT

    This was my first time using polygel so it was a little hard for me to work with it, but the second time I did my nails it was so much easier. I just watched a bunch of YouTube videos and learned from there. I love that the kit comes with the lamp and basically everything else you need for it. The lamp feels a little cheap but it gets the job done. I just cure it for 90 sec at the end to make sure all of the nails are fully dry. I tried using the slip solution but I found that 70% alcohol works better in my opinion.
    I also purchased a nail dehydrator and primer from modelones so that they stay on for longer and for my nails that I didn’t mess up application on, they stayed for a good two weeks. I did have some nails that popped off but it’s bc I put it on the cuticle by accident and it started lifting. Polygel feels really strong and it didn’t even feel like I had any nail extensions on. I used the flatter coffin dual forms because I like the straighter look as opposed to the curved one and it worked great.
    The tubes of polygel are small but it comes with 6 colors and you really don’t need a whole lot when you do your nails unless you want super long nails. I can easily do 10 more sets of nails with just the polygel I have left which is wayyy cheaper than getting my nails done at the salon. You also don’t need an e file when using the dual forms bc it comes out super smooth but I do suggest using one around the cuticle area and underneath the nail so the polygel doesn’t start lifting.
    I really recommend getting this polygel kit if you’re just getting started doing polygel nails. It takes practice but as you do it more it looks better and is easier to work with.

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  4. Frances

    Everything came together and it’s really easy to use..of course practice will make perfect but I’m glad that I don’t have to spend $50 and up at a nail salon anymore. It’s been 2 weeks and I did a fill in and even then I didn’t need to because it still looks pretty good. When I first applied was a little messy for me because I was learning and still am learning lol. Oh yeah…It burns but I think because it got on my actual finger but it’s not terrible. An electric nail drill is needed in my opinion It will help save time and really give you the shape and look you’re going for. The gel tubes really are great to start you off because it does go a long way. Soaking with acetone and using a drill helps if you want to get it off. The dual forms might not fit the walls of your nail but the main thing is actually getting the gel and shape and then you could free hand with the patch work. I love this kit Im glad I bought it and I can’t wait to use it again and get better at this.
    Ps. I forgot to add the cuticle oil and the cuticle scraper cleaner thing and this is light pink

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  5. Shanik Martinez

    This kit is absolutely worth the price! So easy to work with it was my very first time trying poly gel and I’m amazed at the results. I really recommend this kit it brings everything you need, great for beginners!

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  6. Alyssa

    The picture I used is the very first set I did on myself. I did buy some extra nail glitters but the kit is absolutely perfect and so easy to use. I am in no way a professional but have gotten several compliments and had people ask where I got them done.

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    Modelones Poly Extension Gel Nail Kit – 6 Colors with 48W Nail Light Nail Lamp Slip Solution Rhinestones Glitter All In One Kit for Nail Manicure…
    Modelones Poly Extension Gel Nail Kit – 6 Colors with 48W Nail Light Nail Lamp Slip Solution Rhinestones Glitter All In One Kit for Nail Manicure…
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