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GE – 5-Speed 72-Oz. Blender with Blender Cups – Stainless Steel


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Specification: GE – 5-Speed 72-Oz. Blender with Blender Cups – Stainless Steel

Blender Type

Countertop blenders

Color Category



120 volts


1000 watts

Product Name

5-Speed 72-Oz. Blender with Blender Cups



Model Number



Stainless Steel

Number Of Speed Settings


Product Weight

7 pounds

Product Width

6.2 inches

Product Length

7.4 inches

Product Height

16.4 inches

Control Type


Power Source


Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts

I Year Warranty

Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor

I Year Warranty



Photos: GE – 5-Speed 72-Oz. Blender with Blender Cups – Stainless Steel

8 reviews for GE – 5-Speed 72-Oz. Blender with Blender Cups – Stainless Steel

4.9 out of 5
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  1. Kadete

    It a very interesting 5 speed blender. Unlike most blenders, this has a dial which gradually increase the speed making it quiet start. It has lots of safety features including locking mechanism to start. The blade is serrated (tiny teeth) that do a better job a cutting than other smooth blades. It has auto shut off when it’s done or liquid enough. The included cups are perfect size for quick smoothies on the go. My only issue is the quality of the large blender container feels easy to break unlike the smaller included cups.
    It has two suction cups in the back bottom to help it anchor the the table.

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  2. Farns

    My diet has recently changed and smoothies have become a staple. My full size blender was becoming burdensome and the $6 smoothies at the smoothie shop were bleeding me dry!
    What drew me to the GE blender were the two smoothie cups that would allow me to blend my smoothie in a perfect size and not dirty a big blender and a separate cup. The cups even come with a lid for travel.
    I love my blended used coffees so I brewed a Nespresso pod and poured over a cut of ice along with a splash of sugar free Carmel syrup and a couple stevia packets.
    Blending was a breeze! I found that a couple pulses to get started, a steady 30 seconds at the highest blend setting (5) got me off to a good start then I blended at the lowest setting until i reached my desired consistency.
    The blend turned out fantastic and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. My only suggestion would be to include a lid with a hole for a straw. The sip opening does fit a straw but it puts it at an awful angle and you can’t stir the smoothie with the straw unless you unscrew the whole lid off.
    All in all I’m thrilled and highly recommend.

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  3. jsisko76

    My previous blender was getting old and this one arrived just in time. As my kids get older, they are beginning to enjoy smoothies so I find myself making them for 4 instead of just myself and my wife. The capacity of this blender (72 ounces) allows you to easily fill four pint glasses with your favorite smoothie recipe in a single batch. Here are some other things I took notes of:
    – No need for bells and whistles. There’s just an on/off button, a pulse button, and a radio dial for power.
    – 2 smaller containers are included so that you can easily take your beverages on the go.
    – If you don’t want to use the large pitcher, you can blend in one of the smaller to-go containers with the 2nd blade.
    – Suction cups securely hold the base in place on your kitchen counter. Even at full power it will not move around.
    – The containers are dishwasher safe!
    – The blade will be challenging to clean as it does not detach from the blender jar. But this can also be a good thing as there is less chance of leaks. Regardless, make sure you rinse quickly after use before any liquids have a chance to harden in place.
    This is an affordable and sturdy blender that I expect to suit our needs for many years.

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  4. Michael

    It seems like you can always trust the GE name, and they have done it once again. The blender’s 5-speed design is more than enough for most applications, and the pulse switch provides a quick boost if necessary. The design has suction cups on the rear corners allowing it to mount securely to the countertop, yet it’s easy to remove by simply lifting from the front corners.
    It’s quiet, extremely powerful, and does a great job crushing ice on setting 3 or above.
    At 72 ounces, the pitcher has a larger capacity than any other blender I’ve owned. Also included are 2 personal-size blender cups for on-the-go beverages that can be placed directly onto the blender base eliminating the need to dirty up the larger container.
    This is a solid product that works great and looks good in the kitchen.

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  5. JMan

    As far as blenders go, this GE model is both easy and versatile to use. The controls are simple and intuitive to operate and the blender offers the flexibility of either bulk or personal sized blending. The control layout is as straightforward as it gets and has only three controls: a 5-speed adjustable knob for speed control, a start/stop button and a pulse button. This set includes a large 72-ounce Tritan blender jar for larger blends and two individual blender cups for personal blends. The personal cups allow quick blends that can go from the blender into a backpack, gym bag or cupholder in minutes. The personal blender cups are not only great for single serving on the go blends but also require minimal cleanup afterward. I simply swap the blade attachment for a normal lid and rinse the blade attachment. The 72-ounce jar is lightweight and easy to use as well when larger multi-person quantities are needed.

    Of course, a blender is only as good as its motor, drive parts and blades. Build quality and durability of the more vulnerable parts seems good so far. I’ve had no problems blending smoothies typically containing frozen fruits, yogurt, fresh greens and several whole cube ice cubes along with other ingredients. The 1,000-watt motor gets the job done for everything we throw at it and the pulse feature makes quick work of chunks of frozen fruit. The blades appear sturdy and handle more demanding ingredients like ice well. I usually only blend shakes and smoothies, so the blades should hold up fine. I don’t blend soups or frozen cocktails, so I can’t speak specifically to how well this blender prepares either. I won’t chance a guess on soups but given how well it handles frozen smoothies, I’d assume it would handle frozen cocktails like daiquiris equally well. It’s easy to reach the desired smoothie consistency in both the jar and the cups.

    The stainless body is sleek and doesn’t require a lot of counter space like some of the larger, stubbier bodied blenders. The feet have suction to prevent the blender from sliding or tipping during use. The motor is loud, as I’d expect from a 1,000 watt blender. The blending cups and jar attach and detach easily to the motor housing and create good seals. Overall, it’s a nice sized blender with plenty of power and the versatility to be used as either a traditional or personal blender.

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  6. jailoliv

    Nice looking stainless steel body and buttons with an efficient motor along with very simple controls and small jars are all I need to prepare my morning smoothies. One thing that kept me from making one every day was because other blenders I own, although powerful, are very noisy and I don’t need to wake up the whole family that early. But this blender can do the job quietly unless you go to the highest speed, which is usually unnecessary.
    The two small cups are not only practical but it is exactly the size I need to not over indulge with healthy food. The travel lids are perfect to take smoothies to work and it is nice to have a second cup at home in case I forget one at the office. I don’t see myself using the big one very often but it is nice to have it in case I ever need it.
    Although I found it slightly bigger than expected, it is not oversized by any means. The motor can crush the ice in my smoothies and even heavy frozen fruits but it never overheats.
    For its simplicity, silent operation, mostly efficiency and looks, I am giving it five stars, especially because I can’t find any real cons yet.

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  7. FutureP

    I got this blender last week and have been trying out various recipes to test it out. I have to say I am pleasantly surprised at how well it works. We have had a Ninja for a few years and that has been the standard for what a good blender can do for me. This one definitely kept up and is better with a few things as well.
    In terms of blending food like salsa, this worked without a problem. I love blended salsa and this made it look like it was from a good Mexican restaurant.
    To me the best way to test a blender is to see how it does with blended drinks. I had my daughter make a blended slushy drink with ice cubes and this performed a lot better than my Ninja ever did. With the Ninja I always had small chunks of ice still in the drink. The GE completely blended the ice so there weren’t any chunks.
    Overall, this is a nice blender and I would recommend it for the daily blending tasks, as well as the tougher ones like blended drinks.

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  8. JC1503

    Solid Blender
    What can you really say about a blender right? It works good or it doesn’t. This GE blender works and works great! It has a super easy and intuitive on/off button plus the ever necessary pulse button is very responsive. The lay out of the power button and the pulse button next to each other and the positioning of the power setting wheel under them are neat and clean. My old blender had a million settings and all I did was use the fast and slow settings and pulse. This GE blender keeps it smart and simple which to me is the epitome of functionality. The Stainless steel looks great with all my other stainless steel kitchen appliances we have.
    I also really like that on the back two legs of the base of the blender are suction cups! That was a cool surprise and really locks the blender on the kitchen cabinet nice and level. Nice touch!
    The 5 power levels are more than enough to match any task. We did frozen margaritas, crushed some ice and did a few smoothies that turned out great. The two travel cups were also nice.
    Another plus I liked was the base of the pitcher itself (not he motor base, although as noted above I loved that as well). It has a very solid seat to it that makes sure it won’t tip over on your counter and a solid “click” to make sure it is in place on the motor base. My older pitcher narrowed at the base and was top heavy as a result. Not so with this GE blender.
    Over all great blender!

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    GE – 5-Speed 72-Oz. Blender with Blender Cups – Stainless Steel
    GE – 5-Speed 72-Oz. Blender with Blender Cups – Stainless Steel

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