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HP 14″ Pentium 4GB/64GB Chromebook, 14″ HD Display, Intel Pentium Silver N5000, 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC, Intel UHD Graphics 605, 14a-na0031wm


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Google Classroom Compatible! Knock out any assignment while binge watching your favorite shows on the HP Chromebook 14a-na0031wm. It offers the beauty of a 14-inch diagonal micro-edge HD display with screen-to-body ratio of 82%, and speakers tuned by the audio experts at B&O, making for a front-row entertainment experience from the convenience of your lap. You’ll get the responsive performance you’re looking for with an Intel® Pentium® Silver processor, 64 GB eMMc. and up to 13 hours and 30 minutes of battery life that helps you get everything done. Redefine how you work and play with the seamless integration of your favorite Chrome browser, always secure and up to date, and access to a huge selection of apps in the Google Play Store. Scroll, zoom, and navigate with a simple touch using the HP Imagepad with multi-touch, supporting four finger gestures. At less than four pounds, this thin and light silver Chromebook laptop is easy to take from room to room or on the road. This item was manufactured in 2019.

Specification: HP 14″ Pentium 4GB/64GB Chromebook, 14″ HD Display, Intel Pentium Silver N5000, 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC, Intel UHD Graphics 605, 14a-na0031wm

Processor Brand


Maximum RAM Supported

4 GB

Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)

12.83 x 0.70 x 8.60 Inches



Screen Size

14 in



Battery Life

13.5 h

Operating System

Chrome OS

RAM Memory

4 GB

Processor Type

Intel Pentium

Wireless Technology


Manufacturer Part Number


Processor Speed

1.1 GHz

Product Line

HP Chromebook



Processor Core Type


Hard Drive Capacity

64 GB



Photos: HP 14″ Pentium 4GB/64GB Chromebook, 14″ HD Display, Intel Pentium Silver N5000, 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC, Intel UHD Graphics 605, 14a-na0031wm

10 reviews for HP 14″ Pentium 4GB/64GB Chromebook, 14″ HD Display, Intel Pentium Silver N5000, 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC, Intel UHD Graphics 605, 14a-na0031wm

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    I received this as a Walmart spark reviewer.

    I have had multiple Dell laptops at home but they were all super slow. I was looking to purchase one and that’s when I recieved this. Its a small compact laptop. The size is ideal not too big and not too tiny.

    It’s super fast and easy to use.

    The touch pad is easy to maneuver. The shortcuts for touch pad were given in the user manual and they are legit nice.

    I got a gray silver color which is great too.

    With my previous Laptops I had seen that using citrix reciever and epic made them slow and they would hang.

    My husband and I, we are both doctos and it is convenient to be able to access the hospital patient system from home. I downloaded the software in this laptop and was surprised to see this tiny machine still working super fast!

    This has been the highlight of using it.

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  2. Vigdis

    Short version: This is a super lightweight laptop that is comfortable to use and has amazing battery life. While it’s not as functional as a full PC, it runs many Android apps, and a ton of Chrome web apps. For the most part it feels like a full computer, and is versatile and easy to use.

    Now for the details….

    The laptop is extremely lightweight. The case has a matte, almost very slightly textured, finish. It’s not slick or shiny at all. The HP stickers came off very easily. The screen is pretty good. Maybe not my most favorite, because the matte texture makes it feel a little less sharp, but the non glare is super nice for having it outside. The touchpad has a nice feel, easy to click but doesn’t click accidentally when you’re typing, which is something I usually find to be an issue. You can set up natural scrolling for the touchpad, but in the settings it is called Australian scrolling. There’s not a Delete button, but you can use Alt + Backspace to Delete things in front of the cursor. There is a row of useful keys for volume, brightness, forward/back, and so on. Hold down the power button for a moment to bring up Power and Lock options. The keyboard itself is great. It’s got a good feel when you type. The keys aren’t noisy, but they feel sturdy and durable (take some pointers, Apple). The letters/icons are also very easy to see on the keys, and the size of the keyboard/keys is great for my stubby fingers. My hands don’t feel crowded like they do on little bluetooth keyboards.

    When you sign in, it takes you through the setup screens, which are almost identical to setting up an Android device. There is a notification for 100 GB Google One free for a year, which does require a payment method to activate, but it is easy to cancel from the Play Store like other subscriptions. There are no additional junk apps, which was awesome. Only Google apps, and one shortcut to the HP registration page. I approve. It took a little bit to figure out the difference between the web apps and the Play Store apps, because most of them, like Google Keep and Drive, look really nice as web apps. Since this saves storage and can have more functionality, I stick with the web apps for most of the Google products. If you use this for Zoom, the Chrome app for Zoom was great and overall felt just like using it on a full PC.

    The battery life is excellent. When I got it, I unplugged it at 100% and after almost 2 hours of installing programs, browsing, and video calling, it dropped 14%. I used it outside for around an hour and a half or so, with maximum screen brightness, browsing, and bluetooth music, and it dropped to 82%. The time remaining bounces all over like on any computer, so pay attention to the percentage, not the minutes left. So far, I’ve definitely been able to get the advertised 12 or 13 hours of it, no problem. This is cool because I won’t need to charge it all the time, and I can take it to the coffee shop or wherever, and I don’t have to worry about having an outlet nearby or even bringing the power cord. I use Google Drive a lot, as well as other apps for notetaking, etc, so I generally end up pulling out my phone to write things down when I’m studying away from home. This is going to change how I work.

    I took it outside on an overcast morning and with the screen brightness all the way up, it was quite usable. If it was sunny I don’t know that I would be able to use it outside, but as long as there’s some shade, it’s probably fine.

    The webcam isn’t amazing and in lower light the picture becomes very noisy and dark. It’s definitely not awful, and likely will meet the need for any basic video call. With a better light, it improves a lot. In overcast light outside, the picture was just fine. Not incredibly sharp, but more than adequate to take a picture. Inside, you’ll need to put a light source behind the webcam to show up without dark shadows. The sound is great for video/voice calls. I also tested music on this and the speakers sound really really great. There was a lot of depth to the sound and great volume. I’m actually super surprised at how good the sound was, better than my regular laptop for sure.

    I was concerned that since this isn’t a regular OS that it might be basically just a giant phone or a tablet with a keyboard. But there is actually significantly more functionality than I expected. There is a nice mix of PC and Android behavior. Most apps respond to right clicking or swiping on the touchpad. I was able to drag and drop files into the Chrome browser like I would on a regular PC. You can resize windows, minimize, etc. I do a lot of typing on documents, journaling, and messaging, which is very difficult on a tablet without an external keyboard. I also rely on a lot of apps that don’t have super great PC versions (usually just a stripped down website). This has the easy viewing of a PC/tablet with the same easy maneuvering I get from a PC and the app features I have on my phone. The fact that it’s lightweight and has a great battery makes it perfect.

    One of the best parts is that Chromebooks can run Linux programs. This means that if you need a desktop program and it’s available for Linux (like LibreOffice, desktop Spotify for editing playlists, etc), then you can install the deb file on the Chromebook or run the command to install in the Linux terminal. This worked great overall. Something to note is that of course that will take more space, and there’s not a ton of hard drive space here. The other big thing is that there is not audio/mic capability on the Linux apps, so you can use the other features, but you’re out of luck if you want to use desktop Zoom or listen to Spotify. Still, the Linux is in beta, and it’s more of a bonus than their selling point, so I can’t really complain about that.

    The security features were also an interesting thing I didn’t know much about, but I am glad to have. If you search “defense in depth for Chrome OS” you’ll find a lot of useful details, but basically, everything you do on the Chromebook is “sandboxed” so if you do run into something malicious, it’s much less likely to infect everything on your computer. There are some other features and checks that the OS does as well to keep things running safely and smoothly.

    It should be noted that you need a Google account to use this laptop. It’s also designed to be more cloud based, so you aren’t going to be able to store a ton of files on the laptop itself (although you can use external storage or add and SD card). Much of the functionality comes from the Chrome Web Apps, which may be used without an internet connection at times (depending on the app) but will expect a connection at some point, so if you don’t have consistent internet access, or are wanting a machine to use offline or with lots of storage, you may want to pass over this for a more traditional PC.

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  3. GrannyB

    HP Chromebook 14 HD Is the best I ever had!

    Easy to navigate and download apps.

    I love using it to Stream my shows, Brilliant display

    Of colors. I use Netflix and Xfinity apps for streaming

    With no issues at all.

    We love talking to are grandchildren on it too.

    They are always calling us and telling on

    Their parents. lol

    I highly recommend this notebook!

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  4. Moneysaver23

    I really enjoy this Chromebook & the upgrades since my last Chrome. The key board is easier to use, the needed touch is much lighter. The screen is bigger. The unit itself is lighter. Of course, it’s faster & I love the touchscrebasically started itself when I charged it. It is easy to use, quick & exactly what I needed. The delivery was early very very fast.I would definitely recommend this to my friends and family or anyone thinking they needed to upgrade their computer I would definitely buy this again in fact I’m going to buy another one for my son

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  5. Dlr36

    I’m submitting this review while on this Chromebook. If you’re already familiar with Chrome OS (Operating System), you’ll have no trouble with this cool Chromebook. If you’re not familiar (like me), it took me hours to learn how to navigate after using Windows forever. There is a VERY helpful section under Get Help, What’s New on Chromebook that showed me how to move around and personalize it. This one does NOT come equipped with Touchscreen but I’m totally OK with that. The display doesn’t flip back to use a “virtual” keyboard on the screen anyway. I prefer to use the Touchpad mouse and type on the real keyboard. The Google Assistant is a cool feature also. I tried it out but then disabled it. The sound is terrific for playing music or watching videos. Some apps are already installed and you can go to the Chrome Web Store to download more. I’ve learned some new terms, like the the Task Bar in Windows is referred to as the Quick Shelf in Chrome. Similar to Windows OS, you’d click the icon on the bottom left to launch a program, the Chrome OS has a little white circle down in the bottom left corner of the screen called the Launcher. There are shortcuts like Shift+Alt+L but again, I prefer to use the Touchpad or mouse. I’m not a fan of Google’s all-seeing, all-knowing reputation infringing on your privacy, monitoring your every move, so I changed my Search Engine to a different one. One thing I love about this OS is the Accessibility feature down in the bottom right corner. When you click on the clock, a cool window pops up that allows you to control Wi-Fi, power, brightness, power and other settings. It’s a quality “book,” very affordable and perfect for school/business, surfing the web, emailing. I look forward to using this Chromebook and getting more acquainted with all the nifty features!

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  6. Elle

    Unexpectedly found myself having to stay in a motel for a couple of weeks. This notebook was a life saver. Very portable (much more so than my larger, more heavy laptop). I was also surprised at how quickly it starts up and how fast it is. I thought with the relatively low memory it would struggle, but it doesn’t load much slower than my more expensive laptop. I don’t care for the touchpad. My finger doesn’t glide as smoothly as I would like it to as I’ve found on other touchpads, but that’s a small inconvenience. The speakers and graphics seem to be comparable to other laptops I’ve used. I was hesitant about the screen size as I’m used to a much larger screen, but I’m surprised that I can read the type, see pictures and watch videos and it doesn’t feel like it’s too small at all. I think this would be a great investment for anyone who needs to use a notebook/laptop for anything that’s not going to use a ton of memory.

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  7. Happy

    I have an old laptop that makes this Chromebook feel like I am working on a stealth jet. I use to think it was my internet speed but it isn’t. I have never been more impressed. The keys are flat, large and spaced perfectly. That makes them easy to type on and to be really fast. The finger pad is huge and completely flat. No more right and left buttons. You can enlarge things the same way you do on your cellphone. Nice. It’s like going back to work but finding everything is super charged and high tech now.

    So far I do not find a delete button. I miss that. For now, I have to use the arrow buttons, then backspace to delete typing. This could be me. I have not had to read anything in the manual because that is how easy it is to use and find everything.

    No Microsoft Office, you have to buy that. There is something called Docs to replace it. It’s built like the inside of our Gmail. That is as good, you just have to learn where to save everything and how to manuever. That was easy.

    The look of the Chromebook sharp, thin, light and platinum on top but silver with black inside. Professional, girly, stylish. I am a 66 year old grandma and I want to show it off to my kids, it is so good looking.

    The sound system is clear, pretty loud, but I do wish it was louder so I could hear music if I walked around the apartment.

    The camera is clear, rich in the color with movies and videos is high tech. It works easily, but does have a few places on the screen that are not clear if you have your lighting in the wrong place. You do need to adjust your lighting if you want others to see you clearly when on zoom or duo. With movies or anything else, it is fantastic. When I hook up my Cowin headphones to it, it sounds like I am at the Imax theater.

    I added a wireless mouse, that worked great until the battery went dead in the mouse. That messed up the laptop to the point of it not coming back on until about the 10th try and I had to leave it alone for awhile. It had gone black so I could not safely take out the chip for the mouse. I took out the chip anyway in case that was the cause. It still did not come back on. When I put a new battery in to the mouse, the laptop eventually came back on. I suggest if possible always keep the battery charged in a wireless mouse.

    I know next to nothing about Bluetooth but I wanted to WiFi my new Cowin headphones to this Chromebook. I couldn’t get them to pair. I did the shortcut to Google and sure enough I learned that was me. Suggestions are, do not have the Chromebook or the item you want to pair, close to the modem and do not have the item you want to pair, super close to the Chromebook. Bring them apart a few feet. Also, make sure any other bluetooth things like (your cell phone’s bluetooth), are off. Then the Chromebook can find your item to you asking it to pair up with.

    Next, on to learning how to transfer all my files to this Chromebook. I’m sure that will be easy too and I am looking forward to learning.

    The best part is that I know how to do this because everything on the Chromebook super easy to try everything on my own. If you know Android and Gmail, you will be fine. I look forward to working on this Chromebook every day. Again, I am impressed.

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  8. Ben

    I was excited to see how the Google Chrome Operating System had been implemented in the HP Chromebook, and how well it performed under rigorous daily use. I can honestly say I’m impressed. It’s sleek, well laid out, responsive and boots in just a few seconds. The Chrome Operating System is automatically updated in the background to the latest version, so I’m always safe and secure when on the Internet. The only downside that I can see is it has no DVD drive. I would have given this product 5 stars if it had a DVD drive, as I have hundreds of DVD movies. Although, it had no problem streaming my binge watching episodes of my favorite programs. The 14-inch High Definition Display is absolutely beautiful! Sharp, crisp images that I have come to expect from quality displays. The games I’ve downloaded look amazing and play flawlessly without hesitation of any kind. I think this will make a fine laptop for our next road trip with a full arsenal of android apps and games from the Google Play Store. If WiFi is not available, it can alternatively connect to my mobile phone via Bluetooth for Internet access using my mobile data. The battery lasts for up to 13 hours on a full charge, but I have yet to run it down, as I plug in the included AC Adapter when the laptop is not in use. There is no easily replaceable battery in this unit, so I’m not sure of the longevity of the battery, but it will hopefully last for years. Unless you need a business enterprise workhorse computer, I recommend this HP Chromebook for anyone wanting an intuitive, lightweight, and secure laptop.

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  9. midnitestich

    I’m impressed with this Chromebook. It’s a nice product. It’s not a heavy device to carry. Set up was easy and fast. All you had to do was follow the prompts on the screen. Connected to my wifi easily and was ready for use. You can sync the device with your cell, but I chose not to. It can be used for video conferencing. Has a front facing camera which is clear and sharp. Screen is a good size. I downloaded a favorite game from the play store to see how it would respond. I like the fact the screen is larger than my phone. I didn’t notice any lags in my game and the graphics were clear. Sound is of good quality and can be adjusted easily from low to high. Touchpad responds well, but but I opted to plug wireless mouse into the solo USB port. Has a combination headphone/ microphone jack. The sound quality through my earphones was clear. I can’t attest as to how the microphone the sound quality is, as I don’t have one. Also has a USB C port and a micro SD memory card reader. Overall I’m impressed with the device.

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  10. Jasper

    It’s compact, lightweight and for less than $200 its the fastest laptop I’ve ever had! So far I love it. and it works flawlessly and feels solid even though its small…

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    HP 14″ Pentium 4GB/64GB Chromebook, 14″ HD Display, Intel Pentium Silver N5000, 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC, Intel UHD Graphics 605, 14a-na0031wm
    HP 14″ Pentium 4GB/64GB Chromebook, 14″ HD Display, Intel Pentium Silver N5000, 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC, Intel UHD Graphics 605, 14a-na0031wm
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