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Samsung – Galaxy Buds Live True Wireless Earbud Headphones – Bronze


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Specification: Samsung – Galaxy Buds Live True Wireless Earbud Headphones – Bronze

Noise Cancelling Active


Connection Type


Wireless Connectivity


True Wireless


Water Resistant


Built-In Microphone


Carrying Case


Microphone Features

Noise cancelling

Headphone Fit


Battery Charge Time

6 hours

Works With


Product Name

Galaxy Buds Live True Wireless Earbud Headphones



Model Number



Buds Live True



Color Category


Sound Isolating


Environmental Noise Control




Maximum Talk Time

4.5 hours



Battery Capacity

472 milliampere hours

Charging Accessory Included


Charging Interfaces

USB Type C

OnOff Switch


Product Height

1.98 inches

Product Width

1.97 inches

Product Depth

1.09 inches

Product Weight

0.09 pounds

Manufacturers Warranty - Parts

1 Year

Manufacturers Warranty - Labor

1 Year



Photos: Samsung – Galaxy Buds Live True Wireless Earbud Headphones – Bronze

8 reviews for Samsung – Galaxy Buds Live True Wireless Earbud Headphones – Bronze

4.8 out of 5
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  1. HMWBB

    I have always liked noise-canceling headphones and was delighted when my wife purchased these buds for my Christmas gift from her. I love them and use them daily to listen to the Rush Limbaugh show, God bless him.
    They are very comfortable to wear all day so you will be ready for that important phone call while the rest of the office doesn’t know you are enjoying the show.
    The noise-canceling feature is amazing, quieting the loudest of background noise while still being able to hear if someone is talking to you, no need to take them off, with a touch of the finger on the bud, the noise-canceling effect is disabled and you hear everything as if you were not wearing them, touch again and you are enjoying the noise-free benefit they offer.
    They recharge in the case, even without being plugged into the wall, and seem to last days. The sleek-looking buds are easy to put on and take off.

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  2. EastAtlantakid30316

    Where do i begin Samsung has done it again. The buds are amazing and fits like a glove in my ear. I’m normally not an in ear person and I wanted to give this design a try. And I do regret it one bit.

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  3. LaurenAKA

    They can call these Bronze all they want…. it’s ROSE GOLD!!! and I’m obsessed! The Metallic finish is gorgeous. The buds don’t come out what you put them in your ears it might take a bit to adjust them to feel comfortable. I have found that they stay in your ear once in. I’ve tried shaking my head hard-and-fast and they stay inside, they don’t fall out. The sound quality is very good I think the best thing to do is download the app so you can adjust the EQ settings to your liking. Good for being able to check the battery percentage. The noise cancellation does work you can definitely tell the difference. The only frustrating thing is sometimes when you are trying to adjust the buds it can sometimes trigger the touch sensors to pause or play. You can adjust the touch sensors through the app though. This is a great product definitely worth the money.

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  4. HandyAndy

    These are pretty amazing buds – and I never thought I would use headphones that are 2 separate buds. They pair with the Samsung Note perfectly and connect very quickly each time I put them on. And when they are put in my ears, they each have a separate tone so it is easy to tell each is connected. And I walk my dog each day and they do an amazing job picking up my voice but cancelling out other noises. They even work when walking in cold winter winds while wearing a stocking cap, which was pretty amazing. And I can use them with my computer and phone, which is pretty cool too. I really like that they sit in my ears, but not inside, which makes it great to hear what is going on with my family at the same time. I also thought they were going to fall out easy, but they have never fallen out during walks and even hiking and jogs. Overall, I am pretty amazed – actually over impressed.

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  5. bransonsaks

    I had the first buds. Didn’t get the buds plus but I was looking for something that fit in my ear and didn’t stand out. These aren’t. Sound is good. When I put both in I cannot hear nature!

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  6. MetalLoverInNC

    So, I was pretty hesitant to buy these earbuds based solely on how they look (I mean, really, who wants to walk around with kidney bean-shaped things in their ears, right?). However, I can honestly say, I am a huge fan!
    I have owned the original Galaxy Buds (which I ended up giving to my sister), then I upgraded to the Galaxy Buds Plus (which I still have and love quite a lot). I decided to buy these because A: They have that metallic blue (same as my Buds Plus) and B: To see if they are any good. After wearing them all day for two days straight, I can honestly say, I am quite the fan.
    The fit is extremely comfortable (and I would say far more comfortable than the original buds and Buds Plus). After wearing them for a long time, my ears were NOT hurting.
    The sound quality is amazing. Music sounds crisp and clear.
    Voice calls were a breeze.
    Charging time is quick and very efficient.
    My only negative is initially putting them in and getting the correct fit…but, once you do, these are really great!
    I bought the protection plan (which I always encourage others to do, because accidents happen!).
    I really have no faults with these. As always, Samsung is really giving Apple a run for their money on quality products.
    Perfect for anyone. Def recommended.

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  7. Wcpclan

    So far they have fit better than the Apple AirPods and the sound it hood, usb C charging, wireless charging and nice to have the color choices.

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  8. NJuice

    The growing “True Wireless Earbuds” portion of audio tech has really interested me in the last few years. Samsung has really made a name for itself with their “Galaxy Buds” line lately and I was very intrigued by the new bean design of the Galaxy Buds Live. So far my time with them have proved that they are a risk worth taking!
    – My first impression upon opening these was how small the case is. I really couldn’t believe just how nice and sleek it is, the rounded square shape just makes is ideal to easily bring with you everywhere!
    – I also think Samsung did a nice job making the hinge on the case feel sturdy and not cheap, its a minor upgrade but nice.
    – I do also once again love the USB-C and Wireless charging for the case.
    – The earbuds themselves of course look like beans! They really are small and have a premium look to them with the shape, build, and placement of the speakers and microphones.
    – The fit was the biggest adjustment for me because they feel like they aren’t even there! Seriously the bean shape just makes them rest in your ear but yet they are secure and do not fall out. It’s a weird feeling not actively knowing you are wearing earbuds but its something that I personally grew to love.
    – I did worry that these would fall out easily when working out or going on runs/walks. However I did a few workouts with these and had no issues at all! I can’t say whether that will remain consistent but so far so good.
    – On that, these are meant to be comfy for long wearing and I could not agree more on this concept. I don’t feel the need to take them off because of fatigue like in earbuds or over the ear headphones. And maybe that’s just me, but I do really think the open air concept of these make them much more comfortable than normal earbuds.
    – Its important for a buyer to understand that these are not your typical noise cancelling earbuds. Typical noise cancelling earbuds go all the way into your ear creating a tight seal that helps the noise cancelling tech on them. The Buds Live are an “open air” earbud which means they don’t actual go into your ear to create a seal.
    – The lack of the seal means you will still hear what’s going on around you like a person talking but the Noise Cancelling tech drowns out some of the white noise like the sound of a humming AC unit. Of course when you turn up the music most everything is drowned out, but its just a different experience.
    – That being said, the audio quality is exceptional! The vocals are clear and crisp, the bass is impactful, and the sound is powerful. I really enjoy listening to music on these or just about anything that requires audio!
    – Taking Calls on the Buds Live are by far my favorite phone call experience out of any headphones I have ever used! Because there isn’t a seal, it makes the phone call feel so much more natural because you can hear the person you are talking to while also hearing the volume of your voice while talking. Along with that, the audio is crisp and the people I have talked to say I sound great.
    – As pictured in my review, the Buds Live and Buds+ are very similar in their size and style. Both have a small footprint, both have a nice high quality look and feel, both have touch controls, and both have the charging lights.
    – With audio, the Buds Live have the open air with noise cancelling design while the Buds+ have a closed seal but no noise cancelling.
    – With Battery, the Buds+ offer about 5 more hours of use per charge then the Buds Live offer but both offer about the same amount of total battery life with the charging case at around 22 hours. (Samsung says you can get 29 hours of battery in the Buds Live but that is without any Noise Cancelling which I don’t think anyone plans on doing).
    – At the end of the day, both are great wireless earbuds no doubt! In my opinion, I think the Buds+ are meant for people who are more active, away from home, and need something that are long lasting and durable. The Buds Live are for those who value better audio/call quality but still want to be able to hear things around you while commuting or around other people.
    – Samsung took a leap with The Galaxy Buds Live, and they truly are a unique audio experience. The sound quality is exceptional, calls are so easy to take, and they are so comfortable you will not mind wearing them for 6 hours at a time because you will barely know they are there. However, for those of you who value a closed off no sound feeling with your headphones, these are not going to be for you. That being said, I was worried about the Buds Live not being sealed off and after a few days with these – Samsung has made me a believer in these earbuds and the Buds Live are my new daily drivers!

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    Samsung – Galaxy Buds Live True Wireless Earbud Headphones – Bronze
    Samsung – Galaxy Buds Live True Wireless Earbud Headphones – Bronze
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