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Bostitch 40 Sheet Compact Stapler, Flat Clinch, Black


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Bostitch Compact 40-Sheet Flat Clinch Stapler, Black:

  • Staples up to 40 sheets of paper?2x more than standard staplers
  • No-Jam technology for smooth stapling
  • Flat clinch stapling for neater paper stacks that take up less space
  • Compact, half-strip design fits comfortably in the palm of your hand
  • Opens for bulletin board tacking and craft use
  • Stands vertically or horizontally for convenience
  • Uses standard staples

Specification: Bostitch 40 Sheet Compact Stapler, Flat Clinch, Black


Flat Clinch System







Assembled Product Dimensions L x W x H

3.74 x 1.69 x 7.99 Inches



Photos: Bostitch 40 Sheet Compact Stapler, Flat Clinch, Black

10 reviews for Bostitch 40 Sheet Compact Stapler, Flat Clinch, Black

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  1. Snowballsmama

    What a powerhouse in a small package. This stapler feels good in the palm of your hand. It has a good weight and made of sturdy, thick plastic. I haven’t stapled 40 sheets yet but I tried about 15 sheets and went through with normal/minimal strength from me. The only minor gripe I have it the loading of the staples is a bit harder than other staplers I’ve used. But overall a sturdy stapler that I expect to last for years. I like its compact size.

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  2. blusunday

    This stapler is deceptively strong, because it is so small. Even though it is compact, there is considerable weight to it, which really does allow it to staple 40 sheets at once. I know, I tried it and was pleasantly surprised. And it was not difficult either. I didn’t have to practically sit on the stapler to get a staple into those 40 sheets of paper. Also, it won’t take up a lot of space on the desk or in the drawer. It’s cute AND strong…looks and talent.

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  3. Maryl

    There are few features I particularly like about this stapler. I like the size,the feel in hand, and ability to staple multiple sheets of paper. My teen daughter uses this Bostitch Stapler the most. She uses it for school papers and projects. She said she likes the size, not too big nor too small. She also said she liked that it was smooth and easy to hold. She was eager to test to see if it was capable of stapling 40 sheets as advertised. It passed the test! (see posted picture) The tacking feature also works without issue. It also has a non slip bottom that keeps it in place while using.
    For our use, I have zero criticism of this stapler.

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  4. QueenOfInterneShopping

    When I saw that this stapler claimed to staple 40 sheets at a time, I thought it was probably a bit overstated. I often have 10 or more sheets to staple at a time and find that my old Bostitch wont handle it. I was excited to give this little stapler a try. I literally took the staples from my older unit and put them into this stapler. It uses just the standard office staples so that was a plus. Then I reached for a pile of papers and gave it a test.
    It stapled 12 papers with ease. I don’t mean easily, I mean incredibly easily. I barely pressed down and the items were all neatly stapled. With my regular stapler, I have to press down hard and usually have a sore palm after several staples. This High capacity stapler is designed in such a way that the staple slipped through the papers like butter.
    Then came the big test. I grabbed a large stack from my scrap pile. It wasn’t quite 40 but it sure was a lot. I had a little trouble wiggling the stack of papers into the stapler but once all was aligned the stapler worked just as the first time a light squeeze and the paper stack was stapled.
    I am truly impressed. I wouldn’t bother with a normal stapler again. You never know when you may have a larger stack and the ability to do ant size stack is a real plus.
    The best part is it is light weight, feels good in your hand and looks nice. It also doesn’t take up a lot of room on my desk or in a drawer. I’d give this item 6 stars if I could.

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  5. Mstigeress

    I received this item free to write a review. I received this little stapler and first thought that it wasn’t going to do much because of its size. I was wrong! This little sucker is just as powerful as a full sized stapler. It also opens up so you can use it to staple to other items besides just paper. Just FYI it does not come with staples so if you are getting this item you will need to also get a box of staples. I already had some so this wasn’t a problem for me. I think that would be a good suggestion for the manufacturer, though, just to add a small box of staples to it. The stapler feels heavy duty it’s not one of those cheap plastic weightless ones.

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  6. mosam11

    Overall, I am really happy with the Bostitch High Capacity Compact Stapler. The black color is nice! The Flat cinch feature is nice because the staples lay flatter and seems to help stack papers together easier. The compact size is great because it fits in my hand nicely, but doesn’t feel too small, or too bulky. The stapler opens up flat which is nice when there just isn’t enough space to staple your project when it’s folded up into its typical position. It’s great that it uses standard staples, but still has so many great features that make it seem like it would need high-end staples. I love that it can staple up to 40 sheets, pretty easily! There is a no-jam technology that helps to keep it from jamming while using it. I like that I don’t have to use too much hand strength to staple larger stacks of papers together – it’s very easy to use. The staples are easy to install in the stapler, but with it being a compact size, it obviously doesn’t fit quite as many staples as a full-size stapler does, but it works well for my needs. Overall, I would definitely recommend this stapler to anyone that needs a small, yet powerful stapler.

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  7. blueangeleyes5

    This is the best little stapler for my classroom! It’s seriously amazing. This little stapler is packed with a lot of power and makes my life so much easier at school. I love that’s it’s compact and lightweight. And it feels like it’s very durable. I can store it in my little supply basket without taking up a lot of space. Teachers, buy this if you don’t want to walk to the office every time you need to use their high capacity stapler. A+ from this teacher.

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  8. ccsakura

    I absolutely love this Bostitch Compact Stapler. It does everything a big bulky stapler does, but in a much more convenient, lightweight size. It can stand horizontally or balance upright for even more space savings. It uses standard size staples and nicely staples stacks of pages together. It also can open flat (180 degrees) to tack paper to a wall and has a nice non-skid rubber base. Great design and performance from such a compact stapler.

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  9. PMommaW

    We use a stapler almost everyday for one reason or another!! Craft projects, work projects, school work, etc… many different reasons!! I received this Bostitch High Capacity Compact Stapler, Flat Clinch, 40 Sheet Capacity, in Black and really like it! It easily can staple through 40sheets of paper or even more. I love the size as it fits perfectly in my hand. It is somewhat small so it doesn’t take up much space on my desk either. It can lay flat like a standard stapler or it can stand on end to save on counter space. It takes the standard size staples but has the power to easily staple through lots of paper. It was super simple to use and load with staples. I would call it heavy duty compared to my other older stapler. Overall, this has been a great addition to our school room/home office!! I would definitely recommend this Bostitch High Capacity Compact Stapler, Flat Clinch, 40 Sheet Capacity to family, friends, and anyone else looking for a highly recommended stapler.

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  10. EricF

    This is a stapler that has a 40 sheet capacity. This is great for people who need to staple a lot of pages together.
    It is black and it can stand upright or lying down which is good so you can store it in multiple places of varying sizes. It uses regular staples (not any special thick kind) which is very good since chances are you already have staples in your house or office and don’t need to purchase any especially for this product.
    Performance wise, it for sure lived up to its claims of being able to staple 40 sheets. I tested it on a book from page 21 to 61 and it had no problem stapling those 40 pages.
    This is a good stapler and I would recommend it.

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    Bostitch 40 Sheet Compact Stapler, Flat Clinch, Black
    Bostitch 40 Sheet Compact Stapler, Flat Clinch, Black
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