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Shark – Shark® WANDVAC® System Pet Dry Bagless Cordless 3-in-1 Stick Vacuum – Iconic Steel Grey


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Meet the Shark® WANDVAC™ System, the ultra-powerful, lightweight 3-in-1 cordless vacuum ready for anything. Handle above-floor cleans in hand vac or wand mode, or snap into stick vacuum mode in seconds to tackle floors and carpets with ease. Includes a sleek charging and storage base, HyperVelocity® accelerated suction power, and a PowerFins™ brushroll to deep-clean dirt, debris, and more.

Specification: Shark – Shark® WANDVAC® System Pet Dry Bagless Cordless 3-in-1 Stick Vacuum – Iconic Steel Grey

Cleaning Path Width

8.35 inches

Vacuum Type

Stick vacuums

Bin Capacity

0.13 gallons

Product Weight

5.9 pounds

Brush Roll Shut-Off




Compatible Floor Type

All floors, Bamboo, Bare Floor, Carpet, Ceramic tile, Concrete, Cork, Engineered woods, Hardwoods, Laminate, Linoleum, Marble, Porcelain tile, Rugs, Tile, Vinyl




225 watts

Filter Type

HEPA, Reusable

Multi Surface


Attachments Included

Duster Crevice Tool, Pet Multi-Tool

Product Name

Shark® WANDVAC® System Pet Dry Bagless Cordless 3-in-1 Stick Vacuum



Additional Accessories Included

Duster Crevice Tool, Pet Multi-Tool

Model Number



Iconic Steel Grey

Color Category


Product Height

44 inches

Product Length

11.6 inches

Product Width

11.2 inches


11.1 volts

Manufacturers Warranty - Parts

Multiple Warranties and/or Time Frames Apply

Manufacturers Warranty - Labor

5 Years unit, 2 years battery



Photos: Shark – Shark® WANDVAC® System Pet Dry Bagless Cordless 3-in-1 Stick Vacuum – Iconic Steel Grey

8 reviews for Shark – Shark® WANDVAC® System Pet Dry Bagless Cordless 3-in-1 Stick Vacuum – Iconic Steel Grey

3.8 out of 5
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  1. AimFL

    For this much money, it should do more.
    I’ve been trying out a lot lately so I feel pretty qualified. My first official writing review on a vacuum. I am doing it because I had no idea how many issues with cordless vacs there are, even the expensive ones. So I’ll try to post mine online from now on. The suction is great on the main unit and I was able to vacuum my 3 main rooms, but then it just died after maybe 15 minutes. I didn’t even use the blast feature (if it even has one). But, the main thing is the attachments are terrible. It picked up no cat hair on my couch and there is literally no room on the stand for the brush attachment. How did they not think of this? It’s so weird. It’s not worth it. And yes, the dust cup is very very very small. The handle is not comfortable to twist around the rooms, even though you’d think it would be because of the design. It really hurt my wrist. There is no light. I could keep going, but this should be enough.

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  2. Shail

    This vacuum is truly a light weight vacuum, but no compromise in the suction power. It is perfect for the daily kitchen cleanups and light vacuuming. For the weekly bigger cleaning, I see myself using a heavier vacuum. The footprint is quite small, the charging base is compact, and will fit easily in any closet or behind a furniture. The vacuum can be separated into two parts, the handheld part has a charging port on the base. This worked perfectly for us, as the vacuum is charged in the coat closet and lowering the height meant it was not in the way of the jackets.
    Now on the suction power – for the size of the vacuum and how light the vaccine is, it is surprising how strong the vacuum is. The vacuum’s suction power is comparable to other expensive cordless vacuums – it picks up the heavy and the light dirt on the hardwood floor, and does a equally good job on the carpet. I have a pet, and it picks up pet hair very well without any tangles in the brush. This is one of the biggest positives for this vacuum!
    The vacuum looks good – sleek, charge display look modern! The battery is removable so you could feasibly have more than one! The filter needs to cleaned every month!
    Now on the cons: Whenever I take a break in vacuuming to pick up something of the floor, and make the vacuum upright, the vacuum is not stable. It falls to one side! I wish the charging cable was longer, the current length means the charging base needs to be closer to the power outlet. The charge would be longer – on non boost charge, it only lasts for 25 minutes… on boost, it lasts for about 10 minutes! This makes the vacuum only quick cleanup vacuum.

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  3. DeeGore

    This stick vac is great for a lot of my uses. I have tile and carpet in my house, and I have one cat that sheds a ridiculous amount of fur for one pet. I have other vacuums, but this one is really helping me out with those quick pick up jobs that you don’t really want to do, but eventually have to. Jobs like vacuuming the hair off of your bathroom tile floor, or the cat fur in the kitchen, because the cat likes to rub her head on the cabinet.
    This stick vac has a somewhat big footprint, with the charging base that this thing lives on, which measures 12” x 11”. There’s one storage spot for only one of the two attachments. When the base and the handle are attached, the stick vac can’t stand up on its own, which is odd. It can be propped against the wall without falling. The vac base can stand on its own, and you can hook the handle onto the front of the base (as shown in my pic), so that’s handy if you want to leave it somewhere besides the charging base.
    This vac is very easy to push, and there’s no cord in the way, which is nice. I also was able to vacuum my non-fluffy bathroom rugs easily, another task that isn’t very fun. I like the vacuum handle, sometimes I walk around the house with it just sucking things up at random. This is not a whole house type vacuum, the dirt cup is not large enough for that.
    Emptying the dirt cup is pretty easy. It’s just a push of a button, watch out the first time you do it, because the dirt pops out of the underside. I love how the hair just wraps around the mesh cone in the dirt cup so it doesn’t get tangled up in everything. You just pull it off, and toss it in the trash. Also, when you use the base to vacuum with, the fins on the roller bar keeps hair from getting stuck on it, and sucks it into the dirt cup.
    Overall I’m digging this vacuum, I don’t have to bring out the big vacuum cleaner and deal with unwrapping then re-wrapping the cord, which is a huge drag for me! I haven’t had a dustbuster type vacuum in a long time, but the convenience of this is probably close that, but with the bonus of the floor vacuuming ability.

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  4. Bergm

    I’m really liking this new Shark Wandvac Cordless Stick Vacuum! It is super convenient! Following are what I consider the pros and cons:
    – I had mine shipped to my house. It came packaged very well with all parts wrapped separately. It had a Quick Start Guide that was easy to follow and it was a quick and easy assembly, with no tools required.
    – There are three different cleaning modes and all of them provide very good suction.
    – There is an easy to remove hand vac and crevice tool and its nice to have the above floor wand. Both provide good suction.
    – I like the fact you can charge the hand vac without the dock and can plug it directly into the wall with the dock charging cord. If I want to use the hand vac to vacuum my car, for example, but need more time than the available charge on the battery, I can plug it in and continue using it. You can also charge the hand vac on its own on the charging dock plate.
    – A full charge lasted about 15 minutes, which would be perfect for vacuuming an entire apartment or light cleaning of an entire house. It is so nice to not have to mess with a cord while vacuuming. I love the cordless aspect!
    – It is very easy to release and clean the dust cup and filter.
    – It really adjusted very well going from carpet to hardwood or tile and then to rugs and did not suck up the rugs like a lot of vacs do. Suction was good on all surfaces
    – I love the light weight and portability feature of the stick vac. It is great for doing stairs and flattens out for vacuuming under beds and furniture.
    – The boost mode is helpful when you need a little extra suction, but it does use up the charge faster.

    – The first charge took about 3 hours and it takes a little more than that for a full charge when all used up. On a full charge, I have found it lasts for about 15 minutes. This isn’t really a problem if you finish your vacuuming in 15 minutes and are ready to charge for the next use. However, if you have a large house and want to clean it all thoroughly at one time, you may not get it all done at one time, in which case you’d have to stop and recharge for several hours before proceeding with the rest of the job. It would be nice if it came with a second battery that you could keep charged up and extend your total vacuum time.
    – On the dock plate, there is a storage spot for one accessory tool, the crevice tool, however, this vacuum also comes with an upholstery attachment tool and there is no storage spot on the dock plate or vacuum for that tool. It seems like it will be easier to misplace that attachment and I would have liked to see a storage spot for that item also.

    All things considered, I am very happy with this Shark vacuum. The features and cordless aspect make it extremely easy and convenient to use and it is does a very good job cleaning too! I definitely recommend it if you are looking for a good cordless stick vacuum.

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  5. Farns

    I get it…it’s hard to get excited about a vacuum – I’m one of those weirdos that does. Having owned many shark products over the years I was excited to try out the Shark Wandvac 3-in-1 because the idea of something light weight and versatile for car and home appealed to me.
    Unboxing: Maybe my review should be 3 weeks after opening instead of 3 days. I’m still annoyed by the way Shark put all the parts in the boxes. It’s like they got some sick pleasure out of hiding chargers and extensions deep inside hidden cardboard enclosures. I thought I had everything out TWO times and each time I had to take everything back out and search for parts.
    Quality: I will say that build quality is top notch like other Shark products I’ve tried. It’s lightweight but feels sturdy and the buttons and switches have a satisfying click or action when pressed. No complaints here.
    Assembly: They didn’t quite think through everything. They have stickers that tell you how to store, but it’s not overly apparent how the charging works. You shouldn’t have to think about how to charge a vacuum. The accessory attachments on the floor is silly and I’ve got a cheap plastic stand that lifts off the floor when you’re picking up the wand. I would have much rather had a wall mount.
    Usage: The most appropriate here would be ‘meh’. I don’t feel like it’s super strong. The carpet lines were pretty weak. I did have dust and debris picked up and emptying was easy enough, but I feel like it could have picked up more. The dust bin is super small and I feel like I’ll have to empty after every use.
    They promote above the head usage but the attachments included are certainly not useful on your walls and ceilings. Maybe to grab some loose cobwebs but no one wants to scratch their walls with a hard plastic bristle that looks like it’s intended for detailing your car mats. Ceiling fan folks….If you’re going to promote above the head usage then give me an attachment that will dust my ceiling fans.
    All in all it does what it says – no false advertising here…I just think there are better options in this price range at Best Buy.

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  6. daytonadan

    If you are thinking of getting a cordless vac, your home is small and you have mostly hard floors, this Shark Wandvac System Pet vac is a great choice for the price.
    It is lightweight, easy to maneuver has a very smart, versatile design and thanks to it well put together powerhead, it does a pretty great job of hard floors. Since it comes apart and goes back together in several different configurations, it also is excellent for reaching high spots and hard to access corners. Just pop off the power head and stick on the duster crevice tool to get to those pesky spider webs near the ceiling or dusty cramped spaces behind furniture.
    The main motor piece of the unit can also work solo as a standard “dustbuster” type vac for quick spills and cleanups. The motor and dirt cannister assembly used here is a slightly bigger brother to Shark’s Wandvac handheld vac. They look almost identical.
    Noise levels are a little on the high side for a vac this small but it’s not a dealbreaker.
    Also, keep in mind this thing is not made for large or heavy duty cleaning jobs.
    Sure, you can use it to do rugs and carpets but don’t expect the kind of deep-down cleaning you would get with with a corded vac, even using “boost mode,” which provides a small amount of additional suction power . The Wandvac Cordless Vac has far less power than corded, or even more expensive cordless vacs. It works best on hard floors. And is excellent at that thanks largely to the Shark’s specially designed powerhead. Flexible “power fins” help pick up almost any kind of small debris, from fine dirt to pet hair. And the design is supposed to make the roller immune from getting tangled up in pet or long human hair.
    There are a few other shortcomings here. The first is a very small dirt chamber that does not allow you get very far before you have to empty it. This vac’s limited power is further diminished if you let the dirt chmber get too full. It also uses a disposable paper filters ($15) , rather than more economical reusable ones. And I expect the filter will need to be replaced fairly often.
    Battery life is also disappointingly short. I ran it down to zero before I could complete my 3 bedroom house, with a combination of carpet and hard floors. To its credit, Shark makes it easy to remove the battery and swap it out with a fresh one. But this unit only comes with one battery and a second one costs $70. Not cheap.
    It also lacks a light on the powerhead, which is not unusual on cordless vacs.
    But it does come with a versatile charging stand, which allows you to charge the fully assemble vac in one piece, or if you prefer a more compact approach, broken apart with the motor and dirt cannister assembly fitting into its own special charging stump, next to the powerhead and extension
    In the end, this is a pretty good all-around cordless vac for the money. It is excellent on hard floors and hard to reach corners, OK for cleaning up small spills, and I guess one could say adequate on carpets. If your home is not too large, this may be the ideal vac for you.

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  7. Chuck

    The Shark Wandvac Cordless Stick Vacuum System is a nice addition to the tools I use to combat the fur/hair my three indoor cats leave behind. The vacuum is extremely light and surprisingly powerful. Assembly was simple, and the only thing that was needed afterwards was to let the battery charge to full. The charging stand that holds the vacuum is a nice feature. The amount of hair this vacuum picked up on the first run was quite impressive. The dirt cup is a bit smaller than the other vacuum I have been using, so I did have to empty a little more often, but that’s not a big deal. I did find myself accidentally hitting the dirt cup release a few times by mistake because of its location, but I finally learned not to touch that button until I was ready to dump the dirt. The only other ‘problem’ I found was that the release for the rotating brush (to turn the vacuum into a wand) was more difficult to enage than the release for the upper portion; the upper portion can be released easily, but in order to release the brush, I had to bend so I could reach to the floor to release the brush head. This was a little bit of a pain since I have a bad back. I believe the buttons to release the brush could’ve been moved higher up. Other than those two small issues, I really like the vacuum; it’s light, has plenty of suction, and the battery lasts long enough for me to clean everything that I need to clean.

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  8. Anonymous

    I love this compact vacuum is really convenient
    I use it once a day to keep my carpet and floor clean it last around 15 minutes of use enough to clean my small space and easy to clean up.

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    Shark – Shark® WANDVAC® System Pet Dry Bagless Cordless 3-in-1 Stick Vacuum – Iconic Steel Grey
    Shark – Shark® WANDVAC® System Pet Dry Bagless Cordless 3-in-1 Stick Vacuum – Iconic Steel Grey

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