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OTTERBOX DEFENDER SERIES Case for iPad Pro 11-inch (3rd, 2nd, & 1st Gen) – BLACK


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Last updated on May 12, 2024 1:10 am Details
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  • Drop protection that’s designed and tested to deliver ultimate defense – Multi-layer protection from the inner shell, outer slipcover, built-in screen protector and shield stand
  • Port covers block dust, dirt, and debris from getting into jacks and ports
  • Versatile device stand provides added touchscreen protection and converts into a stand for comfortable typing and hands-free viewing
  • Includes OtterBox limited lifetime warranty (see website for details)

Specification: OTTERBOX DEFENDER SERIES Case for iPad Pro 11-inch (3rd, 2nd, & 1st Gen) – BLACK

Standing screen display size

‎11 Inches



Item model number


Item Weight

‎1.22 pounds

Package Dimensions

‎11.5 x 8.23 x 1.18 inches





Country of Origin


Date First Available

‎April 20, 2021

Photos: OTTERBOX DEFENDER SERIES Case for iPad Pro 11-inch (3rd, 2nd, & 1st Gen) – BLACK

13 reviews for OTTERBOX DEFENDER SERIES Case for iPad Pro 11-inch (3rd, 2nd, & 1st Gen) – BLACK

2.9 out of 5
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  1. RoyInHouston

    Came with no directions, so I went to the site and watched the video. It was for a different unit and no doubt was helpful but not for what I was sent. Maybe I missed something, but I looked the unit over and could never find a way to install my iPad, so I returned it. The grades reflect frustration rather than product quality which seemed very good.

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  2. Jimmy

    I bought this case for my new iPad Pro 11. I have no doubt that it would do a great job but it is all plastic and it looks and feels cheap. I returned it and just received a Mous case which is great. Much better looking , it feels great and gets excellent ratings for protection.

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  3. ihatethemaclab

    Very disappointed in this last design. The plastic back cover is very hard to get off, I was afraid I’d break it.
    But worst of all is the the stand, the iPad just does not want to stay upright and it is impossible to utilize this feature.
    Will be returning the case.

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  4. John Strong

    Our “super tech” couldn’t get the case on my iPad. We had a piece left over that wouldn’t fit on. Neither could anyone else. Also, it couldn’t sit on the stand. I loved my last Otterbox so much! So disappointed.

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  5. Amazon Customer

    The case provides solid protection that is lightweight. There is also an opening for the Apple pencil. I am using this case on two of the family’s iPads.

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  6. David M Stotler

    Let me just say that I’ve had OtterBox on my phone for years and I love it. Because I like it so much I purchased one for my iPad 11 pro. The plastic cover that goes on after the protector is very clunky hard to get off when you need to and the stand does not work very well at all. The iPad will slip and fall when it’s in any of the positions if you’re trying to use it with the pen etc. I still believe the OtterBox makes the best phone cases in the world however they fell short on this product. I would return it if I could however I slept on it a little too long trying to make it work for my application. I mean if they could make a giant popsocket for the back that would be totally awesome!! And get rid of the big plastic case that snaps on. I know that it’s designed to be super protective but I believe there is a much better way to go about this and also get it to stand up so that it does not keep falling.

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  7. Damir

    The one bad thing: if you break the cover you can’t replace the cover, you have to buy a whole new set up. It’s really frustrating.

    So be really really careful about the cover. Otherwise you will be out 90 bucks to replace the whole thing.

    Trust me, you may end up breaking the cover. I have done that several times, which is why I don’t give them five stars.

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  8. EDH

    We just paid $1400 all in for an iPad. We left it in its packaging until the Otterbox came in from Amazon. Sure enough we dropped in twice, once spectacularly, and it survived. These things are a must-have if you are spending big bucks on such devices.

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  9. Nigel

    It was a little tricky to figure out how to install the ipad, no instructions, but a little observation and it went smoothly. Very rugged.

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  10. RoyInHouston

    Had iPad and otter box case for less that 2 weeks. As other have mentioned, the case latch grips to the corners and will not release.

    After resting on table and pushing cover off per usual, the case twisted and destroyed screen.

    This piece of junk, poorly engineered case just destroyed an $1,100 iPad Pro.

    Buyer. Beware.

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  11. Field Medic

    So like many I’ve been searching for a good case without a dedicated crap apple pencil holder. Otterbox Defender cases are my go to purchase for each phone, or iPad I buy. I don’t use them as often as other cases I buy but when I need them it’s great to have them. The last few years have seen Otterbox quality go down sadly and this Defender with pencil support is the worst. Everything about this case is pretty much good old school Otterbox (aside from the speaker cutouts being slightly too small) and still thin enough that I was initially really happy however the whole thing falls apart at the side of the case. Yep, where there is a hard plastic swing open door like storage spot for the apple pencil. It’s completely ridiculous. The door is attached at each end with one little plastic pin. This design, with most of the right side being a major structural problem and seriously weak just ruins the whole case. If not for this I’d be happy with this case. It could use a few more annoying plastic clip on spots on the inner frame to really tighten it up but that’s not a huge problem. Super disappointed in Otterbox on this one. To compromise the legendary like toughness of the Defender series for an optional accessory like the apple pencil is no good imo. Back to looking for any decent option I can find.

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  12. Elliott

    I’ve used a Defender series case by Otterbox on both my phone and iPad for many years and generations of devices. Generally speaking, these cases do a wonderful job releasing my brain from the anxiety of carrying around these $1,000+ devices out in the world.

    Regardless of the specific device you’re putting in your Otterbox Defender, I think you will find their products offer a superior level of protection and durability.

    My newest iPad Pro (gen 3) required me to purchase a new case, as my old iPad Pro was a different size. The new design now includes a rear camera array, as well as the elimination of the home button and Touch ID sensor. I came back to the Defender series, and thus far (about a month with the new case), I’ve been pleased with my experience.

    Key changes in Defender series cases for iPad Pro since 2018 version:
    -This new version no longer includes an inbuilt screen protector/cover. In previous versions, these screen protectors are plastic, and often scratch easily with typical use. See notes below if you would like to use glass screen protectors with this case.
    -The new case includes a ‘flip down’ panel along one side to allow new accessories to be used through the case (see product info for details, I presume this is for keyboard, pen or other similar accessories)
    -Case design now includes a Face ID notch to accommodate new Face ID sensor

    Using screen protectors with this new design:
    -Defender cases include an inner hard plastic shell, clamping your device between a front and rear shell, and together with the device these are then enclosed in a rubber shell, for a three piece assembly. Using a glass screen protector is possible with this case, and I purchased a generic glass screen protector from Amazon. When installing the case after the glass protector was installed, I had a very hard time clipping the two plastic shells together, as the thickness of the glass did add to the overall depth of the device enough to require strong force to clip the case onto the iPad.
    -When considering this case, if you want to use a glass screen protector, just be aware some may conflict with the case. Ideally, seek out a thin glass screen protector, as the thicker ones are unlikely to fit within the case and still close.
    -I did not have to modify or damage my defender case to use with a glass screen protector, and no clips (part of the inner case) were cracked or broken during installation of the case on iPad

    Final overview:
    This is a wonderful choice for any iPad owner who would like a superior level of protection for their device. With wonderful drop protection and it’s ability to use with a screen protector, I recommend this case to anyone. With that said, the defender series cases do add quite a lot of bulk and weight to the overall device when installed, which is a positive for some and a major hinderance to others.

    Hope this helps!

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  13. Allan

    Works great for iPad Pro 11 . Using at school with students, easy to open and shut, strong. Only issue is you can’t use stand easily as dimensions of iPad cause it to slide out of stand when in use.

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    OTTERBOX DEFENDER SERIES Case for iPad Pro 11-inch (3rd, 2nd, & 1st Gen) – BLACK
    OTTERBOX DEFENDER SERIES Case for iPad Pro 11-inch (3rd, 2nd, & 1st Gen) – BLACK

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