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GE – 150 Sq. Ft. 5,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner with Remote – White


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Photos: GE – 150 Sq. Ft. 5,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner with Remote – White

8 reviews for GE – 150 Sq. Ft. 5,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner with Remote – White

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  1. Michael

    Red light flashing on my ac unit from the second week

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  2. Moemoe1961

    They work very well better than i though they would.I Love my air conditioning.

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  3. Yazzy

    i cannot lie i was skeptical at first because of some of the bad reviews and decided to get it anyway. I just want to say this is a GREAT air conditoner, i brought it for my son’s room. He loves it and so do I. If your thinking about getting it just do it while its still $199, its actually better than i expected.

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  4. Tini

    I’m a true product reviewer so much that I’m a years long member of Walmart & Amazon testing/review programs, so please consider my words; this is NOT part of a promo, etc. Also, I waited a month before reviewing with NY heat waves and Elsa…
    I’m VERY happy with my purchase which occurred after MUCH research, literally weeks…here’s my take:
    AMPS: I needed a very low amp AC so I don’t blow a fuse. This is just over 4 amps when the compressor’s running, otherwise it’s about half that. I aim to buy Energy Star products, but couldn’t find an adequate, affordable one quickly, but with the low amps (and higher CEER) I felt this was equitable. I could get one for my guest room (which both BRs, some part of the LR and DR are on the same 15 amp fuse) and still be fine.
    AREA: I got it for my MBR which is ~160-170 sq ft with 8 ft ceilings, plaster walls that hold heat when it’s hot out and cold when it’s cold, bad metal framed windows that let in cold and heat, AND my 2 side by side windows face east. With east facing windows it’s recommended to increase BTUs by 10% (so 5,500 for me) but I wasn’t paying another $80 for 6,000 BTUs, and this AC doesn’t overwork itself. It quickly gets and keeps it cool, often frigid, and we’ve had heatwaves/days with high heat and humidity (100+). It took ~2 hours to reach 64 (lowest temp) when first installed, but at 8-9 pm, it was still 85+ out with high humidity and my room was ~85-90 and humid, so it actually did better than I expected.
    SIZE/WEIGHT: probably about as small as a window AC gets as the body is just ~12″x15″ (w/o side panels); it’s about the size of my (small) printer and though I read dimensions, I was still surprised as its compactness! I have a longer outer sill and there’s also a brick ledge; it maybe barely hangs over the edge. I’m on the 2nd floor, didn’t need a support bracket and it sits well leaned slightly back for proper drainage; it only weighs 30-40 lbs. The box had 2 thick plastic straps helping me to carry it up my 14 steps.
    INSTALL: I needed help as my window frame is uneven and sits ‘funny’ as this building is 70+ and ‘off’ due to settling! Install took ~90 min and that’s without screwing side panels into the window as it doesn’t allow for that nor screwing in brackets. My issues were due to the window and frame NOT the AC. The window fit perfectly in the top rail and the AC is very secure; I used weather stripping foam/tape and duct tape around the panels, unit and sides as the stop rail/bead (I think that’s the name) interfered with the side panels, so they wouldn’t stay closed fully nor could I screw the bottoms into the window sill due to how the window is.
    NOISE: it’s very quiet, comparably, even on high. I don’t have a decibel meter, so see the specifications, but on low I barely hear it until the compressor kicks in, and my hearing is VERY sensitive! I have a Vornado fan with variable speed and a dial that you turn to control it; this AC on high was equal to my fan noise with the dial in the middle, so my fan on high would be much louder! I was actually so surprised at its quietness, I checked a few times to make sure it was running right…further, my TV volume is typically at 7-9 and with AC on high, I turn it up to just 14-16. Note: every button pushed on the unit or remote ‘beeps’ when pushed.
    FEATURES (pros): fully functional remote works from anywhere in my room and has Braille if needed; the temp is easy to see but LED isn’t bothersome; filter is easy to access; ‘accordion’ side panels click and lock into the side panel frame; 6 ft plug and FYI, it’s on the bottom right (control panel side); timer (‘delay’) turns it off/on, at hour increments, up to 12 hours; Styrofoam inside covers the inner compartment very well as not only do I worry about light, but bugs (the light doesn’t bother me; see pic, it lets in about the same as my curtains); 6 louvers adjustable with 2 slides (more later); has screws, brackets, 1 ~36″ piece of weather strip foam to put between windows after install.
    ‘CONS’/DISLIKES: I wish I could turn off the ‘beeping’ from the buttons; top vents are not pictured online, which is ok, but I would’ve got another drip cushion had I known as I only had small pieces left; the outer side and top vent slots are wider than preferred…I wanted to tape screen material over them so it still vented but blocked bugs; louvers slide L to R but up and down would be nice too, yet I easily doctored a piece of cardboard for it (see pics, which could also help if the light bothers you); timer doesn’t have 1/2 hour increments. I could’ve taken off a star, but these are dislikes/personal preferences, not true product cons.
    NOTES: I can’t estimate the cost for this as rates are different, mine likely highly than most others, but running this and my 10k BTU living room AC over this past month has increased my bill $30 (which is less than I expected more so since I keep the fan on in my room, have 2 running 24 hrs in the LR and 1-2 running ~12 hrs a day in a second smaller BR). Use a drip cushion to lessen the noise of rain and the amount that falls inside. Looking through the front grille you just see ‘black’ (see pic); but don’t be surprised (or nervous) if it’s very humid out or the AC gets so cold that looking through that grille you can see through the filter and see a skinny black piece. We got part of Tropical storm Elsa a few weeks ago and not only was it very hot and humid, but very windy, very (hard) rainy for 12+ hours making it more humid, and I had my AC running hard; at one point I looked and could ‘see through’ the front, saw that black piping and thought something broke inside or if I lived elsewhere I would’ve thought a skinny Black snake got in (the AC was not ‘happy’ about being on, but it was being battered outside by torrential rain, 50-60+ mph wind and debris, so I understood!)…I turned it off for awhile and it returned to itself! There’s a thick, sturdy ‘L’ shaped piece of cardboard packing (2) that you can possibly use to sit under the AC to help level it if you have a certain window stop rail/bead (if you see it and are a visual type, you’ll see what I mean). This says 5,050 BTUs which they may have that model which may not have the top vents like in this picture, but my box says 5k BTUs.
    BEST BUY PROS: item in stock; price; same day delivery AND for only $5.99 (for some members) which others wanted $35-75 to take days; decent added warranty (I think $29.99 for 2 or 3 years); good order/delivery (via Shipt) updates.
    And with ALL of that, I think I’m done! If you’re still reading this, thanks, and I hope I covered any questions/concerns!

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  5. Kara

    Cools my 150 square foot room down nicely! Though occasionally it stops only to start again a minute or so later which can be slightly irritating. Also, there are times when I go to turn the temp up or down and the unit won’t respond unless I turn the power on and off again. Sometimes makes strange noises that are outside of the regular AC noises realm but it has only happened a few times, turning it off for a few minutes usually does the trick.
    It did arrive dented but my HVAC system was down and I was in the middle of a heat wave so I was not about to return it, though it worries me the drop could have damaged something internally I can only hope it’s just a small aesthetic flaw.

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  6. Coolforlife

    Ac fit snug in my window. A little gap but nothing hard to fix. Best sleep I’ve had in a long time

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  7. Lord

    I got it for my bedroom feels like I love in Alaska… awesome cooling , not too noisy and super cool remote.. I am a happy customer I just ordered another one for my guest room.

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  8. JHHNL

    This was the only small A/C I could find with the filter sliding out from the left side and could fit the dimensions of a custom built wooden box in the window. Once installed it looked small but very nice.

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    GE – 150 Sq. Ft. 5,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner with Remote – White
    GE – 150 Sq. Ft. 5,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner with Remote – White

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