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Nautilus – E616 Elliptical – Black


(8 customer reviews)
Last updated on April 9, 2024 3:10 am Details
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Photos: Nautilus – E616 Elliptical – Black

8 reviews for Nautilus – E616 Elliptical – Black

4.4 out of 5
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  1. Mante

    So far so good, I was able to assemble it, and I am being using it for a few weeks, the product is delivering what I was expecting.

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  2. SelenaD

    Received the elliptical today. One of the pedals are scratched up, and the fan doesn’t turn on. I generally like to be the one to scratch up my belongings when I’m paying so much for them. It does run quietly and the incline and resistance is nice and functional so far. If the fan was functional this would be a solid choice for an elliptical.

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  3. Hindean

    This elliptical is great, the outdated software/app that ‘used’ to be used with this machine is no longer and the newer app is pretty much trash compared to the original. but this review is more about the machine, not the app that can be used w/it.
    The initial setup of the unit was about as difficult as building an Ikea desk, (ie. it wasn’t difficult, about a 2/10 for difficulty). It took approx 1 1/2 hrs to complete, with one person, probably would of went quicker had i not been preoccupied with other things going on, proably would of taken an hour.
    The ease of use of the machine is great, its not rocket science and allows you to setup multiple users on the machine, so a few people in the house can utilize the machines ‘memory’ of use.
    The machine flows very well when in use and make no noticeable loud noises which is nice.
    The only cons i would say about this machine, the addon/accessory for ‘heart rate’ that you wear, doesn’t seem to be as ‘synced’ as it should be, it can take anywhere from 15-20 minutes of use before the machine reacts to the worn device, and displays your heart rate, and even when it does work, it doesn’t seem to produce always accurate results. for this matter i went and purchased a small Oxygen Finger device that reads both oxygen and heart rate.
    the other con i would say is, the application that ‘used’ to come with the machine was soooo much better than what it was replaced with, …tho i don’t expect Nautilus to be that savvy in software, and more in tuned with fitness equipment, so i dont blame them, tho it was honestly 1 of the reasons i picked this machine, …had i known their software was trash, i might of went else where, or with a different model, i guess i like more techy stuff than most, but thats neither here nor there.

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  4. Rajesh

    Was looking for a nice elliptical for a reasonable price , found this one. Was little hesitant initially since there are no major reviews at that time abut this elliptical.
    Bought this one a month before, works great , smooth, silent . We live in second floor and its just fine . it works great without any issues.

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  5. Chris

    Its heavy as expected, so set it in or near the area you plan to use it in. The space it takes up about a 6ft. by 3ft area. You’ll also be about 18in up, so keep that in mind if you have low ceilings.
    The assembly was actually fairly easy, I did most of the assembly by myself in a little over 2 hours while taking my time. The most difficult part of the assembly was attaching the neck and display to the body without pinching and bending the wires. Be very careful attaching the electronics, these parts can easily be broken. Other than that it was pretty easy, if you have a screwdriver with allen wrench attachments that will help a lot with the assembly, but it does include the tools if you don’t.
    I’m 280 lbs. and I’ve used the elliptical 3 to 4 times a week for the past month and it feels very sturdy. I get no rocking motion and it is fairly quiet and smooth. The handle position feels a little awkward at first, but you get used to them. One downside is that the bluetooth is only used for apps/programs to track your progress and to record your workout stats. So to listen to audio from your phone or tablet (like Music or videos) on the built in speakers you have to connect it to an aux jack. The speakers aren’t great so you may wanna use you headphones anyway. The display menu is also a little complicated to navigate and takes some getting used to. I accidentally get in to a menu I never intended to frequently, so a bit of a learning curve there but eventually I’ll get it figured out.
    Overall, I’m enjoying the workouts I get from this machine and it offers numerous workouts from easy to challenging and also allows you to customize a workout if you’d like. There is also no need for unnecessary apps or software if you don’t want to use them which seems to be a downside for some other equipment.

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  6. CoffeeSnob

    Good build quality at this price point. I chose this machine because It has all the features I want and very few that I don’t.
    Some more expensive models require an internet connection to even work. I don’t need to share all that much info with the company I buy an elliptical from. I can use an app with this if I choose to track progress more exactly.

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  7. Anonymous

    This machine is great because you can adjust the level of resistant 0-10 and incline to 0-100, which is great if you just want to do 30 min. exercise and keep your Heart pump oxygen and maintain a good health or increase your muscle strength. Another future that I love is that it comes with a belt that you can put on your chest to measure your heart beat. I strongly recommend.

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  8. Polly

    So far I am very pleased with this elliptical. I did a lot of research before I bought it and this one had everything I was looking for:
    -It’s not dependent on an app to work
    -It has numerous programs
    -It has adjustable resistance and incline
    -It has a built-in fan
    -The footprint is a reasonable size
    -My husband put this together mostly by himself and said the assembly wasn’t bad
    I use it almost daily and it has a nice feel to it and is quiet.
    The only thing you should take into consideration is the ceiling height of the room you are going to use this in. I am 5’9 and the room this is in has standard ceilings (7 feet-ish) and I JUST fit when I am on this elliptical.

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    Nautilus – E616 Elliptical – Black
    Nautilus – E616 Elliptical – Black

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