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bObsweep – Bob PetHair Plus Robot Vacuum and Mop – Charcoal


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Specification: bObsweep – Bob PetHair Plus Robot Vacuum and Mop – Charcoal

Voice Assistant Built-in




Cleaning Path Width

9.5 inches

Vacuum Type

Robotic vacuums

Bin Capacity

0.26 gallons

Product Weight

8 pounds



Compatible Floor Type

All floors, Carpet, Engineered woods, Marble, Rugs




33 watts

Wet And Dry Usage


Additional Accessories Included

Main brush, 2x side brushe (1 spare), charging station, adapter, cleaning tool, mop attachment, 2x micro-fiber mopping cloth, filter, flat head screwdriver, pack of screws & blindfold stickers, bumper stickers, invisible barrier, remote control



Multi Surface


Washable Filter


Attachments Included

blOck Plus invisible barrier, Remote control, Mop attachment

Auto Docking And Recharging


Maximum Runtime

75 minutes



Product Name

Bob PetHair Plus Robot Vacuum and Mop



Assembly Required


Filter Type

3-stage, Replaceable, Slide-out

Model Number


Remote Control


Batteries Included


Color Category


Product Height

4.2 inches

Product Length

13.8 inches

Product Width

13.8 inches

Connectivity Technology


Cliff Sensor



110 volts


Damp and dry cloths

Protective Bumpers






Adjustable Suction


Edge Cleaning


Programmable Cleaning Intervals




Charger Included


Battery Charge Time

300 minutes

Battery Size

Battery pack

Battery Capacity

2500 milliampere hours

Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts

2 Years

Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor

2 Years



Photos: bObsweep – Bob PetHair Plus Robot Vacuum and Mop – Charcoal

8 reviews for bObsweep – Bob PetHair Plus Robot Vacuum and Mop – Charcoal

4.1 out of 5
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  1. spike

    Amazing… I have a Siberian Husky that might be simply the most shedding doggy in the world…and this machine can keep up with her..After initially vacuuming with my regular Dyson this machine still picks up more… now I don’t need to use my Dyson…the daily pick up this machine does keeps my place nice and clean… very happy with this purchase.

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  2. KaylaMarquet

    I have been using my Bob for a couple of weeks now & I am in LOVE! We have to bug long haired dogs, a toddler & a baby so Bob does a lot of work! I honestly don’t know how I did it without him before! Definitely worth the investment! I can’t say enough about our Bob & the amazing work he puts in each day!!

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  3. John

    I purchased this on the deal of the day, so it was a great value. The vacuum works wonders as I have a dog that sheds her undercoat in the spring. We didn’t realize how much hair was hiding right in the open of our living room rug!

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  4. Patricia1980

    Even if you got Bob for free, you paid too much.
    I’ve had 5 robotic vacuums in the last 10 years- all different brands- and I’ve never had to deal with such an idiotic badly-designed machine before.
    Bob is clunky. He is too tall to go under regular-sized kitchen cabinets, so forget about him properly vacuuming your kitchen.
    Bob is loud. Comparable to a standup vacuum, rather than a robot. He is much louder than other robot vacuums.
    Bob is REALLY stupid. Unlike every other machine I’ve owned, he doesn’t remember even where his base is. He gets stuck everywhere: Under the sofa (I stuffed a pillow there after the 3rd time), in the slight gap between the tile and the screen door (rolled up a carpet to keep him off the gap), in the corner between the black kitchen mat and the trash can (placed a stool there), in the corner between the speaker and the wall (???? I just let him tire out there, it’s just a corner!!). These are not places that were hard for any other vacuum cleaner before him. I had him 10 days and he NEVER completed a cycle. Apparently, black floor mats make him feel like he is falling, so he refuses to get near them. He has no mapping system and you can tell. He wastes tons of time and battery going back and forth in corners trying to get out and hitting objects and pushing them repeatedly.
    If your house has any sort of step-down (under 3 inches), Bob will lose his mind. Bob’s sensors tell him to stop rolling when he reaches a step of 3+ inches (so he doesn’t throw himself downstairs). If you have shorter step-downs, you are in for a treat. Bob pushes his front end down, tilts, and then just hangs there, wheels in the air, running his battery out. I called the factory- there is nothing they can do. They told me to just send him back.
    Bob comes with a nifty barrier to keep him out of places. Great! We used it on the stepdown to keep him from falling. Except, the barrier is only active for 3 hours (to conserve energy). Bob technically runs for 90 minutes. You can’t use using the programmable schedule if you want to use the barrier. They have to be turned on at the same time and the barrier is not programmable.
    IF YOU DO NOT USE THE PROGRAMMABLE SCHEDULE AND ARE HOME TO START BOB AND TURN ON THE BARRIER EVERY TIME, AND YOU STUFF PILLOWS AND ROLL CARPETS INTO AREAS WHERE HE GETS STUCK, it should work, right? Nope. Once Bob is done cleaning, he’ll slowly run around looking for his base, for longer than the battery on the barrier lasts… because this morning I came out to find BOB tangled in the fringes of my very very expensive antique silk Persian rug.
    Other vacuums have gotten stuck here before, and I usually just roll back the spinning brush and wheel to untangle the vacuum (silk is sturdy) But, not BOB. When Bob is off, his wheels don’t turn at all. I called the factory again. I had to COMPLETELY disassemble the machine by hand. Removed every screw and unplugged every cable inside, to get to the wheel and remove it to get the fringe free- after which I put him back in his box (disassembled), and sent him home.

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  5. GracieLamb

    My main reason for purchasing Bob was because I have Rheumatoid Arthritis which has effected my shoulder area/arms to fingers the most. Using a vacuum has proven to cause me a lot of pain so I got this brilliant idea that I would try a robot vacuum to help me with this task. Before making this purchase, I did a lot of research over the months – asking in Facebook Cleaning Groups what others worked well for them as far as easy emptying, cleaning, pet hair etc. I was led to Bob and I am not disappointed.
    I have 8 cats and a long-haired Shepherd Mix dog that blows quite the coat…not to mention that I also have numerous people entering my home to help care for my son with disabilities and my daughter’s father that spends more time outside in the garden and doing yard work. Bob has done nothing but do his job! He has many options to chose from when it comes time to clean – I just let him do a deep clean every time I engage in his assistance because that is what works best for me.
    One of the things I really like about Bob is the ease of cleaning and emptying the dust bin. It’s located at the back (opposite the sensors/electronics) and a simple push of the button releases the dust bin from the unit. This was important to me as I hurt too much to be having to pick a unit up to empty it. I can let him do a full deep clean without having to empty him. That’s a whole lot of dirt, dog fur and cat fur being collected without having to remember emptying him 1/2 way through his course of action.
    One thing really worried me when I did make the purchase – I read a lot of reviews stating he got caught on transitioning to rugs. I was worried because we have several small area rugs throughout our main area as our pup is diabetic which took her vision fairly fast – the rugs allow her to know where she is at when walking about. Anyway – much to my amazement – it’s only on that rare occasion that Bob gets stuck – like I’m talking once in a blue moon. These area rugs aren’t of all the same height either. There are two thinner ones as you enter the home (to not only aid the pup, but to help get dirt off shoes, the wheelchair, and ambulance stretchers). Then there is one near my desk that is thicker and another at the end of the couch which is not quite as thick. We also have a rug in the living room that is thicker pile. I can’t upload the videos (system won’t let me) I took here – sorry, cause I really wanted you to see how well he does on transitioning to the rugs.
    Bob does not follow a pattern as in staying in one spot till the area is clean but 99% of the time – he goes back to that area. I don’t care if he does this – all I care about is the floor being 99.9% cleaner than when I set him off and running…and he does that so I’m good.
    Many mention he’s loud – I don’t find him any louder than my Shark upright and honestly, he has a motor I expect there to be noise coming from him. Many also mention that they are disappointed in when they set him off at night or when not at home only to find him stuck somewhere. Well, in my opinion, I wouldn’t run anything (washer, dryer, Bob, etc.) while I were sleeping or away from home – for safety reasons. That said, it’s on a rare occasion that I need to rescue him.
    I had a couple issues with Bob at first – the flap to the dustbin and getting Bob to do his thing from base in pushing the command. Both issues were the USER’S fault. That said, when I encountered the issues – I emailed customer service and I got a response shortly after which was nothing short of helpful.
    I’ve only had Bob not find his way back to base a couple of times – literally…and I run him 2 to 3 times a week and have been since June 2019. I have not tried the mop feature (been blessed with my daughter mopping for me) yet but plan on doing so soon, and if I am allowed, I will update this review to let you know my thoughts.
    The image included shows what came out of the dustbin after one deep cleaning. Yes, it does pick up cat litter 🙂

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  6. Bobpethairplusfan

    Bob helps keep tidy with 4 kids & golden doodle. We had one issue with one of the sensors, I called and within minutes I had a return label and a replacement unit was sent. No issues since and I would recommend their product to anyone. I have referred them to family as we appreciate the product and customer service.

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  7. Greg

    Purchased the bObsweep approximately 1 month ago. Have been very pleased with it. Purchased it through Best Buy and arrived a house in just a few days. Highly recommended this product and Best Buy. Floors have never been cleaner. Was sweeping twice a day, only have to sweep in corners

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  8. GreenTomato

    I bought the Pethair vacuum and was sent the upgrade to the Pethair Plus. I thought this was a good deal and was pleasantly surprised at the marketing approach. It worked because we wanted to like this thing, and gave it several “benefit of the doubt” with its dysfunction.
    FIrst use, this thing is LOUD. I heard it outside cleaning the yard kind of loud. No chance to have it run while your relaxing at home. It can be programed, so good. Run it while at work. However, Bob is like an toddler and needs to be watched. It struggles to go from hardwood to a rug, maybe 1/4 inch thick, not to mention going to carpet. It gets stuck and rocks until it runs out of battery. Another attempt it jammed itself under the couch and shut down. It will not stop when there is resistance to anything but the bummper. So the couch clears the bumper, but not the whole unit. It scratched itself up completely doing the same under the cast iron coffee table. It does this when it does fit somewhere clearly. It gets stuck under chairs that it cannot figure out how to get out from and kills the battery. Bob has NEVER run a complete cycle while I wasn’t home to constantly redirect it. Kinda defeats the purpose of a self cleaning robot vacuum.
    The sensors do not work either. Bob has gone down the stairs at least three times or gets a wheel stuck over the top stair and turns off. I reset it and it goes directly to the stair to do the same thing. I take it accross the room and it goes back to the stairs and goes down. So far I have been able to repair the damage, but it can’t take that tumble anymore. I have to set a barrier to prevent it. I would gladly return it, but it is damaged and I believe is past the return date.
    For the price of $200 on sale and getting the upgrade, I cannot complain about the cleaning power when it is functioning. It does hold a lot of dog hair and cleans well on hardwood and (when I place it there) carpet. I would be appalled if I paid over $800 for this thing. I would suggest to keep looking for a different product.

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    bObsweep – Bob PetHair Plus Robot Vacuum and Mop – Charcoal
    bObsweep – Bob PetHair Plus Robot Vacuum and Mop – Charcoal
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