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AVerMedia Live Streamer CAM 313: Full HD 1080P Streaming Webcam, Privacy Shutter, Dual Microphone, 360 Degree Swivel Design, Exclusive AI Facial…


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Last updated on May 17, 2024 12:11 am Details
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  • Plug and play USB webcam with 2 built-in microphones (mono).
  • Exclusive camera effects/ filters powered by AI facial tracking.
  • 360-Degree swivel design makes calling and recording easier at any angle.
  • Built-in privacy shutter to keep you safe from any hacker attacks when not in use.
  • Records crisp, vibrant 1080p30 videos that capture the finest details for your live streaming and video blogs.

Specification: AVerMedia Live Streamer CAM 313: Full HD 1080P Streaming Webcam, Privacy Shutter, Dual Microphone, 360 Degree Swivel Design, Exclusive AI Facial…

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Item Weight

‎1.76 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎7.3 x 4.7 x 2.7 inches

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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Special Features

‎Frame Rates up to 60 fps, 65-Degree Horizontal Field of View, Swiveling, Tripod-Ready Design

Photos: AVerMedia Live Streamer CAM 313: Full HD 1080P Streaming Webcam, Privacy Shutter, Dual Microphone, 360 Degree Swivel Design, Exclusive AI Facial…

9 reviews for AVerMedia Live Streamer CAM 313: Full HD 1080P Streaming Webcam, Privacy Shutter, Dual Microphone, 360 Degree Swivel Design, Exclusive AI Facial…

2.9 out of 5
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  1. FredMR

    Edit: Quick update so I don’t mislead others. “Grainy”, as another reviewer described it, is accurate. I too followed YouTube recommended edits (brightness down, OBS color correction, etc….as well as many other edits) and have extensive grain in low light. This camera is good in full daylight or professional lighting (including backlighting, sides, and front) — but…not for your average lighting setup (for even your average pro-streamer setup). My Logitech Brio surprisingly blows it away in low light, despite the smaller lens and being “older.” I’ll get pics for comparison once I clean my area up. Downgraded from 5-stars to 1-star (would be 2 or 3 stars if not for the $250 MSRP).

    If you need a 4k webcam, the brio does not disappoint. If you use OBS, the Logitech SteamCam is pretty solid as well for 1080p 30fps (60 fps is weird for some reason on it). That cam REQUIRES OBS or Logitech software to look good. Just….avoid this AVerMedia camera for now. Perhaps a software fix is in the future? For now…forget about the rave review s you have seen on YouTube.

    ~~~ (Edit: Disregard the below – was my initial review) ~~~
    Full review to come – Initial thoughts:

    Coming from a Logitech Brio, the improvements are VERY noticeable, but perhaps not significant for your needs. At $250, this is probably as much as one should spend on a webcam before exploring “real” camera options. If you are satisfied with your setup and aspire to have the best equipment, skip this and save for a real camera. If you want simplicity, the best that the webcam the world has to offer as far as image quality, and don’t mind the $250….this is the one to get. Very good build quality, good software, good lens, true 4k at 30 fps. NOTE: as some online reviews mentioned, it is very bright out of the box. You will likely need to ramp down the brightness and add a color correction filter in something such as OBS that increases gamma and a little contrast to get the image you desire.

    AVerMedia is a reputable company, but the warranty on this product is 1 year whereas my Logitech Brio has a three-year warranty. One year is relatively standard – but time will tell if this product holds up. Based on reading their previous webcam reviews, it shouldn’t be an issue.

    TIP: Try using their CamEngine software and importing the image into whatever you use (OBS, MS Teams, etc). CamEngine provides some pretty cool functionality. For some reason, if you turn on the filter and put skin tone to zero and smoothing to 10 – it provides an even clearer picture than without the filter (smoothing lower is blurry, smoothing higher actually applies smoothing effects).

    This is a draft review.

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  2. Matt

    If you’re using this for 1080@30 on a Windows system for Zoom calls you’re probably just fine. However, I tried to use this to obtain the advertised 4K@30 without success. It constantly overheated and become unresponsive. The only resolution was to allow it to cool down and switch to a different USB port and even then it only worked for a few short minutes.

    Tried the updated firmware from AVerMedia and mysteriously is now limited to 4K@5FPS or 1080@15FPS. Joy.

    Contacted the manufacturer who essentially told me it’s not supported and try another computer. Obviously I’m not going to replace an expensive studio setup for the sake of this webcam nor is that even an option given supply issues.

    I will say that when it did work (for all of a couple minutes) video was great when lit properly. Unfortunately, 5 minutes runtime isn’t going to cut the mustard.

    AVerMedia, please invest some additional effort into ensuring compatibility and resolving bugs like this and I’ll be happy to eat my words. I really wanted to love this product. Now I’m up against very buyer-unfriendly terms from an Amazon seller who possibly wants to keep 20-50% of the refund along with having someone ship on their time. All while dropping the listed sale price a few days after purchase, go figure.

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  3. Eric H.

    With the short supply of Logitech c920/c922 cameras, I picked this AVerMedia PW313 camera from Staples as the reviews on YouTube showed that the video quality was similar. In a head-to-head comparison with my old Logitech 9000 with all adjustments made to maximize the picture quality, the AVerMedia camera definitely came out on top. One word of caution though, the only way to adjust the camera settings is by using the RECentral 4 program, or 3rd party software such as OBS Studio. They encourage you to use the CamEngine software, which adds a software layer onto the webcam, but I found that this software is CPU-heavy, using about 20% of CPU capacity. Instead, I used OBS Studio with VirtualCam plugin, which is able to perform the same function using only 5% of CPU capacity.
    Update – Dec 2020. With Logitech C920s cameras finally back in stock, I purchased one as a secondary camera and was able to make a direct comparison. I was surprised to discover that the image quality was significantly worse with the Logitech camera, despite extensive adjustment of settings. Additionally, the 2 pieces of software that Logitech provides to control the camera are horrible. The main advantage that the Logitech camera has is autofocus, but this is only useful if you are sitting within a foot of the camera and need a close-up. Otherwise, the focus stays at maximum distance which is the same as fixed-focus. The Avermedia PW313 will stay as my primary camera.

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  4. Paul Lindsay

    Good little camera, records in high definition and the microphone is not overly sensitive. I’m in a lot of Teams meetings and people I’m meeting with comment how sharp the picture is. I also like the fact the camera swivels which allows me to move around comfortably

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  5. Rick Ballard

    A warning banner gets in the way when starting a conference call, the first time the camera is used after an upgrade or PC restart. It is just there to tell you to ensure a good USB connection/cable, for 4K, and to let your boss know you buy dumb hardware.

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  6. Antony Côté

    Just got this webcam after lsitening to many reviews and all… Sooooooo much grain, like what is this… My recording room is lit-up ok, not perfect, but still, and there is grain on the entire thing. To use this, you need like 6 lights directly on you and a perfectly and highly lit background, if not, trash image. And the webcam itself becomes super hot for no reason, without it even being in use… Absolute garbage for a 250$ “high-end” webcam.

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  7. Technickr

    Diese Webcam hat eine völlig überholte Technik, die mittlerweile in viel günstigeren Webcams zu finden ist. Lohnt sich absolut nicht. Sehr schlechte Bild und Tonqualität. Unheimlich beißender Geruch aus der Kamera. Lieferung erfolgte aus Irland. Rücknahme war jedoch völlig Problemlos. Händler also TOP, die Kamera ein Flop!

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  8. C Cortes

    ***UPDATE 3/28*** A full version of AVerMedia CamEngine – Beta, has been released for Mac users!
    Update your software/firmware people. The default setting need some adjustments. Now you can really dial in some of the fine tuning. After a few months, I still like this camera very much. The software updates & increased control over the image makes this webcam all the better.

    *Original Review*
    I watched all the same videos from prominent streamers on Youtube as the rest. I read all the positive & negative reviews. But I figured, “Hey it’s Xmas, why not?”. So now I’ve had this webcam for about 2-3 weeks. At first I experienced what many others are mentioning. A grainy image. I’m running it on a Mac Mini setup. So I was already expecting the limited controls with the CamEngine Lite software. Also starting in a low light environment. All factors weighing against me. But then…the update!

    ***UPDATE YOUR FIRMWARE & SOFTWARE!!!! OMG its so easy***

    Once I updated everything, CamEngine Lite now gives me access to a few more controls, like the exposure & gain. Combined with the proper video streaming setting/filters in OBS & Boom! We’re in business:)
    This dramatically improved my image quality. Zero image grain, rich vibrant colors, sharp details, & everything I was expecting from this cam. I’m very satisfied with this webcam. Definitely worth the hype & price tag. I will be very pleased if Avermedia continues to improve the functionality for Mac users through future firmware/software updates.

    **The 2 screenshots I included are using just CamEngine Lite & Quicktime as a monitor.
    They have no OBS filtering.
    ***Also, I was able to extend the USB-C cable using a USB3.0 10ft extension from JSAUX.
    Seems to be working just fine.

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  9. Lex B.

    If you’re using this webcam to take online test that require you to show your driver’s license or equivalent government issued ID, then you’re out of luck, it won’t focus on it when it’s put in front of the camera. If you need auto-focus get a Logitech 920 HD Pro or a Logitech Brio that has 4k and really good auto-focusing ability.

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    AVerMedia Live Streamer CAM 313: Full HD 1080P Streaming Webcam, Privacy Shutter, Dual Microphone, 360 Degree Swivel Design, Exclusive AI Facial…
    AVerMedia Live Streamer CAM 313: Full HD 1080P Streaming Webcam, Privacy Shutter, Dual Microphone, 360 Degree Swivel Design, Exclusive AI Facial…

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