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Facebook Portal – Smart Video Calling 10” Touch Screen Display with Alexa – White


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Last updated on June 2, 2023 12:13 am Details
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  • Easily video call with friends and family using your Messenger, WhatsApp or Zoom account, even if they don’t have Portal.
  • Smart Camera automatically pans and zooms to keep everyone in frame, so you can catch up hands-free.
  • Hear and be heard. Smart Sound enhances your voice while minimizing unwanted background noise.
  • Experience even more together. Join or host a group call of up to 50 people with Messenger Rooms.
  • Become some of your children’s favorite storybook characters as you read along to well-loved tales with music, animation and immersive AR effects.
  • Listen to your favorite music and streaming apps like Spotify or Pandora, display your photos from Instagram and Facebook, broadcast with Facebook Live, and more.
  • Work smarter from home with partners like Zoom and Workplace from Facebook. Connect with co-workers even if they’re remote.
  • See and do more with Alexa Built-in. Control your smart home, listen to your favorite music, watch the news, get the weather, set a timer and more.
  • Easily disable the camera and microphone, or block the camera lens with a single switch. All Portal video calls are encrypted.

Specification: Facebook Portal – Smart Video Calling 10” Touch Screen Display with Alexa – White

Standing screen display size


Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎10.25 x 0.91 x 7.06 inches

Country of Origin



‎Facebook Technologies, LLC


‎1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

Flash Memory Size


Processor Brand




Product Dimensions

‎10.25 x 0.91 x 7.06 inches

Card Description


Item Weight

‎2.28 pounds

Operating System


Item model number






National Stock Number


Date First Available

‎September 17, 2019

Photos: Facebook Portal – Smart Video Calling 10” Touch Screen Display with Alexa – White

11 reviews for Facebook Portal – Smart Video Calling 10” Touch Screen Display with Alexa – White

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  1. Naomi

    For those who are debating an Alexa device with screen capabilities, whether you will like the Portal or not will depend on what you want to use it for.

    In taking the smart home plunge, I ended up purchasing 4 Echo Shows (2nd generation) and 2 Facebook Portal+’s for my home because I wanted both, PA & Drop in function, but also a primo video chat. Here’s why I have both:

    The Echo Show (2nd generation) exceeds the Portal + in overall functionality. It provides all of the features of the previous model and more. I wanted some (or all) of my primary devices to sometimes act as a PA & also be able to use the ‘Drop in’ feature when I am not home. I live in a condo and have an 8wk old puppy coming. Though I work from home, at some point if I need to go on a run or leave for an hour or two, I am still able to access the camera and speak to her if she’s barking at the front door. For now, Facebook Portal does not have this feature. With the Echo Show there is also no need for an external hub for most of my smart devices because it’s built right in. I’m unsure if Portal has this. With the Show, there is also direct access to the internet. Just ask Alexa to play movie trailers, Prime videos, etc. The display is nice, but I would chalk up the video calling and ‘Drop in’ quality to better than that of my security cameras (also high quality).

    The Facebook Portal+ display and AI camera technology far exceeds that of any other device I’ve used. I purchased this for the calling feature – which is its’ primary function. During a call, you no longer need to employ being your own camera man during the call – it’s completely hands-free and smoothly follows you around the room like a movie director. I was impressed by the range at which it accurately followed me and will even follow in the direction of your voice if you happen to step out of the frame. Very limited on other functions though and I expect more are soon to follow within the year once the ‘data breach’ blah blah stuff calms down a bit. Though the Portal does not support the PA & ‘Drop in’ functions that the Echo Show has, I can still control all of my smart home devices & groups with ease and employ all of my routines with no problem.

    If you’re looking for all-around functionality and more features the Echo Show (2nd) is the way to go. If quality video calling is the priority, then you can’t beat the Portal+ for now – it far exceeds everything else in that arena.

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  2. Andrey

    Absolutely amazing video calling experiencing. My parents don’t use Facebook much but with the product they can see most recent photos posted to Facebook automatically on the device. Think of all the electronic photo frames that go useless and boring since they show same stuff over and over, and imagine how much better it can be when it shows fresh photos instead.

    Hardware definitely is top notch and I’m looking forward to see what software improvements come to the product.

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  3. Ng Say Chyuan

    Dear Seller,

    I got this Portal since June 2021. It was functioning well at the beginning until late July, it started to show faulty such as:
    1- Not able to connect on the WhatsApp (WA) call. The recipient receive black screen from my WA calls using Portal TV. Sometimes, the recipient don;t even receive anything after i press the call button. Getting bit fed-up on this actually.
    2- Have been using Portal to listen to spotify. But lately (End July onwards), the audio function is not working at all. To the extend, whenever the WA calls, the recipent has difficulty to hear our voice (broken voice or too soft) even though how close we are to the Portal TV during the call.
    3- I have the Portal plug into my Smart TV. Lately we realize the Portal TV is causing our smart TV to be slacking and even “hang”, which leave us not choice but to unplug totally.

    With the above problems faced, i’m actually very disappointing with the Portal TV that i bought at S$200++. Is there a way to solve my problem to convenient my WA call connecting with family abroad especially during this pandemic. I don’t wish to discard this Portal TV as it was very expensive.

    Hope to hear from you soonest.

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  4. Amazon Customer

    Let me start by mentioning that the portal has no battery and must be plugged in at all times when in use, so going from one room to another during a call is not possible. Furthermore, the connection interface is not something I’ve ever seen or would call futuristic. Moving on. The way the portal follows the subject in the frame is by using what I would call “dynamic cropping”, in no way is the camera panning or tilting which limits the capture angle. So why can’t facebook integrate this “dynamic cropping” algorithm solution into their messenger app? My arms are up in the air on this one. Subject following is too slow for fast moving subjects like a busy toddler. Other things I immediately noticed was that the screen was dim and exposed enough glare to comb my hair. The portal is also heavy and thick. A large bulging speaking reminescent of something on a 1990s boombox can be found on the back of the portal. For the price, I can’t recommend this product, as any phone/tablet/laptop should be able to do this with so much more functionality.

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  5. Jay

    Tres beau hardware, J’aime beaucoup l’utiliser pour appeler en video ma famille quand je suis dans la cuisine. J’aime beaucoup le suivis de camera quand j’ai les mains occupes ainsi que la qualite du son et de l’image qui est superbe.
    Dommage que les apps sont limiter.
    Mes utilisations principales avec sont messenger video (le seul disponible avec Duo) et Spotify (demande de changer de musique ou de changer le volume a la voix, ce qui est tres pratique).
    Je recommande mais a un public avertis qui sait ou s’en aller avec (beau hardware mais software limiter).
    Personnellement je ne regrete pas mon achat pour mon utilisation quotidienne.

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  6. Irakli Bibileishvili

    people can’t call me, I can call them but not the other way. spotify doesn’t load most of my playlist. alexa (even though I knew it’s voice features only) is more limited than echo dot, it almost does nothing, even alarms don’t ring if screen is off. it’s basically a 200/350$ device (I got both unfortunately) that just calls messenger people one way.

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  7. Graeme

    The product is excellent. What I did not like was that I specifically ordered this item from Amazon Australia as I expected it would have a factory fitted AU plug.

    It came from the USA with their non compatible plug. I then had to source an adapter. This is not acceptable, those adapter plugs are loose fitting and never as good as the dedicated plug and its another item to be lost or mislaid. The AU site should have stated the item as being sourced outside AU with a non compatible factory plug.

    That fact may or may not have affected my decision to purchase from Amazon. The delivery time and product was excellent just disappointed no transparency in as above

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  8. Rich

    I have the Echo Show and Cube and this is much better, larger sharper screen and YouTube is also built in unlike all the Amazon Alexa devices. So far I really like it, the video and sound quality is top notch and all the Alexa things I have tried work well. Even the screen saver mode that shows your Facebook photos comes in handy.

    UPDATE: after using it a few days I pretty much feel the same as above EXCEPT after some checking and asking questions, many more advanced Alexa features like messaging, drop in, viewing Ring/Blink and other cameras, connected speaker system to sync with other Alexas might never be coming. So my thoughts of calling this the best Alexa device could change as its really only the basic Alexa commands in it.

    UPDATE: I hate to say it, but I am returning this in favor of the 2nd gen Echo Show. $400 after tax and all is a lot to put out when it lacks so many Alexa features and skills I mentioned in my other update. Unless you really really really and I mean REALLY video chat a lot thru Facebook, the 2nd gen Echo Show is just a much better Alexa device in almost every way plus you can still video chat with it, just the camera does not follow you. $375-400ish after tax and all, I can’t just wait and hope to see what is going to be added. I can always buy it again if it ever becomes a better Alexa device.

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  9. Eyal Yurman

    I just got the device. Made a few calls, call quality is great! Camera follow is OK but not great (doesn’t follow fast enough, or becomes pixelated for a couple of seconds).

    The worse part is everything else, which is a bummer since the device is huge ad expensive, so I was planning for it to replace my Amazon Echo as well.

    Main issues:
    * Audio quality is not that good on high range, and the sub range is much better and stronger, so it feels uneven.

    * AI is super week. If it’s the Superframe’s (screensaver) algorithm of choosing my Facebook pictures, or the quality of the assistant, even lower than the stock Alexa. I hope all this gets better in time.

    * Lack of applications. Besides Spotify and Facebook watch there isn’t anything much there.

    So bottom line, I with I would have bought the smaller set and use the device to just phone calls.

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  10. jake

    The video calling feature does not work. The other person cannot see the video of my face. The same person can see the video of my face if I use Facebook messenger on an iPhone, instead of portal.

    There is no Facebook messenger on this, for instant messaging when there are some technical problems.

    “Hey Portal ” command points to alexa

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  11. Amazon Customer

    Great gadget so food for catching up with family and friends

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    Facebook Portal – Smart Video Calling 10” Touch Screen Display with Alexa – White
    Facebook Portal – Smart Video Calling 10” Touch Screen Display with Alexa – White
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