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Samsung – 29 cu. ft. 4-Door Flex™ French Door Refrigerator with WiFi, AutoFill Water Pitcher & Dual Ice Maker – Black stainless steel


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Photos: Samsung – 29 cu. ft. 4-Door Flex™ French Door Refrigerator with WiFi, AutoFill Water Pitcher & Dual Ice Maker – Black stainless steel

8 reviews for Samsung – 29 cu. ft. 4-Door Flex™ French Door Refrigerator with WiFi, AutoFill Water Pitcher & Dual Ice Maker – Black stainless steel

4.8 out of 5
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  1. Lotsofroom

    Love the new refrigerator. We did not need a large freezer section in the kitchen. Love the extra room in the refrigeration section. No more squeezing and putting food in the fridge just right. The ease of using will spoil us.

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  2. JBizzle

    I won’t allow the poor Best Buy customer service to taint my review of the refrigerator itself. (Some issues with cosmetic damage upon delivery, and Best Buy’s response was very poor, but that’s not Samsung’s fault.)
    That said, this refrigerator is very nice. Out of the box, it comes VERY well packaged and wrapped. Almost annoyingly so. Just about EVERYTHING is wrapped in that satisfying peel away plastic film. But it takes a long, long time with the doors open to get every shelf and every drawer unwrapped and put into place.
    Once set up, this is a pretty decent departure from the typical side by side or French door. While I appreciate the clean look of no ice/water dispenser through the door, it does take some getting used to for opening the fridge and pouring water from the auto pitcher, or have to kneel/bend down a bit to access the freezer to scoop out your ice.
    The auto fill water pitcher is a nice tough. It actually has an infuser basket you can put fruit/veggies in to punch up the flavor of your water. The fact that it refills itself is nice too.
    Onto the ice makers. The standard ice is, well, standard. Not too much to say about it other than it keeps plenty of ice at the ready. The nugget ice maker, well, I have mixed feelings on that. I bought this model because I thought it made “Sonic” ice. That is not really the case. While the ice is smaller nuggets than the standard cubes, it does not come out “chewy” like I expected. It takes a little time resting in your favorite beverage to get more on the chewy side. It’s still a nice feature, but it’s here that I think they could have done better, and that earns a 1 point deduction.
    I like the flex zone, where I can choose if the bottom right is additional freezer or refrigerator space. I have to say, if you don’t use it as freezer space, your freezer space will be very limited because of the ice bins inside the actual freezer. But it’s nice to have options.
    The digital controls are nice and pretty easy to figure out without having to thumb through the manual. The lighting inside is LED so it’s better than typical refrigerator lighting. The shelves and bins are organized pretty decently and adjustable to some extent, but like most refrigerators, you have to be somewhat experienced in Tetris if you want to maximize the capacity. Side bins in the freezer are a bit shallow.
    This refrigerator is WiFi enabled. Not sure about all the benefits that brings. I suppose you can control cooling and water/ice options of your fridge but I don’t see much benefit there. I could not get it connected anyway because it did not like my security settings of my wife and I’m not going to change everything connected in my home just to connect this fridge.
    My dog approves of this refrigerator and chooses to lay in front of it many times throughout the day (see pic). That used to be an issue with my old side by side if I wanted a drink, because I’d have to wake her up if I wanted to get that cold drink, but that’s no longer an issue here.
    All in all, a pretty darn good fridge if you allow yourself to be a little spendy. With the added expense of all these extra features, I just hope it holds up long enough to be worth the investment.

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  3. Andrea

    So far so good. Tons of ice made! The freezer is where it belongs in the freezer. We had major issues with a French door and will never go back. I love the water picture it is awesome too and able to do lemon water. So far so good

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  4. mily

    The fridge is really nice. It looks luxurious and it has a lot of space. The cool part is that you can literally change the bottom right door and turn it into a fridge if you need extra space. On the actual fridge on top, they have cabinets and you can also turn them into freezers to freeze anything you might want to. You can also fill up the jug of water it comes with but I don’t reccomend leaving it in the fridge full because the water begins to taste like what the fridge smells like. It makes ice of two different types and the shelves on the fridge doors have a lot of space as well. It also has a fan on top in case you open the fridge and leave it open for too long, which blows cold air into the fridge so nothing spoils. Lastly, the fridge helps the food last longer compared to my past one so I give it a 10/10!

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  5. Mode0603

    Love it! Lots of space inside. I like that one of the shelves can be pushed in slightly for more room. Usually have tons of large beverage containers so its great. Can also fit gallon jugs in one of the side slots on the door. Lots of shelves on the door for the million ans one condements we have. I didn’t think I’d like the auto refil pitcher as much as I do but I’m ok with having that versus the other model that had the single glass fill as well. My only complaint is my poor back hates when I need to go to the freezer section but that is the type of fridge I bought so I knew ahead of time. Got this model because of the horrible reviews on previous ice dispensers freezing up, so we will see. Dont think it should be a problem on this one.

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  6. Karl

    Love the design! Clean lines work well in my open Kitchen. I didn’t want a frig that looked to much like one. Also my cabinet had a 1 1/2” gap above a standard height frig and this is one of only two I found that are 72” tall. It looks like true built in unit now. I wanted the bespoke white and black one but I didn’t want the wasted space of the beverage center and there was a delay getting it so I went with basic stainless one. Very happy with it. Only downside was a small ding in the lower left door. They won’t replace only the door so a month later they’re shipping a new frig. A bit of a pain but I wasn’t interested in their $50 offer to keep a dented one.

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  7. FIND4U

    I love the design and function with its auto fill water pitcher and dual icemakers. It’s quite an eye catcher with a major wow factor!

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  8. Rulingchaos

    Simply beautiful. Storage, lighting, connectivity and finish all hut top marks. The flex zone freezer/refrigerator is a huge plus. The auto water fill pitcher gets so much use.
    You can monitor these things from the Samsung Smart Things app and it works well. Two different sized ice trays even get use.
    There’s one downside to the unit and it’s not really Samsung or Best Buys fault.
    The amount of Styrofoam, plastic bags and protective film in and on the unit is simply unbelievable. I filled a trash bag just from the plastic. It’s not a con and I know it needs to be there to protect the unit but be prepared.

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    Samsung – 29 cu. ft. 4-Door Flex™ French Door Refrigerator with WiFi, AutoFill Water Pitcher & Dual Ice Maker – Black stainless steel
    Samsung – 29 cu. ft. 4-Door Flex™ French Door Refrigerator with WiFi, AutoFill Water Pitcher & Dual Ice Maker – Black stainless steel

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