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Shark Navigator® Self-Cleaning Brushroll Pet Upright Vacuum – Pewter Grey Metallic


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The Shark Navigator® Pet Pro Upright Vacuum is your answer to stubborn pet hair and heavy-duty cleaning tasks. With an extendable hose for up to 12 feet of total reach for cleaning above floors, 3XL capacity, and a self-cleaning brushroll for nonstop hair removal, this vacuum cleaner is made for a floor-to-ceiling deep clean.

Specification: Shark Navigator® Self-Cleaning Brushroll Pet Upright Vacuum – Pewter Grey Metallic

Cleaning Path Width

11.97 inches

Vacuum Type

Upright vacuums

Bin Capacity

2.8 gallons

Product Weight

15.3 pounds

Brush Roll Shut-Off




Compatible Floor Type

All floors, Bamboo, Bare Floor, Carpet, Ceramic tile, Concrete, Cork, Engineered woods, Hardwoods, Laminate, Linoleum, Marble, Porcelain tile, Rugs, Tile, Vinyl




1150 watts

Cord Length

25 feet

Filter Type

HEPA, Reusable

Multi Surface


Attachments Included

Dusting brush, upholstery tool, extension hose, duster crevice tool, Zero-M cleaner head

Product Name

Shark Navigator® Self-Cleaning Brushroll Pet Upright Vacuum



Model Number



Navigator Pet Pro


Pewter Grey Metallic

Color Category


Hose Length

12 inches

Product Height

45.276 inches

Product Length

9.843 inches

Product Width

11.969 inches


120 volts

Manufacturers Warranty - Parts

5 Year Limited Warranty

Manufacturers Warranty - Labor




Photos: Shark Navigator® Self-Cleaning Brushroll Pet Upright Vacuum – Pewter Grey Metallic

8 reviews for Shark Navigator® Self-Cleaning Brushroll Pet Upright Vacuum – Pewter Grey Metallic

4.9 out of 5
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  1. DovahkiinBeauty

    This thing is awesome and the canister on it is very large. Gets out crud in my carpet I didn’t even know was there! Picture is size of canister and all the crud that was in my carpet. This vacuum also has great deal so nothing comes out, no dust or allergens. 10/10

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  2. Tstall

    Really cool vac! There is not much not to love about this vacuum. Who wouldn’t want a vac that never gets hairs stuck on the brush head? I don’t have pictures for evidence but I vacuumed with my old vac before using the shark and when I used the shark it was still able to pick up more dirt and debris that was left behind. The vac also has ample cord length and a jumbo bin to hold the dirt and debris. The vac also rolls great and it feels like it glides while still cleaning the floors. I love the power button because you can set it for carpet or hardwood floor. When set to carpet the brush is set to high speed and when you set it to hardwood floor the brush motor still rolls (which is rare) at a lower speed. The nice part is with the hardwood floor setting with the decreased roller speed allows you to vacuum with a little bit more leverage but it doesn’t kick the dirt all around like other vacs who leave the speed on high or power off the brush roller. It should be noted if you click the vacuum up to stand up the roller shuts off so it doesn’t hurt your floors or carpet as you try to use the hose to vacuum. Very high quality vac.

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  3. Anonymous

    Very good vacuum and I like it to much I never have something like this and I love it I love the way he cleans the vacuum is very good recommend to use it

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  4. AZEqualizer

    This is a pretty awesome mid-priced Upright Vacuum. It does an unexpected wonderful job on hard flooring. The switch has a hard floor/carpet setting located on the canister. On carpet it does not have a height adjustment but still provides a great job on the carpets I used it on. The flexible head along with the unit being light provides excellent mobility and flexibility during usage. The suction is a manual flow control, so it is simplistic, but it works when using the attachments on drapes and the like. The attachments are push on / pull off – I always prefer the click on and off. The filters do their job, and the dust bin is rated at 0.8 gallons which can contain a lot of dirt and is easy to detach and dump.
    I was not expecting the self-cleaning brush roll to be able to do its job, but to my surprise it does. Picking up all kinds of hair and removing them from the roller. It even picks up and removes my wife’s long titanium strength hair which I must usually cut off the roller of our other high-end vacuum. Edge cleaning will often require several passes but dirt along the front bumper only one pass. The handle has the hose attached, and it is easy to switch to using the attachments. I miss not having a headlight – with the cost and a lightweight capability for bright LED’s it would have been nice. You can only stow two of the three attachment on the vacuum.
    Shark SU62 Navigator Pet Pro Upright Vacuum has a five-year warranty, weighs around 15lbs. And comes with a 25-foot cord.(though the manual states it is a ZU60, it is plainly marked on the unit as a ZU62) It can clean hard flooring, carpet and has a detachable handle, wand and hose (12 foot) with three attachments. The attachments are a duster/crevice tool, upholstery tool, and dusting brush. It has a pre-motor filter and a HEPA /Filter (post-motor). It is suggested that the premotor filter be cleaned every three months with water and replaced every two and a half years. It is suggested the HEPA filter be cleaned with water every year and replaced every three years.

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  5. ferrari

    We’ve had long haired dogs for the past 30 years, so one can easily imagine that we’ve been through scads of vacuums over that time. Most of those we’ve purchased have come along with a promise of dealing with pet hair. This Shark U62 is now poised to replace our current Bissell Pet Hair Eraser. I’ve attached photos of the two side by side for comparison.
    The first thing we noticed was the power. Excellent suction; reaching down deep into the rugs without excessive drag force or an overly objectionable noise level.
    The next positive for this unit is container size – looking at the first photo, you can see the collector is super sized as compared to the Pet Hair Eraser. This has always been a pet peeve of ours, as hair does not compact well in these collectors, so you’re constantly running back & forth to empty when doing more than one room. Now if someone would only figure out how to de-static pet hair so I don’t have to stick my hand in the container to pull it out, that would be vacuum heaven!
    The second photo I provided is to show the length of the hose as compared to the Bissell. It’s advertised as 12 feet, and it’s not quite there yet until it’s broken in, but out of the box it’s substantially longer. The feel of it is that it does seem more pliable and better easily stretched. On the downside, the unit tips easily when pulling on the hose, but this is a drawback of just about any upright.
    By far, the #1 attraction of this unit is the roller design. It works! So far I haven’t seen any major hair tangles on the brush.
    On the downside, I’ve come across two minor flaws. The first is that it doesn’t edge clean as well as the Bissel, as the sides of the unit seem a bit thicker so the roller doesn’t get as close. However, going head on into the wall, it’ll pick up the residue. So, a little bit more work when doing hallways. The head unit does swivel well, but overall, when working in confined areas, the Bissell gets the edge. Some of this is also due to the Shark’s additional weight and bulk.
    The second annoyance I found was with the Shark’s crevice/brush tool included. The attachment is built to telescope, so when you want to use the brush you pull it down over the crevice. The problem is that it doesn’t snap or lock into place, so if you use too much pressure, the brush just slides back far too easily.
    Overall, I’m very happy with the Shark and would strongly recommend considering it, most especially if you’ve got long haired pets as I do.

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  6. KansasMeddlingMom

    The Shark – Navigator Pet Pro ZU62 Bagless Pet Upright Vacuum – Pewter Gray Metallic is great for so many reasons. I am a true fur baby mom with 2 dogs; one is not a shedding machine, but the other one is.
    I have a couple of Duo Clean Shark machines, but if you have pets, those past models do not self-clean and as my cleaning lady has told me, they look like they are growing hair. From time to time, I have to remove the brushes and cut off hair that wraps around the rollers, a pain.
    So far so good-I love, love, love the self cleaning Zero M technology that cleans the roller head (see attached picture). Obviously, the less work that I have, the better off I am. Additionally, there is a 3XL collection cup and I know that my cleaning lady and I will really appreciate that since I have a good sized 2 story home-less time walking to the garbage can to dump the dust cup of its contents.
    This vacuum took less than 5 minutes to assemble and it is very easy to detach the hose from the vacuum’s body to do higher up cleaning. Likewise, when you want to pull the handle to vacuum steps, etc. it is easily done without much physical effort. Bottom line, when you push on a click it works to disengage a vacuum part so it can be used in its various other formats.
    I believe I need to work on elongating the 12″ hose so that when it, I can seamlessly do so without pulling over the vacuum’s body. I have stood the vacuum next to a step or a wall so that it would not tip over.
    I have had this vacuum less than a week, clearly not long enough to encounter any technical issues, but so far from what I have seen it is a winner.

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  7. KCkc

    Its a solid vacuum. The self cleaning brush is a must have!!

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  8. W0nderland

    Honestly this is my favorite vacuum that I have ever owned. I have super long hair which has broken many vacuums throughout time and then as if my hair wasn’t bad enough we adopted a cat too. So I put in some time doing research on what I thought was going to be the best and wouldn’t break within a year. I found this one because it had claims of there never being hair wrap on the brush roll. I was skeptical but I promise you it seriously works and I have had no wrapping or problems with it. Another really awesome feature is you can take the handle out and attach it to use as a handheld suction wand without having to bend over to do stairs or anything like that. I really honestly can’t recommend this enough.

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    Shark Navigator® Self-Cleaning Brushroll Pet Upright Vacuum – Pewter Grey Metallic
    Shark Navigator® Self-Cleaning Brushroll Pet Upright Vacuum – Pewter Grey Metallic

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