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Boon JELLIES Suction Cup Toddler Sensory Bath Tub Toy for Kids Aged 12 Months and Up, Multicolor (Pack of 9)


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  • BABY BATH TOY SET: 9 colorful jellyfish bath toys
  • UNIQUE BATHTIME FUN: Stack, link and build fun shapes and structures
  • FUN BATH TOYS FOR OLDER BABIES: Jellyfish toys suction to the wall for bathtime fun
  • Made without BPA
  • SUITABLE FOR: Ages 12 months and up

Specification: Boon JELLIES Suction Cup Toddler Sensory Bath Tub Toy for Kids Aged 12 Months and Up, Multicolor (Pack of 9)

Product Dimensions

‎6 x 2 x 7 inches

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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


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‎7.3 ounces

Photos: Boon JELLIES Suction Cup Toddler Sensory Bath Tub Toy for Kids Aged 12 Months and Up, Multicolor (Pack of 9)

13 reviews for Boon JELLIES Suction Cup Toddler Sensory Bath Tub Toy for Kids Aged 12 Months and Up, Multicolor (Pack of 9)

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  1. Gemma

    I got these as part of a project to replace all the kids bath toys with ones which dont harbour mould. The suction power is good and they’re fun for the kids. They are easy to keep clean as drain well. There is a slight amount of black in the stems but it isn’t any parts the kids would be able to get to like they couldnt suck on them like those bath toys with holes in them and get a mouthful of mouldy water 😖 I’ve had them in the dishwasher every so often. It tarnished them a little but they are clean

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  2. Mrs Norma R Cardill

    We really like these. I bought them with tubes& pipes. However they really aren’t all that interesting in terms of play time! Ive noticed they dont get played with as much. The look nice& once wet do stick to the tiles& bath.

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  3. Queene

    I put them on the window for my daughter to try pull off as part of a sensory game which she does try very hard to pull off hahaha. Much cheaper than squigz which is ludicrously expensive 🙄. This does the same thing for the fraction of the price!

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  4. Rampaige944

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. One year and another baby later, these are still a favorite for many reasons.

    Boon Jellies span a wide age range. Throughout the last year my son had varying interest levels with them. However, it’s always a toy he comes back to, which is very rare for him.

    As my almost 3yr old gets older, he plays with them in new ways. I have a 1yr old daughter who loves to play with them as well. Aside from the versatility of stimulus in play they provide, they are very well designed and made. They are really beautiful toys as well, which is so rare.

    I’d like to address a couple issues I’ve seen people post about. Mold. The only way this possibly will build up mold is if you leave water in the cups for extended periods of time (over and over)! User neglect, not design flaw. They are virtually impossible to give rise to mold if they are drained. I leave them in the tub for a couple days as long as the water is drained from the tub the water in the toys always dries out, and I live in a very humid area. Or you could just do the smart thing and put them away after you use them. Unlike toys that are closed and difficult to drain these don’t hold water if you just take one second to put them away; thus, you’ll never have mold.

    The suction has not decreased over a year of use. We occasionally leave them stuck to the wall for a few days at a time. The only suction issue was with build up of minerals from the water on one of the cups. Used a toothbrush give it a quick scrub, good as new sticking to each other again.

    My son likes to play with his toys rather violently, these have held up to many many throws against the size of the tub.

    Generally, my son does not like popular toys. 9 out of 10 toys I’ve gotten for him he’s wanted nothing to do with. It is nice to see such a beautiful, sturdy, versatile toy that has stayed in use for such an extended period of time. My daughter conversely loves 9 out of 10 toys she gets, she loves these too.

    If I am too exhausted to put away these toys at the end of the day they still look cute in in my bathroom, instead of a eyesore.

    Win Win all around.

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  5. Danka Petrova

    Worked great at the beginning but then stopped sticking to one another. I left them for too long stuck on the side of the bath tub. So maybe this made the suction cup flatter than needed?

    Addition: I figured out how to make them stick on top of each other again. I put them in boiling water for a few seconds. Alternatively, you can hold by the top with tongs and dip the suction cup in the very hot/boiling water. Yay!

    P.s. The cup on the left in the photo is after the “hot bath”. Clearly visible that the suction cup is more round.

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  6. Candy H

    These are great. My little boy isn’t overly fussed for them yet but think he’s just a tad too young maybe. Only complaint is that after first few uses you stop being able to stick them on top of each other but this isn’t a bother.

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  7. Melissa

    My 17 month old daughter loves these. I had a hard time transitioning her into the regular tub (it terrified her). I tried just about every technique out there. Finally, THESE Jellies were the thing that got her into the tub. She absolutely loves these.

    •These will stick on any surface. And stick they do. Once stuck, these bad boy’s aren’t going anywhere unless you want them to.
    •Vibrant colors and great quality that I expect from Boon.
    •Easy to clean. I just rinse after each bath and shake all the water out before storing.
    •Keeps my young toddler’s interest for long periods of time. That never happens!

    •These are not made out of squishy “jelly-like” material. These are hard plastic with suction cups attached.
    •If I stick these on a surface my daughter cannot pull them off herself. As she gets stronger this won’t be an issue.
    •The product images show purple Jellies. In reality they’re hot pink.

    I highly recommend these Jellies.

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  8. Eve

    Seems like such a great concept — I thought my son would love these! Well, Not only did my son have little interest in this – but the suction on them did not work properly by the second day! I left them suctioned to my tub, the next day — I took them off and they no longer suctioned to each other. My son was really disappointed and didn’t even give them a second look. Unfortunately the only activity with them is to put them on and off the tub and thats it. Couldn’t even stick them to each other to create anything — so pretty worthless.

    I do not recommend this toy, at least not for toddlers.

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  9. Heather Hildebrand

    BUYER BEWARE… yes these toys are cute. Yes these toys are sturdy, durable, easy to clean and fun… BUT THESE TOYS FIT PERFECTLY INTO THE TOILET DRAIN AND LODGE THERE!

    Yes. My son flushed one. It wedged into the drain so tightly that the plumber worked at it with an auger for 20 minutes and it wouldn’t budge or break… He ended up having to remove the toilet from the floor, lay it down on it’s side and jam the augur into it with all the force he could muster. After about 45 minutes he FINALLY bent the tentacles just enough that he could force it out (the jellyfish never broke, they’re tough little buggers).

    It was quite an expensive lesson to learn, and shortly thereafter i bought mesh bags and bathroom command hooks to hang toys up out of reach in the shower.

    Boon was fairly accommodating… they asked me to ship them my jellies including the toilet one, and gave me something like $35 in credit toward new toys with free shipping… but they continue to sell these with no change to the design to make them maybe slightly larger or easier to break up with a plumbing augur.

    Just be aware… and keep these out of reach when your child is not supervised.

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  10. Brit

    I assumed these toys would be a soft rubber “jelly” texture, they’re not. The beautiful colored part is just hard plastic. I was looking for something that would provide a bit more of a sensory experience. They’re a little boring. They do however, stick to each other (contrary to other reviews)

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  11. sam

    These are cute but didn’t stick very well and got filled with mold despite our best efforts to keep them clean & dry after a bath.

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  12. AgataMo

    What I like us that fact that toys are made from non mould fabric which is extremely important to me because I want to keep my baby safe during his bath time.


    He is not interested to play with them a lot and that mean that this toy is not attractive for babies. Also the price is not the cheapest ones.

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  13. A. Minton

    Fun toy for my girls. Warning – do not stick these on your skin. I learned the hard way that it will leave a red hickey mark. Strange trying to explain this to the daycare when I brought my daughter in with red marks all over her forehead 🙂

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    Boon JELLIES Suction Cup Toddler Sensory Bath Tub Toy for Kids Aged 12 Months and Up, Multicolor (Pack of 9)
    Boon JELLIES Suction Cup Toddler Sensory Bath Tub Toy for Kids Aged 12 Months and Up, Multicolor (Pack of 9)
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