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Rubik’s Connected – The Connected Electronic Rubik’s Cube That Allows You to Compete with Friends & Cubers Across The Globe. App-Enabled STEM…

Rubik’s Connected – The Connected Electronic Rubik’s Cube That Allows You to Compete with Friends & Cubers Across The Globe. App-Enabled STEM…


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  • SMART & CONNECTED – A reinvented version of the classic Rubik’s Cube to fit the 21st century. The Rubik’s Connected cube is an innovative app-enabled cube puzzle game that connects to your phone or tablet through Bluetooth and allows you to LEARN how to solve the Rubik’s, PLAY mini-games, IMPROVE your game and BATTLE with other cubers around the world.
  • INTERACTIVE – The free companion application tracks your smart cube’s orientation and moves in real-time, allowing you to learn how to solve this cube puzzle and play through an interactive and engaging experience.
  • TRACK PROGRESS – Use the mobile application to track your electronic cube progress, get accurate stats and improve your solve time. Challenge yourself and get better! Sharpen your skills and join our global leaderboard.
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND USE – Charge your Rubik’s Connected Cube, install the Rubik’s app and make sure your Bluetooth connectivity is turned on. If you are using an Android device you may need to activate your location services. Now- you are all set to go. If you have any issues with your Rubik’s Cube connectivity, our support team will be more than happy to assist.
  • STEM & EDUCATIONAL- The Rubik’s Connected academy will teach ANYONE to (finally!) solve the Rubik’s Cube in just 7 simple steps! Strengthen your problem solving, memorization skills and hand & eye coordination. Great for kids! Turn screen time into a quality educational time. This Rubik’s Connected cube will easily become your family’s favorite game for a Saturday night!

Specification: Rubik’s Connected – The Connected Electronic Rubik’s Cube That Allows You to Compete with Friends & Cubers Across The Globe. App-Enabled STEM…

Product Dimensions

2.24 x 2.24 x 2.24 inches

Item Weight

3.95 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)


By Tristar under license from Rubik's

Photos: Rubik’s Connected – The Connected Electronic Rubik’s Cube That Allows You to Compete with Friends & Cubers Across The Globe. App-Enabled STEM…

12 reviews for Rubik’s Connected – The Connected Electronic Rubik’s Cube That Allows You to Compete with Friends & Cubers Across The Globe. App-Enabled STEM…

4.4 out of 5
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  1. Mark

    I really like this cube and I absolutely love the accompanying app.

    Addressing some of the criticisms from other reviews:

    Yes, it has stickers, but I’ve got stickered cubes which I’ve been using for years which still look and solve nicely. If you were to have sticker problems there are lots of specialist cube places which sell replacement sets (mostly so that you can choose custom colours I think, but you could just do a straight-forward replacement too).

    Yes, the battery percentage doesn’t update in real time, but there are two solutions:

    1) (Carefully) remove the blue centre piece and press the reset button for a few seconds (there a videos online).


    2) In the app, just go to the menu (via the hamburger icon) and select Load Cube State.

    The battery lasts for quite a long time, so this isn’t something that you need to do constantly.

    In conclusion, the cube isn’t quite as nice as the Giiker I3S Super Magic Cube, but the app more than makes up for it. Recommended for anyone who takes cubing seriously.

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  2. Dead Gamer

    Buyer beware! Comes with a CATCH!!! Can’t use the app without creating an account, giving email address, and signing up. I bought this for my ten-year-old. I’m not giving some company his email address!

    Paid all this money and their Privacy policy says they are collecting IP Address, location, OS, length of use, name, email address, name, employeey, job title, and other data. It says clearly “We may share your information with selected third parties including but not limited to:” aka we will sell you data to anyone who pays us for it.

    If you like, you can ask them not to sell your data for marketing purposes, but when you go to website, you can’t.

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  3. Michael Knopf

    This product is amazing! The app teaches you how to solve the cube and the connection is very stable. It came pre charged and was easy to sync to Bluetooth.
    It also has an easy to understand user interface so it is very easy to figure out how to use. It is a great investment that I can see myself getting a lot of use out of.

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  4. Adriana

    To start off the cube has a technological side, an engineering side, and a technical side. The cube is complex but the app that you can easily pair to from any device with Bluetooth can help develop fundamental skills to master the cube. There are ways you can challenge yourself and ways to play games the only downside is you cant use the cube while it is charging but it is still functional while it is dead.

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  5. Amazon Customer

    I really wanted this to be as good as it should be.
    I’m not a pro cuber or a speed cuber.
    Is this cube not worth the money?
    The written instructions supplied are poor and the writing tiny.
    It works and it is smooth, although i can’t help feeling something isn’t right with the movement. I can always do 60 to 80 second solves on a regular 3×3 cube, but on this cube that seems less reliable……
    I’m no cube expert so don’t know why.
    App is designed for 17 year olds who don’t want instructions…… so just dive in and hope for the best and don’t expect any useful help –
    But the big big big issue – the stickers are terrible. If this was £7.99 i would still have sent it back. They are so terribly aligned that some fouled on neighbouring segments.
    It is a bit like buying a car that has Tesla technology but is wrapped in a body of a 1968 VW beetle.
    Can tiles be so expensive? I understand that these are going to sell in fewer numbers, but you went this far…. added connectivity and all that goes into making that….. and not tiles….
    I would happily pay £10 more for this with tiles.
    And so I sent it back – and now I don’t have the product I wanted. I may order another to see if I get one with correctly fitted stickers – and then use it only on special occasions, in fear of lifting the corners, edges and seeing the slow demise of the stickers. 🙂

    UPDATE: I re-ordered. Received today and all the stickers are correctly aligned. I have done 100 solves, on a combination of the old one and the replacement.
    I will update this review after I have used the replacement for a while, and see how the stickers hold out over several hundred solves.
    Despite my initial feelings, when the original cube had been returned I mossed it, and the statistics. I do recommend this cube now, but I still think I would pay £20 more for it with tiles…. it’s the stickers that spoil the experience the most.
    If you are going to put so much tech inside a device, the manufacturer should try to make sure its exterior justifies the investment, which stickers doesn’t, so I stand by the original title, but revise the stars from 1 to 4, purely because the statistics logging is very valuable and adds to the experience greatly.


    Unfortunately after 300+ Solves, the cube has become ridiculously loose. Pieces now regularly pop out, and corner pieced randomly revolve on themselves mid solve….
    No way to tighten it up, and my solve times are now increasing every day while i grapple with popping out pieces.
    Will send back and give up for now. Maybe this will be modified in production….

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  6. Adam M.

    The cube has a high quality feel with a really smooth and fast motion. It connected to my phone with no problems using their App and Bluetooth. It’s a lot of fun competing with other people around the world, it really gets the heart pumping! If you never tried a Rubik’s cube, its a great trainer. If you have a lot of experience, get ready for some serious head to head competition with different types of challenges, its a lot of fun!!

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  7. Steve

    I originally learned to do the Rubik’s cube in the early eighties when in the army, covering during the ambulance strike (Windsor). Much more recently, I’ve long since forgotten the sequences, have been wanting to learn them again (post-head-injury and awful short-term memory). Since receiving this in the last week or so, I’ve now followed the ‘connected’ tutorial twice and happy to write, it’s bang on, easy to follow – like having one’s own personal mentor – and, with the right aptitude, I can see myself conquering it once again in no time at all. Recommended (Note that I connect with a 2020 iPad Pro.).

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  8. Mike G

    Recommended by a friend, I can’t believe how easy this product makes solving a Rubik’s cube! Certainly a stress buster, this feels well-made, durable and it has a satisfying motion that makes it addictive to use. I enjoy impressing my grandson at the ease with which I can now solve this classic puzzle. It’s only taken me 45 years to master it!

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  9. H. E. G. Moore

    Having had a normal Rubiks cube gathering dust for years I decided to try this. First things first – it feels ‘quality’ and it was very easy to sync with the app. The bluetooth range is excellent. Secondly, the app is very intuitive to use and has really good tutorials; don’t expect it to ‘spoon feed’ you, you have to do some of the work yourself but I managed to get my head around it and thats someone who has a normal cube gathering dust! I’ve not yet tried to use it in competition with others because I want to practice a bit first but the concept of testing yourself against the clock or against other people gives the whole thing some purpose. It’s a very clever idea…

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  10. C. Manuelian

    I received this cube quickly and it comes in a simple package. The cube is heavier than the standard cube but is very responsive and fast. The one I got was lubricated. There isn’t a way to tension the cube since the center cubes contain electronic components. The magnets in the cube are strong and help it snap into position when solving. The Bluetooth links up quickly and the cube is tracked nicely. The app has instructions for beginners to learn and also offers competition for speed cubers. Only thing is that it uses standard stickers that eventually come off with a lot of use. Charges up on USB connection and battery charge is indicated with blue LED under white center sticker. Battery level is indicated in the app. Makes a great gift for puzzle lovers

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  11. Douglas

    I’ve been doing Rubik’s cubes for a couple years now and have always preferred speed cubes over the original Rubik’s brand cubes because of how difficult the original branded cubes are to rotate. After buying this cube I am pleased to say that they did awesome when choosing parts for this cube. The rotations are easy to perform and have a slight locking to them so it is very easy to line up for another movement. This cube performs better than most speed cubes out there, especially for beginners because the slight locking it provides helps prevent overshooting a rotation.

    The app is also a lot of fun and easy to navigate. It has a complete guide to help beginners learn everything they need to know in order to solve the Rubik’s cube including all algorithms and video guides. What is especially cool about this cube is it keeps track of what your current cube looks like. So if for whatever reason you can’t solve the cube you can simply go to the “Solver” page on the app and it will guide you through the solving of it. When I say it walks you through it I mean it! If you make a wrong move it will let you know and instruct you to reverse it! It’s super easy to follow along with.

    The competition modes in this app are also really fun, and as of the writing of this review (12/27/2020) I was able to find a match with another person within about a minute. You can compete with others based on who can solve the cube faster and in fewer moves or if your a beginner simply compete to see who can scramble the cube by following a set of moves on the screen. Whoever can perform those 30 moves quicker in scramble mode wins.

    The app also provides a couple games you can play solo such as “Cube Hero” which is essentially Guitar Hero where you have to rotate the cube at the right time and some songs that you can play by rotating the cube, each different kind of rotation corresponding to a different note.

    TLDR (Too long didn’t read): Overall this thing is awesome, great way for beginners to learn and a great way for veterans to compete against others or time themselves. The cube has high quality parts and rotates smooth and the app is great and fun to mess around with!

    If you found this review helpful, please consider giving it a helpful rating!

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  12. Tanger01

    I was not the type of kid that had enough patience to solve puzzles so needless to say I gave up pretty quickly to trying to solve a Rubik’s cube. Fast forward 30 years later, with the need for some escapism and a tiny bit more patience and the help of new technologies, I can learn the ways to getting Rubik’s solved and even track how long it takes. Feels like my brain has been turned to mush this year and this fun new version of the classic puzzle has helped me exercise my mushy brain muscles and gave me a sense of accomplishment my 10 year old self would be proud of.

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    Rubik’s Connected – The Connected Electronic Rubik’s Cube That Allows You to Compete with Friends & Cubers Across The Globe. App-Enabled STEM…
    Rubik’s Connected – The Connected Electronic Rubik’s Cube That Allows You to Compete with Friends & Cubers Across The Globe. App-Enabled STEM…
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