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Hover-1 – Gambit Electric Folding Scooter w/9 mi Max Operating Range & 15 mph Max Speed – Black


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Specification: Hover-1 – Gambit Electric Folding Scooter w/9 mi Max Operating Range & 15 mph Max Speed – Black

Product Weight

33 pounds

Product Width

36.5 inches

Maximum Operating Range

9 miles

Maximum Speed

15 miles per hour

Foldable Design




Product Name

Gambit Electric Folding Scooter w/9 mi Max Operating Range & 15 mph Max Speed



Model Number


Color Category


Product Height

17 inches

Product Length

46.52 inches

Battery Charge Time

3 hours



Maximum Weight Capacity

264 pounds

Batteries Included


Battery Size


Rechargeable Battery


Battery Charger Included


Removable Battery


Battery Voltage

36 volts

Assembly Required


Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts

90 Days Limited

Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor

90 Days Limited



Photos: Hover-1 – Gambit Electric Folding Scooter w/9 mi Max Operating Range & 15 mph Max Speed – Black

8 reviews for Hover-1 – Gambit Electric Folding Scooter w/9 mi Max Operating Range & 15 mph Max Speed – Black

3.3 out of 5
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  1. Babowski

    If I could give this scooter zero stars I would. First off, I bought this item back in December. Opening the box and assembling the unit was mot difficult but we immediately noticed that the grips were stripped. We returned it to Best Buy with no issues and got the unit replaced. We get the mew unit again the handle grips were hard to install but we finally got them in. Fast forward to spring and a few rides later the grip snaps off. We called Hover 1 and received no support from them to replace the grips even at cost. Furthermore, the ride is very hard and noisy. You will hear every nut and bolt as you ride the unit which is very annoying as if the unit is breaking apart. Speed and motor is ok, but everything else just poorly built. I will be going to another brand and will never buy another hover 1 product again.

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  2. Hover1

    The Scooter arrived scratch on the handle and the food brake, looked to me that it was used.

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  3. MtnXfreeride

    Mine came today, I’ve seen enough after a few minutes of testing to know that this is another Hover-1 product with false claims.
    I am 149lbs, top speed on flat surface is 11mph (on the top speed mode). Top speed going downhill is 14mph. Going up a slight incline you are lucky to get 6-8mph. It barely climbs my driveway. The range drops real quick too, I would estimate it to be more like 4 miles on typical terrain which for me was pavement last topped 2 years ago.
    What gets me is that I added a 250 watt (same wattage as this) hub motor to my mountain bike and that thing running off a 24v 4ah battery (less than this) and weighing 30 lbs more has far more hill power and a higher top speed and more range even with a far smaller battery.
    It is very loud on bumps, the front suspension is useless, its pretty much an up or down 0.7 cm action with nothing in-between and is loud when it moves. The height is not adjustable and it is very tall – just know this is definitely not for kids even though that is where a motor of this power level is suited.
    At the same time I ordered this, I ordered a Hover-1 Hoverboard. That thing is fun but it came with similarly off specs and a defective battery… it charges to 94% max and after 30 seconds of riding drops to 82% then 68% a few minutes later. I contacted Hover-1 which is email only and no reply now 5 days in. No phone number to call for this company.
    Looking at their website its clear they just pump out models like crazy and drop them just as quick.
    I will say on the positives, the electric brake surprised me. It will lock the tires. This also only cost $150 on sale.. so basically I’m going to spend a few days making sure the battery isn’t junk like my Hover-1 hoverboard (harder on this since you don’t get percentage) and decide if I will return it since their customer service is poor and it doesn’t come close to the advertised specs.
    Overall, this looks great on the website spec wise so you buy it, but when you get it and start using it you really see how poorly advertised it was. I am surprised Best Buy carries this brand now after having 2 of their products be so underwhelming on the advertised specs, they tend to have higher standards from past experience.

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  4. Fiel

    Bought this because it was on sale and was curious on how it rides on smooth surface its a blast got up to 16 mph but on rough surfaces it slows down to 10 to 12 mph and u hear and feel every bump and Crack besides that it’s fast has pick up

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  5. GeekGuy

    The only reason this product gets 4 stars is because of PRICE/VALUE. I purchased this on promotion for $159 during black Friday, an excellent deal. If I purchased at the regular $249, then this review would be 2 stars.
    This scooter DOES NOT WEIGH 7 POUNDS as stated in specifications. It weighs about 23 pounds. That was probably the #1 reason I bought it, because I thought it was only 7LBS (But it was not).
    This scooter has absolutely horrible shocks, if any at all. You will feel every bump, rock, crack, stick in the road – And the scooter will be very loud while riding over anything that isn’t a smooth, newly paved road.
    Acceleration is rough, speed is fair, battery is decent, build quality feels cheap and a bit flimsy, but compared to the prices of other more expensive scooters, this one did well for a “value” e-scooter.
    I use this scooter for commuting and it certainly gets the job done just fine. At the time of writing I have owned and used it for a week, so we’ll see how long this one lasts.

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  6. George

    We’re should I start, first of all it’s my fist electric scooter I owned. Love it! bought this for my 9 year old daughter she loves. Since it’s sturdy enough for grown ups ride it I have fun in it as well.
    It’s a bit noisy while you hit bumps or little holes but other then that pretty good. Speed hits 15mph I think that’s all you need to cruise around your block. It would be nice for it to have adjustable height on the handle bars but other then that pretty sweet scooter.

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  7. TKDad

    Works great, easy to use and convenient to fold up and put in the trunk of pretty much any vehicle with room to spare.
    The Bad (definitely not deal breakers for me):
    Tires are thin, so it’s a fairly rough ride. They have another model with bigger tires that offers a much smoother ride, but price was too good to pass up on this model when I purchased.
    The battery meter might not be that accurate. It started stalling out on my son, so he wanted to recharge it. When I looked at the meter, it showed 3 bars (of 6), so 50% in my mind. I hopped on for a quick spin and it stalled out on me halfway up the street. Meter showed 2 bars. My son jumped on it again and it repeatedly stalled on him again in a matter of minutes, now showing 1 bar, but jumping to 2 bars of and on. This all happened on the first charge, which did last for a good amount of time over last 2 days (about 10mi). Gonna continue watching this because the battery meter should be accurate, in case your really out and about on this thing.
    All in all, my son lives it and I’m happy with purchase.

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  8. Dago

    This scooter is fun, not only just a ride but an experience. You do need to keep an eye on battery usage which is fine. The knob to collapse it is a bit old school compared to a click mechanism to other scooters there in the market. I have ran into a problem where it popped almost like an error code on the screen and unfortunately stopped after a month usage. I’ve filed a warranty claim which the company has for 90 days. I was bit disappointed never the less felt almost upgrading due to few things that could use improvement such has safety precautions like lights for not only the back but the front too.
    Then there is the hill take, the scooter has very little power to climb and you’ll have to scoot with your foot to make it.
    With saying this if your budget is like mine it’s decent purchase however if you think to use it on a daily go purchase something better. This was my first timer and already impressed friends and family on how clever to get an e scooter.

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    Hover-1 – Gambit Electric Folding Scooter w/9 mi Max Operating Range & 15 mph Max Speed – Black
    Hover-1 – Gambit Electric Folding Scooter w/9 mi Max Operating Range & 15 mph Max Speed – Black
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