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KitchenAid – Cordless Variable Speed Hand Blender – Black Matte


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Specification: KitchenAid – Cordless Variable Speed Hand Blender – Black Matte

Blending Shaft Material

Stainless steel

Blender Type

Hand blenders

Blade Material

Stainless steel

Product Name

Cordless Variable Speed Hand Blender



Additional Accessories Included

Power adapter, pan guard, BPA Free Blending jar w, lid

Model Number



Black Matte

Color Category




Dishwasher-Safe Parts

Select parts

Control Type


Product Width

2.5 inches

Product Weight

2.4 pounds

Product Length

2.5 inches

Product Height

16.3 inches

UL Listed


Power Source


Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts

1 year

Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor

1 year



Photos: KitchenAid – Cordless Variable Speed Hand Blender – Black Matte

8 reviews for KitchenAid – Cordless Variable Speed Hand Blender – Black Matte

4.8 out of 5
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  1. Shail

    It is a good blender which has already proven useful in multiple situations like mashing curries and soups while they are on the stove. Earlier, we had a corded blender and as there is no outlet close to our gas stove, we had to take the pot off of the stove and then use the corded blender to mesh our curries/soups. So, this way it is much more easier now to blend/mesh things wherever you want.
    The key features of this blender other than it being cordless are:
    1. Variable speed. A small desired improvement here will be to show some kind of indication of the level of speed the blender is at.
    2. Diswasher safe so easy to clean
    3. Quick charge and long battery life once fully charged. I was able to use it 15-20 times before the battery indicator on the top became red. A 20 minute charge makes it ready for one more use and 2 hours charge bring the battery to fully charged state. One thing that we noticed is that when the battery is low, the blending power goes down.
    4. Pan guard attachment
    Overall, it is a nice blender and definitely worth the price.

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    KitchenAid – Hand Blender – KHBBV53BM CORDLESS
    We’ve promoted hand blenders to every one of our family members and given them as gifts to our kids. They’re indispensable for many recipes and you’ll find recipes where they make sense even if they aren’t required. This new hand blender from KitchenAid has added a safer, more convenient tool to our small appliance drawer. Everything about it says high quality, including the performance.
    OVERVIEW and SUMMARY: The KitchenAid cordless hand blender solves the ONLY complaint we’ve ever had with these neat, small appliances. Hand blending is likely to take place at the stove top where we’ve got a pot of soup with veggies that might require creaming. Or maybe we’re smoothing a gravy or sauce. Move over to the refrigerator and we’re dissolving a drink mix. At the sink we’re creating our own salad dressing. The serving table is our last chance to whip up some foam on a quick concoction. Finding a nearby plug receptacle is no longer an issue. Avoiding cords across a busy work area no longer risks knocking over everything else that’s been already carefully arranged. The KitchenAid removes a potential risk while adding convenience. This Lithium-battery powered hand blender is always ready and creates no safety problems around the kitchen workspaces. The KitchenAid hand blender is much more useful than we realized. It’s powerful and remains available through numerous recipes. We’re recommending this.
    SETUP and USE: Plug it in when you receive it, because it comes with a 30% charge (we know, because the power light blinked amber). Once fully charged (2 hours), KitchenAid specifies the available power in terms of bowls/batches of soup (25 bowls/7 batches). Kind’a hard to test and/or prove, but its powerful lithium batteries retain their charge for exceptional periods of time. We’ll just charge it and it’ll be ready.
    In use, there is a nice fail-safe POWER-ON, requiring both the VARIABLE SPEED ON switch as well as the opposite side “PALM SWITCH” being pressed at the same time. [The potential risk with any battery-powered appliance or tool is inadvertently hitting a power button while changing the blade or simply carrying it. Not so easy to make that mistake with this system.]
    This blender model from KitchenAid has only a mixing/measuring cup (not really necessary, but nice), removable blending head, plastic guard (nice added protection for your expensive pots or when using in glass containers) and the small charging brick. KitchenAid also has the same blender with a few more accessories which is worth considering. And, either model comes in a variety of colors. You sacrifice nothing by going re-chargeable and we find it even easier to use.

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  3. hokie00

    This mixer works great. It took a little while to charge out of the box (came w/ a 1 mix charge and needed about 1 hour for full charge). It is fairly long and a little bit heavy so for shorter users working on a counter it may be tall and heavy to hold up w/ your shoulder)-its about 18-24″ and around 2-3 lbs (think about holding a small dumbbell out for a while to mix/blend).
    We used it for dry or wet ingredients (has recommendations for grinding meat but we did not try that). It works great. We will likely use it for personal size drinks and small blending you don’t want to pull out an plug in the hand mixer for.
    It also comes with it’s own blending cup and lid for single shakes/smoothies which works great.
    It is cordless so you don’t need a plug or have any cords in the way (other than recharging)
    Last is a blade guard to not scratch up your pans/bowl.
    Great mixer, it would be better if it was a little smaller/lighter (but has plenty of power so that’s a bonus and probably why it weighs what it does). Cordless is a great feature too.

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  4. Renew

    This is the second Kitchenaid rechargeable appliance. So handy and easy to use. This the second hand blender we’ve purchased. The first one still works great and so useful. Expecting the same only now cordless.

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  5. ShawnInKB

    So far this is my new favorite kitchen appliance. I have a counter top “blender” that I have been using for the last couple years to make smoothies, but it’s kind of a pain to assemble all of the cups and attachments.
    THIS is SO MUCH BETTER and easier to use. The box included the hand blender, the blade, a 3-cup mixing cup, and a “pan protector”
    Pros: Cordless, very powerful, has variable speed, and the “pan protector” let’s me use it in non-stick cookware with confidence. Scrambling eggs was magical. Smoothies are perfect and easy with just a little splashing if I’m not careful. I made whipped cauliflower mashed “potatoes” and it came out perfect and so much easier than the blender. Cleanup is a breeze – detach the blade with a twist and rinse it under the faucet. Crushes ice in a smoothie to a perfect, drinkable consistency.
    Cons: The variable speed is a bit tough to use. It’s supposed to adjust speed by how much pressure you apply, but I cannot get the gist of how to make it go anything other than full speed ahead. Maybe this will get easier with practice. The plastic mixing cup included is rather cheaply made. It’s pretty thin and got super scratched up the first time we used it (presumably from the blade and metal blender part scraping along the inside). I’m a little afraid to put it in the dishwasher for fear it will warp.
    The pros WAY outweigh the cons; I love how easy it is to use and for all things the blender used to do, this is so much better and so much less cleanup.

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  6. CraigB

    Easy to use
    Dishwasher safe detachable blades
    Charger port requires blade removal for safety
    Balanced weight
    Variable speed
    Sturdy container for food prep
    Fast charge time
    Long battery life
    Second safety button to reduce accidental activations
    Guard falls off easily
    Very tall
    Small batches can be messy
    Difficult to maintain precise speed with variable control
    Design and Features
    The blade handle has a two-button system where the button that rests in your palm serves as a safety button to prevent accidental activation and the button for your fingertips controls the variable speed. On top is a charge and battery level indicator light. The bottom half which contains the blades, is made mostly of metal with a small section of plastic where it connects to the main body. The blade section detaches and is dishwasher safe. Included in the box is a blade guard you can attach to the bottom to help prevent damage to more sensitive pots and pans. A sturdy mixing cup, which includes a lid, is the only other accessory in the box.
    Performance and Usage
    The variable speed is easy to operate but precise control is challenging as there is no digital readout or dial to maintain consistent speed. In most cases you only need small bursts of blending, so this issue is only minor. The middle section of the motor body has a narrow section for your hand which helps give you a secure grip on the blender. The motor is so quiet that you would think this blender isn’t up to the task. It’s great to not have to worry about a cord getting in the way but sacrificing power would be a deal breaker. Fortunately, the motor never had an issue with anything it was tasked to blend. Quite the contrary. Even when used to blend thicker items the motor didn’t seem to change sound or speed and made the task easy. In fact, often blending was much shorter than expected of whatever was thrown at them. This can sometimes be a delicate balance for tasks such as homemade milkshakes as it can blend the ice cream so fast that you must stop and mix the remainder of the ingredients manually or risk a runny milkshake. If you are trying to blend small amounts, such as when you are making a small batch of blueberry jam, the blender can throw the ingredients everywhere, so you want to plan accordingly with a suitable container. A slight downside for the advantage of having a blender that is up to the task. If there was any part that was a disappointment, it would be the plastic guard used to protect your more sensitive pots and pans from scratches. It holds on with so little force that more sticky items, such as potatoes, will pull the guard off as you attempt to make mashed potatoes.
    Maintenance is simple. Cleaning only requires twisting the bottom half of the blender off and tossing it in the dishwasher. The battery seems to last a long time and charging is easy. A simple but helpful safety feature is that the charging port requires you remove the blades the same as if you are cleaning. Just leave it to charge and when the light on the top of the handle turns green you are ready.
    Final Thoughts
    If you have thought a hand blender would be good addition to your kitchen tools, you might look to go the extra step and get a cordless one. The convenience of not worrying about snagging a cord spoils you to never want to go back. To that end, the KitchenAid Cordless Hand Blender fist the bill with little compromises.

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  7. Aaronxx7

    This cordless blender is pretty much the same size as most hand held blenders, but has the bonus of being cordless! Making it much easier to just pick it up and go. The rechargeable internal battery does add some weight to the unit, but nothing too bad. It is very easy to use, there are two buttons on the handle that need to be pressed for it to start. One is pressed in the palm of your hand, and the other by your forefinger. The battery has enough juice for approximately 25 uses, with the recommended pulses per item. I used mine all day, with various applications, and it made it through everything. When the unit is starting to get drained of power, the small led on the handle turns to yellow, then red right before it’s about to shut down. There is also a noticeable power reduction in the force of the blender.
    Luckily, there is a quick charge, in about 20 minutes you can have enough battery juice for at least 1 use. Otherwise it takes 2 hours for a full charge.
    The trigger on the unit is actually pressure sensitive, so with the right control you can vary the blending speeds, giving you more flexibility when trying to blend different items.
    The blender works well at chopping up or shredding different types of dry food items, but really excels with any item in a liquid. The motor is so powerful that it creates a strong whirlpool, and pulls the blade to the bottom of the glass. The blade housing is a perfect design, with open slats around the outside edge, letting chopped items push out, away from the blades, for better use. For using the blender in pots with sensitive finishes, there is a rubber guard that can be placed on the bottom of the blade housing to prevent scratches.
    I made some soups, and a few different drinks. I am including some pictures. I pretty much used the blender at full power for all of my projects. I found that it will easily puree fruits and typical drink items, and finely shred hard vegetables and meats. I like soups that actually have some consistency, instead of just water for broth. I threw most of my ingredients into the soup pan, and then let the blender do the rest of the work. It worked great for turning the water into a thick broth, full of flavor. At this point you could manually add some different sliced meats or vegetables for the chunky soup experience, or keep it as is which is great for on the go cups, or mugs !
    Overall I think this is a great blender, and is very handy for anyone that loves soups, whole fruit juices, shakes, or icee drinks. Not to mention that this handle works with the optional chopper and whisk attachments.

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  8. blah

    This review is for the variable cordless hand mixer by KitchenAid. It’s very convenient not to have a cord as I’m able to use the device anywhere in my kitchen. The device comes with a small plastic cover that you use to store it upright.
    The base detaches from the part that holds the blade which is INCREDIBLY convenient for washing it. To use the device you press the button at the top which turns it on and off. It is easy to grasp and pulse manually.The device comes with a measuring cup and lid. I use it to make smoothies. I use frozen fruit and the blades easily and quickly blended all the ingredients. I also use it to blend soups and sauces right in the pot which this device handles with ease. Also I have used this to really easily frothing oat milk for my coffee, and it is great!
    Overall, this is a very handy kitchen item. You might just want to double check the space under a kitchen cabinet if you plan on storing it upright, because it might not fit stored vertically. It is a little less than 16.5 inches tall standing vertically.
    Very good buy, recommended!

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    KitchenAid – Cordless Variable Speed Hand Blender – Black Matte
    KitchenAid – Cordless Variable Speed Hand Blender – Black Matte
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