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RAYCOP – GO UV+ Ultra-Portable Handheld Allergen Vacuum – White


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Specification: RAYCOP – GO UV+ Ultra-Portable Handheld Allergen Vacuum – White

Cleaning Path Width

7 inches

Vacuum Type

Handheld vacuums

Bin Capacity

0.35 gallons

Product Weight

1.82 pounds



Compatible Floor Type

Not Applicable



Filter Type


Multi Surface


Battery Charge Time

180 minutes

Maximum Runtime

30 minutes

Product Name

GO UV+ Ultra-Portable Handheld Allergen Vacuum



Model Number




Color Category


Product Height

20.6 inches

Product Length

5.5 inches

Product Width

6.6 inches


120 volts

Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts

1 Year Limited

Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor

1 Year Limited



Photos: RAYCOP – GO UV+ Ultra-Portable Handheld Allergen Vacuum – White

8 reviews for RAYCOP – GO UV+ Ultra-Portable Handheld Allergen Vacuum – White

3.9 out of 5
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  1. BarackObama

    I saw this handheld cordless vacuum and thought it would be perfect for trips. The box is small enough to fit under seats and in the trunk of your vehicle but if you want to take it in a suitcase, prepare to have a significantly bigger suitcase. RayCop calls this the “RayCop Go” but really, the only place you will be taking this cordless vacuum is on vehicle trips. This box will take up too much space in your suitcase if you do end up placing it in one.
    While portability isn’t the best with this cordless vacuum, I seriously enjoyed the cordless design, 30 minutes of run-time, and overall ergonomics. 30 minutes is sufficient for a portable vacuum but the 3 hours of charge is a long time and not the most efficient use of time especially on trips. The vacuum is light and has excellent ergonomics. Using the vacuum didn’t feel like an arduous task at all. Assembling and taking apart the vacuum was also a straightforward task and took little time.
    The vacuum has three different modes. The modes can be told apart from the color of the LED on the power button. The blue LED indicates UV light only. (no suction). The green light indicates standard mode. This mode has normal suction. The final mode is power mode indicated by a purple LED. This mode has the highest suction.
    The vacuum did a decent job with vacuuming. I did have to go over an area several times to pick up small debris. The vacuum did do a great job of picking up bigger debris such as crumbs. The harder-to-reach areas such as crevices were where this vacuum lacked picking up debris. The dustbin is small which is understandable for the size of this hand-held vacuum. Other reviewers are complaining about the size but I found the size to be sufficient. The added UV light is an exceptional addition to this hand-held vacuum, although I could not verify the accuracy of UV light removing bacteria, viruses, and household allergens, RayCop has stated that this was laboratory tested, and “exceptional results” were found.
    Overall, the vacuum did a good job with what I had put it through. I managed to vacuum the interior of my car with this vacuum and ultimately left my car spotless for the most part. I enjoyed the design, overall ergonomics, and the quick assembly with this vacuum. The vacuum did lack the portability it was marketed as but if you plan to have this in your vehicle, this should fit in there. Suction power seemed to lack a bit too. Regardless, I seriously enjoyed using this vacuum, I found that the pros trumped the cons. You should definitely give this one a try!

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  2. TechnicallyWell

    Note: If you’re like me and you thought the UV bulb is broken because it rattles and doesn’t light up, don’t worry! There is a small ball in the bulb that’s required for it to work. Also, the light will not come on unless the vacuum is facing down and touching a surface. You should then see the light come on automatically when it is touching a surface and go off when you lift the vacuum off the surface. UV light can be damaging to humans and animals, so these safety features help you from accidentally shining the light at a living being.
    ## Design
    The RAYCOP GO UV+ handheld vacuum can be disassembled in 4 pieces (plus the wall charger) and fits in a nice, portable storage box so that you can bring it along when you travel. The vacuum itself weights just under 2 pounds
    The vacuum’s filters are reusable and fairly easy to clean: press the two tabs and pull to detach the dust bin from the handle, turn the filter a quarter turn to unlock it, and pull up on the metal filter to pop it out.
    Emptying the dust bin is even easier: just press the tab in the direction of the arrow and the spring-loaded door of the dustbin flips open automatically. The dust bin is small and requires frequent emptying when cleaning up large messes.
    ## Features
    UV Disinfection: In the wake of COVID-19, many of us have become concerned with disinfecting everything we can. While the manual for the GO UV+ does not specifically address COVID-19, it does claim that it kills most bacteria and viruses within 5 seconds. Of course, this would require to go over the surface very slowly to make sure every inch is exposed to the light for 5 seconds, but it’s a nice alternative to the smell of spraying Lysol when cleaning small surfaces.
    Modular: The unit can easily be broken down to 4 pieces for easy transport. The UV light portion is detachable and the vacuum can be used without it. The battery is located in the handle of the unit, which can be charged while detached from the rest of the unit.
    ## Performance
    Suction power is fair and about what you expect from a rechargeable hand vacuum: it won’t deep clean the carpets, but it’s good for cleaning up crumbs and other small messes. There is a “power mode” that increases suction power at the expense of battery runtime, but is useful if the vacuum is not picking up what you need it to in normal mode.
    The UV light is active whenever the vacuum is on and the vacuum is touching a surface. It’s hard to tell just how much it is disinfecting, but I did find a lab report on RAYCOP’s website that gives me some assurance that it’s killing germs. This is ideal for cleaning surfaces such as couch cushions and other “soft” surfaces that are difficult to tackle with a Clorox wipe. Unfortunately, I find that the surface detection safety features randomly turn off the light even when vacuuming a flat surface. It’s also difficult to shine on surfaces that are not completely flat, such as computer keyboards, TV remotes, etc.
    ## Battery Life
    The RAYCOP GO UV+ can run up to 30 minutes in “normal” mode and takes about 3 hours to recharge. The charging plug is proprietary, so be sure not to lose it.
    ## Summary
    What sets the RAYCOP GO UV+ handheld vacuum apart from other hand vacs is the inclusion of the UV disinfecting lamp. While I appreciate the safety features, the surface detection can be hit-or-miss and the lamp sometimes turns off even when vacuuming a flat surface. However, it’s a nice bonus in the age of COVID-19, and the hand vacuum is lightweight and breaks down to make traveling with it easier.

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  3. RedScorpion

    I should say up front that I received the Raycop Go UV+ Ultra-Light Cordless Vacuum for purposes of providing an honest and unbiased review. As far as I can tell, everything works as Raycop intended. The UV+ head emits light when in contact with a surface, the vacuum does pick up debris, and it is relatively easy to assembly and travel. If you have the space in your luggage and want some portable peace of mind, the Raycop-Go works. It’s just not as small as you would probably like to be portable and the light doesn’t always turn on or stay on as long as you would expect.
    I should say early on that this is a difficult item to review because I have no way of knowing if the UV+ light is strong enough or is on the surface long enough to kill viruses and bacteria. I can’t check surfaces with a microscope after using the device. I know it has a 4W UV-C lamp. The vacuum, by itself, puts out a decent level of suction. The vacuum and the UV-C light work. I just can’t validate the claims made by Raycop. There was a study in the American Journal of Infection Control about UV light and the SARS COV-2 virus. UV-C light can kill viral particles. But, it takes the right wavelength and the proper amount of exposure time to kill the virus. I’m not sure if simply moving this UV-C lamp and vacuum over a surface is enough to do much of anything.
    To their credit, Raycop has a report from the Guang Zhou Institute of Microbiology about testing done with the Go UV+ and a sample of the Influenza-A virus. I’m just not sure that their test translated to real world use.
    But, for the purposes of my review, I’m going to talk about this as a vacuum with a UV-C lamp. And, as a portable vacuum, it works pretty well assuming you aren’t trying to pick up anything too big. The dust bin isn’t particularly large. The vacuum does work best over chairs, couches, and bedding. You can take the UV Head Unit off and the vacuum does a good job getting the crumbs and debris out of car seats.
    I found on a full charge I could get approximately 30 minutes of usage on standard vacuum settings. I ran it until it died and it would recharge in about three and a half hours. Both times are within the specifications that Raycop advertises.
    I’m not sure how portable this truly is. It will take up a sizeable portion of your carry-on luggage. It adds about 3lbs of weight if you include the case. By itself, it weighs around 1.9lbs. The promotional materials talk about pulling the vacuum out to clean up an airline seat, but I’m not sure how practical that is if you are on a crowded airplane as people are boarding. It definitely doesn’t seem practical in flight.
    But the vacuum works. I put it through the cookie crumb test. It picked up hair. It picked up crumbs. It just can’t pick up a lot of crumbs because the dustbin is so small.
    It’s important to move the vacuum slowly if you intend to use the UV Lamp. If you move the vacuum too fast, the device won’t always detect a surface and the light won’t work. I found on some curved surfaces the UV lamp didn’t want to stay on and could be a bit finicky.
    I had some issues with a clip on the side of the dustbin that wanted to come off. It snaps back into place with a firm press, but best be careful when traveling that you don’t lose the part.
    The vacuum turns on and changes settings with a single button. I think I would have preferred a separate toggle for UV and suction level with the on-off switch. As it is, I cycle through both suction levels to turn the vacuum off.
    So, if this review is all over the map, I apologize. I try to provide useful information in these reviews. As a vacuum, the Raycop Go works. The UV-C lamp does turn on. If you are looking for a portable vacuum and a UV-C lamp, the device does work. I’m just not sure how practical or ultimately useful it will be. Wouldn’t a Lysol wipe or a wipe with alcohol be more convenient and effective for travel? Ride share and limo drivers, could get some mileage out of the Go UV+. I can see uses for this vacuum in a hotel or with cloth seats. But then again, if your hotel is that dirty, perhaps you should just stay somewhere else.
    I’m recommending the vacuum. Everything does work. I’m just not sure how practical or effective it all really is.

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  4. Mateo

    In today’s climate (as of writing) with the pandemic going on, you definitely can’t have too many options that kill bacteria and viruses. Enter this UV portable vacuum. A great idea in theory. Vacuum up messes while at the same time disinfecting the area with UV light. In practice though, it leaves much to be desired.
    The main issue I ran into was the poor vacuum ability on anything but a flat surface. As shown in the attached picture even on mostly flat part of the couch (under the cushions) it left/failed to pick up an unacceptable amount of debris. Even after multiple deliberate passes I could not get it anymore clean. Planning on cleaning out the inside of your car? Maybe you want to clean in tight spaces? You’ll have disifected debris and not much else. The areas I did end up sucking up dirt from the low setting was seeing very poor pick up. It’s high vacuum setting that picked up anything noticeable.
    Assemblage was easy and cleaning and emptying the very small bin is easy. Battery life is only 30 minutes and that would seem like a short amount of time, which it is but I think that given that you’d only really use this for fast spot cleaning or disinfecting passes with the UV light only, I think it can be forgiven.
    So ultimately the light is very useful for disinfecting but the vacuum is only effective in certain situations where you find a small mess on a flat surface. Not a vacuum for a quick substitute for cleaning couches or interiors of cars.

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  5. BryBryJ

    The Raycop GO UV+ is a pretty neat personal hand vaccum. It uses a detachable UV light head to disinfect and sanitize surfaces of dust and most allergens. The UV light only cuts on when making contact with a surface so no chance of burning out the battery or bulb. The vacuum motor is stong enough to handle sizable particulates (crumbs/loose dirt/etc). It’s incredibly easy to use and has three settings that are LED color lit for its different levels (Purple – UV light only, Green – UV+LOW Power, Blue – UV+HIGH Power). It all comes in a convenient carry case that makes it great for travel or portable use.
    The only negative thing I can say about it is that the collection tank is kinda small. It’s not intended for larger sized debris so I’m not too surprised, but considering the price tag it should be able to collect and hold like any other portable hand vaccum in the price range.
    As someone whose allergies hit them like a brick, I really like this little portable vaccum to tackle allergens on my car seats and furniture surfaces.

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  6. sgriesch

    About the RAYCOP – GO UV+ Ultra-Portable Handheld Allergen Vacuum
    The RAYCOP Go is a cordless handheld vacuum with UV sanitizing built-in. It boasts RayClean Technology which removes 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and household allergens. The UV technology is described as a hospital quality UV light.
    There are several features to list for the vacuum
    • Lightweight (1.82 lbs)
    • UV Sanitizing
    • RayClean Technology (kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses leading to allergens)
    • Break-away Design (Disassembles easily for storage or compatibility)
    • Washable Filters
    • Comes with storage case
    • 3 hour charge time
    • 30 minute usage time (depending on settings)
    My Impressions
    • It presents well having a clean design, being light weight, and touting its own storage.
    • Assembly is easy. Just clicks together.
    • Has 3 settings for use: UV light only, Low suction with UV light, or High Suction with UV light.
    • The head is not adjustable. This can make it hard if you don’t have the clearance to position the handle so that the head can make flat surface contact.
    • The debris tank is tiny. It does not hold much.
    • The empty feature does not work well at all. You should be able to open the flap and the contents fall out. I have had to take apart the vacuum every time to get the debris out of the storage tank.
    • The UV light is not impressive. It kept turning off while I used it. Also, there is a little ball that rolls around in the light bulb itself. I reached out to the company because I thought that it was defective, and they said that this is normal. Maybe they should include that in the instructions. My first thought was that I need to send this back because something is wrong. Every time I turn the vacuum a different way I hear this little ball roll around. It sounds like metal on glass.
    • The suction is awful. The low suction doesn’t hardly pick up anything. The high suction is not much better. I tried it on various surfaces to see how that affected the suction: table surface, keyboard, chair mat, carpet, leather chair. Overall the suction was very disappointing.
    I’m giving the Raycop Go 2 stars. This product has two main functions – the UV light and the vacuum – and I wasn’t impressed with either one. My UV light seemed flakey. It rattles the whole time I use it, and doesn’t stay on. The vacuum itself doesn’t pick up well. This is one of those products that looks like it would be nice but, for me, ended up being pretty disappointing.

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  7. Nataraj

    1. Light weight
    2. Case is sturdy and very well designed
    3. Easily portable and travel friendly
    4. Easy to install. Hardly takes a minute or even less
    5. UV light – I use the UV light to disinfect the mobile phones or tablets. Gives peace of mind but we are not sure how effectively the UV light kills the bacteria. UV light is the need of the hour especially in the COVID world.
    6. Easy to clean and removable HEPA filters and dust bin.
    7. Good but not great suction power. But there is nothing to complain as the vaccum does a pretty decent job to cleanup relatively smaller mess considering the size.
    8. There are 2 suction levels. Higher the suction lower the operating time. Suction levels gives us the freedom to choose between the high and low suction depending on the mess that we have to clean there by saving the battery life.
    1. Charging time: It takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes for a full charge but the battery runs out in about 30 minutes. It would have been nice if the battery/charging time was a bit more efficient.
    2. UV cleaning – Works only on flat surface. The UV light doesn’t work for slightly bent surface or uneven surfaces like Keyboard or Mouse. Raycorp should have made it possible to clean any surface instead.

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  8. Samrio

    As far as handhelds vacuums go, the closest I’ve come to owning one would involve a Back to the Future 2 style flashback. Fast forward to 2021, and technology has advanced enough to give us UV light at the push of a button, on a vacuum. Introducing the raycop, a sci-fi sounding brand name that delivers 99.9% virus and bacteria removal with the included UV light function and providing a surprisingly powerful vacuum.
    I was surprised to see this arrive in a sturdy, somewhat tough, protective plastic casing with release buttons on the bottom and top (or sides depending on position), which reveal the contents. Included are the vacuum in 4 easy to assemble pieces, a charging adapter, a product manual, and a preinstalled UV light. The manual is straightforward, with an easy to reference sticker on the inside of the case showing where things go. I should note that it is normal to hear a small piece of metal rolling around inside the UV tube. It may sound like it is blown, but as the manual states, this is used to turn on the UV light.
    Each of the four pieces has a function, with the handle housing the battery and power button, the main body housing the vacuum motor, the dustbin holding the hepa filter, and the UV head holding the UV light near the suction area. They all slide into place, the including hepa filter is easy to remove from the housing of the dustbin, and it is easy to clean! Each push of the power button reveals a different light color, with UV only, Standard mode, and Power mode with each press. I should note that all button pushes include the UV light coming on, so it should be expected that the light be on for all settings.
    Using the standard mode on the vacuum was effective for well over 98% of tasks, with power mode being my favorite. I was honestly surprised at the power of this vacuum when in “Power” mode. The UV light takes a couple of seconds to power on and when it does you can watch as a UV light blankets the area with bacteria/virus killing rays. Over time, I found myself UV lighting everything. Making sure to kill off any invisible enemies on surfaces, jackets, and even on my furniture. The UV only option allowed me to hover this over items that didn’t require a vacuum, and while I can’t see it killing anything with the naked eye, it does provide some satisfaction knowing I may have. The UV light is user replaceable, and is simple as removing to small screws, unlocking the UV light and sliding a new one in. It’s similar to replacing a fluorescent light in an office or garage setting, just smaller in size.
    The dustbin has a nicely designed push release button, which allows you to place this over the trash can and empty out the contents. The HEPA filter easily twists and pulls out of the bin when disassembled from the main body of the vacuum. The included manual shows you just how easy it is to clean. You can even wash the dustbin inside your sink without fear of getting any electrical components wet. So far, this vacuum hasn’t had any issues with clogs, and with the easy to see dustbin, it’s easy to tell when it’s time to empty for continued use. The UV head (the suction end) has a small clear plastic base that pivots to keep the surface area flat and keep the UV light focused downward.
    Overall, given the current focus on stopping virus spread, it is nice to see a company provide a consumer-focused product to handle this need. The included hard case is a nice touch and helps protect the UV light during storage or handling when not in use. For most households, this will handle those small tasks with ease, and extra power for the job.

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    RAYCOP – GO UV+ Ultra-Portable Handheld Allergen Vacuum – White
    RAYCOP – GO UV+ Ultra-Portable Handheld Allergen Vacuum – White
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