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Hanes Women’s Wear Around Nightshirt

Original price was: $16.00.Current price is: $12.00.

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Photos: Hanes Women’s Wear Around Nightshirt

13 reviews for Hanes Women’s Wear Around Nightshirt

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  1. JKayPm

    Great shirt. Now, there’s no point in telling you what size I am or where it falls to on my knees no matter what my height is — and I don’t understand why people think that’s helpful – just give the measurements!! That goes for shoes too!

    The 3 black shirts I ordered came individually wrapped, tag says 100% preshrunk cotton, they looked and felt great, good quality, not too thin, and not too thick and heavy. I immediately threw them all in the washer, set on warm, then dried them, then measured them:

    Approximate measurements:
    Length (shoulder to hem) = 36″
    Arm pit to arm pit = 25″
    Sleeve (measured underneath) = 5″

    The shirts are very comfortable, not thin but not thick, and good quality. As for the picture, if you’re the size of the model, it will fit you exactly like that! 😉

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  2. Snowbird

    I am very disappointed with this Nightshirt. I bought one last season and liked it so much that I ordered 2 more. This new one has a high neck and is much smaller than the ones I already have although I ordered the same size. The old ones all have
    V necks and are softer. This problem has happened to me before with sweatshirts I ordered from Hanes. The sleeves were cut much tighter all the way to the wrists and the material was scratchy. I threw them out. I’ll wash this one a few times to see if it softens but it will probably wind up in the trash too. I am done with Hanes products.

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  3. Mary

    I just got it today and I’m going to turn around and buy another one. I am 5’2″ 155lbs. OMG my white legs…lollipop

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  4. ET

    I’m obsessed with this shirt, to be honest. I’m 5’6″ and about 215-220lbs, and this fits very comfortably – it’s big, but doesn’t feel way too huge, and it is long enough that I’m comfortable lounging in it. It hits just above the knee for me. The material isn’t the softest at first touch, but it seems to soften with wear. I’m already planning to buy another one because it’s the perfect fit and it’s affordable.

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  5. Lise

    I wanted to buy some 100% cotton men’s hospital nightgowns for a loved one that does not tolerate polyester. All I found was either 100% polyester (so uncomfortable) or polyester/cotton (not much better) gowns that were very expensive. None were 100% cotton to my discouragement, until I discovered these Hanes women’s nightshirts at a super price! From the comments, I saw that the size was very large and some of the colors ok for men. Since I needed a men’s LARGE size, I took a chance and ordered 3 in denim blue. They arrived quickly, great color, perfect size, great quality 100% cotton, and hardly shrunk when washed! I adapted them by cutting them down the back, trimmed them with bias tape and some Velcro at the neck and was so happy with the result that I ordered 6 more!

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  6. Aby

    I love this i gave it 5 stars because of the price and getting ready to buy it in all 5.5 and 175 lbs and its fits big.i believe if you go up to a 1x or 2x in size this would still fit. I posted a picture so you can see how it fits a me.

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  7. Faye Delorme

    I’m so happy this one-size item fit, because it is the most perfect sleep shirt at an incredible price! I hate when the necks or arms are too large and this fits exactly like an oversized tshirt. I’m 5’7 and wear a XL or 16/18 and this is tailor made for me. Buying more in other colours!

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  8. Terri Beavers

    This is huge which is exactly what I wanted. After (failed) back surgery, I can’t stand for anything to touch my back or fit snug on it. I weigh 110 and I think two (or three) people my size could fit in this lol. I’m definitely going to be buying more to wear around the house. I could even go to the door with it on because it covers everything (modest abe here). I bought this as an add-on for less than $5 and you really can’t beat that for a Hanes nightshirt. Hanes is a brand I trust and this mega comfy nightshirt is exactly what I was looking for.

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  9. Kindle Customer

    Initially I purchased one of these for my mother as a night shirt. She lives in a senior home. The person doing her laundry hung it up in her closet.
    Next day I see my Mother wearing this as a dress. Instead of pointing out her mistake, I accessorized it with a brooch, added a cardigan. She got many compliments.
    It washes well. If hung after drying it is ready to wear. Light iron is needed at most. No piling seen. Mom being in her 80’s wears a slip underneath it. But, in my opinion slip is not needed. The fabric is heavy enough so it hangs well and is not see thru.
    A great comfortable dress Mom can put on herself and feel good about her appearance.
    I ordered her a few more in different colors. Budget and Mom very happy.
    Even bought one for myself.
    Mom is 5 ft 4 and 175. If fits loosely without looking too big. It comes to below her knees.

    I am 5 ft 7 and 225 lb. (50 bust, 42 waist 50 hips) it fits with 1 to 2 inches of ease. Please do not take these dimensions as shirt dimensions, I have washed and worn this numerous times. It can be clingy in me out of the dryer but stretches when sitting and moving without bagging.

    I have no problem wearing this as as a casual dress around home and grocery shopping

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  10. 🌁

    I’ve been unashamedly using these in lieu of putting on pants. They’ve worked well for that.

    However, in my latest orders, I’ve now noticed the material is quite literally half of what it used to be: instead of heavy cotton, it’s almost see-through thin at this point. This isn’t a manufacturing glitch: multiple orders, with different colors, have yielded this much, much thinner fabric.

    Length is still the same, which is why I started buying these in the first place: It’s really difficult to find any shirts this long. However, with the material so flimsy now, it’s not really worth the money any more.

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  11. Grecia Elizondo

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     Me gusto, es lo que promete, mido 1.50 metros y soy delgada, para mi gusto es bastante larga, pero a la vez entiendo, porque es unitalla. Cabe mencionar que la tela si pica un poco, a pesar de que la lave, pero espero que con las siguientes lavadas se quite por completo esa sensación, que realmente no es súper incomodo, pero en principio si lo puedes notar.

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  12. Wildlife Gal

    This is difficult, and I will update once washed…size is equivalent to my WASHED AND DRIED 2X-3X from Walmart or Superstore, but the material is thicker, and there is no annoying picture/logo on it.

    At the shoulder, width is about 23 inches (59 cm) from sleeve seam to sleeve seam; hem width is about 26 inches (65cm) across – very little flare to accommodate hips; length is 40 inches (100 cm) measure from back collar to hem. As mentioned by others, this is VERY close fitting at the throat.

    I really want to like this, but I really don’t like tight fitting, and it lacks the flare (an extra 6 inches width at the hem with the others in my drawer…) I would prefer.

    Update Oct 2020: after warm water washing and tumble drying it lost a minor bit in length (less than an inch) but gained it in width, lessening the tight feel. This has vastly improved the feel and fit – although the neck is still a bit on the snug side. Material is quite heavy for this sort of shirt, at least double the thickness of normal Walmart T-shirt style night shirt.

    I have upgraded from three to four stars based on softening, widening, and wear – it still looks new.

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  13. Amazon Customer

    Was looking for a HUGE oversized LONG t-shirt type thing to wear to bed that wasn’t all girly– so I went up like 3-4 sizes as I find all Hanes T-shirts shrink. Unfortunately, this seemed to be sized for juniors and was itty bitty small!– probably several sizes smaller than advertised, if not more. Since I bought it the product page removed all the sizes and it only has “One Size”… well that says it all. Based on the low-star complaints, I think they were only sending one size out or something dirty. Probably an x-small for skinny pre-teens!

    I regret I did not return it. I threw it in the trash as it was so cheap (obviously, you get what you pay for). I still can’t believe I bought something this big and it barely fit (I’m not even plus sized!). Wow. The whole shape of it was horrible and hideous. Bad quality. I think I’ll stick to buying guys oversized T’s for a soft, comfy sleep shirt. A complaint to the seller is probably in order here.

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    Hanes Women’s Wear Around Nightshirt
    Hanes Women’s Wear Around Nightshirt

    Original price was: $16.00.Current price is: $12.00.
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