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Jaybird – Vista True Wireless In-Ear Headphones – Black


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Specification: Jaybird – Vista True Wireless In-Ear Headphones – Black

Sound Mode


Battery Life

6 hours

Wireless Connectivity


True Wireless


Maximum Wireless Range

33 feet

Water Resistant


Built-In Microphone


Carrying Case


Sound Isolating


Connection Type


Battery Charge Time

2 hours

Product Name

Vista True Wireless In-Ear Headphones



Ear Cushions


Model Number




Color Category


Headphone Fit


Minimum Frequency Response

20 hertz



Battery Life Provided by Charging Case

10 hours

Total Harmonic Distortion

3 percent

Driver Size

6 millimeters

Bluetooth Version





Call, Track selection, Voice assistant, Volume


Sports and Exercise

Maximum Frequency Response

20 kilohertz


23 ohms

Charging Interface(s)

USB Type C

On/Off Switch


Product Height

0.94 inches

Product Width

0.87 inches

Product Depth

0.71 inches

Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts

1 Year

Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor

1 Year



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8 reviews for Jaybird – Vista True Wireless In-Ear Headphones – Black

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  1. RichNRH

    Let me start off by listing the earbuds I’ve tried prior to these, so you see when I say these fit perfectly, I mean it! My ears themselves are of average size, though my inner ear seems to be larger than what’s considered large, earbuds wise. Over the past year, these are the other wireless earbuds I’ve tried:
    Samsung Galaxy Buds+
    Bose Soundsport Free
    Beats PowerBeats Pro
    Master & Dynamic MW07 Go
    Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus
    Samsung Galaxy Buds Live
    The Buds+ fell out no matter what size tips, the Bose fit decently, but can’t use just one at a time. The PowerBeats fit, though they sounded tinny and muffled to me. The Master & Dynamics sounded great, though they too would start to fall out after maybe 10 mins of moving around at work. The Buds Live actually fit well, though the mic was covered by my ear, so it kept making the volume fluctuate when I moved, thinking it was someone talking or something.
    The Vistas fit well, and they’re locked into my ears. I can lean over, shake my head and they will not budge. While it’s only been a few days since buying them, I wear them at work all day, so that’s 8 hours of constant movement, to include walking, bending, leaning, and generally on my feet nonstop. The eargels themselves cover the entire bud, save for the back, where the button is on each one. It has contact with a good bit of your ear, plus with the hook, and the earbud part fits in snugly, so all of that lends to a great fit, without worry. Most earbuds generally have the same size speaker hole in the bud, though on the Vistas, the hole is much smaller, which gives more to contact your ear to keep it secure, without losing any sound quality, and also adds to the passive noise cancellation. They don’t feel particularly heavy in ear, that I’ve noticed, though if you’re accustomed to buds like the Samsung’s, and other similar size, it’ll be a noticeable difference. I will say that after a few hours, they can become a bit uncomfortable, though after my prior experiences, I welcome the discomfort because at least I know it isn’t falling out!
    They sound really good, the sound is crisp, and depending on your EQ settings, has some serious bass, be it punchy or boomy, whatever your taste may be. You’ll want to download the Jaybird app, speaking of EQ settings, as there are 8 presets, plus it can create a custom one for you. The app also has a Discover tab (shown in the pic below), where you have access to tons of custom EQs the community has created. You can preview the community EQs as you’re listening to content, download and save them for free. For the personal custom EQ, it plays 6 different tones, representing low bass up to the highs, and you adjust the volume slider to where you just barely can hear the tone. The one it made for me has a lot of low end, with the mids and highs just below neutral, though sounds great. Current EQ I’m using is called “Audiophile 4k”, from the community EQs. Having had the Master & Dynamic MW07s and Bose before, these actually hold up well against them soundwise, in my opinion, though of course those 2 are high end earbuds, with a bit wider soundstage. These Vistas at $150 are an amazing value for that kind of sound, compared to $300 earbuds. The device I’ve listened to them on is the Samsung Galaxy S20, for reference.
    Codec wise, it’s only SBC, which I understand to some can be a deal breaker, though even with that, they sound better than some others I used that were AAC and aptX compatible. Has Bluetooth 5.0, which is handy for the extra range and better stability over some that are still using 4.2. Also note that there is no active noise cancelling on these, though the passive NC is really good as keeping the outside noise out.
    The case, with the front facing you, is about 3 inches wide and 1.5 inches in length, it’s very compact, easily will fit in a pocket. It has a rubbery type feel, matte finish, which is great. They say battery life is about 6 hours per bud, which of course varies on volume and use. So far I’ve been getting close to that myself, with the volume at about 80% between the buds and my phone.
    Each bud has a button, which can be customized in the app to control play, pause, skip track, volume and such. At first I thought it was a touch button, since you don’t actually see it, so felt silly when I realized the button you push is basically the whole outer edge of the bud, where the Jaybird logo is. It’s a clean look that way though, with them being flush, so nothing sticking out.
    All in all, if you’re like me, having had issues finding earbuds that wouldn’t fall out, these are definitely worth a look. Almost makes me want to shed a tear of joy, finally finding the “unicorn” of earbuds to fit my ears. They sound terrific, fit well, look cool (especially the blue), have good battery life and they’re well known for being durable (IPX7 rated).

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  2. Methos

    The Jaybird brand has always been a brand that could be trusted in my opinion. I have all the other earphones Brands out there as I review them on my site. From Sony,E8, Sennheiser, master and Dynamics, etc, etc. and while all of them specialize in their own specific area more than others, the Jaybirds Vista’s are the first pair to have the smallest footprint and yet still maintain a powerful punch in all areas. Their tinny fit into your ears disappears and yet even their case is so small and inviting to keep with you. Then once you get into that amazing community that they have inside their app and start customizing and testIng other peoples EQ settings, another world opens up for you. You basically can make these sound like you want them to and this is where they differ from all other brands. That community is so diverse and strong that you can find so many settings even a music suggestions built into Spotify. In fact I think they are the only earphone who has a app that is partnering with Spotify. That should tell you something in and of itself. Then, that battery life. Love the fact that you have 6 hours on the earphones and 10 on the case. They also have one of, if not the fastest reconnection on the market all while being sweat proof, water proof, dirt proof, and even stepped-on proof. They call it ”Earthproof” and no other earphone out there has that claim. Small, powerful, and durable…need there be anymore to say than that?

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  3. KWelch

    We were looking for headphones that stayed in place. Both for the gym and also when he rode his motorcycle. So far he’s been very happy. They seam durable and keep a charge. At first we were skeptical cuz he’s always gone with apple products but after having several issues with slipping and me EarPod loosing charge faster then the other. We decided to try something else. So far so good

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  4. Kelby

    —– Summary —–
    In the Box:
    – Jaybird Vista headphones
    – Charging case
    – USB C charging cable
    – Three silicone eargel sizes
    – Totally wireless
    – Reliable connection
    – Good sound quality
    – Secure fit
    – Long lasting battery life
    – Quick charging
    – Lightweight and compact case
    – IPX7 waterproof rating
    – No ambient sound control
    —– Review —–
    Connecting the Jaybird Vista headphones to my phone was a breeze. The few steps needed were opening the case, pressing and holding the case button until the LED turned on, and then selecting “Jaybird Vista” from my phone’s Bluetooth menu. That is really all there is to it, and I appreciated the simplicity.
    Clearly designed for active lifestyles and weathering the elements, the Jaybird Vista headphones are compact, lightweight, waterproof and sweatproof (IPX7 rating), secure, and comfortable. I hardly notice that I have the headphones in my ears during runs and workouts. Thanks to the three different eargel sizes, I found a size that fits perfectly in my ears, which prevents the headphones from bouncing around during activity or falling out of my ears. As for the charging case, it is surprisingly lightweight and compact, like the headphones, and the small loop attached to the charging case is a nice addition that makes it easier to carry. After using the headphones, it is easy to snap them into the case for storage and recharging. Ease of use coupled with functional design makes these headphones a great workout companion.
    Features & Performance:
    As totally wireless headphones, wearing them during workouts is freeing and convenient. They are also great for everyday use like commuting or doing chores around the house. I have noticed how the simplicity makes each use an enjoyable experience. They are easy to put in my ears and turn on automatically upon taking them out of the case. Pausing, resuming and skipping music, as well as answering or ending calls can all be done via a button on either earbud. I have never had to worry about running out of battery, thanks to the 6 hours of playtime on a full charge, plus an additional 10 hours from the charging case. Additionally, just 5 minutes of charging offers about an hour of playtime. If you chose, one earbud can be used independently, which extends the total power to 32 hours. With an IPX7 waterproof rating, weather and sweat are no problem for these headphones. Very few totally wireless headphones can withstand rain, much less full water submersion, but the Jaybird Vista headphones can weather just about anything. Unfortunately, the out of the box sound quality was a little disappointing to me in comparison to the Jaybird X4 headphones, but I do prefer the ease of use that the Jaybird Vista headphones provide, and I would still say the sound quality is good. Using the Jaybird app, EQ controls allow you to personalize the sound to your liking. I wish ambient sound control (i.e. hearing more or less outside sound) was a feature in the app, but I think the many other features like durability, dependability, comfort, and overall enjoyable experience make up for the lack of ambient sound control. I have yet to see or try other totally wireless headphones that have the quality performance and features of the Jaybird Vista headphones.
    The Jaybird Vista headphones are an easy recommendation for workouts or everyday use. They are comfortable and easy to use, and they also have good sound quality and long lasting battery life. These are some of the best headphones I have tested, and they have a lot to offer.

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  5. Poocher917

    I have been looking for great sounding earbuds that stay secure in my ear when running. This has turned out to be a more difficult search that I imagined but my search is over. These Jaybird Vista earbuds check every one of my boxes and then some. Here are some features I have been looking for:
     Great sound. These are the best sounding earbuds I have listened to. The personalized EQ in the Jaybird App makes them amazing.
     Stays secure in my ears when running. The little hook at the top of the earbud keeps them very secure in my ear.
     Sweat and water resistant. IPX7 rating means they can stay submerged in one meter of water for 30 minutes.
     Pair well with many devices. I typically switch between two devices. They obtain the connection quickly and accurately every time.
     Comfort. I have worn these for up to 3 hours at one time with no discomfort at all.
    You receive the earbuds, two extra set of ear gels, an unbelievably small case, a mini USB and instruction booklet. See the pictures.
    There is a small button between the earbuds in the case. I LOVE the lime green color in the case. Just turn on your Bluetooth and press the little green button and I was off and running – Literally. My phone found the Vista earbuds right away and paired. I also pair them with a MP3 player with a Bluetooth transmitter. Again pairing was no issue. I switched back and forth many times with little issues. A couple of times I had to put the earbuds back in the case and press the pair button I was then off and running in no time. I have tried this with others headphones and earbuds. These perform the best out of any I have tried.
    These came fully charged to I was off and running right away. They are advertised to hold a charge in the earbuds for 6 hours. Another 10 hours is available in the charging case. After every use I place them in the charging case. They have a magnet in the earbud and the case. So they make a nice satisfying click when placed in the case. The charging light comes on right away. I have used them for a total of 8.5 hours so far with no need to charge anything. The longest single use was around 3 hours. The app indicated they were still 70% charged after about 2 hours of use. I am keeping track of my usage but with 16 hours of use with earbud and the case. What more do you need. And the case is small and easily fits in a pocket. Even a very small pocket.
    I just connected them to my phone and went. The immediate impression was WOW! I made no changes and the sound is amazing. I listed to everything from light rock to heavy rock to jazz. The bass is very strong but not muffled. The 6mm drivers and large speaker enclosure allow for great bass. And the speakers recover well so the bass is clear and not muffled. The sound of an alto sax sent shivers down my spine. I have had others listen to these as well and they are equally blown away. I cannot believe such a small headphone can have such a full and rich sound. Way to go Jaybird! This is all the impression I had out of the box. I then downloaded the Jaybird App on my phone running Android Pie. The app installed without issue. I like to personalize my EQ but this experience was very different. You select Personal EQ and then it goes through multiple steps. For each step it plays a tone at a different frequency. You use a slider to set the point where you just barely hear the provided sound. I went through all the steps and it sets your personal EQ for you. I thought the sound was good before – now it is even better. I could not believe it. And what a cool way to do the EQ! And these fit so well they are similar to a noise cancelling experience.
    I made a few calls using the earbuds. One was an incoming call that I picked up. I talked for a bit and could hear the person well. I asked if they could hear me and they stated it was crystal clear. I later made an outgoing call and the experience was the same. I do not quite understand how these earbuds in your ears can pick up your voice so well. But no complaint as it was a perfect experience.
    Jaybird App
    There are a lot of features here. Check it out for yourself as I will only cover the basic info. Downloading the app from the Play Store was easy. I searched for Jaybird and found Jaybird MySound. It installed right away and I connected it to the earbuds. You have four options:
    Presets – is the EQ section where you can use someone else’s profile or create your own personal EQ. I talked earlier about the AWESOME EQ experience above.
    Listen – is Music and Podcasts
    Profile – for your personal profile
    Headphones – this is the section I was looking for. I first wanted to set the button controls. The tactile response is great. You can feel the button being pressed. The defaults are: single press = play/pause (options – Google Assistant, Custom); double press = Next (same options); Press & Hold = Power off. I changed Press & Hold to Volume up right earbud and volume down left earbud. The Custom options require a linked Spotify account.
    There is a Find my Buds Option and Voice Prompts options. OK Google works right away as you would expect.
    This is the best overall package for earbuds I have ever had. I cannot think of one thing that is missing. The combination of sound, options, App and everything else make this a recommended buy. If I lose or damage these, I will immediately get another pair. This is a definite win for Jaybird.

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  6. pauldar

    Reviewing these Jaybird Vista Wireless Sport Headphones has been an adventure in discovering the multitude of ways to enjoy them. Having reviewed several of these wireless, sport ear buds before, the Jaybird Vista is now my favorite. I have to lead off with the sound quality of these sport ear buds because at the end of the day, it is the most important feature. It is why we choose any pair of ear buds in the first place. Jaybird Vista sound emanates from the 6mm milled drivers in each ear bud. Coupled with the Custom EQ control in the Jaybird App, and, the sound quality settings are endless. After several weeks of daily use this is the most interesting feature of these ear buds IMHO.
    So, why do I think these are my favorite sport ear buds ever?
    * Sound – Jaybird gives me the ability to customize my listening preferences through its Jaybird App. The App is available through Google Play or the Apple App Store. I can customize my own personal sound preferences using the EQ, or, use any number of EQ furnished Presets. I can also ‘Save’ and name any of my own customized EQ settings. I can even add a genre selection of music that I prefer. How cool is that? At first I was a little disappointed that SBC Codec was used instead of any of the newer, High Resolution Audio Codecs, like aptX, LDAC and AAC. However, having the ability to customize the sound quality to my own personal preferences almost boundlessly and save them for my own music genres outweigh the use of any HRA Codecs. Stereo Channel separation is clear, detailed, and full bodied.
    * Fit and Comfort – Next to sound quality these are also important features. On my daily runs these ear buds are so lightweight and easy to wear. They do not stress any part of my ears. Each ear bud body is marked clearly R or L. Out of the box I had my doubts because of their small size and wing tips. However, they fit securely enough for me to run and work out. Since I have one ear a little bigger then the other I use the Number Two tip in my Left ear and the Number Three tip in my Right. This combination fits me perfectly. WooHoo! Jaybird furnishes three pairs of eargels (small, medium, and large). The last few weeks we have had lots of rain. I have had no issues with the Jaybird ear buds in the rain because they have an IPX7 waterproof rating. Cleaning the eargels is pretty easy too. I clean my eargels every second day by removing the ear tip and washing with antibacterial hand soap, then, rinse in warm water and dry.

    * Jaybird App – The Jaybird App is downloadable and Free. It is compatible with Apple devices running iOS 11 and above and Android 6.0 and above. The folks at Logitech did an outstanding job in the design and numerous features of this App. It is feature-packed and very comprehensive. Especially, when it comes to customizing my sound quality choices. This App also allows me to enable or disable Voice Prompts. It can find my ear buds if I misplaced or lost them through the ‘Find Your Buds’ feature. I can see the present status of my battery charge and my connected devices. I can choose music to play from shared ‘Playlists’ (Sign-Up is required). I can also set the ‘Auto-Shutoff’ time through this App (15 or 60 minutes or always ON). This App will also inform me when there is a firmware update. I expect future updates will introduce new ideas in listening quality features. In my opinion Logitech, Jaybird Vista is the industry Leader in App development and features.
    * Playtime and Battery – Because of my set volume levels I approach nearly 4 hours of continued use with these ear buds. However, there is another 10 hours of charge in the case when it is fully charged (8 hours they way I use them). The case takes a little over 3 hours to fully charge, and the buds approximately 2 hours to fully charge. When the case is charging with the included type “C” charging cable, it pulses White. When fully charged the LED is solid White. When I place both ear buds in the charging case they automatically turn OFF and begin to charge. They are magnetically held in place inside the charging case. When I take the ear buds out of the charging case they automatically turn ON.
    * Phone Calls – I use Siri with one-touch of either ear bud to call a phone number for me. One-touch also allows me to answer a phone call. The sound is crystal clear according to the folks I have called. It is also noteworthy to mention that you can customize a single or double-touch press function using the Jaybird App.
    * Pairing Versatility – The Jaybird Vista Eargels can pair to any Bluetooth devices, cell phone, tablet, laptop, smart watch, etc. I was able to pair these buds within a minute to my Apple cell. I just received a Samsung Smart Watch as a Birthday gift and am looking forward to pair my watch and ear buds. All I have to do is download some music playlists to my watch and I can then leave my cell at home. YooHoo!
    * Convenience – I travel a lot and really appreciate the hard-backed, charging case. There is a handy, dandy loop built-in to the case, which will allow simple attachment to a key chain, purse, or, whatever you may wish to attach it too. It conveniently protects my ear buds and charges too. Whoopie Doo!
    * Shortcomings – None.
    * Conclusion – The Logitech folks, who designed these Jaybird Vista Wireless Sport Headphones have hit a home-run. They are the best-fitting, most comfortable, App-driven, sport, ear buds with the highest quality of customizable sound enjoyment I have ever experienced. I highly recommend these Jaybird Vista Eargels to anyone, who really appreciates outstanding audio reproduction while going through daily, physical activities. They can actually enhance the quality of your workout, and inspire musical inspiration to achieve your goals. They are super even if you don’t work out. There are several family members on my Christmas List, who will find these under their ‘tree’ this year. Ho, Ho, Ho!

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    Okay so I just want people to feel the struggle a little. So I’ve been a fan of jaybirds since the x3s were hot stuff. So I bought the jaybird vistas as a no brainer I did run into a couple of problems with them but best buy was so great and had no problem helping me. The first pair I had gotten had this exposed looking wire thing on the left earbud I’ll post a pic so you guys could see. I went to best buy explained to them that it was like that when I opened them and they exchanged them for me. So I come back home with my new pair its been 5 days and the right earbud stopped working thought it was not charged because I forgot to put it back in case. Charged it and it still didn’t work… now I was upset swearing logitech off for good. Thought maybe I had to reconnect to bluetooth now that it made it worse and now it wasn’t even showing up in my blue tooth settings. I did a soft reset and a factory reset and nothing I called jaybirds and the system kept giving me that horrible sound when the number is discounted. Went to best buy they told me to just get a different brand I kinda agreed with them but at the same time I’ve had jaybirds for 5 years now.. I couldn’t do it I just exchanged them for a new pair of vistas and no problems with these. Love them and wouldn’t change a thing.

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  8. Aaronxx7

    Popping these ear buds in, is like gently rubbing your ear, they are by far the most comfortable buds I have tried yet.
    They fit perfectly out of the box, but include 2 other gel sleeves to accommodate larger or smaller ears.
    They fit so snug, and comfortably that it is easy to forget you are wearing them after just a few seconds.
    Jaybird did a great job making these buds lighter and better contoured, creating a longer lasting fit.
    My other ones would start to slip out of my ear after about 30mins of activity, but these have stayed in place for most of my uses.
    The battery life can now last up to six hours per bud. Which is pretty awesome, especially if you don’t mind using one bud at a time.
    The Vista buds can each be used independently of each other, unlike other models that only let you use the right bud separately.
    So, off one charge you could get 12 hours of pretty much continual use. The buds can be quickly charged in the case, in just 5 minutes you can squeeze another hour of life out of the buds. However, if you continue to just use the buds separately, you can get 32 hours out of them before needing to plug into a wall adapter.
    For simultaneous bud use, you would get 6 hours of use out of the buds, with enough juice in the case for another 2 charges, totaling 10 more hours, before needing to find a wall outlet.
    Not only are these buds the smallest and lightest Jaybird has made so far, but the charging case is much smaller and more accommodating with a small plastic holed tab that can be attached to a lanyard, backpack, or just about anything else.
    Both ear buds have only one button on them. The button function can be changed in the Jaybird app (which is quite useful).
    The Vista buds offer 3 types of customizable inputs from the button; single press, double press, and long press. With the following options; “play/pause”, “Google assistant”, next, volume controls, power, or a few preset custom play commands. The custom commands include; play last playlist, play “staff pick” playlist, play one of “my favorite” playlists, and play “my playlist” .
    My only complaint at all about these buds is how hard it is to press the buttons in. I do love the button options, but pressing the buttons in general is very uncomfortable. However, I have found that if I steady the bud with my thumb, by pressing the bud upward against my ear, that pressing the buttons works much better, and is way more comfortable than jabbing the bud into my ear, with a straight on press.
    Cleaning these buds is a breeze now that they are IPX7, (fully water-proof and sweat proof). I sometimes put my buds in my pocket or drop them, because I keep the case in my car. The tiny lint pieces and dust used to be a pain to remove, but not anymore, a quick rinse under the water cleans everything up nice and keeps them looking like new.
    Even though these buds are very lightweight the construction is still very solid. The case is even more sturdy, as I have sat on it several times with no issues.
    I have to say that I even like the quick magnetic grip between the buds and their slots in the case, they lock in place great, and nothing falls out when you open the case.
    Also before I forget to mention, inside the case is the Bluetooth sync button. Syncing is very easy with this button. However, Bluetooth pairing/syncing can only be done through the case. The buttons on the buds, do not have this capability. As the buds can only be charged from the case, and are usually stored in it, it seems sensible that the case would be around, when you want to connect to a new device. Once synced, as soon as you take a bud out of the box, they instantly re-connect to your device every time.
    I have posted a few pictures of the Jaybird Run XT buds compared to the new Vista buds. The Vista buds are on the right, in each picture.
    The Run buds were pretty small, and comfortable, but the Vista buds are just slightly smaller and a good portion lighter, which actually makes a big difference in the overall feel.
    The microphones work very well, although I find myself talking at lower volumes when I use both buds during a call. With just one bud in, my other ear is open to hear my voice at normal levels. But, with both buds in, it amplifies your own voice, so you think you are talking at normal volumes, when actually you are close to whispering. I find it difficult to talk normal, without being able to hear the ambient noises and my voice around me, so I usually pop one bud out, while on phone calls. This is just my preference, nothing against the manufacturer or it’s performance.
    The sound is incredible the new 6mm milled drivers are lighter, but still deliver an impressive audio experience. Calls sound great, with very clear reception.
    Music sounds as true to life as possible. I love when you are using a headset, and the sound is just as spacious and fulfilling as if you were in a state of the art theater. The Jaybird app has tons of preset EQ options, as well as the ability for custom settings. All the sounds are very crisp and clean, with a substantial amount of bass. I have always noticed that with good headsets, listening to music I’ve heard for years from a car stereo or regular speakers always sounds so much deeper. I find myself noticing smaller background instruments or sounds that I had always typically missed.
    The Jaybird Vista ear buds are bringing all those missed sounds to life.
    Overall I am very very impressed with the comfort of these earbuds, and love the high quality audio they deliver.

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    Jaybird – Vista True Wireless In-Ear Headphones – Black
    Jaybird – Vista True Wireless In-Ear Headphones – Black
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