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FiiO M6 Hi-Res Lossless MP3 Music Player with HiFi Bluetooth aptX HD/LDAC, USB Audio/DAC,DSD/Tidal/Spotify Support and WiFi/Air Play Full Touch Screen

FiiO M6 Hi-Res Lossless MP3 Music Player with HiFi Bluetooth aptX HD/LDAC, USB Audio/DAC,DSD/Tidal/Spotify Support and WiFi/Air Play Full Touch Screen


(9 customer reviews)
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  • Exynos 7270 (Dual-core 1GHz 14nm) with DAC ES9018Q2C for superb performance
  • USB Type C symmetrical connector2GB internal storage + micro-SD card support (2TB)
  • Dual-Mode Bluetooth 4.2 with full format support–aptX/aptX HD/LDAC/SBC
  • Wi-Fi Music Streaming AirPlay FiiO Link USB DAC USB audio out 13 hours battery life
  • FiiO-customized Android OS with support to whitelisted apps: Tidal, Spotify, Qobuz,, etc.

Specification: FiiO M6 Hi-Res Lossless MP3 Music Player with HiFi Bluetooth aptX HD/LDAC, USB Audio/DAC,DSD/Tidal/Spotify Support and WiFi/Air Play Full Touch Screen

Product Dimensions

2.1 x 0.45 x 3.64 inches

Item Weight

2.93 ounces



Item model number



1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

December 9, 2018

Photos: FiiO M6 Hi-Res Lossless MP3 Music Player with HiFi Bluetooth aptX HD/LDAC, USB Audio/DAC,DSD/Tidal/Spotify Support and WiFi/Air Play Full Touch Screen

9 reviews for FiiO M6 Hi-Res Lossless MP3 Music Player with HiFi Bluetooth aptX HD/LDAC, USB Audio/DAC,DSD/Tidal/Spotify Support and WiFi/Air Play Full Touch Screen

3.2 out of 5
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  1. daniel k

    Ich hab mir diesen Player geholt weil er einen super Sound haben sollte
    Er hat einen super Sound

    Leider haben sich sadistische wahnsinnige diese Bedienung ausgedacht.
    Der Player ist unbenutzbar mit dieser Oberfläche. es ergibt nie sinn warum wann irgendwie was passiert.
    Beim Versuch unterwegs ein neues Album zu hören muss man den aktivieren, dann mus man oft wieder die Playersoftware anklicken. In jedem Fall muss man 2 mal auf zurück klicken, wiel.. kein Grund.

    Lautstärke und Track skippen ist auf der selben Taste.. länger drücken nächster Track.. aber nicht wenn das Display an ist.

    Vorspulen? NEIN!! Was um Himmels Willen soll man mit so etwas anfangen. Es ist einfach komplett unbrauchbar wenn man unterwegs ist.

    Mixtracks mit einer Stunde braucht er ewwwwig um da zu spulen.
    Diese ganzen Apps braucht keine Sau und die Android implementierung ist Schrottig. Schon 2 mal abgestürtzt einfach.

    Ich wollte meinen Sansa Clip 30 Tacken Plyer damit ersetzen.. Unsinn. Ich kann da in Lichtgeschwindigkeit da Sachen ändern und in der Hosentasche blind auch mal vorspulen etc.

    Also Toller Klang und ansonsten Schrott! Für Masochisten!

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  2. Clayton

    My old 1st generation Fiio X1 died from water damage, and it had been such a great device I decided stick with Fiio. I liked the look of the M9, but didn’t want to spend that much. I was tempted by the M7, but really fancied a device with WiFi and the ability to use music streaming apps.
    I was about to give up on Fiio, but then they suddenly launched the M6. It seemed to offer everything I wanted, and a nice price, so it was a no brainier.

    First impressions were good, build quality is excellent, made from aluminium with glass on the back as well as the front screen. Somewhat annoyingly, a screen protector for the back is fitted in the factory, but you have to put the one for the screen on yourself. I made a hash of it, and it looks unsightly. They do supply is a nice silicone case, which is nice touch.

    Setting the device up was straight forward, I used the same memory card I used in my X1 , and the media library updated no problem. I’ve since used Media Monkey to add more music, and have had no problems. Using the screen and buttons is actually quite good considering how small this player is. It’s a generally nice device to use.

    Sound quality is obviously a big factor with a dedicated music player, and the M6 performs very well here. The sound is clean, well defined, open and airy. For reference, it sounds better than my old X1, and better than my iPhone 6 (which is no slouch for sound quality). That’s using the headphone output, using line out and plugged into my HiFi, the sound quality is even better, in fact it’s outstanding.
    One great feature is the device’s ability to act as a stand-alone DAC, and this can be via USB, or Bluetooth. I can connect my Samsung tablet to the M6 using LDAC Bluetooth, and use the tablet as a source. The M6 acts as a Bluetooth receiver, and DAC, outputting to my home system using line out. Extremely convenient, yet also very good sound quality.

    Battery life: It’s supposed to be about 13 hours, and I would say it’s perfectly capable of this, as long as you leave the device continuously playing music, and nothing else. (I’ve observed 7% drain per hour). However, that’s not how most people use music players, and once you start using the screen, navigating around the device, using different apps, streaming, downloading, using line out, etc, battery life takes a big hit. In real world use, I would expect less than half the claimed battery life. On the plus side, the battery charges up quite quickly.

    Issues: Unfortunately, despite this device ticking a lot of boxes, it does have some issues which can’t be overlooked. I think they are probably related to fact this device uses a processing chip from a Smartwatch, which isn’t at all powerful. I’ve used Tidal, Spotify, and Amazon Prime music apps on my M6, and they all have issues:

    Tidal suffers from stuttering of music, mainly at the start of a track, but it can happen at any time if you dare to do other stuff at the same time, like browse for music. It’s worse with WiFi on, and gets worse when actually streaming music. Using Bluetooth at the same time is even worse, and it’s not even possible to use LDAC “Sound Quality Priority” whilst streaming, all you get is stuttering, no music.
    To reduce stuttering to a minimum, I have to switch WiFi off, reboot the device and only use Tidal in offline mode. Even then it will still give a little hiccup now and again.

    I unsubscribed from Tidal and tried Spotify. No stuttering! However, I had other issues: Whenever I turned the M6 on and opened Spotify, it would try and transfer all my downloaded music from my memory card to the device’s internal memory. I checked my Spotify account (using another device), and it seemed my M6 appeared in my “registered devices” list about 5 times, and it had hit the limit. I cleared this list, and it seemed to cure the problem.
    However, I had been using Spotify offline mode in the M6, but when I went to open the app again, it asked me to log in. However, it wouldn’t let me do this, because I was offline. I couldn’t go online because I wasn’t logged in. Now, this might not have been the M6’s fault, but I never had this problem on any other device.

    I then tried Amazon Prime Music (I already had a subscription), and whilst it does work, it’s incredibly slow. Upon opening, it takes a couple of minutes before being able to actually play music. The music doesn’t stutter like it does in Tidal, but you have to be very, very patient to appreciate it.

    Even Fiio Music isn’t perfect, and I’ll often have to endure a tiny hiccup at the start of a track now and again. There’s a few other niggles too:

    Whilst the Bluetooth DAC function works great for music, it’s no good for video, thanks to a lag of about half a second between video and audio.

    The graphic equaliser function is poorly implemented. On my X1, turning on the EQ meant the maximum volume available was reduced, in order to avoid a distorted output at too high a volume. On the M6, turning on the EQ results in the current volume being reduced. This make easy A-B comparisons difficult when trying to compare EQ’d sound to un EQ’d sound. I also get the impression that the sound quality also drops a bit when turning on the EQ. Perhaps that’s just my imagination, though?

    In deciding how many stars to give this product, I would have loved to have given 4 or maybe even 5 stars, because I do like Fiio products, and this M6 is very nice in many ways. I feel a bit mean only giving two stars, especially when it performs so well when used as a Bluetooth DAC connected to my home system. However, it’s primary use is as a portable music player, and in that role it fails to provide solid music playback, whatever app I try to use.
    It might sound better than my iPhone 6, but because of the niggles, I find the IPhone is getting used more then the Fiio when out and about, which was never the idea when buying the M6.

    I hold out hope that Fiio can address these performance issues with updates, but we’ve had two of them so far, and no improvement. Unfortunatley it seems Fiio are more concerned about adding more apps to the Whitelist rather than fixing issues, it seems odd that people buy a dedicated music player, and then badger the manufacturer to make it function more like a smartphone.

    If Fiio can improve the M6, then I will consider revising my rating of this product…

    UPDATE: April 2020, the device is 15 months old, and now has a load of horizontal lines on the screen. I think I’ll be looking at a different brand when it comes to getting another music player. Sorry Fiio, but this device has not been good enough.

    ANOTHER UPDATE: June 2020, I went to use Tidal, and it said I needed to go online, which is normal after not connecting for a while. However, it wouldn’t let me log in, with a message about an undetermined network error. I upgraded the M6 firmware, no difference. I uninstalled the Tidal app and downloaded it again from the Fiio website, still the same.
    This appears to be a fairly common issue a tthe moment with this device, and some people recommend using certain versions of the Tidal app. I tried these different versions, still no joy. I can log in fine on all my other devices. I tried a different WiFi connection, and even a factory reset of the device.

    So, Spotify never worked properly, and now Tidal has gone the same way. Amazon Prime Music does still work online ok, so I know the Wifi connection is good.

    UPDATE: June 2020, I managed to find a version of Tidal that works, so at least the device is useful again.

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  3. Dieter Hobelsberger

    Me tardé más de un mes en calificar para dar una opinión con base en el tiempo. El sonido y facilidad de uso es extraordinario. Resulta necesaria una tarjeta SD de buena calidad, no se les ocurra usar una clase 4 o por el estilo, usen una clase 10.

    Me gusta muchísimo la calidad de reproducción de archivos Flac, que junto con unos buenos audífonos se escucha tal como el estudio de grabación quería que se escucharan las canciones. En ese aspecto, 10 de 10. Cuando lo uso en mi carro por Bluetooth o por auxiliar la calidad es extraordinaria. El volumen al 100% es imposible de escuchar, no por que se distorsione, no, sino porque es altísimo, no paso del 80% pues valoro mis oídos.

    Sin embargo tengo dos puntos a tratar, el primero es que la batería no dura tanto como dice FIIO. El segundo es la plataforma Android que usa misma que, aunque es muy buena como idea, necesita sí o sí perfeccionarse. Usualmente tengo que reiniciar el aparato pues se traba, ello se resuelve con una nueva versión a través de un parche que hoy en día no ha salido.

    Por favor, no hagan caso a quien dice que no se escucha tan bien, se escucha maravilloso, pero si usan audífonos baratos o sin calidad, pues obvio el Fiio M6 no hará milagros, yo lo uso con unos Sennheiser Momentum 2, espectacular.

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  4. A flutist

    I recently began working at a place where headphones are actually encouraged! Thank goodness they don’t feel the need to pipe “background” music into my new office. I wanted two DAPs (digital audio players) – one to leave at work, and the other to leave at home with my listening rig and headphone collection. My existing DAP was the FiiO X3 2nd generation, a faithful companion for more than two years. The X3ii is stable and robust, and I have come to trust its file management, easy to use controls, and numerous audio settings. Its only problem was that I could not get it to send digital coaxial output to two external digital to analog converters (DACs) simultaneously. So I figured I would take the X3ii to work to use with headphones only and buy a new DAP to use at home.

    After researching the pricing, features, and Amazon ratings for FOURTEEN different DAPs, I settled on the FiiO M6, the subject of this review. The price seemed right, and I liked my X3ii, so I went with FiiO again. Its various cons outweigh its few pros, though, leading me to give it a two star rating.

    Size and weight: Small and light. Just right.

    Volume control: I like having three ways to control the volume – pressing the volume up or down buttons on the side adjusts the volume one step at a time and brings up a digital on screen control at the same time. The digital control lets you dial up or down a “speedometer style” graphic, plus you can use + and – buttons at the bottom of the screen.

    Sound quality: Very good for a portable device in this price range.

    Service: FiiO repsonded quickly and politely to my email question, with well-thought-out advice. Unfortunately, it didn’t solve my problem.

    Screen protector: It seems that some genius (human or robot) at the factory installed the screen protector on the device’s BACK, not on the screen. However, the M6 comes with an extra screen protector that I have not yet installed.

    Album art: My X3ii never had a problem with album art. As long as the art was embedded in the file or I had an image called “Folder” in the folder where the music file was, the X3ii displayed it while the music was playing. Period. But the M6 has started dropping images, seemingly at random, from a previously flawless SD card music library. It just displays a generic music graphic. I put a lot of effort into meticulously naming and organizing my music folders, metadata, and playlists for consistency and elegance, and it’s frustrating to have that messed with.

    Play mode: I LOVE having a “stop after current track” feature, and I have come to depend on it so I don’t have to scramble for the pause button before a new track starts. The M6, as far as I can tell, doesn’t let you do this.

    USB audio output: My new SMSL SU-8 DAC was fine with the M6, but my Schiit Magni Multibit refused to recognize the M6’s digital output with the same cable and adapter. FiiO support advised me via email to change the USB output mode from DoP to D2P, then reconnect the DAC. No dice. So I was back to where I started: a DAP that would talk to one of my DACs, but not the other. After MUCH trial and error and spending a lot of money on various cables, adapters, and splitters, I was finally able to get the X3ii to send digital audio signal via coax to both DACs without having to plug and unplug things every time I want a different DAC. So now the X3ii is my permanent, trusted home rig DAP, while the M6 is relegated to second string at work.

    Folders: The M6 adds obnoxious, superfluous folders like “Android” and “LOST.DIR” to my SD cards, cluttering them up annoyingly. The ideal device just plays the playlists. It should not alter the file system in any way at all. Is that so hard?

    FiiO, I’m not impressed. I have, how you say, “the buyer’s remorse.”

    I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy this device if you want one. I’m just saying that my experince has not been ideal so far. Your experience and needs may differ vastly from my own.

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  5. Gary Dimmock

    Had the M6 a couple of days coming from a similar sized touchscreen DAP. My requirements were…. Perfect gapless playback, touchscreen, good UI, simple to use and of course decent sound. A bonus would also be the ability to play from some streaming services and access my NAS over DLNA. Well what can I say, this little box of tricks does all off the above and does it very well indeed. Firstly the player is a decent size, not to big and not to small – ideal for pockets. The build quality is very good indeed and seems very solid.

    I loaded up my trusty 128gb SD card – no scanning issues at all and everything seems perfect. The UI is simple and intuitive with the inclusion of some swiping gestures – ideal for touchscreen use. No issues with UI navigation, which is slick and seems well laid out.

    I have added the ES file explorer app, as well as the Spotify app, very simple to do and a painless process. With ES file explorer I can access my NAS and play files on the M6 (the DLNA option in fiio music didn’t locate it). Gapless is perfect as well.

    This tiny box of tricks has a number of other features, but these were important to me and all work great. The sound the M6 produces is very good, I would say fairly neutral across the range which (for me) is great for iem pairing

    All in all a fantastic little DAP and I would recommend

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  6. Matt

    It came on with 50% battery. All seemed well, basic Android setup. I started a trial with Tidal, 20usd per month for premium services. I used with Grado SR80 headphones and it sounded better than anything I’ve heard before. I never made it to 50% volume, it had plenty of power. I downloaded albums which went to the device instead of the new SD card I bought for it. I couldn’t figure out how to transfer to the SD. TIDAL stopped working, there was too much saved on the device, I deleted it all. It worked again. It seemed like a lot of work to use the thing. I want a unit where albums go directly to the SD card. It wasn’t user friendly enough for me. Physically, I think it’s high quality, software wise, so so.

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    I like it!

    I’m coming from a opus#2, that being said.
    The sound of the m6 works for me, no not as good a sounding Dap but the m6 gives me features that the opus#2 can’t.

    The m6 can power my sennheiser hd58x with headroom to spare, wow.
    Also I get usb output that I can’t get on opus.
    Another thing I wanted was aptx hd, ldac bluetooth again not on opus#2.

    So let’s add that up.
    1. Hd bluetooth with ldac.
    2. Bluetooth streaming for Tadal and Deezer
    3.USB output
    4.Size is 80%smaller

    Wow that’s alot.

    As far as the sound quality difference between the Opus#2 and the M6, I have what I think is the best solution.
    I use the Fiio q5 and takes it to a level better than the Opus#2 for me anyway.
    To get the most out of the bluetooth codec on the M6, I use the Earstudio ES100.
    The reason for this is, that most bluetooth headphones are nowhere near the sound quality of the DM6’S and the sennheiser hd58x. I just plugin my headphones to the SE100, set M6 bluetooth to Ldac and WOW.


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  8. JET

    So I wanted to replace my 3rd generation 64gb Ipod Touch. Did tons of online research and came up with this one. The M6 runs an Android OS, which I understood to mean I could attempt to sideload the streaming and audio apps I use on my Samsung Note 10. After downloading and installing the latest firmware any 3rd party app can be sideloaded. 3rd party apps may or may not work and they may slow the device down, as clearly stated by the FIIO website.

    The following 3rd party apps were sideloaded from apk files and they work:
    • JET Audio +
    • MediaMonkey
    • Classical Radio
    • DI FM Radio
    • Jazz Radio
    • Radio Tunes
    • HOF Radio (House of Frankie house music)

    Spotify and Amazon Music were downloaded from the FIIO web site and they also work. There were a few other audio apps I uninstalled because I don’t use them.

    I’ve added a 64gb memory card. Right now I’ve got approx. 4500 tracks on it. Most of the tracks are 192kbps or 256kbps mp3’s. Funk, Latin, Rap, DnB, R&B, Deep House, Classical, Jazz, audio books, meditation music and Electronic are some of the music genres I listen too.

    I’ve paired with the following Bluetooth headphones and speakers:
    • B & O Beoplay 9Hi
    • Harmon Kardon Aura Studio 2
    • Harmon Kardon Onyx Studio 2
    • Jabra Elite 85h
    • JBL Pulse 3
    • Plantronics Backbeat Sense
    • Samsung DA-E550
    • Sol Republic Amps Air 1
    • Sol Republic Shadow
    • Sol Republic Tracks Air
    • Sony GTK-XB5
    • Sony MDR-1000X
    • Soundpeats True Wireless

    All paired and play with no problems. I don’t use any controls on the headphones or speaker, I always use the M6 for volume, play, stop, etc. so I can’t say if any onboard headphone or speaker controls work or don’t work.

    I also have the following wired headphones and IEM’s
    • KZ ZS10Pro
    • KZ KNPro
    • Sol Republic Master Tracks

    All 3 sound very good but the ZS10 Pro’s sound especially crisp and open, almost pristine. Both of the IEM’s have after market cables that alter their respective sound profiles.

    In general the M6 outputs a flat and neutral, but open sound. With all of the various headphones and speaker systems, the sound didn’t exaggerate or diminish any specific frequency. I by no means consider myself an audiophile but the sound profile did seem more transparent and clear. Not bass heavy unless the music calls for that and not overly bright with high frequencies. I’m very satisfied with the sound produced by the M6.

    The controls work as expected. The OS lags slightly when swiping and navigating into and around the menus, however, its nothing to cry about. I don’t use the FIIO player for my audio files, I use JET Audio +. Using JET Audio playback is great. It has lots of features and works well with the M6. The screen is the right size and responsive and more than bright enough.

    Overall, I’m very satisfied with the M6. The factors that compelled me to chose it over the 7th gen Ipod Touch include expandable memory, lower price ($150 for the M6 vs $299 for the 128gb Ipod Touch), more support for the various audio formats out. I currently only have high quality MP3’s but now I have the options to try FLAC and DSF files.

    Highly Recommended!!

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  9. Bookaddict1961

    Tja wo fang ich an?
    Mit der Ausgangslage?:
    iPhone SE (und ein paar andere), Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro – 16 Ohm, Alac gerippte CD-Sammlung auf NAS, Spotify mit Unmengen Playlists, Quobuz und Tidal Als Testaccount in höchster Qualität. Parallel Test mit einem FIO KHV
    Oder der Motivation?:
    Mehr Klang wäre nett, und alles schön transportabel in einem Gerät zusammengefaßt.
    Da käme dieser Player-Zwerg mit Android gerade recht.

    Optik, Haptik usw.
    Einfach elegant verpackt. Ist recht handlich und in einer typischen transparenten Siliconhülle. Die von anderen monierte Schutzfolie auf der Rückseite ist wohl eher dzt. Designelement, weil nicht vollflächig, nicht transparent aber mit Firmenlogo.

    Laden ging recht flott (teilgeladen), Einrichtung auch.
    Dass man die sehr wenigen verfügbaren restlichen Apps (ein paar Streamingdienste aber bei Weitem nicht alle Wichtigen, ein Systempflegetool) zuerst mal irgendwie auf das Gerät kriegen muss, naja (am einfachsten am PC auf eine SD laden).
    Zugriff auf alle 3 meiner Streamingdienste und auf die auf SD umkopierte NAS-Musikbibliothek geglückt (weil auf der kleinen Testkarte kein Platz mehr war, konnte Qobuz allerdings nicht wirklich puffern und stotterte und crashte.)

    Erster Nutzungseindruck
    Ja, klingt ganz gut. Rasend schnell ist der Prozessor wohl nicht. Also mal ein paar Tage verschiedenes Material auf verschiedenen Quellen vergleichen.

    Längerer Klangtest
    Klingt grundsätzlich heller, bei gutem Material marginal ‚besser‘, spielfreudiger,
    irgendwie gefühlt etwas mehr obere Mitten und weniger Bass (auch wenn er im Einzelnen dann doch genauso da ist),
    vielleicht gibt es auch einen Hauch mehr Auflösung. Das alles bei gleicher Bühne und in Summe eher anstrengender zu hören.
    Bei einigem Material insbesondere von Spotify klang’s allerdings sogar eher schlechter.
    An manchen guten Tagen/ Stücken war auch/vor allem der Unterschied zwischen den Diensten hörbar, oft eher doch nicht. Erschwert wird der Vergleich auch durch die tw. unterschiedliche Grundlautstärke der Dienste.

    Rein leistungsmässig braucht mein DT770 die höhere Power des Fiio eh nicht, hier reicht etwa 50% des Möglichen um auf die gleiche Lautstärke zu kommen wie am iPhone die meist sehr ausreichend laute 75% und EU-gelb/rot Einstellung. D.h. alles was man an Klangverbesserung hört (oder öfter auch nicht) geht auf das Konto des DAC und dass er echte HR Formate auf den Kopfhörer bringt (CD/FLAC/ALAC geht auch noch am iPhone problemlos über Kopfhörer höhere Qualität nur per Lightning; das bringt also nur was, wenn man selber Material hat oder die überraschend spärlich gesäten Stücke beim 25€ Qobuz Angebot hören möchte.)

    Der nur für den SD-Playerbetrieb vorhandene Equalizer ist praktisch unbrauchbar. Nicht nur frisst er Unmengen an Leistung (80 statt 55), kostet Soundqualität auch bei Nullkorrektur aber vor allem die angegeben dB sind ein Witz. Selbst bei Vollausschlag ist kaum Auswirkung zu bemerken. Als klaren Nachweis, dass er überhaupt was tut, musste ich praktisch eine Hälfte auf Max und die andere auf Min weg regeln. Da gibt es erheblich bessere Player-Lösungen in den vollwertigen App-Stores (Neutron-Player, Jet-Audio mit Bongiovio-Kopfhörerkorrektur-DSP,…)

    Die Prozessorleistung ist unterirdisch. Entsprechend reagiert das Telefon auf viele Eingaben sehr verzögert oder auch mal gar nicht. Erschwerend kommt der Ersatz der Buttons durch zwei Wischbewegungen (links, rechts) von ganz unten dazu.
    Das Starten von Spotify mit Listenauswahl und Titelwahl war gleich mal eine Minute. Rechtsscrollen beim Einzeltitel zum Titelwechsel wird gerne ganz ignoriert (nur das Cover wird angezeigt). Ein Titelwechsel aus der Liste kann mal 2 Sekunden dauern und die Anzeige dann nochmal. Gerne wird auch nach etwa dieser Zeit eine kurze Störung/Unterbrechung ins Stück eingebaut. Ein paar mal wurde ein Blätterversuch in der Liste mit einem Totallock quittiert und einem ‚Spotify reagiert nicht mehr Fenster‘. Abstürze gabs auch mit Qobuz. Nach einem Reboot ging’s dann wieder reaktiver.

    Akkuleistung ist soweit ok, liegt irgendwo bei rund 10% pro Spielstunde. Leider frisst der Standby (insb. mit WLAN) auch ziemlich Strom (scheint so um die 50% in 24 Stunden zu sein).

    Wenn man dem Ding einen vernünftigen Prozessor und Memory gegönnt hätte, würd er wohl Sinn und Spaß machen. Insbesondere wenn man eine leistungshungrigeren Kopfhörer betreiben und Streaming haben möchte, bleibt einem eh nur die Wahl zwischen den paar Android-Playern oder einem dedizierten KHV (ev. mit externem DAC), was aber auch nicht der Gipfel an mobilem Komfort ist.
    Wer noch viel jüngere Ohren hat, einen hervorragenden Kopfhörer hat und deutliche Unterschiede hört (oder meint zu hören) und eh immer nur 3 Listen in Dauerschleife hört, kann wohl auch zuschlagen.
    Mir persönlich haben die Abstürze und Softwareprobleme den Spaß verhagelt, sonst wär er als all-in-one-Zwerg durchaus eine nützliche Ergänzung.

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    FiiO M6 Hi-Res Lossless MP3 Music Player with HiFi Bluetooth aptX HD/LDAC, USB Audio/DAC,DSD/Tidal/Spotify Support and WiFi/Air Play Full Touch Screen
    FiiO M6 Hi-Res Lossless MP3 Music Player with HiFi Bluetooth aptX HD/LDAC, USB Audio/DAC,DSD/Tidal/Spotify Support and WiFi/Air Play Full Touch Screen
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