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Schlage BE489WB CAM 716 Encode Deadbolt Smart Lock | WiFi Touchscreen Keypad, Aged Bronze

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  • Smart Lock with Built-in Wi-Fi allows you to lock/unlock from anywhere – no additional accessories required. Pair with the Schlage home app or Key by Amazon app to create and manage up to 100 access codes for trusted friends and family for recurring, temporary or permanent access
  • Works with Alexa: Check the status of your lock and lock / unlock your door. In addition, Alexa will let you know when your battery is running low or set-up smart reorders through Amazon Dash Replenishment so you always have replacement batteries when needed.
  • Fingerprint-resistant, capacitive touchscreen with easy one-touch locking. Optional voice control offers hands-free convenience when using voice-enabled products
  • Built-in alarm technology senses potential security breaches at the lock, while the low battery indicator offers advanced warning for battery replacement
  • Easy to install with just a screwdriver. Unique Snap ‘n Stay technology snaps the deadbolt onto the door so both hands are free during installation

Specification: Schlage BE489WB CAM 716 Encode Deadbolt Smart Lock | WiFi Touchscreen Keypad, Aged Bronze


‎Schlage Lock Company

Part Number

‎BE489WB CAM 716

Item Weight

‎2.8 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎0.89 x 3 x 5 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number

‎BE489WB CAM 716


‎4 AA batteries required. (included)


‎Lock Only


‎Aged Bronze




‎Aged Bronze


‎Lock Only



Item Package Quantity


Included Components

‎Lockset, Hardware, Installation Instructions

Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Battery Cell Type


Warranty Description

‎3-Year Electronics Warranty and Limited Lifetime Mechanical and Finish Warranty

Photos: Schlage BE489WB CAM 716 Encode Deadbolt Smart Lock | WiFi Touchscreen Keypad, Aged Bronze

8 reviews for Schlage BE489WB CAM 716 Encode Deadbolt Smart Lock | WiFi Touchscreen Keypad, Aged Bronze

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  1. Jaybo

    Have been using this since it was released in Canada. Works great for my place. I like the app.
    Only one source of frustration for me – I set the codes up on the lock without the app first, but when you hook up the app, it deletes the codes and you must use the app to manage the codes, which is fine, but it wasn’t clear to me that’s what happens in the documentation.
    I have it hooked to to my Alexa as well, and it works fine.
    A couple negatives:
    Battery life isn’t anywhere as long as it says it should be. Batteries lasted almost 4 months, not 6 months like the literature says, and it’s not like it sees high usage in my house.
    As well, touchpad doesn’t work with gloves which is annoying in the winter.

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  2. KRoten

    Got the lock and installed it. The directions are straight forward. Locked worked great the first day.

    Some things to note.
    • The hole where the bolt goes into the door was too small for this lock, so I had to make it a little bigger even though I had just removed another Schlage lock from the hole.
    • The screw holes on the striker plate for the frame side of the door did not line up with existing holes. They send you two plats but neither worked so I had to leave my old plate there. Couldn’t drill new holes because the old ones were too close.
    • During installation of the lock itself you put the number pad in place from the outside and then attach a plate to the number pad from the inside. Don’t over tighten the screws on the plate. Tighten them just enough to keep the key pad from moving around. If you over tighten you will find the screws to attach the inside part of the lock are too short.

    Now for the problem I really have. On day two my app, I am using the Schlage app, says I have no locks. I can unlock and lock the door by hand and I get notices on my phone, but I cannot use the app to lock or unlock the door or add new pass codes. Good thing I wasn’t depending on the phone app to let anyone in the house. At this point I will never be able to rely on the lock for that issue. I attempted to reconnect the phone app to the lock, but the lock just flashes a red light and beeps.

    Right now, I honestly would not recommend this lock to anyone who will ever rely on using the phone app to open the door. If you just want a push button deadbolt then it appears to work for that. In my opinion having that luxury is certainly not worth $250.

    Little more information on steps I took to rectify this problem. Other than calling the Schlage folks for help. Oh, I did that too, but they will only help you during their business hours and that happens to be when I am at work myself. Also, don’t try their website troubleshooting because that just runs you in circles.

    • Deleted and reinstalled the app. Could not connect.
    • While following the directions on the app I randomly pushed the button on the inside of the battery pack. The phone actually paired with the lock but the lock would not connect to my WiFi so I could not proceed.
    • Factory reset the lock and repeated the steps of connecting including pushing the button on the battery compartment. Connected to the phone but no Wifi.
    • Removed and replaced the battery and reset the lock. Still no Wifi.
    • Provided my user information to my son who downloaded the app on his Android. He followed the directions on his app and everything worked great.

    Even though the app shows I have no lock paired with my phone I still get messages when someone locks and unlocks the door. Strange things. Since the lock and app are completely unreliable I will be sending it back.

    Oh, and why does the app need to have access to my location? That in not information that is relevant to me operating a lock.

    ****Update**** The lock magically reappeared in the app after being gone for two days. I guess they updated the app to fix the WiFi problem. I will continue to use the lock and app up to the point where I am out of time to return the lock. At that point if everything is still working I will come back and update my rating. For now I’m keeping it at 1 star.

    ****Update II**** I have been using the lock since it started working again. I have not had issues since. My wife actually purchased a second one and we now have on on the front and back door. They both have worked mostly flawlessly since the app was updated.

    ****Update III**** This thing is the biggest piece of crap. I have had this lock installed for about 8 months now. I have the issues listed above. The lock sucks down batteries is constantly losing connection with my family’s phones and now it has completely stopped working. Oh and be ready to reset the lock and reconnect it EVERY time you have to change batteries.

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  3. KBW

    Very happy with this deadbolt. We use it alot and the batteries last about 4 months. That being said we use rechargeable AA for this thing and when I install freshly charged ones, the status says they are at 75%. Maybe non rechargable ones will last longer. Either way it doesn’t matter because it’s extremely easy to change them. It takes 30 seconds and no tools. The app works well and we haven’t had any issues.

    The only complaint is that the auto lock feature isn’t very customizable. The longest auto lock interval you can choose is 4 minuites. I would love to see a 10,15,30,60 min option. When we are working in the yard or are in and out alot within an hour it would be nice to have a longer auto lock interval. Right now we just turn it off via the app but then sometimes you forget to turn it back on. It shouldn’t be this finicky. Besides that, great lock!

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  4. KD

    This lock is easy to install, looks great and work flawlessly so far, there’s a 1in play in the thumbturn this is normal, make sure you follow the step by step instructions after installation, this will make WiFi connection and software update very easy, too early to say anything about battery life, if you’re in Canada and looking to connect this lock with your ring video doorbell or your ring alam system it will not work at this time as you need Amazon key which is not available in Canada yet, hopefully soon, as you’re able to unlock your door from the video of your doorbell, however, it works seamlessly with Google and Alexa, you can lock with your voice, but you won’t be able to unlock with your voice for security reasons, the lock comes with auto lock features it will lock after being open for the prescribe time set even if the door is still opened, so I don’t use it, but if you have ring alam system you can set a routine with Alexa to lock your lock when the door sensor is closed, as long as your door is open the lock will not lock automatically, when you enter or leave fully close your door behind you and Alexa will lock your lock within seconds after your door and alarm sensor is closed, you will also get a pop-up notification from your ring system and notification from the schleage home app so you know the door is lock behind you.
    After all the research overall I think this is one of the best Wi-Fi smart Lock on the market looks great and work well, I will recommend this lock.

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  5. Jim Poloway

    A superior device. Unlike other wifi locks, this lock does not need a hub to connect to your wifi in order to lock/unlock your door remotely. The Schlage app worked without a hitch and offers many optional features such as codes for other users, adjustable timed auto-lock, built-in forced entry alarm, 1-touch locking, keypress beep, and locked and/or unlocked notifications. As of today (Nov 5/19) Alexa will only lock doors in Canada although she will lock and unlock (using a 4 digit pin) in the US. I just installed it so I did not rate battery life. It does however have a flashing red battery on the keypad which eventually turns solid red to indicate low battery.

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  6. Nicole

    Bought this lock so we could share codes instead of keys with our more frequent visitors. We haven’t lived with a keypad lock before, let alone one with an app. I’m so glad that we bought this lock. It replaced our existing Schlage keyed lock, and it was easy to install. It came with an Amazon camera that is used for the in-home Amazon delivery service called “Key” (more on this later). The lock sets up easily in the “Key” app (plug in the camera first). Once you set it up in the app, you can set your codes and use them to enter the house. You can add codes for different guests, and you can text the codes to them if you want. You get an alert on your phone saying who unlocked the door. It’s really changed how we use our house because we don’t need to carry keys and don’t have to leave the garage open for the kids.
    And this lock comes with bonus features! Didn’t think I’d want Amazon opening my door to deliver packages but I was wrong. The app let’s you know the delivery time and then when the package is delivered, the camera records the delivery person. They slightly opened our door, left the package and closed it. I wish the mail and others did this too. Much safer and convenient.
    Very pleased with this lock and highly recommend.

    ** Update- Amazon scrapped the “in-home” Key delivery service so we use the Schlage app which is not fancy but does the things you want it to when you want it to. We now have the lock working on Alexa and find ourselves asking her if the doors are locked. Definitely convenient. Seems like the batteries last around 8 months btw.

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  7. LuckyLucy

    Lately I have been really unhappy with what is offered for smart lock units. Theyre either WAY overpriced (nest yale x) or simply overpriced and unreliable, or just absolutely cheap and insecure. When I bought my house, i adopted the August lock system for all three doors. From day-1, nothing but troubles. Unreliable. Doesnt work. If it does work, it often takes 1 minute to unlock a door. Checking status fails almost all the time. Customer support simply unable to figure out why , and they end up making me “factory reset” everything and reconfigure it all again. Also battery life was always so poor i’d be paranoid if i can get in my house. I am completely abandoning all three AUGUST LOCK smartlocks in my home an replacing for these Schlage Encode locks. I have absolutely had enough of unreliable AUGUST software and unreliable unlocking from AUGUST KEYPAD and AUGUST CONNECT “hub”. I tried just about everything that that company has asked me to do and the complete lack of reliability has made me look for another lock system for my smart home.

    Schlage Encode.

    I decided to buy a smartlock from an actual door lock company, unlike August who was tech-focused, and not LOCK focused. Simply put, Schlage Encode just works. Hardware isnt fancy. The app isnt fancy either. But one thing i finally can appreciate? my locks work. It absolutely 100% unlocks my door when I punch in the numeric code. OR when i use the app to unlock the door. 100%. There is so far NO SITUATION where i was standing outside looking stupid trying to unlock the door for a minute or two. OR a time when i just couldnt unlock it not matter what I do with the phone app or keypad. With August, i was 50% success rate for opening my door… I often had to just play cool and just go through my garage door because my front door wouldnt open.

    You can program 100 codes and pass the codes to family members to own their own code. That way you can keep track of who entered. When you punch in the code? Guess what happens? it unlocked IMMEDIATELY. I sound sarcastic but I’ve been so frustrated with August lock’s unreliable system that this BASIC feature, simply works and i feel a breath of fresh air now. You also have the ability to offer “virtual” keys to guests. Guests need to use the app to unlock via bluetooth.

    There is an “autolock” feature here too however i do wish the maximum auto-lock function would be more than 4 minutes. I kind of wish the max time were 2 hours. furthermore I wish there were an AUTO LOCK function based on TIME. So far nobody has this feature (strange?!). August, Yale, and Schlage. I like the ability to set my lock to automatically look at 11pm every day as a “double check” that my doors are locked for the day and then alert me that it was done or not done due to a door that was not fully closed so the deadbolt didnt fully engage. Seems like a software feature to me, not hardware.

    For 300$ on amazon sale, This is a real steal. A reliable lock with physical backup KEY, with PIN PAD entry, and cloud access without the need for a WIFI HUB. Yale and August need a separate accessory that costs another 100$ on top of the 400$ lock. This Schlage Encode has wifi built-in! no issue connecting to wifi and ZERO issues so far with connectivity with my home wifi.

    Some things i would love to see that are software update-able:
    -android app should provide notification of the specific person that unlocked it (simple fix to me since that info is available already in the app’s HISTORY log). As of my time of review, the notification just says that the door’s unlocked.
    -automatic lock at higher timeouts (currently 4min max)
    -automatic lock at specific time of day

    Things that i miss that cannot be done with a software update:
    -motion detection where keypad illuminates when a person approaches the door. currently the keypad is so dark its hard to see in shaded porch or night. Only after FIRST button press, the digits illuminate for your to punch in the rest of the pin.

    To conclude, I’m really not impressed with any smartlock today. So far, this basic Schlage Encode is good enough for me and I will be changing all my locks to this lock until some company can come up with something that is just as reliable with smarter features and nicer aesthetics.

    been using this for a good amount of time. ULTRA RELIABLE and INCREDIBLY FAST notifications. I bought a third one for back yard patio door now. finally got rid of all three AUGUST locks (good riddance!) and replaced every door with these encode schlage locks because it is simply just SO reliable. app is simple and works perfect. obvious it could use a bit more savviness but i hope the firmware/app keeps getting updated. wishlist? phone app location based auto-unlock, increased auto-lock timer (greater than 4mins), ability to change PIN length via APP rather than having to deal with that all from the lock itself (currently you need to Factory reset the lock which loses all users codes, then you need to enter manual programmingmode and use a punch code sequence to change the PIN length )

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  8. Bill_IT

    My purchase of a Schlage Encode electronic front door lock and the matching FE285 handle and latch set (purchased separately) yielded several lessons in how to select such devices while avoiding most of the problems.

    Upon receipt of the lock, I had Lowes re-key it to match my other Schlage house locks (a free service at my Lowes). But note: have this done BEFORE you install the lock! Otherwise, a locksmith must come to your location and will charge accordingly.

    I have installed my lock and set it up. It will provide access to my home if I require 911 services (I live alone). My medical alert company has a temporary access code for the lock, which it will provide only to 911 responders. And If I am unable to delete that code immediately after responders access my home, that can be done remotely by family members or friends who have downloaded, installed, and set up the Schlage Home app on a compatible cell phone. That prevents responders from abusing the code to burglarize the home later. There is the added reassurance that any use of an access code can generate an immediate alarm on the Schlage Home app.

    I had to contact Schlage’s excellent customer service by phone to complete the installation and programming of the lock. The Schlage web site has a contact phone number, which is answered by real humans.

    Some important considerations:

    1. This still isn’t a mature market with the ideal combination of design and functional features. It’s likely you won’t get all the aspects of appearance and function that you want in one model. And with Encode being a fairly new model, for which the rollout does not seem to have included a complete set of installation and programming instructions, you are likely to be calling Schlage’s helpful customer support staff for assistance.

    2. The Encode Camelot lock does not appear to be available as a set with a matching Camelot latch set FE285. Such combinations are available with some other locks, along with discounts for ordering both sets of hardware together.

    3. Encode is similar to Schlage’s other electronic locks (Sense, Touch, Connect), but don’t be misled by this similarity. The setup is deceptively similar, but the programming instructions for those other products don’t work with Encode, nor are the instructions intuitive. It’s challenging to locate programming instructions for the Encode on Schlage’s web site. On the FAQs section of the Schlage Home app, Encode doesn’t even appear as a selection option for programming instructions.

    4. Encode is the only Schlage model (that I know of) that can connect to your WiFi network without the use of an external hub or WiFi adapter. That’s why I purchased it. Advantage: one less device and wireless connection to go wrong. Disadvantages: WiFi transceivers use a fair amount of power, shortening the battery life. And you can’t set up the WiFi connection unless you download and install the free Schlage Home app, or other compatible app, onto a compatible cell phone, and set up the connection using the app.

    5. The instructions are insufficient. My standardized door cutouts for the latch and lock matched the enclosed template, but neither the latch nor the lock was centered within their respective holes as they should have been. I had to remove material from these holes on the sides closest to the edge of the door to make room for their installations. This, despite the Encode replacing Schlage’s similar, manual latch set and lock on the same door. The biggest omission from the Quick Start Guide: WiFi is not even mentioned, let alone explained.

    6. The Schlage Home app’s user interface is minimalist―too much so, for me.

    7. Encode is available only in a limited set of finishes. For example, there was not an antique brass finish to match the Schlage interior hardware in my home. I went with the Camelot version with the Aged Bronze finish, hoping for sort of a match. This was a mistake. Aged Bronze not only is much redder than the yellowish Antique Brass―it is so dark that one can’t tell from just a few feet away whether the lock is engaged or not. Like a black hole, it simply doesn’t reflect enough light to see any detail. If I were to start the selection process again, I would go with one of the modern Encode Century designs with very visible features. They will fit any decor as well as, or better than, the option I chose.

    8. The Encode keypad and I still are not getting along. As with cell phone keypads, this one’s sensitivity seems to vary from one key press to the next. And when one is entering, say, the six-digit programming code (necessary for adding or deleting user codes), there is no indication of where one is in the process. If you accidentally touch a key twice in rapid succession by mistake, for example, there will be no clue that this has happened. In such situations, you’re likely to fumble for a while and finally start over (expletives deleted). You must press the exact center of a number for it to respond. Easier said than done, during a winter blast or soaking downpour, and when the keypad is somewhere around your navel’s level. I would much prefer a push-button keypad with tactile feedback whenever a key is successfully pressed, similar to a mechanical computer keyboard. Some other Schlage models have push buttons, but those models will not directly connect to a WiFi network.

    9. Some electronic locks accept an access code, then require the user to turn the deadbolt manually. Encode automatically moves the deadbolt without your involvement. Slick. But there is a cost. If your door is not exactly and correctly positioned, the deadbolt will rub against the strike and will not travel the required distance for the lock to be fully engaged. This reduces security, and a deadbolt rubbing against the strike plate is likely to draw more power, further reducing battery life and possibly damaging the tiny bolt motor. In the best of all possible worlds, all doors are positioned perfectly forever. In reality, even doors that are perfectly positioned at the outset are very likely to shift and rub over time, due to expansion, contraction, and warping of materials, or shifting of the house. For that reason, I prefer mechanical operation of the deadbolt. But Schlage models with that feature do not connect to WiFi directly.

    So, there you have it. Look at lock options carefully and choose the compromise that works bests for you.

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    Schlage BE489WB CAM 716 Encode Deadbolt Smart Lock | WiFi Touchscreen Keypad, Aged Bronze
    Schlage BE489WB CAM 716 Encode Deadbolt Smart Lock | WiFi Touchscreen Keypad, Aged Bronze

    Original price was: $299.99.Current price is: $246.42.
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