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Waterpik – ION Water Flosser – White


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Photos: Waterpik – ION Water Flosser – White

8 reviews for Waterpik – ION Water Flosser – White

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  1. nhtechie

    “Waterpik flossers are so much better than flossing” – is what I’ve heard and it got me thinking – yes: let’s do this. Moving forward, I’m going to refer to the “Waterpik – ION Water Flosser” as the “WP” – as I’ll likely spell it inconsistently throughout this review.
    Be warned: Yes, I watched the vendor videos about proper WP usage and I’m not ashamed.
    As an 80s kid, my parents had a water flosser (was it a WP? I don’t know) and every once in a while they plugged it in, filled the reservoir, hit my tongue with the stream, but I digress.
    Fast forward 30 years and now we have a rechargeable version, no stringing a cord near the sink while using it; pretty slick.
    The wall plug isn’t grounded, it’s a two-prong connector in the US (neutral/hot) and to me, this is strange given that it’s a device that’s meant to be near water (albeit temporarily to charge).
    Some initial impressions …
    Well, it’s two-pronged, not three – so — not grounded.
    The size is great as you don’t need much counter space to run this oral hygiene device; you need about 7in x 7in at the most (see pic!).
    Initial setup instructions were crystal clear and helped move the ‘priming’ forward. For ease of storage, the water cord (tube?) is curled to the point where it snaps back into place and the handle is magnetic, so there’s no fumbling around for holders or clips; one less thing to snap off over time.
    I followed the directions for setup and priming. I noticed right away that the charging connector ( in my case ) is pretty weak. Some adjusting was needed to make sure the two little dots connected properly to start the blinking of the charging light. It doesn’t just snap on and work, which is really what’s needed.
    The different pressures help pierce the spaces between the teeth as well as along the gum line; I have sensitive teeth and gums, so I find a 3-5 is good to ride the gum line with but higher between teeth for a more “floss-like” penetration.
    While it’s taking time to get used to the proper way of water flossing, I need to wear a shirt that I can ditch, as I make an absolute mess when using the WP – and puddles all over the sink.
    In the time that I’ve been using this, my teeth “feel” cleaner at the gum line and there isn’t as much irritation. Even after all of these uses, the charge is still there and I don’t feel any power loss.
    If you want to make a switch and up your oral health game, PIK one of these up.

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  2. angrymanmuzic

    I read a good amount of reviews and I was still skeptical about the purchase. After my first use of the water pic I was sold and no regrets whatsoever. The battery life is good .very comfortable and easy to use.

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  3. MrGadget

    Waterpik Cordless Countertop ION Water Flosser WF-11 is rechargeable with full-size performance and ideal for small bathrooms at a Best Buy price of $90.
    Already a Waterpik user, this was an opportunity to check out their new cordless countertop model. How is it the same and how is it different?
    • Waterpik ION Water Flosser (in white)
    • Standard set of six flossing tips – the same set provided with many of their other models
    • Charger with magnetically attaching charging cable
    • Quick Start Guide, User Manual, Registration Card
    **THE SETUP**
    Plug in the charger block, similar in size to a typical Android phone charger with USB-A port. Into the block, connect the charging cord’s USB-A end, with the other end going into the charging port on this Waterpik model. As a safety measure because this device is designed to operate around water (at the bathroom sink), the magnetic end couples with the Flosser, mating a pair of pins on the cable to the inset charging port area. (See photos.)
    Many bathrooms do not have electrical outlets near the sink. For those that do and in smaller bathrooms, products requiring constant power take up extra space because of the cord and its attachment to the device. With the Waterpik Cordless Countertop ION Water Flosser, once it is charged, the charger and charging cable no longer need to be connected, which is a real space saver.
    The battery is said to last for up to 4 weeks per charge.
    Once charged and the charger and cord safely stored away, and per instructions, the reservoir is filled with warm water and the desired tip is selected.
    Ready to go, the power button sets the device to ready state. Choose a tip (see photos), press it into place in the handle until it snaps to lock. Adjust the pressure as desired.
    And it’s time to give it a try.
    All the functions and operations are familiar to this Waterpik user. Like an old friend, it just works, providing excellent oral care as expected. There are no functional differences between this model and the other Waterpik Water Flosser models.
    When flossing is completed, the reservoir lifts off its connected base on the unit for cleaning or just rinsing, since most users will use only warm water in the reservoir.
    The other countertop Waterpik models feature a snap-in mount and holder for the flosser handle. This model features a more convenient magnetic mount for the handle.
    What is not provided is a case in which the flossing tips may be stored. I find this odd. Where are the six tips supposed to go? I would not suggest keeping them in a plastic bag. They need to be dried in the air and protected from environmental dust and dirt that may be in the home. A set of six Waterpik replacement tips in a reusable plastic storage case is on the Best Buy site for about $20, so that problem is solved.
    If you are new to Waterpik Flossers, this model offers the cordless and rechargeable advantage, as well as countertop space-saving over other models. While a corded model with the same operational functions can be purchased at Best Buy for about $65 (Model WP-100) for those who value a neat and tidy bathroom sink area as well as those without a convenient electrical outlet and, perhaps, a small bathroom, this is THE model to get.
    My dentist, and probably yours, recommends Waterpik Water Flossers as part of a good daily oral care regimen.
    Waterpik provides their standard three-year limited warranty.

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  4. CTmom

    My first unit arrived not working- the on/off switch on the wand did not respond. I have to say the customer service for Waterpik was AWESOME and immediately sent me a new unit that arrived within about 2 days.
    I put the unit to a tough test. I ate ribs and did not brush or floss before trying. I started on the lowest pressure and did need to increase slowly but the Waterpik removed all of the food from between my teeth.
    The unit comes with several tips and the directions indicate what each is for- There is one for braces, partials, etc. I like the regular one and the one for plaque removal.
    My teeth feel super clean when finished.
    The unit is small and does not take up much space on the counter but the water reservoir is still plenty large to be able to completely clean your teeth without running out. I previously had a handheld unit but found that it did not hold enough water for a complete cleaning and the location of the buttons was where my hand went to hold the unit and I kept accidentally changing pressure and turning it off. The wand of this unit is comfortable and easy to hold. There is plenty of cord to reach your sink but it coils back up nicely to the unit. The wand is held in place magnetically so it “clicks” back in place when not in use. I like that it is rechargeable and I don’t have yet another electrical cord in the bathroom. My one outlet is already overloaded with other plugs!
    This is easy to set up and use so I can see it being a regular in my daily oral care routine.
    They say the charge lasts about 30 days. I have not had it that long but we will see.

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  5. z4teen

    I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of a water flosser, but never enough to try one for myself. I detest flossing as most do, and am pretty lousy at using the regular loose string. I usually keep up with regular flossing using the pre-strung plastic flossers, but in looking to reduce my consumption of single-use plastic I needed something different.
    I remember the water flosser my parents had when I was very young; it was large and loud and I was definitely not allowed to touch it. But having a friend today who swears by her Waterpik I decided to check this one out.
    The ION looks like someone used a shrink ray on a regular water flosser, producing an adorably-small unit that reminds me of the full-size one my parents had but on a much smaller scale. What immediately sold me, however, was learning that this unit is cordless and rechargeable. I have only one bathroom outlet and a very small countertop, seemingly the target audience of Waterpik’s ION, so I decided to check it out for myself.
    The ION is even smaller than it looks in pictures and really is pretty cute. As promised, it is rechargeable, and with once-per-day use can hold a charge for about a month at a time. It fits perfectly on my small countertop for use and then stores easily in the linen cabinet when I’m done.
    Having never used a water flosser I can say the ION is very straightforward. After charging you attach one of the included water piks (there are two standard heads and four accessory heads for different needs), fill the reservoir, insert the pik in your mouth and get going. The heads swivel 360 degrees and will click into place wherever you twist them. There is an eject button on the side of the handle to pop the piks out for cleaning or replacement. You can order any variety of pik from the Waterpik website to meet your cleaning needs. I’m intrigued by the tongue cleaning pik and plan to give that one a try in the future. Waterpik recommends replacing your piks every 6 months.
    The ION’s water reservoir holds enough water for one mouthful of flossing with a bit left at the end depending on how quickly you move through your teeth. The reservoir slides easily off the base for refilling and cleaning. It doesn’t shut with a watertight seal, which makes sense as the base is meant to be stationary while you’re flossing, but just note that if you knock it over, it will spill.
    If you’ve never water flossed before I can say it’s a bit weird at first, but I got used to it pretty quickly. Waterpik includes both a quick-start guide and a full use and care manual which I recommend reading so you know what you’re doing. In particular, Waterpik recommends starting with a lower intensity setting using the ION’s large side dial and working your way up to a higher intensity as you adjust to water flossing. I appreciate how simple it is to dial in a setting that works for you and found a medium-high (around 6 on the dial) to work well for me.
    Water flossing basically involves a pulsing stream of water that you direct between each tooth, front and back. It’s not unlike the water tool used at a dentist’s office, but much gentler. You can use warm or cool water, or a mixture of water and mouthwash, which could be useful for people with specific needs.
    Like many electric toothbrushes, the ION pauses briefly to remind you to move to the next section of your mouth. It pauses briefly at 30 seconds and again at 60 seconds (Waterpik recommends flossing for one minute, spending 30 seconds on your top arch of teeth and 30 seconds on the bottom). I appreciate that the unit keeps running after the last pulse in case you haven’t quite finished.
    I was unsure how clean my teeth would feel after use but I can say the ION does a better job of flossing than I do with either loose string or a plastic floss pick. I was surprised to see little bits of food in the water stream as it left my mouth (ew) after only one use. Clearly it was doing something. After each use over the past few days my teeth feel noticeably cleaner, and without any pain or bleeding that sometimes occurs when I’m not being careful with regular string floss. Nice!
    Using a water flosser involves a stream of water entering and leaving your mouth, so naturally it’s going to be a bit messier than regular floss. I’ve found how open or closed your lips are makes a huge difference in how much splashing and mess you make. Going slowly and making sure to aim the pik properly helps as well. I’ve managed to contain the water to the sink pretty easily and I’m confident most people will find a technique that works for them with a little practice.
    Cleanup is simple: dump any leftover water, give everything a quick wipe with a towel, and attach the wand to the base via the built-in magnet. The ION stores easily away after that. I’ve been perfectly happy with the default flossing attachment but if you find yourself switching between piks often you might want to invest in the storage case available on Waterpik’s website.
    Overall, I’m really pleased with the ION, and I actually enjoy using it, which I didn’t necessarily expect. It’s easily become a staple of my nightly routine and I anticipate continuing to use it whenever I’m home. I’ll probably stick to regular floss for travel, as the ION is a lttle bulky for that (although with a rechargeable battery it’s certainly possible to take along if you have room in your luggage), but Waterpik does make smaller travel-focused models that I might just have to check out…

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  6. PoorRating

    The product information is incorrect. There’s no tongue cleaner.

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  7. PhillipB

    Great advancement.
    I have owned several of these waterpiks over the years.
    This is no exception to the others.
    Solid use. Variability in pressure is easy to control. It comes with several different heads. I really like the small pick it’s great to use in hard to reach places and also when the larger pick is too big. I also like the hook one. It can get the back of my teeth really nicely.
    2 things to ding this on. 1. The older models had a storage compartment. This one does not have one. 2. At the lowest setting it sometimes hesitates. No big deal on both.
    It makes it up with wirelessly no need for cords for power and the small compact nature of the device. Also the cord wraps up nicely and the handle has a nice magnetic feature. Battery is lasted with 5 people using it per day twice a day and it has not died yet for 3 straight days of use.
    I would recommend this product for anyone who wants cleaner teeth.

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  8. Zunderwood

    I don’t have any previous experience with WaterPix products; this is my first. I followed the instructions upon receipt and gave the unit a 5-hr charge. Unlike cell phones nowadays that are shipped without a charger, WaterPix give you both a charger and charging cable.
    The charging cable is proprietary and has a magnetic end that attaches itself to the side of the unit where charging contacts are located. While I dislike using proprietary cables, the magnetic contacts help avoid water intrusion that could occur when this unit is charging.
    Once fully charged, I followed the suggested steps of filling the water repository, selecting a tip (6 tips are provided), turning the unit on and increasing the pressure to 10. I let it run like this until the water repository was empty.
    Filling the repository again with warm water, I lowered the pressure to 4, placed an appropriate tip into the handle, and gave my gums a good flossing. I did increase the pressure as I went along until I found a pressure that seemed best for me. At about 30 seconds, the unit paused for a second letting me know to move the tip from my top gums to my bottom gums. It has a similar pause when the timer reaches 1 minute. While you can continue to floss with the WaterPik after a minute’s use, a minute turned out to be plenty of time for me to thoroughly floss.
    The unit comes with the following six tips:
    • Qty 1 – Orthodontic Tip (Replace every 3 months)
    • Qty 1 – Pix Pocket Tip (Replace every 3 months)
    • Qty 1 – Plaque Seeker Tip (Replace every 3 months)
    • Qty 2 – Classic Jet Tip (Replace every 6 months)
    • Qty 1 – Implant Denture Tip (Replace every 6 months)
    Hard water, like we have in our area, will eventually gunk up this unit. So akin to cleaning your coffee maker, every 1 – 3 months you should fill the water repository with warm water + 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and turn on the unit – emptying the water fully into your sink. Follow this by filling the repository again with just warm water and repeating the process. This should keep the unit in good working order if performed regularly.
    The WaterPix is a very simple to device to use and to maintain. Using string-floss my whole life, I found my mouth feeling more thoroughly cleaned after just a minute with the WaterPix. While the unit comes with six tips, the Classic Jet Tip is my daily go-to tip. Two Classic tips are provided, so one will be for my wife.
    This unit is rechargeable, and the documentation says to recharge it every 3-4 weeks if you use it once a day or less. If you use it more often, you’ll need to recharge it more often.
    The WaterPix is not a sophisticated device, and for what it does, it does it fine and probably warrants a 5-star review. However, I felt that a storage holder for the various tips was sorely lacking. Seriously, add $5 to the overall price and provide a storage holder to keep the tips safe whether at home or during travel.
    As such, I’m giving this unit a 4-star review.

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    Waterpik – ION Water Flosser – White
    Waterpik – ION Water Flosser – White

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