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Sun Joe MJ403E 17-Inch 13-Amp Electric Lawn Mower/Mulcher, 7-Position Adjustment, 12-Gallon Detachable Grass Collection Bag, Lightweight, Standard,…


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  • Questions, Text 563563 to chat directly with a Sun Joe expert
  • POWERFUL: 13-amp motor cuts a 17-inch wide path
  • HEIGHT CONTROL: Tailor cutting Height with 7-position Height control
  • CONVERTIBLE: Mulching + mowing function. Size of Yard – 1/4 – 1/2 Acre. No Load Speed (rpm)- 3500
  • GRASS COLLECTOR: Detachable grass collection bag for easy disposal
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighs in at under 31 lbs

Specification: Sun Joe MJ403E 17-Inch 13-Amp Electric Lawn Mower/Mulcher, 7-Position Adjustment, 12-Gallon Detachable Grass Collection Bag, Lightweight, Standard,…

Product Dimensions

55.1 x 19.7 x 43.3 inches

Item Weight

31.5 pounds


Snow Joe LLC

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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Photos: Sun Joe MJ403E 17-Inch 13-Amp Electric Lawn Mower/Mulcher, 7-Position Adjustment, 12-Gallon Detachable Grass Collection Bag, Lightweight, Standard,…

10 reviews for Sun Joe MJ403E 17-Inch 13-Amp Electric Lawn Mower/Mulcher, 7-Position Adjustment, 12-Gallon Detachable Grass Collection Bag, Lightweight, Standard,…

4.6 out of 5
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  1. Habs fan

    I went from a 21 inch steel electric Black and Decker, which was over 10 years old and just came with the house, to this.
    As I’ve never owned an electric before, I just thought the Black and Decker was so-so.
    Then I got the Sun Joe, and now I miss my old lawnmower.

    1 – it does not mulch, instead it leaves huge clumps of grass behind, so I now use the bagger.
    2 – since I use the bagger, when it gets full, it sags, and the front of the mower tips upwards
    3 – I don’t know if it’s my extension cord, but the prongs on this seem to be small, and with very little resistance, the extension cord will pop out. This is by far my worsst issue.
    4 – It does not mow well when walking backwards, it does not look nice, so this is doubling my cutting time.

    1 – the price
    2 – it’s electric
    3 – very light

    My next electric mower will be more heavy duty.

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  2. Solange

    Purchase this lawn mower off Amazon and I am not one to buy big items like this off here. Our previous lawn mower was from Canadian Tire and it was horrible. It was unable to cut my thick grass or even cut it short without stalling on me.

    However, this bad boy was honestly amazing. Easy to assemble, and also placing the bag on it was easy to put on and take off. Manoeuvring the mower was amazingly easy and light weight. Most lawn mowers I find heavy and hard to push up hill. The wheels seem to be smooth. I had very tall, thick grass to my knees.

    I would recommend this and also buy again in the future we have used it 3 times so far.

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  3. Solange

    This replaces my previous Sunjoe mower, which is smaller. After five years the capacitor failed. I couldn’t wait for the replacement, and besides wanted a larger cut. This one works fine. Once the new capacitor is installed, I expect my old mower to continue working just fine as well. I know it runs, but just won’t start up without the capacitor.
    Small downside is that the plastic body on Sunjoe mowers is not very strong, and can be cracked or otherwise damaged with rough use, so a little care is needed.

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  4. Sandra H.

    I mowed and mulched my yard yesterday with this new mower. I liked it better than I expected. I’ve had a Black & Decker electric mower for about 25 years and obviously have gotten good service from it. I thought it was lightweight but this newer mower is much lighter. I put this one together myself (I am a 69 year old female) with no problems what so ever. All that was required was that I attach the handle. I then attached the electrical cord and started mowing! The mower was easy to push, especially on my slightly downward sloping yard. The large back wheels help the mower maneuver more easily. I was able to mow my yard much faster than with my old mower. I’m really glad I made this purchase. P.S. I’ve had the mower for a couple of months now and like it even better than before. I never removed the mulching plug to install the leaf clipping bag so I am able to mulch the leaves from a giant oak tree each week. I used to pay for someone to do this for me so the mower has already paid for itself.

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  5. Howard E.

    Light weight and very easy to push. Took down about 8-10 inch tall grass and weeds no problem. Doesn’t have a ground so get extension cord with only 2 prongs. Much easier to use than a heavy gas mower. Mow in s/swiveling motion away from electricalsource to reduce need for stopping and repositioning cable. Best investment for home owner/resident to save time and reduce back pain.

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  6. JHD

    I’ve been using the SunJoe MJ401E for a year and a half, and love it. It has successfully stood up amazingly well to abuse from converting a horrible neglected garden of weeds into a real garden with front and back lawns. Love it. The blade needed to be resharpened, and while looking at the options to buy a replacement blade, I ending up researching this model, the MJ403E. Price seemed much lower than normal, so bought it. Used it for the first time today. As much as I like the old, this one is much better. The engine seems more robust, but both cut the grass very well. This model has a 17 inch path, while my old one had only a 14 inch – this is nice, but would not be a reason for me to have changed.
    The best thing about this is the way it changes cutting height – a simple notched lever setup right on the upper surface of the mower that adjusts to seven different heights. Changing cutting height on the MJ401E was a nuisance: each wheel had is own control to adjust to four different heights, but you had to turn the mower over on its side to see what you were doing. Even though I always had it set on the highest setting, heavy use sometimes made one or more wheels slip out of position, which caused lopsided cutting. If the cutting position was on either the lowest or highest setting, adjusting was sometimes very difficult to get the spring bar to move into other slots. This new MJ401E is super easy to set the height, and I can see at a glance where it is set.
    The grass catcher bag is also bigger on this model, and it comes with a mulching insert if that’s what you want to do. My older model just had the catcher (smaller). This catcher also has a flap that tells you when the catcher needs to be emptied, instead of guessing by sound and feel on the other model. Now there is a green flap that stays open until the bag is full, at which time the flap falls down. This feature is nice, but however, is not needed, because…this is my one negative comment about the mower…when the bag starts to get full, it makes the mower back-heavy and you have to check to make sure that the weight doesn’t raise the front wheels off the ground. Unfortunately, this is how I know when to empty the bag, not by using the neat little flap indicator. Still, I really love this mower, and even though I also loved its predecessor, am really glad I got this one. Also – many reviewers of the MJ401E mentioned to use a 14-gauge extension cord, not a 16-gauge. I used the 14-gauge on the old one, and also on the new one, and would definitely recommend doing that.

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  7. Clutzycook

    My husband and I have hired landscapers for the past 8 years because we hated mowing the lawn (actually he hated mowing; I was just too busy with the kids to do it myself). However, circumstances have made it more attractive to me to save our money and mow the lawn myself again. I didn’t want a regular push mower because I didn’t want to have to deal with making sure I had enough gasoline, and I didn’t feel like throwing my shoulder out trying to start the thing. The gas mowers with the push button or key start were WAY out of my price range, and our lawn isn’t big enough to justify a riding mower. I decided that I wanted to give an electric mower a try. The assembly was fairly simple and I already had a 100ft outdoor extension cord. Overall, this thing is great and is super simple to start. You just press the start button and push the lever back. It’s not self-propelled, but it’s extremely light and I had no trouble pushing it around. The only challenge is making sure that the cord stays on the already-mowed part of the grass, but you soon get the hang of it.

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  8. Matthew T. Karlsson

    Last mowing season was the last for my gas mower. Spending lots of time on an oil change, spark plug change, and a complete carb cleaning was only just enough to get it running poorly, and I thought about how much time I had wasted over the years on maintenance, gas runs, buying oil, and returning used oil.

    Then there is the Sun Joe electric mower. You just plug it in and it goes. No maintenance, no preparation, no heavy pull cord start, it just works. I got the 17″ 13 amp version, and I have yet to encounter anything it can’t power through. And as an added bonus, it is MUCH lighter and more maneuverable than a gas mower.

    As a tradeoff, you have to deal with the cord. Flipping it from shoulder to shoulder with every turn, you get used to it though, and it is much less of a bother than all the maintenance of a gas mower. If you really don’t like the cord they also sell battery operated models, but I much prefer things without batteries, as they will never be dead at the worst possible moment.

    Tip: Don’t be tempted by the lower price of the narrower mower versions, unless you have a very small yard. My parents have a 13″ model, and it takes them forever to mow. If anything, I wish I had sprung for the wider one, but I guess 17″ will do.

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  9. CMB

    Pros –
    Put this together in under 10 minutes. Very lightweight, found it easy to use ( I am a female in her 60s & have arthritis). Fairly quiet. A 17 inch deck means I can push through some tight gaps between bushes and easily squeeze through a narrow side gate. My lawn is not especially thick (no chemical fertilizers), I found the mower had sufficient power to handle the grass even if it got a bit long. It can be adjusted to 7 different heights very easily.
    Cons – with a 17 inch deck you do have to make more passes to get the job done.
    The handle does not move, it is in a fixed position. Mower must be turned around to make the next pass, hard to ‘duck’ under low branches. When ‘backing up’ the rear flap tends to tuck under the mower. It is not a problem now but I wonder if after a couple of years the flap may become brittle enough to snap off.
    All in all, after using this mower for the past summer, best machine I could hope for, priced under 300.00

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  10. Todd F.

    I’ve only used gasoline mowers for 40 + years so this was a leap of faith. After reading feedback from many others who purchased this item and understanding its power needs. I purchased the 13 amp unit and also a 100 ft 12/3 20 amp cord for about $60 more bucks. Used it for about 1 hour right out of the box and flawlessly trimmed up my lawn. Very quiet & well balanced. The trim height adjustment is fantastic as well. It’s super light and very agile around flower beds and trees. I’m happy i won’t have to store gas anymore or pray that it starts.
    The proper power cord is essential.

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    Sun Joe MJ403E 17-Inch 13-Amp Electric Lawn Mower/Mulcher, 7-Position Adjustment, 12-Gallon Detachable Grass Collection Bag, Lightweight, Standard,…
    Sun Joe MJ403E 17-Inch 13-Amp Electric Lawn Mower/Mulcher, 7-Position Adjustment, 12-Gallon Detachable Grass Collection Bag, Lightweight, Standard,…
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