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Samsung – AM702 Series LS32AM702UNXZA 32″ Smart Tizen 4K UHD Monitor – Black


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Specification: Samsung – AM702 Series LS32AM702UNXZA 32″ Smart Tizen 4K UHD Monitor – Black

Refresh Rate


Vertical Viewing Angle

178 degrees

Panel Type


Synchronization Technology

Not Applicable

Screen Size

32 inches

Number of HDMI Inputs


Product Name

AM702 Series LS32AM702UNXZA 32" Smart Tizen 4K UHD Monitor



Operating System Compatibility

Mac, Windows



Color Category


Model Number


Contrast Ratio


Display Type


Aspect Ratio


Curved Screen



250 candela per square meter

High Dynamic Range (HDR)


High Dynamic Range Format

HDR 10+

Horizontal Viewing Angle

178 degrees

Response Time

8 milliseconds

Maximum Resolution

3840 x 2160

Product Height Without Stand

16.71 inches

Product Width

28.19 inches

Wall Mountable


VESA Wall Mount Standard

100mm x 100mm

Adjustable Stand Height


Built-In Webcam


Integrated Speaker(s)


TV Tuner


Smart Capable


Product Height With Stand

20.35 inches

Touch Screen


Smart Display


Product Depth Without Stand

1.65 inches

Product Weight

13.7 pounds

Stand Included


Stand Width

8.26 inches



EPEAT Qualified


Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts

1 year

Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor

1 year

Number of USB Ports (Total)




Photos: Samsung – AM702 Series LS32AM702UNXZA 32″ Smart Tizen 4K UHD Monitor – Black

8 reviews for Samsung – AM702 Series LS32AM702UNXZA 32″ Smart Tizen 4K UHD Monitor – Black

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  1. DoctorHoo

    The Samsung AM702 4K UHD Smart Monitor/TV is a really interesting product that is amazingly feature packed and versatile. The more I’ve played around with it, the more impressed I am with it. I think this is one of the most spectacular values I’ve seen in a monitor/TV. It has 4 main use cases:
    1. You can use it as a Smart 4K UHD TV.
    2. You can use it as a 4K UHD Monitor hooked up to your PC.
    3. You can use it by itself as a terminal to connect to a remote PC (RDP) or the cloud for productivity work. For example, with just the monitor alone (and a keyboard and mouse), you can use Microsoft Office 365 from the cloud.
    4. You can use it in Wireless DeX mode that allows you to use your supported Samsung phone or tablet as a computer.
    It has tons of cool features:
    1. It has WiFi 5 for networking and connecting to Samsung soundbars and surround speakers.
    2. It has Bluetooth 4.2 for keyboards, mice, gamepads, speakers, headphones etc.
    3. It supports HDR10 and possibly HDR10+
    4. It supports advanced picture processing like motion smoothing.
    5. It supports Airplay2, screen mirroring and mobile casting.
    6. It supports USB 2.0 peripherals such as keyboards, mice, and external storage devices.
    7. It has voice assistance and control with Bixby.
    The monitor came with a nice bluetooth remote, an HDMI cable, a USB-C cable, a quick setup guide and 2 AA batteries for the remote. Set-up was very simple as you only needed to screw a few Philips screws to attach the base to the monitor. The monitor was huge but very light weight and slim with thin bezels.
    Powering up, you go through a series of menus to connect to your WiFi network, setup a Samsung account (I already had an account because of previous Samsung products), setup Bixby, and then you can install any apps you want from the app store.
    Overall build quality seemed very good. At the upper left edge I noticed there was some spacing between the edge of the glass and the bezel but it didn’t bother me.
    Inputs include 2 HDMI ports (HDMI-1 supports ARC), a USB-C port that can be used for display and supply 65W for charging, and 3 USB 2.0 ports (one of which is also used for service like updating the firmware) for attaching peripherals.
    Since a PC hooked up to a monitor can also stream NetFlix, Disney+, Amazon Prime and YouTube, why would you need or want a monitor to be “smart”?
    One good use case came to me when I hooked up a laptop to the Samsung AM702 that hadn’t been upgraded in a long time. It took about 30 minutes to upgrade to the latest version of Windows 10 but I was able to entertain myself watching YouTube videos during the process. If I were using a regular monitor, I would have been staring at my laptop screen while it was updating.
    With a smart monitor, you can turn on the monitor and quickly go to your favorite app to immediately start streaming. You don’t have to wait for your PC or laptop to boot up. Most PCs and laptops also emit fan noise while they are ON which can be quite distracting. Using just the Samsung AM702 to stream is super quiet and uses less energy.
    Finally, this is a real 4K UHD TV with some fairly high end video processing that most computer monitors do not offer. So, streaming videos and watching movies from Blu-rays will potentially offer better quality in TV mode than in monitor mode.
    As a Smart 4K UHD TV, I was very impressed with the image quality. The image was sharp and colors looked rich and natural. It has support for advanced video processing such as HDR10 (some specifications on the web indicates it also supports HDR10+ but the user manual makes no mention of it), Contrast Enhancer, Jutter Removal, LED Clear Motion, Gamma, Color Tone, Color Space Settings, Shadow Detail, White Balance and many more which are not normally available in a computer monitor.
    Playing an UHD movie on Vudu indicated that HDR was being used but I couldn’t actually find any explicit HDR settings in the menus.
    This was my first time using Samsung’s Tizen OS and overall I found it to be intuitive, fast, and easy to use. The Tizen App Store has most of the apps I want (NetFlix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Vudu, Hulu, YouTube, HBO Max, Plex etc.).
    The only app that I wanted but was missing was Peacock. Overall, I found the app store to be very good.
    While mostly intuitive, I found the options for picture adjustment to be a little confusing. Some of the confusion was the result of not being familiar with Samsung’s terminology and not having a clear idea of how the picture presets, custom expert adjustments, and different source inputs (HDMI-1, HDMI-2, USB-C, and Smart Apps) all interact with each other.
    Sometimes when I make custom setting adjustments or switch back and forth between presets (Dynamic, Standard, Natural, Movie, Filmmaker), the effects are not consistent.
    Also, some presets and custom expert adjustments were only available on certain source inputs. Only Standard and Dynamic presets were available in USB-C. Actually, Game Mode was also available but it was confusingly accessed through another menu. Filmmaker mode was not available using the USB-C source input.
    I looked up Filmmaker mode and it’s a recent standard created by the UHD Alliance which is meant to ensure that we get the best cinematic experience by overriding all video processing such as motion smoothing to achieve the proper frame rate, color and aspect ratio as intended by the director.
    With Filmmaker mode ON and watching Disney+, it did feel like I was watching a movie in my local theater. Most movies are filmed at 24 fps. Looking at the user manual, 24 fps is not supported by the USB-C input. For 24fps you need to use the HDMI inputs. This is probably one of the reasons why Filmmaker mode isn’t available on USB-C.
    To me Filmmaker mode is a very high end feature and I’m very happy that it is available on this TV/Monitor.
    The built-in 5W speakers are surprisingly good from such a slim frame. I normally have it set at 20 (out of 100) and it was more than loud enough for me. There are 2 additional sound modes called Adaptive and Amplify. I’m not exactly sure what they do but Amplify seemed to bring out vocals. You can also connect it to wireless or Bluetooth speakers for better sound if you want.
    In summary, I found the Tizen Smart TV platform to be intuitive, fast and easy to use for streaming apps. Moving between apps was very fast. It is also very powerful and comes with many options and customizations that are usually found in higher end TVs.
    As a 4K UHD Monitor hooked up to my laptop using the USB-C input, I was at first a little disappointed with the screen brightness. Things seemed a little dull compared to my laptop screen. Text was clear but the contrast of black text on a white background didn’t meet my expectations. Text wasn’t as black and crisp as I wanted it to be.
    Playing around with the settings, I eventually set the picture to Game Mode and that seemed to do the trick for me. Now light text on a dark background and dark text on a light background look fantastic and are crisp and clear. As a programmer, text clarity is very important to me.
    Game Mode does something similar as Filmmaker mode in that it turns off most video processing to reduce lag. Video processing that is designed to improve the picture quality of video by smoothing motion might make static images like text appear softer. By bypassing most video processing, Game Mode is actually a good mode to use for computer productivity and not just for games.
    While the Samsung AM702 lacks some of the newer features (Freesync, G-Sync, high refresh rates etc.) aimed at gaming, it does have features like Game Mode (bypasses video processing to reduce lag), HDR (makes graphics more vibrant) and Ultrawide Game View (changes screen to a wider 21:9 aspect ratio). These features make the Samsung AM703 a pretty decent gaming monitor. Games like Witcher 3 looked and played great.
    Using Remote Access, I was able to run Microsoft Office 365 using just the monitor and a Bluetooth connected keyboard. I thought this was pretty cool. You can also remote desktop to another PC. This TV/Monitor is basically a thin client computer all by itself!
    Another thing I noticed is that the Samsung AM702 detected my HDHomeRun tuner on my network and I was able to view live TV with it. It didn’t have a TV Guide but instead presented the channels as folders.
    This TV/Monitor is jam packed with so many features that it is almost impossible to test them all out.
    I think this product is perfect for someone who lives in a small space and would like to have something that can double as both their main home entertainment center and as their productivity PC workspace.
    Not only do you get a Smart 4K UHD TV with a higher end feature set, but you also get an excellent 4K UHD PC monitor too. I think it’s the best TV/Monitor value out there. It has plenty of connectivity options to grow with the user. Nothing comes close to it. It’s an amazing value.

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  2. MoGJ

    The 32″ Samsung AM702 is a beautiful 4k monitor that has all of the features a Smart TV has, in a smaller form factor. From having apps, a web browser, and the ability to cast to it, to an ARC HDMI port for audio return, this has many terrific features you’d usually look for in a TV.
    Upon opening the box, the monitor comes with its mount, a power cable, a 10GB/s USB C cable, an HDMI cable, a media remote with batteries, and a setup manual. Located on the back of the monitor are 3 USB ports (one as a service port), 2 HDMI 2.0 ports (1 with ARC), and a 65W USB C port that can either be used to charge or connect devices to use the monitor as an extra display (like a mobile device or from your laptops Thunderbolt 3 connector).
    Other than the monitor’s slim profile, one of the nicer things you notice is the gorgeous HDR10+, 60Hz, 250 nit brightness, VA panel 4k screen. Greatly specced, it comes with a long list of very useful features that made me fall in love with it. Equipped with Samsung’s smooth Tizen OS, it has the capability to install popular streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and even productivity apps like Office 365. Without the need of a computer, you can connect a keyboard and mouse and start working on documents right from the monitor – a very cool feature. Adding on to the feature list, another great one for those with Samsung or Apple devices, is the ability to cast or mirror your phone’s screen with Samsung’s Smart View or Apple’s Airplay 2. I was quite impressed Samsung added Apple TV and the newest AirPlay 2 functionality to the monitor and both worked well for me. Lastly, in my great features list was Samsung adding the ability to use their mobile desktop solution Dex, wirelessly. Connecting my Samsung phone to the monitor with a tap, I was able to view my phone’s apps from the 32″ screen and use my phone as a keyboard and mouse in Dex.
    While there are many things to love about this monitor, there are a few downsides to it. Although monitors usually face oneself, when at an angle, the Samsung AM702’s colors on screen become very slightly washed and it loses its full color. At about 45 degrees you will notice the very slight difference. Also adding on to picture quality, there is a noticeable soap opera affect when watching shows with standard settings applied. The effect became much less noticeable after making picture adjustments in the settings though.
    Overall, this is an amazing monitor loaded with all the bells and whistles. With Smart TV-like features and added features like wireless Dex and Apple TV and AirPlay 2, this monitor is loaded with useful tools. I would recommend this to anyone looking to use this monitor not only as a display for a computer but also for those looking to get more out of a monitor and have the added ability to lay back and watch TV while off work.

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  3. Woo151

    Great “little’ 4k monitor for your everyday needs. Samsung clearly labels the AM702 as a monitor but it doubles as a fairly nice TV as well. Unboxing and setup was fairly simple. Just need a Philips head screwdriver and you’re good to go. Screen can be mounted as it is VESA 100×100 compatible.
    Interesting note for this monitor, Inputs only include 1xUSB-C and 2x HDMI connections. Found that rather odd not to include DisplayPort but nonetheless does not hamper it’s abilities at all. I ended up using the USB-C port to charge my phone and tablets and both HDMI ports for my PC and the other for my PS5.
    I did notice some others state they had brightness issues. I did not experience anything of the sort. I think when setting up the monitor for 1st use, it does ask if you want to enable an auto dimming feature and to those who rush setup, maybe that was chosen? You can of course go into the system settings and change it there too.
    The design is simple yet very nice. Non-curved almost bezel-less makes it a very attractive screen to be looking at. Web browsing, streaming even school work on 4k looked good. Did a bit of gaming as well and noticed that it does max out @ 4k 60hz (not a big deal for me) and even though it is 4ms response time, I did not notice any ghosting what so ever. I did use the DEX feature, and it works as intended. I like having my tablets on a 32” screen sometimes. Mirroring and even the Tap feature via Smart Things app all work.
    Sound is adequate at best, but show me a tv/monitor with great built-in speakers. For a small room/office or even a school dorm, I say it is close to perfect.
    Owning a few Samsung TVs, the monitor has a very familiar feel to it. Turning it on pops on with a HUB on the bottom like my QLED or UN75. I even had to stop using the remote to turn on the monitor as it kept turning on my TVs in the background (not an issue, it’s my fault for that lol). Luckily there is a manual power button on the bottom middle. The hub itself has the standard apps like Youtube, Amazon Prime, Netflix etc and after setting up WiFi the stream quality (depending on your ISP) was flawless. Auto detected 1080 and 4k content.
    All in all, I do recommend this monitor for a multitude of reasons. Size and screen quality are on par. Sound is decent to use as a TV in a room/office. Samsung includes the USB-C and HDMI cables for you. Picture quality is great viewing FHD and UHD content. Screen is great as a 2nd monitor or as a single unit for TV/Streaming and Gaming.
    Another thing to note, the screen does NOT swivel but can be tilted up or down. So if you plan on moving around, note that this is a VA panel and the viewing angles will differ to everyone depending on where you are staring at it from.

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  4. Bill

    First off, this thing is huge!
    Make sure your work surface is large enough to accommodate a monitor this size.
    The monitor is 28” wide and 20.5” tall when using the stand that comes in the box.
    The only adjustment the stand allows is tilt.
    The box was packaged tightly with some recyclable packaging and a Styrofoam shell to protect the screen. I do wish manufacturers would move away from Styrofoam…
    But the good news is that in the box, you will find everything needed to get started, including cables (power, HDMI, USB-C), remote and batteries.
    To assemble the stand, you’ll need a Phillips head screwdriver. Screw the riser into the base, then attach the stand to the back of the monitor with 2 screws, plug it into power, plug into your PC/Mac and follow the prompts.
    I was up and running within 10 minutes.

    Once you’ve gone through the login into your Samsung account (or you can create a free account), you can start customizing your smart monitor.
    First impressions:
    You get a large desktop in which you can easily fit multiple windows side by side.
    The text and definition worked well for a work monitor.
    The 60Hz refresh rate proved to be inadequate for any HD gaming, so this is definitely NOT aimed to that market.
    Watching videos was adequate except for high action parts, where you might see some pixelation.
    I think that where this smart display works best is when you use the smart features.
    So you get a large screen to work on documents, that can double as a TV.
    The remote included worked well and has a layout that is intuitive.
    Once you have logged into your streaming services, you can switch back and forth from desktop monitor to TV.
    As a combination monitor/smart display, you have a good amount of available ports to connect many devices and game consoles. You get 2 HDMI, 1 USB-C and 2 other USB ports.
    The speakers work well as expected but I wouldn’t use them above 60% or so. I would recommend a soundbar or headphones for any extended use.
    Another cool thing is that you can use Airplay to wirelessly connect your mobile phone/tablet and use it as an external display to share your pictures, videos and whatever else you desire.
    Overall, I am pleased with the quality of build, the amount of usable screen and the smart features.

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  5. Goncho

    >> Overview
    This is one of the better ideas I’ve seen in a while. It is natural to ask oneself, why a regular monitor couldn’t work similar to a TV (with applications to allow streaming), especially if one had invested big bucks on an otherwise dumb 4K monitor. I wanted to have a bigger 4K monitor, at least a 32” size, to extend the view from my main laptop, a Surface Book. I also wanted the capability to watch shows/movies directly on it as opposed to streaming them from my laptop. Despite some missing features and details, e.g. no DisplayPort (DP) connectivity, the Samsung AM702 32” monitor is the perfect man for the job.
    Pros: easy switch from duplicating/extending your screen to streaming video, streaming apps available, several connectivity options to choose from, and most of all a 32” 4K monitor.
    Cons: no DP connectivity, not too-bright colors, and somewhat restricted viewing angles.
    >> Setup
    The device is easy to assemble and configure the first time, nothing really worth mentioning here, just some observations:
    – The stand that comes with the computer is not height adjustable, which kind of sucks as there are monitors out there that come with that feature (my 4K 27” Dell has it).
    – Stand doesn’t feel solid/stable, so I wouldn’t place the stand on top of books or similar to raise the height (as I sometimes do with monitors whose height cannot be adjusted).
    – Wall mount is separate from stand. Most monitors have the stand/wall adapter/connector at the same place (well most TVs have feet as well as wall connectors).
    – Some features require you to have a Samsung account (I have way too many accounts, will wait until I really need to create one).
    >> A TV or a monitor?
    To be accurate it doesn’t feel like a full TV neither a full monitor, but the combination plus the added features make this one a killer combo:
    – Missing to be a complete TV: Antenna/Cable connector.
    – Missing to be a complete monitor: DP port.
    >> Who would benefit the most from this combination?
    I write code most of the time and connect to my remote work machines from my laptop, but I also frequently watch videos on streaming applications. I have found that the monitor/TV combo to be very convenient in my case, when taking a break from work, I can watch something on the Samsung AM702 while still working on something on my laptop if needed (and not spending CPU cycles on streaming).
    I picture this to be the real deal for a College student stuck in his/her small/shared apartment with a small desk. The Samsung AM702 32” monitor would allow to do work/study from the laptop on a bigger screen as well as sit on the couch or lay in bed while watching some shows on TV.
    >> Video connectivity
    This monitor/TV has several connectivity options: wireless, HDMI and USB-C for video. Nevertheless, be mindful and consider the connectors/ports your computer has:
    – HDMI. I’ve found that HDMI doesn’t really work for resolutions below 4K. I have a docking station that supports up 2660×1440 through HDMI, but when trying to place that resolution on the Samsung AM702, it would show an unsupported resolution message. So, I had to go back to just HD resolution which made the big screen awkward when compared to the smaller 3000×2000 resolution of my Surface Book. I was not very pleased with this.
    – Wireless. First wireless connection attempt worked flawlessly (and at 4K). However, if you care about image and video quality this is not the best option (but hey, use the TV mode for watching videos then, right?). Nevertheless, wireless casting is very convenient (especially when projecting from your phone).
    – USB-C. Then came USB-C to the rescue. My Surface Book has a USB-C port and connecting it to the Samsung AM702 provided the best experience: I had an extended 4K screen running at 60Hz with great image quality. I would say that this is the “native” mode of connecting to this monitor.
    That being said, I also have a Surface Dock which only has miniDP ports for video (I have the miniDP to DP cables). I would have liked to just connect my Surface to the docking station and be done, but given that the Samsung AM702 doesn’t have a DP port, I had to use the provided USB-C cable to connect (an extra cable to worry about). This is not really a deal breaker, but something to consider if you are one of those people that want everything perfect. I would give this monitor a 4/5 rating only because of that.
    >> Picture
    Colors are nice, not too vibrant but it is 4K. Video is also nice, I like the fact that I can be working and next time I can be watching Netflix on 4K. It could be a little brighter, though (when compared with my Surface Book). The view from the side is not that clear; but, you are using this to mostly see/watch something while directly staring at it, not from the side, so I’d say it is fine for me.
    >> Sound
    Ok, even when connecting wirelessly, the sound coming of this monitor is great for its size. I am not expecting a 5.1 experience here, but I like how crisp the sound comes. Well, if you are not happy with the speakers provided by this device, then you can use the Bluetooth connectivity to connect to your preferred sound device.
    >> Smart features
    Several useful applications and, to me the most wanted one, Netflix, plays just nice. I haven’t explored the store, but it looks like there are plenty of possibilities for applications.
    >> Some notes
    This monitor has so many features to try. Just to name a couple, I have yet to try the Remote Desktop option (looking forward to it) and I haven’t used the voice commands as of yet (the latter needs a Samsung account and I don’t see the need to use that feature yet).

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  6. AtrixNY

    This Samsung Samsung – AM702 Series 32” monitor has a detailed 4K picture in addition to TV streaming functions like Netflix and YouTube. We both have Samsung phones and with the Samsung app we are able to mirror our phones; it also has various connections with USB-C or HDMI. I have this in a very well lit windowed room; the anti-glare is great.
    We compared it to our wonderful 1080P 32” TV with the same cable TV feed and this Samsung AM702 is the clear winner in terms of picture clarity. We connected a Chromecast device and YouTube is clearer and more detailed than we have ever seen from our 32” 1080p TV.
    The 65w USB-C port is a wonderful feature to have in monitors at this price. It easily charges up both our phones and a 12 inch Samsung tablet with a huge battery fast. It also allows data and video connection for Windows 10 computers with that USB-C port onboard. The 65 W USB-C port is also a video input. That means the supplied USB-C cable will both charge your USB-C laptop and send the video to the monitor so anyone can use a single USB-C cable to connect a compatible laptop.
    The brightness is fine considering we have it facing 2 East side windows which get much light up until 11 AM. Not sure if everyone else has learned about the 4 picture modes which also produce a very bright picture if used. It is part of the settings menu.
    NO Alexa control, NO Google or Apple control which is surprising with all new devices having such control from microwaves, to toaster ovens as well as TVs today. Maybe Samsung will add it in an over the air WiFi update? The monitor has 3 GB of on board memory capacity of which barely 1.3 Gb is used on our monitor with some extra apps installed.
    We can’t try the DEX function since we do not own the specific Samsung phone models that are compatible.
    Get to the settings menu this way to adjust the brightness levels since it seems many of the reviews mention persoanl conflict with their monitors:
    Home, tab over to the extreme left of the app module until the gear symbol is selected and hit the center “enter” button on the remote. Go to System Manager, notice auto Sound ECO solutions, and Power saving Mode re brightness levels. Use the left right control to adjust the brightness!
    In the System Maintenance menu is also a function to delete apps and clean out the cache (same as on smartphones)
    There is also a menu for Yes or No on Auto Source Switching for the various inputs ports on this monitor
    I adjust the brightness level to about 35 out of 50 and noticed that they wattage usage dropped down to about 30-34 watts (I have a KilAWatt meter at home) from approx 54 watts of usage with the factory setting that was on full brightness. [There are some discussion online in general regarding turning down the brightness and backlight settings on LED TVs to greatly extend the life of the LEDs and to save on your electric bill.]
    Wish Samsung would put out a more detailed owner manual instead of a rudimentary visual set up flier and a brochure on their web site.
    I like it!

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  7. Gary

    I used this monitor for almost 1 week. This is my 2nd monitor for work, I am using Windows 10 for my work and video editing. I got a 4K 32 inch Samsung M7 Monitor, the screen size is perfect for the 2nd screen. I use PowerToy to divide my screen into 4 Full-HD windows, so I can monitor 4 systems at the same time. When I edit the video, I can use it to check the editing result.
    My older monitor can only be a “Monitor”, it must be connected to a show something, like YouTube, or editing office document. Samsung M7 Monitor has a remote control, built-in speakers, and “Full Samsung TV OS”. It has two HDMI inputs, it has 3 USB inputs, plus a separate one for USB-C. But, it is missing DisplayPort…this is the only drawback.
    It has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, this provides a couple of TV feature and Cloud services. For example, it can connect to Microsoft Office 365 cloud service, Apple Airplay, and Samsung Dex service (if you have Samsung Phone). The M7 uses Samsung’s Tizen OS, which you can have a good TV experience and install TV Apps, like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, etc.
    The M7 has a crisp screen for the pc use case. It has good sharpness, or rather the absence of visible pixels. Even when sitting close to the screen, it is difficult to distinguish any pixel structure. The color is nice and neutral. The M7 brings out the nuances without exaggerating the color saturation. You can turn eye comfort mode that reduces the amount of blue light. That is a good feature for working late like me. When you switch to TV mode, it still offers good sharpness, which allows us to sit close to the screen without seeing a hint of the grid pattern. You can use build-in YouTube or Netflix to watch 4K video, it offers a good image quality in many areas.
    The M7 also offers a built-in speaker, they did a good job of playing music. If you want to use an external soundbar or separate speakers. It has both Bluetooth and HDMI ARC audio output, which makes it easy to upgrade the sound.
    Overall, Samsung always comes up with a smart product that may not “best” at anything but works perfectly for both work and entertainment. If you have a Samsung eco-system, you can always connect all your Samsung products together.

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  8. SirGalahad

    This is an interesting monitor as it brings all the smart features of your Samsung TV’s but to a monitor. Seriously, it’s packed full of them. But if I could sum up this entire monitor with a single saying it would be this. It’s a jack of all trades but master of none. And I think that is why this monitor is very hit or miss for people.
    Starting off with aesthetics. This monitor is gorgeous and quite slim. It allows you to either use the stand, which is quite slim without any adjustments, or you can use a VESA mount. It even comes with a remote. Which is a new experience for me since this is considered a monitor. The remote is very nice, the same as you get with a Samsung TV. It has good weight and the buttons feel premium. However, they are limited and I would have preferred to have a few more. Unfortunately, due to this the onboard controls are lacking. There is a single button that you use to navigate by pressing it and then you hold to select. This button also serves as the power on/off. Overall build quality is great. I noticed no creaking or issues.
    The ports are a bit unique as well since this is A. considered a monitor and B. a 4k device. It comes with two HDMI ports (2.0 capable of 4k 60 Hz 8 bits which was tested on a premium HDMI cable and RTX 2070) and a single 60-watt USB C port. But NO display port. The USB C connection is neat. As I was able to plug in my iPad Pro along with my Laptop and it not only showed the content but also charged the device. Which I thought was awesome. One thing that bothered me though is that when I put my computer to sleep it would say it couldn’t register a source and then would take 60 seconds to go into hibernation. Where my other monitor would do it immediately. So, I just turn it off instead. Which is neat because the on/off animation is cool looking.
    It supports Wireless DeX which appears to be a cool feature. But since I don’t own any Samsung phones or Android peripherals it doesn’t work for me. However, it does support Apple Airplay which did work just fine but I found the resolution and color depth to be lacking. It also uses the Tizen interface which I would assume supports all the same apps as their (Samsung’s) TV’s do. I found the interface to be slightly sluggish. But for the price consider it to be exactly where it should be.
    Overall picture quality is good. Colors are accurate and skin tones look good. Despite it being an 8-bit panel. With it being 4K I expected it to be 10-bit. Blacks are pretty black due to the VA panel. But contrast doesn’t appear to be as good as I would expect for a VA panel. Also, since it’s a VA panel it doesn’t have the best viewing angles. I just said VA way too many times. Additionally, I find the brightness to be adequate but not what I want. In comes in at 250 nits. Which by today’s standards isn’t very bright. I consider my minimum to be 350 nits. With high tier monitors (costing at least 2 – 3x as much as this one) coming in around 1000 nits. But this is NOT an HDR monitor so I’m not that surprised. There is a setting under the system setting that automatically adjusts the brightness based on room light. This is On by default and I think is the reason why most complain about the brightness of this monitor because it doesn’t do a great job at adjusting. Once I turned this off and adjusted the brightness in the regular screen settings I no longer had an issue with the brightness as long as I wasn’t in a bright room. Last, when it comes to the overall sharpness of this screen I find it to be not be great and it can look blurry at times. Which shouldn’t happen with a 4k monitor. I also found the latency to be a bit higher than I personally like for gaming. I’m not saying you couldn’t use it for gaming but it’s on the slow side when it comes to that sort of thing.
    I really like that I can use this monitor for a bunch of different things. Such as connecting it to my main PC, then also being able to quickly connect it to my tablet or laptop via USB C. And if I want to watch any streaming media I can just access the smart features. I also found the speakers to sound really good for a monitor. So, if you are looking for a single monitor that can do a bunch of different things this thing is brilliant. If you are wanting fantastic picture quality and not going to use the other features then I’d recommend going with another panel. As the only thing that doesn’t make this an automatic recommendation is that the picture quality while being very solid isn’t great which is a bummer. It feels like I’m buying an entry level panel but getting charged a mid-tier panel price due to the other features. For me personally, and my setup I’d prefer a better panel and sacrifice the other aspects. But if I were back in college or a high school student I’d be all over this guy.

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    Samsung – AM702 Series LS32AM702UNXZA 32″ Smart Tizen 4K UHD Monitor – Black
    Samsung – AM702 Series LS32AM702UNXZA 32″ Smart Tizen 4K UHD Monitor – Black

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