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- 46% Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – Nintendo Switch

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – Nintendo Switch


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  • Compete in all-new Olympic sports-skateboarding, surfing, Sport climbing, and karate-and a variety of events including archery, gymnastics, judo, boxing, marathon, football, equestrian, track and field, and many more.
  • Experience the Olympic games in a brand-new way with 10 nostalgic 2D events that bring Mario, Sonic, & friends back to their classic roots.
  • Choose from an incredible cast of characters, including Mario, Luigi, Sonic, Tails, Yoshi, Amy Rose, waluigi, Dr. Eggman, and many more!
  • There are so many ways to Play on your Nintendo Switch! Enjoy a variety of play styles, including motion and button controls, single and dual Joy-Con, single-player and multiplayer, local and online!

Specification: Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – Nintendo Switch

Release date

November 5, 2019


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Product Dimensions

1 x 2 x 2 inches, 2.08 Ounces


Video Game


Everyone 10+

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2.08 ounces



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Date First Available

June 10, 2019

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13 reviews for Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – Nintendo Switch

3.2 out of 5
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  1. DM526613

    Really bad controls and the directions aren’t that helpful. I’ve never played any of the previous entries, however I immediately sold this on eBay after playing it for about an hour.

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  2. Koiji Chan

    This game was hardly entertaining compared to the previous games. The story mode was beyond boring and almost 90% cutscenes with really boring events. The “unlock-able characters” in this game are for a single event… back in 2012 (on Wii) if you unlocked a character you could play them in All events. The events were also all boring and the ones on the previous titles were actually worth purchasing. But everyone has their own opinions on these things so you decide if you want to buy this game or not

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  3. Huaesky

    El juego es extremadamente aburrido y lento. El modo historia es simplemente impasable, tienes que presionar “A” al rededor de 5 minutos para poder jugar un minijuego de 30 segundos con textos que no se pueden “saltear”. Además de esto el modo multiplayer no es lo mejor. Si se quiere comprar para niños pequeños recomiendo mejor otros juegos como mario kart, mario party o mario tennis que sin lugar a duda son más divertidos. Doy dos estrellas únicamente por que la entrega fue en tiempo.

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  4. tonkasan

    Storyline is as amateur as they get. You’ll spend hours furiously tapping ‘A’ to get through unending dialog about how Sonic and Mario are stuck in a retro game. This weak premise is repeated over and over until you decide to abandon the campaign mode altogether and just play the mini games. The mini games themselves are pretty fun. I loved rock climbing, swimming, martial arts.

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  5. ItsMe

    It’s nice to see the MARIO and Sonic Olympic Series back again. This game is a lot of fun and a lot of stores have seemingly dropped the retail price from 59.99 to 49.99(a current amazon coupon makes it 39.99) for me making it a quick buy. To start these games are never incredibly deep but this iteration actually has a story mode. As you would expect it’s not a deep story with Mario and Sonic getting pulled into a retro console (Jumanji style) along with Dr Eggman and Bowser. It is still a fun way to go through the game and has a ton of fun mini games that are exclusive to the mode so it’s definitely worth a run through. The effort they put in on the feel of the retro games is especially impressive from the old school announcer and the synth sound of the music. It’s a lot of fun and a great bonus inclusion into the game.
    In the main multiplayer mode there are 24 different games to play and 10 more games that are in the classic old school original Nintendo sprite style. You can choose from 21 characters and I am still holding out hope that one day Toad or Toadette become playable options. These games are great for families and group play. For me it’s the perfect group game and I kind of view it as a sports themed version of Mario Party. There are definitely a great variety of games and some games like football aka soccer (Nintendo please bring back Mario Strikers!!) are more involved increasing the play time. Standout games for everyone will vary depending on skill level and what they enjoy but Archery actually became a sleeper hit with everyone as they actually incorporate wind and distance into every shot. Football, Dream racing with its Mario Kart like feel and Karate have also been big hits so far. As is seemingly always the case with first party titles Nintendo gets so much out of the system because the graphics are bright and beautiful throughout. The game runs extremely smooth and so far I have not run into any issues. All of the games are very accessible for all ages so you may not find a challenge here but it is still a lot of fun. The main 24 events also have an online multiplayer mode but I have yet to spend time with it. I would say it’s 8/10 and a great party or family game. Definitely a good family gift for the holidays.

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  6. Isaac Perry

    I really like this game, lots of fun games if you like the other Mario and Sonic games you will enjoy this one too. So far skateboarding is my favorite

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  7. the pieces of reeses

    I’m glad I bought this years Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games installment. Its packed full of content. The new retro mode is fun and different with the old school characters. Also adding in new “dream” events that definitely change up game play. And yes the story is OK, but at least they tried and added one in there. Overall worth it to play with friends or just if you like the Olympics.

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  8. Nicholas Klymkiw

    The preview looked amazing, however the play is pretty boring overall
    the old school version uses one or two buttons only and is very limited, the new version has much better graphics and is more fun to play but is also limited .
    Game play takes time to learn and instructions are not the best, more of a try and try again learning
    I would recommend another game over this one for the switch

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  9. marshalmeg

    The Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games is generally a series I enjoy and it’s great to finally have an installment on the Switch. Overall the game is very enjoyable, especially the amusing story mode and for local or online multiplayer (this is the kind of game that really caters to local multiplayer fun), but it’s lacking when it comes to modes and options.

    There are a good number of events and most of them are very fun though some are a bit too basic – I’m looking at you table tennis which is simplified to just pressing X at the right time and not having any control over your character’s movement. On the other hand many are deeper than you would expect such as karate. Skateboarding, sport climbing, and gymnastics are some of my favorites. The issue is that there are not enough ways to play them. You have the story mode, which is a great addition and a okay length, but consists of mostly travelling around a map and talking to characters and occasionally playing a mini-game or event. I would have liked to see more games and events worked into the story mode to pad it out and break up the long blocks of dialogue. Then you can just pick an event or mini-game to play solo or in local multiplayer or you can pick and event to play in online multiplayer. That’s it.

    Graphics and sound are both the bright and colorful you would expect from the franchise. The game looks great and it’s always amusing to run your favorite Mario and Sonic characters through various sporting events. Wario on a horse, anyone? I especially enjoy the addition of the 2D retro graphics style events as they are very reminiscent of sports mini-games from back in the day. There are also three dream events and I found the Dream Race that is kind of a mixture of Mario Kart and a level from Sonic Adventure 2 to be really fun.

    What the game really needs is that addition of some kind of tournament or Olympics mode where you can run through several events in a row with a chosen country or team. Maybe a cups system like in Mario Kart with a collection of certain events to try and get an overall achievement or a series of 5 or more events where you are competing for the most medals? Currently you just pick an event, play it, pick another event, and so on. This serviceable but there’s not much to it and no continuity or sense of achievement. All events are relatively short so you spend a lot of time loading back into and going through menus. I’m honestly surprised a general Olympics type mode wasn’t included. Some more unlockable content (cosmetics, characters, anything) would also extend enjoyment of the game. I don’t know how likely it is that additional content will be added later.

    Overall I really like what the game has to offer, I just wish there was more of it for solo players beyond story mode as I don’t know how much more I will get out of it once that’s finished beyond loading it up as a party game, a bit like Mario Tennis Aces. If you are looking for a party or multiplayer game then I’d highly recommend this.

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  10. Tafani Florent

    Les compétitions sont relativement courtes, il n’y a pas de tournoi comme dans les précédentes versions ce qui fait qu’on tourne vite en rond. La version “old school” (Mode Histoire) avec les personnages rétro est inintéressante, on se perd dans les dialogues et dans une histoire qui n’en vaut pas la peine. Le fait que ce soit sur Switch et non sur Wii rend l’expérience en groupe fastidieuse. Bref, très déçu, j’ai renvoyé le jeu. Merci pour le remboursement.

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  11. ChelsiJordyn

    I was concerned I received a counterfeit game, but after looking online it seems I got a European version (as an American). Game plays fine, but this font difference on the spine is grating to me.

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  12. Pebbles

    I tried out the demo version when I got my new Nintendo switch during amazon’s Black Friday sale, and I’ve been wanting this game for a while, and I just loved the archery and 100m dash.

    I’m a 100% fail on gymnastics because I can’t locate my button fast enough😆

    But I’ve aced archery

    I am looking forward to swimming and wall climbing.

    I liked the story mode the best. As there’s very little action. Lots of wandering checking in with the characters and just lots of reading and exploring.

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  13. Cliente de Amazon

    Nunca había jugado uno de este tipo ya que no tenía consola de Nintendo. En si el juego es divertido si lo juegas con otras personas local o en Internet ya que jugarlo solo después de acabar la historia puede llegar a aburrir como en mario party. El arte esta padre. El modo historia es un extra para darle más contenido al juego solitario aunque no esperes una gran historia. Es como un Mario Party de deportes. Me hubiera gustado que mantuvieran el voleibol de juegos anteriores y tuviera básquet o béisbol. Los controles son simples en varios juegos para que todos puedan disfrutarlo. También tiene deportes que representan más reto como la gimnasia. No me gustó que en ping pong y boxeo no te mueves libremente. Asi mismo varios juegos duran poco y estarás más en el menú de elección que jugando algunos de ellos como la carrera de 100m. Si les faltó tener la opción de crear una lista de juegos para no tener que volver al menú principal a cada rato o un modo fiesta torneo. Trae 3 juegos que no son olímpicos y le dan un plus. Lo recomiendo si tienes con quien jugar pero si has jugado los anteriores tal vez no veas mucha diferencia salvó el modo 8 bit que incluye algunos extras. Ojala SEGA escuché las quejas de las fallas y saque parches futuros para pulir el juego ya que será el ultimo que sacarán de este tipo.

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    Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – Nintendo Switch
    Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – Nintendo Switch

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