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Logitech G923 Racing Wheel and Pedals for PS 5, PS4 and PC featuring TRUEFORCE up to 1000 Hz Force Feedback, Responsive Pedal, Dual Clutch Launch…


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Last updated on June 1, 2023 10:10 am Details
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  • TRUEFORCE: Unleash your passion for racing with high-definition force feedback. TRUEFORCE connects directly to game engines, processing at 4000 times a second to produce next-gen realism and detail in supported games
  • Programmable dual clutch: Get off the starting line faster with maximum traction and minimum smoke in supported games
  • Control the race: 24-point selector, RPM LEDs, integrated PS4 or PC game controls, and progressive brake spring all help you maintain control of your vehicle at high speeds in supported games
  • Crafted with Premium Materials: refreshed Logitech G design with brushed metal wheel, hand-stitched leather wheel cover, and polished metal pedals
  • Total Wheel Control: Control wheel sensitivity, force feedback levels, and button customization via powerful G HUB Gaming Software for PC. Download at logitechG /downloads
  • Compatible with most racing games on PS5 and PS4 with select titles specially designed for TRUEFORCE.

Specification: Logitech G923 Racing Wheel and Pedals for PS 5, PS4 and PC featuring TRUEFORCE up to 1000 Hz Force Feedback, Responsive Pedal, Dual Clutch Launch…

Release date

March 1, 2021


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Product Dimensions

10.24 x 10.94 x 6.57 inches, 15.7 Pounds


Personal Computers

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Item Weight

15.67 pounds



Country of Origin


Date First Available

March 1, 2021

Photos: Logitech G923 Racing Wheel and Pedals for PS 5, PS4 and PC featuring TRUEFORCE up to 1000 Hz Force Feedback, Responsive Pedal, Dual Clutch Launch…

12 reviews for Logitech G923 Racing Wheel and Pedals for PS 5, PS4 and PC featuring TRUEFORCE up to 1000 Hz Force Feedback, Responsive Pedal, Dual Clutch Launch…

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  1. Amoni Kamau

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     There is a natural defect in the XBOX version of the wheel. I tested two different brand new wheels, neither of which properly zero (return to center) when letting go of the wheel against the Playstation Version of the same Wheel, which does properly zero within a negligible degree. Video attached

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  2. Brandon Bisnette

    I was thoroughly impressed by the build quality and performance of this steering wheel / pedal combo. The force feedback works great in mostly all racing games/sims. The pedals feel good out of the box but you might need to adjust the tension for the break as it is a bit stiff. On a tile floor underneath my desk the pedals seem to stick well with the rubber feet from heavy use but you may need to place on a rubber mat if you are overly aggressive. The new RPM idicator is great for supported games. I would give this purchase a 9/10 just because they should have included even more rubber feet on the pedals. You can mount this setup to just about anything including all racing sim setups. They could adjustment for the steering wheel pitch as it is fixed so your desk height will have to be perfect or you will need to adjust your chair or get a proper mounting setup. Works seemlessly with logitech app and autoupdates on its own. Very happy with this purchase and it is the best budget wheel to get into racing/sims.

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  3. Steve

    First let me say I’ll update this with time. Right now it’s March 31st 2021. Also id give this 4 stars without question if more games supported it’s defining feature and I’d give it 5 stars if you didn’t need to buy 2 identical wheels if you want to use a wheel on xbox/playstation. There is no real reason this shouldn’t work on both because hardware wise they are identical down to the last screw. The button labels are the only difference besides the software flag that says no this can’t work on the other console.

    Ok so the wheel like logitech wheels that came before it runs on a system of gears and rumble motors to provide steering feedback and the sensation of bumps and things. The ONLY thing new here (besides a better brake pedal) is a spinning disc that does it’s best to mimick the feeling of a cars engine reving and some other small things you would feel through the wheel of a car…

    It essentially uses the games audio for this and it’s actually a fairly convincing system BUT the game has to explicitly support the feature and the issue is most games don’t. Even games on logitech’s website that are on the supported list don’t always actually have the feature and that’s because it was supposed to be added to these games but wasn’t and logitech never updates the list on the main website or support website.

    The issue with that is they are asking $50 to $100 more for this wheel over the g920 which is otherwise the same force feedback system minus the above mentioned aspect. Honestly the system logitech has been using hasn’t really changed since the ps2 era.

    Speaking of consoles… They sell this in a xbox and playstation variant. The only difference between them is the labels on the buttons… Oh and a little software flag that tells the console that the wheel shouldn’t be allowed to work. So as an owner of both consoles it really bothers me that my $400 wheel won’t work on my playstation for absolutely no reason.

    Those gripes aside I do like the wheel. I was upgrading from a g27 which I had mounted to a Playsets evolution 3 model chair/mounting system. All the mounting hardware is the same and there was no issue mixing and matching pedals, shifters or ebrakes. Everything just worked out of the box although I suggest doing some internet searching to find the best FFB (Force feedback) settings for a game (they are different for each) and then dialing it into the best feeling for your personal taste. It’s easy to do and honestly once you have done it for a couple games you can basically setup any game without needing to search for settings unless the game is giving you a hard time.

    To wrap up, this is another good quality wheel from logitech that I really hope starts getting more support in games because so far the games they said it would be patched into have never been updated. Even the brand new Dirt 5 doesn’t support it and codemasters had the most games on the compatibility list by far… Sadly most of the promised games didn’t get said support.

    If this is your first wheel also make sure to give yourself time to adjust. At first you will probably do significantly worse than you were doing with a controller but with a few hours of practice and a good night sleep you will find yourself posting better laptimes and needing less assists like ABS, TCS & TCM in games.

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  4. Tanya


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  5. Michael Z

    The wheel appears to be of good quality, installed easily.

    The controls in Forza Horizon 4 are awful. Even with much searching online for wheel settings, I was unable to approach the playability of a basic 360 controller. The driving felt terrible with uncontrollable steering swings.

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  6. Casper Ka

    I’m so glad I waited for so long until this came out, and lucky me this get sale on Amazon than purchase from Logitech site. It is worth as compared with other wheels I had in the past and tried out the older version of this wheel at Best Buy one time and this surely feel much different and as the feedback can be strong or adjusted to not so strong, although the feedback is smooth feeling not like the motor feeling from previous older wheels. Hope this help you.

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  7. Pen Andy

    I love the refinements over the old wheel. From the outside it looks very similar to the old G29 but it has been improved internally. I like it but I’m no professional sim racer. It will hold up to abuse.

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  8. Michel Vermeulen

    Compare to the old version Logitech G920 for Xbox One, the G923 for Xbox One X is a evolution or let’s said a 2.0 versions… The G923 True Force do everything better. The most impressive of all is the new Electrical torque power True Force and the Launch Control who give you power directly at the starting line with 1000HZ or 5 Foot-Pound Torque compare to the 3 Foot-Pound Torque of the old G920/G29. The build quality is amazing for the dollars spend, everything feel solid and durable. Also a good mark for the pedals upgrade, the brake are much more harder and give a better racing realism in this upgrade package. Logitech G923 closing the gap in torque power agains the Thrusmaster TS-WX and Fanatec CSL ”8 Foot-Pound Torque” for half the price of those. The G923 is not a revolution, but a very nice affordable evolution and worth hands down the $150 more compare to the G920/G29.

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  9. Dt126

    Being as this was my first buy of this kind of product, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Overall though, I am pleased with it. Setup was fairly simple and it worked great with my PC. I’ve only tested it on ATS so far, but I’ll probably be getting other driving/racing games in the future.
    My only issue is with the brake pedal. It’s so stiff I have to put all my weight on it to get it to even register that I’m trying to brake. Even my husband (who’s at least twice my size and all muscle) had issues with the pedal as well. I was able to remap the controls so that the clutch was the brake instead so it all worked out. There are some people who said you can take it apart and switch the clutch and the brake springs. If I get really bored I’m probably going to give that a try. but for now it’s working fine.

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  10. Mickael Leduc

    Excellent volant, pas gros changement va le 920

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  11. S. Horton

    This is my first wheel for Xbox, though I’ve used others including Fanatec, Thrustmaster and the previous model G920.

    Overall I’m sufficiently impressed with the build quality and functionality of this wheel and pedal setup. It’s easy to get up and running out of the box, though plan on spending a few days getting game settings dialed in.

    Solid construction, quality look and feel
    Easy setup out of the box
    Force feedback is strong
    Decent pedal feel
    Vibration for added ‘feel’ over road and surfaces is a nice touch

    Loud af (playing at night will wake the house)
    Wheel can jerk when the gears slip (it’s not belt drive)
    Many buttons aren’t assignable on Xbox
    Shift lights don’t work with Xbox
    Takes a while to get settings set and it has to be done for each game individually

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  12. MIL-SPEC-Mom

    Product itself is working but the box was delivered today and it was clear from the moment I picked it up something was wrong. Everything inside was loose and upon opening it up and removing the wheel I noticed it was missing the LOGO! It wasn’t in the box so it’s not like it fell off not too mention the way it was sealed was NOT factory. I would give one star if it wouldn’t be unfair to the product itself.

    Shame on you Amazon! Quality control seems to be going out the window lately. Very disappointed and now I fully expect this to probably stop working sooner rather than later seeing as there’s no way for me to know what was done to it prior to me purchasing it.

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    Logitech G923 Racing Wheel and Pedals for PS 5, PS4 and PC featuring TRUEFORCE up to 1000 Hz Force Feedback, Responsive Pedal, Dual Clutch Launch…
    Logitech G923 Racing Wheel and Pedals for PS 5, PS4 and PC featuring TRUEFORCE up to 1000 Hz Force Feedback, Responsive Pedal, Dual Clutch Launch…
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